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: Silver Support Main LF Ranked and/or Clash Team
Added! Could be a problem if we both main brand ;)
d3viant (OCE)
: truth blue - lfm
Hey, I am looking for this exact thing! Although I am silver I think my gamesense is a little better and want to improve and have fun at the same time. I added you in game! PatrikkStar
: Making a silver/gold team
Hey, im looking to join a team also. I main adc, s4 and am 23 so not a squeaker lol
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Swhyper (OCE)
: First try to repair client. If that does not work, try to run the client as administrator. If that does not work, then please disable fullscreen optimize as this function is still in beta for Windows. If above does not work try this: Please disable both Game DVR and Game Bar. To disable Game DVR, head to Settings > Gaming > Game DVR. Ensure the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” option here is set to “Off”. To disable the Game Bar, head to Settings > Gaming > Game Bar. Set the “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar” option here to “Off”. Hope this helped :D.
i have tried all those things and none worked unfotunately. I uninstalled league to attempt a fresh install. Now i get this error after the install wizard finishes: Could not connect to HTTP server. Please check internet connection is enables and that firewall is not blocking access.
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: Attention People In Bronze!
IGN: PatrikkStar :)
: LF bronze/silver mid and jungle for ranked teams/5v5 flex
hey Im keen to play. i mainly mid but im decent at juingle. Any group of people i can play with regularly is great!
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: looking for duo and/or team
Add me, i play mid and adc mainly. PatrikkStar
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Fukushu (OCE)
: Free Coaching/Mentoring :3
Hey, would love some help on mid lane especially when facing champs that counter me or are simply better players. I also struggle to really take advantage of a 1 or 2 kill lead early as well as roaming to help other lanes with this advantage. I am b5, i wander from b2 to b5 and around
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Looking for grinders bronze-silver or higher
add me, bronze 5 atm but i go up and down to b2 a lot, PatrikkStar
SlothChan (OCE)
: Looking for bronze 3 + players to climb with
added, PatrikkStar, maining jungle and top atm
: Looking for Bronze/Silver ADC
hey add me, mainly play adc but otherwise happy to q :) PatrikkStar
: Bronze looking for a team
hey i mainly play adc but can fill, I added you. My name is PatrikkStar
: 5 man team; Bronze
would love to play in a team, mainly play adc but decent at jg and top, PatrikkStar
samuelror (OCE)
: Bronze ranked 5's team
im def keen, mainly play adc but can fill
cow (OCE)
: Looking for any rank top and adc.
ill be happy to play, im brionze but what to improve and all that. i adc or jg but you already have a jg :) IGN is PatrickkStar
: Looking for members for a Low Elo Bronze/Silver Ranked Team (Go Team Moose)
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: looking for bronze players wanting to climb
add me im always keen. PatrikkStar
: Bronze looking to climb!
Already added you thresh so if you want to play invite me :)
: LF Friendly team to climb out of Bronze
Hey I play jungle, adc and mid. always happy to play. Hit me up! PatrikkStar
ohmu (OCE)
: Bronze or silver top laner needed for ranked team
added. i mainly play nasus, mundo
Latex (OCE)
: LF Bronze Players
Add me, PatrikkStar
wako487 (OCE)
: Looking for ranked players to join a team
Hi. I added you. my name is PatikkStar. I am only bronze but I want to improve and play with the same group of people consistently! I usually adc but as you are already adc my secondary role would be top. Anyway feel free to get in touch with me :)
Prevoqe (OCE)
: New Organisation looking for members.
Bronze ranking adc/mid but looking to improve with regular people consistently. Would be keen to know more about this so add me (PatrikkStar) :)
Fennix (OCE)
: Looking for Bronze players
Added you! I consistently win lane either in cs, kills or both (mostly adc but occasiionaly plays mid as well)
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mowzeh (OCE)
: LF Bronze players looking to get out of bronze
Please add me! Bronze 5 but i'm not that bad. PatrikkStar, mainly adc and mid
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Yes you can get/make custom announcer packs. If you have spare time just make one of your own with audio recording software and get some of the pirate lines of youtube. I personally have a dunkey announcer pack. You just go on the reddit post for how to get to the voice file and start replacing it.
is it true that you have to reupdate with each lol patch?
Frog Man (OCE)
: Changing announcer voice?
thanks for the replies! will look into it
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14400878 (OCE)
: Any bronzies want tot team up?
also looking for people to play, hate soloing, PatrikkStar

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