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: Active items are... boring.
Aha the link has a little dota symbol peeking at people on the main board page. Fantastic.
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: I would pay to convert my blue essence into 1% orange essence, why give champion capsules to lvl 70+s, and so many goddamn champion shards in chest now, which you can't even reroll. goddamn
Because you have people like me who started at like season 5, are level 80+ now but barely own half the roster
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: New end game stat - "Shielding done"
I think something along the lines of **Damage Shielded** would be better than **Shielding Done**. Hear me out; Janna, Taric, Lulu, Karma etc. have shields that you can place on allies, but what about Champions that have large shields that they use for themselves. Nautlius, Blitz, Shen etc. all have shields that they can only use for themselves, and yet those shields are very core to how you play. I feel it would be a lot better for them if it was a more general shielding because **Damage Taken** doesn't really show just how well (or badly) you played that game.
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: yeah but there is a big difference between a dagger and a heimerdinger turret. I don't especially care about this suggestion but oriball gets disabled when she's cc'd, same with aurelion sol, whereas zilean bombs cannot be disarmed even by killing him, so I can understand it's hard to see consistency.
Aurelion Sol orbs and Ori's ball are not Autonomous They are reliant on the Champion Zilean bombs are thrown out and then there are completely Autonomous. Zilean cannot interact with them at all. _(Throwing out a second one to cause a stun does not count, as when one is placed on the ground and another on a creepwave, the bombs stun when they come into contact anyway, meaning the stun mechanic is autonomous)_ Katarina daggers act like Zilean bombs, only the effect of them is performed by Katarina, so whilst CCing Katarina shouldn't remove the daggers, it should prevent her from using their effect, because when she picks them up its not the dagger doing the effect, but Katarina herself.
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: >If I build tank Kha'Zix can I still one-shot a lategame ADC? Just as a note, you can do this, just look at your damage against the dummy's and compare to an actual ADC, and scale up/down for lack of armor/mr variation. I still definitely think it is lacking, but it's unlikely to get more to be honest.
I feel like the stuff I've pointed out is more flaws in how league is designed than how the sandbox mode is designed. Which is unfortunate but what're you gonna do{{item:3070}}
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