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Honestly, I like to communicate, strategize, get ideas feedback too and from players. Simple things like pointing out they're a full AD auto attack comp and a frozen heart on tank would be a good choice for the team/individual. But, when you bring up children that is a huge issue for me. Vast majority of people (probably localized to my mmr) are straight up children or the maturity/mentality of such. You try to give information or ideas or talk, you get told to shut up, stop talking, "play your own game" (I hope anyone who says this gets cancer). They take it as if saying anything constructive or thoughtful is challenging their intelligence or dominance. And that thinking style goes hand in hand with - I carry or I lose this game. So many times they will do the exact opposite just to spite you. I don't know how to play where people cannot respond to an suggestion or idea reasonably. It is a strategy game, and they reject all reasoning. This is a huge problem for playing with people at my level. I think I need to find a team to play with, solo q just doesn't work this way.
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