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: And thank you a lot in return for being part of the community, doesn't work very well as a game without players :) Design portfolio - things like flash games, board game prototypes, mods for other games, published writing or high quality videos on games tend to get good attention and help get a CV/Resume through the initial screening process. Are there particular types of design you're especially interested in? QoL/Type/Tooltip bugs - Our QA teams do sweep through the bug report Boards so stuff there should get added to our bug backlogs.
I've messed around in a lot of areas; character design, skin concepts, level design, gameplay elements, lore/narrative but I haven't made something that incorporates multiple elements so I figured it might make a design portfolio seem cluttered. I'm not interested in anything specific, I like attempting new things and trying out different stuff. Thanks for the response!
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: Happy 10 year anniversary!
I'd like to thank Riot for all the memories and friends I've made while playing this game over the years and say that I'm excited for what the future holds. As someone who is interested in working on League design content, what would be the best format for creating a portfolio? Side note - where could small QoL/typo/tooltip fixes be submitted?


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