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: Shadow Bear, Shadow Rat (An Annie and Twitch story)
: Climb up playing your best Champs, and less likely to see those players.
We're playing an eSport. I don't want my goalkeeper to run off down the field with the ball and shoot at the goal. It would be hilarious if he scored, but I would rather he just stood in the goal and left shooting to people who's job it is to shoot and who practice shooting for hours on end.
: Climb up playing your best Champs, and less likely to see those players.
I agree to an extent, but I think it's very valuable to know a range of roles and positions, understand counters and so on. So you got to diamond as a Riven one-trick, and that's awesome, but what happens if Riven gets banned? What happens if the opponent picks a hard counter, you're already at the top-tier of players so there no way you're going to be remarkably more skilled than them? What happens if the entire enemy team has CC and a strong front line? You're already platinum so you can't then practice champs and roles you don't know or you will get stomped. I think it's fine if you're a career smurf, but I want to improve, not just climb ranks and sell the account. To me, it's less about climbing and more about learning and improving your skills and broadening strategic horizons and unfortunately, large sections of the community disagree. I think that's embarrassing for our demographic, considering it's a strategy game. It's not a one trick game. It's a careful manipulation of other player's psychology using the pawns and pieces available on the board.
: bud a good trick is to have one friend play with you i am a support main and can tell you that i dont really dodge only in gold but most the time i can win even with a troll or two .... and i get it man but maybe he is really good with that champ also remember the enemy have the same chance of getting this. plus you gotta think wont people abuse something like that so they dont have to vs a hard team comp?
To be fair, I have a remarkable amount of success when I find a support main who's play style meshes with my own, and I don't disagree with you at all. But when there are no support or adc (I sub support) mains available, or if I just want to play solo a bit, it's a nightmare.
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: Zilean support is viable.
I didn't know Zilean is viable anywhere else. He had a short tenure in midlane when the AP and Assassin updates rolled out and he found a unique place in that meta, but that was addressed by riot in the following major patch and he quickly fell of after that and isn't even listed as a midlaner anymore, from my knowledge. Sure, he can do it. So can Lulu and Karma. It doesn't mean that's where they're most suited unless your team has a specific strategy in mind that revolves around that, such as how Faker often plays a support in the midlane when control effects are a more pertinent issue. This doesn't mean you should do it because Faker did it, just an example of someone who's very good doing it as an adaptive strategy, not a rule. It also doesn't mean that if you're playing Zilean, you should assume you're going to carry the lane. Don't throw your stun out when the enemy obviously has a chance to hard engage. Easy. If you can land a solid engage, go for it, but don't lean on gronk tactics that worked on that bronze guy once. It's not smart strategy. I don't mind Zilean support at all. I dislike Ezreal support because someone ranked platinum tried it once when they were smurfing or some retard youtuber did it on a video. I don't care what Nightblue or whatever did. You don't get to that level by copying what he does. You get to that level by understanding the game, the strength, weaknesses and limitations of your champions and by working with your teammates to make something happen. Some troll tactic that throws people who aren't ready for it off balance a little bit isn't an indication that it's good at all, especially if you pick Ezreal support into a hard engage like Leona then blame your ADC for dying to flash all-ins when you have no capacity to help them whatsoever, and that's my point. Helping the adc is your job there. Not poking. Not healing. Not any of the individual aspects of your character. Helping the adc make it through laning phase is your role.
: Former Diamond ADC Main- My Thoughts
So there's a few things at play here, from my perspective. The first is the matchmaking. She's simply a good pick if you're on your own for the reasons you described. Sivir is similarly capable and versatile. Next is her versatility. Most ADCs typically fall into either the hard engage and trade, win or lose (Draven, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn) or hypercarry lategame (Twitch, Vayne, Jinx) categories. There are obvious adjustments to need to make to suit the lane, but those characters are generally better off either aggressively trading or playing very passively and farming. Both Sivir and Tristana are very good at switching modes in this regard. Tristana is very good at trading because of the threat of her e, her attackspeed boost and her follow up with her jump and reset, but can also quite comfortably farm the lane on the back foot, rely on her passive and use of her jump to escape. Similarly, Sivir can also use her ult in a daring charge and follow-up with her spellshield or stay back and keep the enemy at bay with ricochet and Q when they stick their noses out, using her E and ult to escape particularly aggressive junglers. If you main either champion, and assuming there isn't an enemy assassin fed to shit or some very undesirable gameplay outcome, you usually have a fairly decent chance of having an impact in the game, regardless of if it's victory or defeat. Compare this to, say, a Twitch who hasn't snowballed's impact in the early and midgames. You just have a lot more options, and your playstyle can accommodate roaming at points in the game that can be crucial for ADCs, the very early game. To answer your final question (statement?), it's a lack of understanding of the fundamentals. A lot of players don't really look too deeply into the established meta itself. For example, a very good adc might not be able to define precisely what the "Trading stance" is, even though they use it all the time. Just having that understanding of a core game principal, for one, gives you something specific to practice at and gauge improvement, but secondly and perhaps more importantly, allows you to understand when to do it. Which matchups is it appropriate to aggressively trade with and where should you stand based off that and the selections in lane. Without a solid grounding the the fundamentals of the meta and WHY it's established the way it is, you may very well become very individually good and a mechanical god, but you'll falter when it comes to macro plays and an understanding of the broader perspective. Why build orders exists and just how tight and down to the line bot lane can be. There are undeniably boosters and people in even your division who might very well be quite good, but don't understand the bigger picture. That's how people lose with her.
Essembie (OCE)
: instalockers / role thieves : play another lane, troll, or dodge. One of these will result in zero penalty to you. Your choice. bad picks: not your place to say. That said, 3 marksmen (top, jg, adc) in a team is never good. Just make peace with it if someone cant see the importance of team comps and try play around it.
I don't want to troll and other lanes aren't always willing. I don't think you fix a pile of shit by shitting on it. Other than that, I already DO dodge. I spend 90% of my time in the client waiting for my bans to pass. There is a penalty for dodging. It starts at 5 minutes and goes up to 30 minute bans. No matter what, I will never in a million years be supported by an Ezreal, I don't care how many times Nerfplz says it's "OP". It's fucking trash. The argument for using him is "Hurr durr he pokes". Lots of supports poke. Most of them heal at the same time. Or shield. Or CC. Or do ANYTHING useful to me in lane. And most of them don't E out of the way of skillshots so I cop them in the face while farming. I can understand some picks. MF support with comet into Zyra will control the lane and cause serious harm in a teamfight. Some things I just won't put up with, and most of it is based around a support having their head stuck up their ass and thinking they're going to "carry" me.
Funsocks (OCE)
: How do I deal with Instalockers, role thiefs and bad picks?
Edit: An early /ff option in the lobby could work also. You could simply state; "I can't play this game, can we just go back to lobby?" and instead of everyone having to panic to think who has the lowest ban timer, the whole team can just agree to return to lobby. It won't affect pro league players. If they dodge after the bans, that's an automatic loss because it's obvious they're cheating.
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: Neo Pax Sivir Giveaway!!!!
We have to log into the boards with our IGN. O_O My IGN is Funsocks. I think I deserve the skin because of my extensive participation in the league community. I also have several thousands words of fanfic in the fanfic board and have placed in the top 10 in riot's competitions but never won anything :C
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: Ocean Week Community Goal
Male and Female - Yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang represent balance, among other things, and a conservation effort to restore them could reflect the such. Male and Male - Justice and Righteous. If they're both males, they'll need nice, strong and gallant names for when the girls come. Female and Female - Lulu and Didi - Lucy and Diana. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cute girl's names.
: how many words is this? isn't the limit 1500?
I think it ended up as 1506. If they fail it because of that, so be it, really.
: Tis good, and I don't think many people will attempt to brave the world of the inquisitors as you did so props for that. My only suggestion is that you change something about : >"uttered a single word. >Kayle was suprised. She had never heard him say a single word" You say "single word" twice too close to itself.
Much obliged! Yeah, I tried to avoid the "Popular" and "In your face" skins, and I was able to put my dark style of writing beside those skins quite easily. Thanks for the feedback. I'll edit it now :)
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: **That was the coolest thing I have ever read. **
Cheers man. I'm glad to have made it to the top ten. Hope they do some more stuff like this so I have a chance to give it another go. I would have loved to have seen this story immortalized in the fan art contest.
: Nice. Really well written, engaging, and I think the subtle aspects of your characterisation of Twitch (like books that were altered) made this a uniquely enjoyable contribution.
Sorry for the late response! Oh! Hello! Fwahaha. Thanks a lot! :D I really appreciate your input. There isn't an awful amount of lore on Twitch, but I decided to make a few assumptions, such as the fact that he was somewhat "One of a kind" and there wasn't an entire race of giant rat people. I mean except Yordles :^) This made it a lot easier to connect the dots with Twitch's lore that riot has written, such as his editing of books with crayons. I tried to reference the actual in-game lore page as much as I could, as well as his spoken lines in-game and his actual character moveset, like one vial making his venom fester. I'm kind of dissapointed I didn't manage to work "Oot doot doo. Oot dootdoot doot doot doo doo, doodoodoodoodoo doo!" into the story, but it seems like the sort of thing he would say while stalking his prey to terrify them with silliness, and I wanted to keep the actual threat somewhat of a mystery in the writing until it was time for him to emerge, as I think it lent more impact to his appearance. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
itsaneeps (OCE)
: That was pretty unnerving and you made Twitch into quite the monster (as he is in the game). I'm quite speechless at the horror unleashed, testament to your skill of creating an Alien-esque atmosphere and dread. When the action comes, it's explosive. There's a formatting issue where your "its" are now "it's", but that's like super minor in this well-crafted piece. Thanks for sharing!
Sorry for the late response! Thanks for the input. I'm not terribly competent at editing my own work. I try to tell a story when I write, and going back over the story somewhat feels like I'm saying what's already been said, if that makes sense? Either way, I'll certainly try to keep an eye on it in future works. Thanks for reading it :)
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