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: Got it =D
Hi, I clicked through the first Woobox link and got the page saying that the promotion has ended - I used a link further down which took me straight to the boards where I posted my entry. It was about 22:14 (Perth time) on the 30th of March - so can I still qualify? Or will it be for naught since I don't seem to have been able to post through the Woobox thing?
Fyooosh (OCE)
: Cursed Revenant
Reeeally hope I didn't post this too late!
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: Firstly, loved your story! Secondly, I agree that the prompt was very loose and this did cause issues for consistent judging. The reasoning is that no one had ever done a fanfiction contest before and we had no idea how many entries we'd get, so we didn't want to restrict that flow with a more narrow prompt. But moving forward, there were a lot of lessons learned from this contest and we are very excited to build on it in the future and get even more talented entries. But this is also just the start - we have big plans for the winners of the contest...
Are you able to elaborate on these "big plans", either now or once the winners are announced? I am really curious!
: Man, I got total puzzled trying to determine who this guy was. Bloodshot eyes, Gangplank? A cigar, Graves? A hood, Talon? An OC? Now he's blue and disappearing - Karthus maybe? Call, what? ...Oh. You got me good, lmao.
Haha glad you enjoyed, that was pretty much what I was going for =P I'm a bit of a sucker for trying to write stuff with twists ;)
: Glad you could pick em out. Yeah, I strove to avoid 'copy-pasting' them word for word in random places devoid of context. Though pretty much all of Varus's lines are bad-ass on their own, and I might have gotten away with doing so, I have to say that a few of them are really interesting to dissect, and I was somewhat compelled to put my spin on the ones I chose as 'oneliners'. ^_^ _"There is no salvation."_ - For whom? Himself? The Noxians he's hunting? The Ionians he failed? Every bad person? Every good person? All of the above? _"No turning back."_ - Why can't he? Does he physically no longer have control over The Corruption? Is he just too far deep to stop himself? Or is he morally obligated to avenge his fallen people? Does he think that his killing will achieve an outcome, maybe deter warmongers like Noxus from doing the same thing to another nation? Does he even have an alternative? Big questions, big questions ahaha. I really appreciate your feedback, I'm off to read your story now. :)
I totally agree, and it's what makes the story so great - it does lend itself to much deeper thinking. Like you said, those one-liners are open to a lot of interpretation. 'No salvation' for whom, and why not? I tend to think, going by your writing, that he's referring to himself. Who knows, maybe according to official lore, this should be interpreted more as him referring to no salvation for his enemies. But you skillfully wrote your version so as to pose the question to the reader and let them wonder which is the case. Maybe both! =D
Lylie (OCE)
: A Soul's Echo
Great read! I like your take on what 'essence' is, it's quite intuitive and works really well in this context. Awesome insight into the characters as well, and the contrasting stances on their humanity. Kind of poses a deeper question about what exactly that entails, what it takes to be human - as well as what it takes away. But all captured neatly in less than 1500 words.
: A Slow Death
I cannot stand Teemo in game, but I won't hold that against you for this great story =P Well-crafted, I like how you've built upon the omega squad version - I love reading 'hidden' sides to characters, or alternate versions based on very little information. Good job!
: Varus: Beyond Justice, Beyond Salvation
Awesome work, I loved the insertion of his in-game quotes - they fit really smoothly and subtly into the story, adding to the overall picture of Varus' character without being too heavy-handed.
Oneechan (OCE)
: Oh wow I did not expect that XD you kept the twist well-hidden but it was never obnoxious. Mysterious and just hilarious to read. Nicely done! Poor little guy. I'd totally buy him a drink. (But just this one. They can call me bias I don't care.)
Thanks! It was a lot of fun writing it while trying to keep it subtle and not give it away until the end =P Glad you enjoyed!
Oneechan (OCE)
: The Tails She Holds Close
I think I'll need to read this a few times. So _deep!_ I still have about a dozen more stories to read to get through them all, but this is one of my favourites. Excellent story-telling, and I loved this version of Ahri too!
Magery (OCE)
: A Chance Encounter
This is fantastic. Great crafting of the scene, and it feels like you've captured the essence of who Ahri and Yasuo are - just from their dialogue as well as the insight from Yasuo's POV. I really enjoyed reading this.
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: The Fourth Act (Zed and Shen)
: Save me
Nicely done. It didn't feel rushed to me at all, the pacing was just fine. You captured the emotion well - Lulu's regret and sadness at what Veigar has become. I loved the friendship and tenderness between the two when they were young. Awesome!
jimsomi (OCE)
: Freljordian Diplomacy
Seagull (OCE)
: The Beast
Awesome work! I loved that it kept me guessing who the beast was all the way through. I did suspect at times that it may even be one of the rift monsters, and then towards the end I thought it was Kog... but it had to be Satan, of course. Cleverly told!
phatget (OCE)
: Enter, the King of the Kitchen
Delightful. Short and sweet, but very descriptive.
: Four Words
This is pure brilliance.
Miss Auri (OCE)
: Diary of a Shuriman Merchant
It's disgusting how well-written this is! Several laugh-out-loud moments, and I had a grin on my face the whole time. Excellent work. Best of luck!
azaki (OCE)
: Between the Sol and the Luna
Nicely written! Even if you aren't familiar with the lore, your story-telling paints enough of a picture that the reader gets a good feel for the conflict and the characters. Knowing the back-story helps a little, but it isn't integral. Also, one advantage you have if you don't know the lore is that there's more mystery in Diana's final words. I'm a big fan of both Diana and Leona, so I loved this piece. Good luck!


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