Kürama (NA)
: Heya, Apologies for the massive delay in replying. Are you still experiencing this issue? If yes, could you run through [this article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002840248-Updated-Client-Performance-Issues-Multiple-Graphics-Cards-on-Windows) and let us know if it solves the problem?
Nah I managed to solve the issues, I think it was driver problems so I reinstalled everything and made sure I got the right drivers updated but I believe specifically it was my Nvidia game ready driver.
Ungnyeo (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Frommo,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=15haHYMQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-21T10:45:21.665+0000) > > Alright, so I recently installed league after not having a PC for forever, and whenever I press the play button or try to leave the end game summary screen it always takes way too long than usual to go to the next screen and it seems like it is trying to catch-up because it loads up too many things. Anyone ever had anything similar happen to them, i'm starting to think it is a PC issue or file location problem, but it could just be league or my connection while on client because in-game my connection is fine. Help me out my dudes. I fixed my problem dude, I had to run Task manager with admin privileges and set affinity to run each league process with two cores instead of all 8. Funny how we have a support section on boards yet every thread in the section is dead, no Red replies at all, etc. Riot going downhill hard
Ye I do hope that they start paying more attention to these threads...
Rioter Comments
: Emotes are live!
Don't buy them, they aren't needed they are vanity items. Stop complaining about the price, you guys just want free shit all the time.
You Pawn (OCE)
: I have played this game for many, many years now. I spent RP on IP boosters and lots of them. I also grinded my ass off to get the IP to buy runes. Well......Once again we see RIOT try to fix a game that's not broken omg. I guess and I have said this before RIOT only care about the players that are professionals. They just don't care about us normal people. Well just like all good games, dev's start to break what is not broken and then the game base is shattered to pieces. One only has to look at games on Steam and see's what happens when as a Dev you wreck it. Congrats RITO you will lose a hell of a lot or players that will cost your company MILLIONS but hey, you don't care do you. You already have tons of dollars. Cool I cant wait to see you flush this game down the toilet like other Dev's do to their game(s) Lets be honest and people say they nerf everything the professional players want and never ask the normal players what they want, well they do ask you but choose to ignore it. GAME OVER.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
DUDE, stop spamming your hate over and over on the same thread and actually send a support ticket to Riot and maybe they will do something about it. Spamming on the same thread is not going to fix anything.
: This is honestly a joke... The system is set up for both IP and RP payments already for runes, taking that away is only causing a nightmare in trying to give a fair refund (which won't happen anyway because even giving the IP back we have nothing new to spend it on) And the RP back won't be a full refund either so that's gonna make people mad as they spent real money on something that got removed from the game. The worst part about this is that the new system reduces flexibility hence removing lower tier champions which are ignored and not balanced properly out of the game even further than before. Thus you look at reworking them (AGAIN) when they don't need a rework they just need a simple buff that you don't want to give them because some guy on reddit gets mad when a Zilean one shots him in a fight and does nothing for the rest of the game. To top it lal off it's also going to be a balancing nightmare and is going to break the game like the new jungle did. Making ranked for the first 1/4 of the season an absolute joke unless you are a player of that one single thing that became so OP it's not funny and you refuse to nerf it because of pride..... You are slowly killing this game and it shows. Your growth has slowed significantly when it comes to getting new players and viewers to the game and worlds. Your community involvement pales in comparison to other games especially when it comes to cosmetics and don't allow the community to directly support the pro scene or add to the prize-pool. Start to actually allow people to play what they want to in the game without being criticised for it by making all the heroes able to be played. If you did that you would have a lot more people playing the game as they would be able to play what they enjoy not what they feel like they have to play in order to win. And you would also allow the pro scene to be more diverse and allow more interesting matches that don't all play out in a very similar manner. Different heroes bring different aspects and play styles to the game. The more that you are able to capitalise on that, the more people will watch and the more ad revenue you will get as a result. At least that way you might be able to get away with a chance like this WITHOUT pissing off half of the community that has been loyal to your game as a result.
RP refund is what you should be asking for, making the new rune system free is compensation enough for every bit of ip spent, so why the fuck are you saying it is unfair with ip. Also you do not understand balance at all, I'd like to see you try and balance a roster of 130+ champs with item and map interactions. All champs being "balanced" is almost impossible and also it is healthier for their to be meta picks and counters. From what I have read you have little understanding of the moba genre. Lastly stop making stupid assumptions on what Riot will and won't do, you're looking for reasons to hate them where there are none. I'm sorry but complain when the system is actually testable not before.
Zambuzz (OCE)
: I own all Champions and nearly all the runes (all the ones I want) and currently have 45k IP. Hopefully there'll be some fair compensation for people like me...
Dude, why are you asking for 64k ip compensation when you have bought everything you can with ip, you don't need it so don't ask for it.
: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
No Helmet Bro {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Why is the whole IP thing even an argument, I hardly care for the IP I have spent on runes since it is easily earnt in-game and also they are making the new runes free so that is compensation enough for me, no more will we have to purchase runes so it shouldn't be a huge deal. Really the only thing that should be refunded is the RP (if spent) from purchasing rune pages. This is something new and fresh, and everyone is already shitting on it. Just give it some time and it may be better than you thought since no one has actually tried it yet. P.S. Judge Dread please stop spamming the fuck out of the comments, there is a reason why your comments always have down votes.
You Pawn (OCE)
: I agree dude ik how u feel we are all in the same boat except MERKEL who loves devs
I'd fuck em all, so add me to that list ;)
: wait... whats AFL again? Is it still a thing?
What are you on, it is still australia's biggest sport and has just been birthed in China recently. If it was a joke, it was far from funny.
: Five reasons to watch the OPL this weekend
I am actually so hyped for the live audience games, it will definitely help better prepare the players. We could probably get to talk to the players more before and after games.
: Snowdown Ending Soon
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi Frommo, it appears you should have received a Mystery Skin because you already owned Riot Kayle. Sorry for the delay, but I've added a Mystery Skin to your account.
Oh my, thanks a lot I didn't even realize I owned Riot Kayle. However thanks for responding and then mystery gifting me, keep up the sick work. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} P.S. The mystery gift ended up being Blood-Knight Hecarim, even sicker!
PheroxNZ (OCE)
: Thanks bro I now regret paying riot money now I really dislike them now Iv sent in 2 support tickets and they are just fucking me over making a different excuse on the two
I don't want to promote hate toward them, but if they don't take proper action or show at least slight interest to help then that's disappointing. Have they given any reason why they can't help or has it just been a ordinary response with an apology? All I can say now from this experience is enjoy the game, but unless they get back to you hold on to your wallet. Hope you can still have fun with league. P.S. Don't stop sending those tickets, like a ticket every week or something
: Ya heard about that but i thought it was something else cuz that was like a month ago lel
It takes time for them to get sent out and all that just like most of the other things when they give out icons and mystery gifts so some people are still waiting for theirs like me.
: Apparently its helpful, that's what I've been told. By others, and the ones I help. Its kinda like "Harsh Love". I don't flame them, or abuse them in anyway. Most I get is, that's kinda silly and stupid.
It is definitely helpful, however there is some direct swearing and stuff. However it's up to you whether you want to change that part because the tough love approach does work and can be amusing to see in practice as well.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Sorry, I can't just run around expediting tickets whenever I get asked - certainly not ones that the support team is already equipped to handle. I've posted here all the logs that triggered the manual ban: [1:12] JasonWazza (Thresh): music is muted [18:51] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): RIP [21:48] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): i've done my job bot [22:57] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): another one [24:17] JasonWazza (Thresh): says feeding lux [24:51] JasonWazza (Thresh): you need to learn to not feed your ass off [25:21] JasonWazza (Thresh): lux [25:23] JasonWazza (Thresh): your 0/6 [25:25] JasonWazza (Thresh): stop talking [25:41] JasonWazza (Thresh): i got my adc fed [25:48] JasonWazza (Thresh): how am I the one not focusing on the game? [26:35] JasonWazza (Thresh): your the mid laner that caused the free inhib [26:39] JasonWazza (Thresh): i don't control your feeding [28:20] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): i like how our lux [28:25] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): is trying to blame everyone else [28:30] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): for her feeding her ass off [28:34] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's so entertaining [28:54] JasonWazza (Thresh): yes you fucking are [29:06] JasonWazza (Thresh): you were just whineing about me feeding our adc [29:53] JasonWazza (Thresh): LUX YOU LOST LANE [29:59] JasonWazza (Thresh): YOU LOSING LANE IS WHY WE ARE LOSING [30:08] JasonWazza (Thresh): DON'T BLAME A DOWNED INHIB ON ANYONE ELSE [30:46] JasonWazza (Thresh): lux you died so often, no one can always be mid for that [31:07] JasonWazza (Thresh): you and riven are why we are losing [31:17] JasonWazza (Thresh): you can't blame people for your inability to not feed [32:37] JasonWazza (Thresh): i can blame you for dying 7 times [32:41] JasonWazza (Thresh): ** [32:44] JasonWazza (Thresh): *8 [32:50] JasonWazza (Thresh): being not as good [32:54] JasonWazza (Thresh): is not an excuse to feed [33:42] JasonWazza (Thresh): LUX WE CAN'T WIN [33:44] JasonWazza (Thresh): YOU FUCKED US [33:52] JasonWazza (Thresh): DON'T PRETEND WE CAN CARRY YOUR FAT ASS [34:15] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's not my inability [34:26] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's your inability to not just sit back and farm [34:45] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's not about you not being good enough [34:53] JasonWazza (Thresh): being good enough has nothing to do with feeding [34:56] JasonWazza (Thresh): your feeding [35:00] JasonWazza (Thresh): that is the issue --------------------- [14:26] JasonWazza (Thresh): hey swain [14:33] JasonWazza (Thresh): uninstall league for me [14:58] JasonWazza (Thresh): lol [15:05] JasonWazza (Thresh): you have same brain issues to work on [19:05] JasonWazza (Thresh): thank swain for that [20:05] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): not sure i would call this a good game honestly -------------------- [7:08] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): fizz and riven feeding [7:12] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): sounds about right [7:50] JasonWazza (Poppy): why would i? [7:58] JasonWazza (Poppy): you getting dumpstered [8:01] JasonWazza (Poppy): and are always dead [9:46] JasonWazza (Poppy): wow the feeding useless fizz is amazing [18:27] JasonWazza (Poppy): #normsexcusesfeeding [20:15] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): no that's what happens when riven feeds [20:36] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): why would i gank a feeding riven? [22:10] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): meanwhile fizz is being useless [22:15] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): and riven is afk [22:27] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): lol again [22:32] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): complaints about me not ganking [22:38] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 1. You don't gank feeding lanes [22:50] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 2. Riven and Fizz are shit lanes to gank for [22:56] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 3. Ganking a fed [23:05] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): Brand and Kennen makes no sense [23:22] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): norms excuses feeding [23:38] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): yes we are [24:02] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): nothing can be fixed when they feed their asses off and are trash bronzies [24:09] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): btw i won't get banned because i am right ;) [24:48] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): then why haven't i been banned before? [24:54] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): i talk like this all the time ------------------------- [1:28] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): meh i'm a jungler [13:11] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): so i got minion blocked on blitz's fat ass [30:59] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): worthless star guardians [31:04] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): doing sweet fuck all [38:55] JasonWazza (Skarner): you guys are fucking worthless [39:37] JasonWazza (Skarner): nothing is the answer [43:02] JasonWazza (Skarner): star guardians still doing nothing [47:10] JasonWazza (Skarner): so why the fuck [47:15] JasonWazza (Skarner): are you so far back?
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ErwA6EQ5,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-10-18T05:37:45.884+0000) > [24:51] JasonWazza (Thresh): you need to learn to not feed your ass off > [33:42] JasonWazza (Thresh): LUX WE CAN'T WIN > [33:44] JasonWazza (Thresh): YOU FUCKED US > [33:52] JasonWazza (Thresh): DON'T PRETEND WE CAN CARRY YOUR FAT ASS > [15:05] JasonWazza (Thresh): you have same brain issues to work on > [24:02] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): nothing can be fixed when they feed their asses off and are trash bronzies > [24:09] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): btw i won't get banned because i am right ;) > [24:48] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): then why haven't i been banned before? > [24:54] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): i talk like this all the time > [30:59] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): worthless star guardians > [31:04] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): doing sweet fuck all > [38:55] JasonWazza (Skarner): you guys are fucking worthless These are probably the reason why you are banned, this is disgusting behaviour and should not be accepted in the community, it didn't help when you said "I talk like this all the time" as you constantly swear and harass people who are trying to play the game. The fact you couldn't recognize that this was toxic after the fact as well only makes it that much worse since you don't believe you did anything wrong, in other words you got some thinking to do. Even if the ones you were directing the hate to were not the most respectful of people, that is not to constantly abuse them and talk like that. Your actions do have consequences and having no ban record prior does not mean you are immune to get your first ban to start that record. Understand why RIOT has given you a 14-day ban and do some lateral thinking about this issue, looking at it differently like in the perspective of others can certainly help you recognize your wrong-doings and put you on a path to change. You may think what you have done is nothing, but others don't and others are affected by some of the things you are saying. I hope you work on your demeanor and you don't have do go through this again. Peace :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Helping Others Improve! EP 22! (Scary gank from blue buff!)
I like the whole idea, except the way you talk to the people you are trying to help, you give good information on what they should do instead of they are doing however you seem to be a bit aggressive toward the people you are helping. Some people tend to deter from people who talk down to them even if they are trying to help. Other than that, it was pretty good so keep it up.
PheroxNZ (OCE)
: Unfair
I'm sorry but making a post on the forums won't do anything, you must be willing to commit yourself to sending support tickets and if nothing happens and they don't even give you a proper response then i'd not bother with trusting riot to make purchases with them. However, I have not experienced this so I am all good. Don't support the company with your money if they are being shitty people. Sorry about hacking bro, hope you some how get your money back.
RStormZ (OCE)
: Help Need S on Varus
Dedication is important, have fun with him while trying to improve the small things, since the small things will get you your cs's. So farm as much as you can without missing any in-lane and help your team as much as possible when it comes to objectives.
: TANK META BOYS (this is how you get a tank meta again)
Lethality, ensures it won't be tank meta due to the scaling pen so assassin's can keep up with turtling tanks.
: They ruined Rengars Q and completely killed Katerina Talon looks interesting but i dont think hes gonna be strong...
How did they ruin Rengar's Q, I think they made it much better since you don't have to just press Q to do a bs amount of damage especially when he can jump to you from bushes. The Q even helps him when he is not able to jump from miles away because he can aim ahead of him with a bit a distance, Katarina is now not brain dead and can still do a lot with her dagger pick ups. So please elaborate more in how you think these champs are how you say they are.
: Randomly got gifted riot kayle from riot this moring
It was the 10 year anniversary for LoL not too long ago and riot were gifting everyone Kayle+RIOT Kayle as a way of saying thanks. If you already owned her you got a mystery gift, haven't got mine yet but i'll be patient. Read up on it here: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/thank-you
Spray (OCE)
: Teemo Cancer Build?!
To get a proper response from people you probably need to go a lot more in-depth on why these items are good and how they would beat current popular picks. :/
: 2017 Season Update
I personally like the new style these assassins have, it makes all of them not the same jump in, insta kill champ and jump out. They all have their own diversified way of getting things done. Naut and Sion will love that new keystone, same with Ali and Leo so I feel like they may be seeing some play depending on how much of a shield is given. However Poppy is definitely staying in meta because that W just went up in value big time. The control wards are a cool concept and I don't think it will be first to baron wins because of the new fruits that have been added and you do get a very small window of vision when placing a ward down before it gets taken down by the control ward. The items are interesting especially the Aegis changes, not sure if Locket still has the AoE magic resist, I hope it does so we have three different types of Aegis but Aegis is just the base with no AoE benefit so you can pretty much change it each game depending on who your team is coming up against while always having the same base stats the Aegis gives you. I really hope Talon jungle is a thing, it'd be a nice change to see someone like talon in the jungle and that mobility makes his invades terrifying (also makes him a badass). Just my two cents on how I feel about it, love to discuss more honestly love new seasons and how different they are. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Abusing Teemo With The Cane
Haha, good video. You can really tell when an aussie makes a video when their commentary is just telling it how it is {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Every time!!!!!!
Well you won't be getting far with that dirty team comp {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
ISmileyI (OCE)
: fuck mao I know hes a good champ but there were so maybe better choices
Bro, you're just complaining because your favourite champ or champ you play more frequently didn't get selected. People who do enjoy playing mao like me for instance would be delighted to have this skin. Anyway you should be happy that you get the Victorious skin, because there are people who would gladly take it from you who don't have the time you do to get the rewards. No crying {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
A new champion update is one thing, but will he get a skin shortly after the update because dear god this man has been alienated in the skin department {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: ***
^^ this guys thinks he is good at league but he is the worst gold player I have ever seen {{champion:35}}
: Come chat with Sjokz!
I would like to ask what is it like interacting with all the different characters and personalities in both RIOT games and the players themselves.
Crux123 (OCE)
: ***
Well that is your opinion, but I am completely opposite, from glacial up his skins are just awesome now.
: Be Victorious
If you have been following the LCS you would have noticed a large pick, ban and win rate with sivir in the professional games (and not a lot of people know this but victorious skins are picked by those following stats not to be confused with championship skins) which tips the scale in sivir favor and the skin art looks very similar to sivir. So with all this information I can finally conclude with, the following victorious skin to come out will be "Victorious {{champion:17}} " P.S. Teemo is Love, Teemo is Life
: i have lost one of my favorite characters none of the new abilities even resemble the old and feel like we have lost our ad katarina{{champion:114}} RIP
The "old feel" was completely unbalanced and had almost if not any counter-play, she is a duelist not a 1v5 instakiller. her kit actually resembles what she was always meant to be, a duelist.
: I say this as both a decent Fiora player and a good Ashe player: Ashe > Fiora. Ult > W > Crit > Crit > Crit > W and Fiora is dead before Ashe's ult wears off. Same combo works against Vayne and anyone else who dares dive the no-mobility-but-hard-CC combo that is Ashe. And the same general thing works on Annie, although in her case there's less auto attacking unless you're a Lichbane kind of Summoner.
Well the stun would be less than a second most of the times if they were with in dueling distance so old fiora would easily stomp on ashe due to her hard scaling and great dmg output plus she can avoid taking dmg for three seconds while dealing tons of damage.


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