: Frost i had no idea you could create such a piece, you got some talent lol, i love you <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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: Recipe For Disaster
Stayed up until 3 am to make this :)
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: Check out some Summoner’s Rift concept art!
For the wraith camp I'm thinking... spiders popping in their nests they made and then come out with a screech and they should be very big tarantulas and that are kind of like Elise's spiderlings but bigger and more aggressive looking and the leader of the pack should have abdomen and other features to them. How the spiders might look like: Furry- black and greyish, their basic should be like acidic, greenish venom anything u want but yea that's one of my ideas but hope my idea gets chosen in a place of Summoners Rift
: Rune Combiner & T1/T2 Runes
But I don't have any tier 1,2 runes just tier 3s so so what will happen then?


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