: Looking to create a team for Clash
i have 4 people keen if you wanna group with us
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: Good to duo usually play ad but have been picking bot/support or fill and getting support most of the time gold 2 now made it to plat 4 last season after the season end sadly, will have a practise game with you if see what you think, I'm also looking for someone to duo with that is dedicated and wants to try hit dia this season
Hey man ive added you in game. my goal for this season is to definitely hit diamond so i feel like we will mesh well hit me up when you get the friend request.
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Matt 1000 (OCE)
: Making an active dynamic queue team to climb soloq full of consistant players
Um keen can play anything. P5 last season but have a gold account to play on if people are to low. Add Duayne Simulator
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