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: Looking for ranked players
Invite me too...doing placements... was gold 5 last seas.
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: Recruiting For A Serious Ranked 5's Team
Age: 21 Rank: Gold 4 Ign: Frostwolf77 Main Roles: Top Main Champs: Renekton, Shen, Nautilus Pref Skype? - got it
: ranks 5s team gold +
Frostwolf77 Gold 4 Any role but adc
: LF supp for rank 5's
Read post... I can add you guys if you keen to join norms. I might have to talk to team or do a first come first serve or even a draw to see who gets in the team (rank 5's).
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Skketched (OCE)
Gold 4... can supp. Use skype. IGN: Frostwolf77. Dont know what you want, so ask me in game.
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: Looking for players to make a competitive gaming
IGN: Frostwolf77. Can play any roles but adc. Have skype and currently in gold 5.
: Starting a ranked team need members
Lvl 30...silver 2. Any roles but adc.
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: Teams.
Interested. Silver 2. IGN: Frostwolf77.
Mistaken (OCE)
: Recruiting for Ranked Team "Heart Of the Emperor" (Silver-gold)
I can play any roles BUT adc. IGN: Frostwolf77 Best to worst: Top,Mid,Supp,jung ......... adc. i pick depending on team/enemy picks - Sion, Shen, Malzahar, Brand, Blitz, Leona, etc. I'm ususally on at nights (for weekdays) and all day for weekends. May wary temporarily if I have a big test/exam coming up. Skype: yes Rank: Silver 2 (currently) Age : 21
Brigsy (OCE)
: Looking for players to form a social team
Add me if you want. Give us a shout out in game. IGN: Frostwolf77
: Looking for a Team (Bronze and Silver)
Age: 20 Position/rank: Any of the aboves (silver 2) Availability: Most nights... unless weekends...on most of that time
: Looking for a Silver+ Support main for a team rank team
Hiya im silver 2. IGN: Frostwolf77 Its not my main; but i play supp well. Give me a try.
willasf (OCE)
: New ranked team formed Looking for a top laner! (bronze/silver) with champion pool below!
Would like to join. Currently silver 2. IGN: Frostwolf77 Champion pool consist of: Sion, Maokai,Irelia,Rumble and Kenen. Top laners mainly played: Shen, Wukong, Garen and Jarvan.
Mister E (OCE)
: LF Team High Silver+
Age: 20 Main Role: Mid (but can top/jung and supp just as well) Pref Champions (Of desired role): Mid: Brand, malzahar, veigar - Picks depend who opposition/team has picked. Supp: Leona, blitz, sona. Skype(Y/N): Y Current Rank: Silver 2
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: Paradigm Shift Ranked 5s team
IGN: Frostwolf77 Age: 21 Rank: silver 2 Main role: Mid Secondary role: Top/supp/jung (can play any role well but adc) Availability: Holidays: afternoon and night - Other days: Mainly weekends; or some weekday nights Curse/Skype/TS3: Skype
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xRyuuk (OCE)
: Looking for New Zealand players to join a Gold+ team
ummm.... interested. What's the recommended minimum to join? I'm silver 3 currently; still moving up. IGN: Frostwolf77.
: LFP Support needed, any rank.
I im also looking for a duo partner. Currently in silver 4. I play any roles but adc. Also keen, if you create a ranked team ill join too or just add for normals. I have skype. IGN: Frostwolf77 Here's a {{item:2009}}
Wiggy (OCE)
: Looking for a duo partner to practice with in pre-season then climb next year :)
Yeah keen too... silver 4 currently . If more people are keen to join, get a team and Ill join that too. Have skype. I can play anyrole but adc too. here's a {{item:2009}}
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