: Open Now: 2020 New Zealand Champions event
Just wanting to say. This is really fucking cool. Too bad I suck and only plat player.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: LoL Versus Wallpaper contest
That riven/yas wall paper. Where can I find a high quality one?
: DarkStar Alliance
Yeah this is a sick place guys. Fun to play either serious ranked game, mucking around games and they even do custom games.
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: I'm down for some scenario play. I'm surprised custom games don't have more of a following really. I'm sure Riot (Pendragon, Guinsoo im looking at you, i still remember playing Dota with you around 2004 mark with Guinsoo! think it was 3.26 or there abouts. You were using Lion for his Finger of FU and Die!) remembered their gaming/design days of using the Warcraft 3 platform to create Dota back in the days, custom game features from War3 became so popular that the main RTS component was generally overlooked by the vast bulk of gamers back then. (South Korea excluded... they actually set up colleges for SC2 and WAR3/Dota). Honestly, with leagues graphic system, i'd probably use it to play some tower defense games or RPG style dungeon crawler more than i would play the rift. When you get around to it today/tomorrow toss me an ingame invite, same name. I reckon if there number's aren't really there and people are more or less in the same skill zone, do 3v3 version of this in TTL. Both modes imo should be draft pick, i do see a slight issue with ham assassins just facerolling soraka as much as possible. Good luck trying to stop Talon/Katarin/Shaco from dominating (box for a .5second of dmg time) triple stealth / dash engages, massive opening dmg... Soraka bot never gets a Zhonya so unless you have an on the dot Kayle/Taric to make her immune (or Tham to eat her into protection)... Yeah.... See the issue? Draft pick should be essential i think, i know we'll end up with 3-4 champs on permaban, but i can really see them making it unfun unless all players agree prior to game.
Yeah, all I ask for is to enable Crystal Scar on Customs and have a bit of ability to change like more gold, no creeps etc. Would be so sweet for League Customs. On Friday around 730 AEST ill be on the DSA Public chat room. From there ill help people out joining our TeamSpeak server. If people come who say they are, the event might end up having two games running at same time. Yeah I will be playing around with the modes, problem with Draft mode is it takes sooo long. Ill probs do like Bans but blind pick I think thats possible. If not blind picks and bans in lobby. Thanks for your incite and food for thought :)
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: End of game lobby/Champ Select
I would also like to know has the feature been taken out or is it just not in the alpha yet?
Thirtz (OCE)
: Filter mobile users out of the client
I would like to bump this. I was just about to create a post about this. I do find if very annoying when having a large list of online people however most of those people are loggin on their phones. Have a optiuoin to not show mobile online similar to the showing offline people.
: It is really unfortunate that the actions and attitudes of a few people have ruined the future of division 2 for the masses. Division 2 makes up over 90% of ranked players and now only these players have no way to compete with equally skilled teams from other Universities, or at least not on the same scale as OUC. I think the decision to completely cut division 2 now is unfair to most players and if there are plans to work out a different format for this tier we should have started working on it earlier so it would still be possible to run it alongside or a part of Uni Games. Just my two cents.
TBH its not a big thing. Unless ther is some way of know who is a smurf and who is not is impossible. I found out that we had people in our div two who were ex challenger team players.....
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: >Because we do not have enough players yet oce is still pretty small. Can people quit using this excuse? It was a lie when they removed draft, the reason they removed draft was for TB, and TB is failing harder then Draft ever did yet still stands.
: solution: play ranked, they are no different to normal games.
Big difference. Ranked you screw up you get shafted and lose elo. Normal you screw up you lose match ratings. Better to have bad match rating on normal than ranked. 3 type of Players, trolls, casual, ranked. Those who are new (me) and want to be better in ranked with out dropping all the way to the bottom and getting constant trolls or people who ont know basics need a middle ground. Normal Draft would be the middle ground.
: just play ranked.
You cant 'just play ranked' because if your still learning and get terrible MMR taked forever to improve to a level you are at
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
Bring feature game modes back more often!
Vehrox (OCE)
: Draft Mode Normals?
Remove Team Builder as mentioned and put Draft Normals. It will sort out those in normal who want to get better for ranked and those who want to screw around better.


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