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andyMak (OCE)
: Play for the objectives. Sure kills are great but if you can't work as a team and take objectives gg. Watch the map like a hawk. Play safe if you don't know where the enemy jungler is. If your opponent is passive thwn starts going ham... get out jungler is there. If you go to ward dat bush and they start going all in get out the jungler is in that bush If you see enemy jungler on map.. ping it. If you see jungler no where near you go a little ham on your opponent Ward.. ping wards. Watch your enemy.. if they poke with spells. . Let em run out of mana then go in Time enemy spells. Bait out that spell. Bait their escape. Scare their flash oitta them Ping the enemy you gonna focus let the team know ult is up or ult in 15 let em know you dont have ult If you low on health or mana. Don't go in Dont chase that enemy into unwarded jungle. If you've killed 3 or 4 of em.. go for a tower don't chase that low hp guy. . He cant stop ya Be aware of baron and drag timers Watch lanes if adc and supp are bot right away. . Jungler started top and will likely gank bot or mid around 3 mins or so
Thank you. You've listed a lot of things which I didn't really think of before. I'm sure if I don't play so aggressive with no vision of the jungle I'll save my self some frustrating deaths.
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