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RagePanda (OCE)
: Do not like the animation when firing her Ulti. Please just use the old one (but you know, all nice and new and shiny).
I must say, with the arms flailing around like that in her ulti, I can't help but wonder if she is related to {{champion:154}} =P
: I'm gay and saying "that's so gay" sounds extremely discriminating to me. You are not saying "that's so cool". You are saying "that's stupid". I hate when people say that. BTW, the system was "trained" by the tribunal. It is based on machine learning and it used the old tribunal database as starting point. They will tweak it as necessary
I myself have a bad opinion of anyone who uses that phrase, as I think it is as disrespectful as saying something like "thats sooo black". It is completely derogatory, but I was not speaking for myself in that statement. I was speaking for the general public and general use of the word. If a word such as that is used so commonly, like it is with young men, then you become desensitized to it.
: in what world, is soemthing as serious as "I hope you catch cancer" a common statement, intended as light hearted competitiveness. Think in terms of elite sportsmen, if an AFL, Soccer, NRL player, etc, said that, they'd be sacked, fined and shunned by the world. If you want esports to be seen as serious, the whole game needs to turn around. Too many people use a screen as a shield. Go play a game of AFL and say "I hope you catch cancer" to the opposing team and see the end result. This is not light hearted, and no one should treat it as such.
What I was trying to say is not that it is an acceptable statement, but that people do not realize they are wrong. If you have seen loads of other people saying something like that, and not knowing how mean it can be, why would you not say it yourself? It's the sheep mentality that causes things such as this to happen.
ßmo (OCE)
: flawed*? or did you mean Floored?
My mistake, was quite tired while writing this, flawed is the correct word.
: Erh same. I hate when i see people saying that. My favourite person in the entire world died of cancer and i play league with friends when im down then here's people saying stuff like that. Makes me want to stop playing league altogether. OCE is so toxic. Before the OCE server i played on NA. NA was nowhere near as bad as OCE.
If you have a problem with what people say, make sure you voice that concern in a constructive way. Something along the lines of "Please don't use the word cancer, it offends me" Can go a long way when playing with adults who understand. Although I am still a teenager, I have learnt from experience that until someone tells the person they are offended in a constructive way, they won't stop. If you respond with rage it eggs them on, but responding in a civilized manor can make more of a difference than you think.
: You need to learn the difference between the intended interpretation of what people say, and how you yourself perceive it. "I hope you catch cancer" is a common statement, almost always intended as light hearted competitiveness. Just because you personally find something highly offensive, does not make its intentions anything more than spirited banter.
As I mentioned in a previous post, people who are offended by a specific word or phrase should mention it to the people using it. The people using it should then have the sensibility to refrain from using the phrase for the remainder of playing with that person. Although you say something as banter, someone may have a traumatic experience related to that, and as such are highly offended by it. Just my 2 cents =P
SahAnxsty (OCE)
: Jesus f**k, if this comes in to place, next thing you know someone saying "damn that's gay" is going to get banned. One person cries, they all cry. So thankyou, so god damn much, for starting the crying. I can't wait until I can no longer say jesus christ, or god damn, because I'm offending some Christians. People need to get to the point where they're not so insecure about themselves, and will understand that at the end of a day, after a comment like "Get cancer" you won't die, you WON'T just get cancer that day, life will continue. But instead you have a little boiling problem in your head asking for psychological awareness because you're too damn disappointed that people get cancer you can't deal. Everyone get's cancer, nearly EVERYONE has someone who is dead from cancer in their family. IT'S JUST A COMMENT GET THE F**K OVER IT OR WE WON'T BE ABLE TO SHOW ANY RECOGNITION TOWARDS FREE SPEECH. again, RageGrace, well done for starting a tribunal trend, you will be forever remembered in the archives.+
I agree somewhat with your post. The system would have to realize the difference between "Damn that is soooo gay" and vulgar discrimination involving referring to someone else as an inferior person due to their sexuality. Jesus Christ and God Damn have become such common phrases, just like using gay to describe everything, that the punishments for using that would have to be minimal to non-existent. I do think, that people should have the sensibility to respond with "Please don't use (insert word here) it offends me" And that those who use the word should have the sensibility to refrain from using it for the rest of the game. Presently, people respond with rage, and vulgarities that make the people involved seem like self centered narcissists. TL;DR System needs to be able to differentiate who a phrase is aimed at and people need to respond to vulgarities in a more dignified manor.
: we still needs the tribunal :( like damn rito, OCE is so toxic its not funny
The tribunal was a floored system, hence why Riot removed it. With players reviewing people it often had trolls on it dishing out unfair punishments. It also would take a long time for the case to go through as not everyone had time to read through tribunal cases. This system is overall a big step towards automated player management, and I feel it is a step in the right direction. Well done Riot!
Elainea (OCE)
: I have some slight concerns with this. Not that it isn't needed, there are some truly vile individuals in the community. Some (in my experience) which will take things, before a game has even started to the point of stalking your online profile (common usernames) and death threats just because they did not get the role they wished to play. My concerns are 1) when the offender is in fact a group of offenders with the power to out vote an individual, who in defence has also displayed negative behaviour in response to gang-bang-abuse. How would such a case be judged ? if its a majority vote the lone persons report will go un-noticed and the larger group will end up getting the solo player banned, players are human beings and not robots, when somebody is abusing them they are either gong to get angry and stand up for themselves or shut the person off. However often by the time the individual is able to hit the mute button or feels threat enough to do so, their morale and game-play have already been affected making them not want to play. How does this system help in these cases? 2) How will punishments be determined, in conjunction with my previous comment about being only human, I am concerned that some players who have become overheated by either a losing streak or a run of unpleasant games/ players may find that when provoked they can't quite keep a lid on those negative thoughts. Will the system look into a players track record to analyse whether there are underlying circumstances ? if other players comments are to be washed out in analysis will this be a true representation of why the player was provoked? Is the system purely based on how many times the person has been reported? 3) is this going to be like the new leaver buster system where players cannot defend themselves against its so called justice? where bans are placed for problems that may be as a result of Internet connection, power outage, parental interference, server connection issues, program faults or other ? Or will players actually have a chance to defend themselves? (As you can probably tell I have a bit of hostility towards the leaver buster system. With my previous Internet provider I had many problems with the game due to my modem settings conflicting with the league client. I felt powerless to do anything despite being a consistent player. In some ways I can see this new system having a similar effect on players who have otherwise positive behaviour, but occasionally fail under pressure and blow off steam. I am hoping that the system will not look to harshly on minor outbursts and focus primarily on homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and other forms of excessive abuse.) I understand that comments such as "you suck" are not nice, but compare that to comments such as "go neck yourself you filthy troll, un-install retard" (the second is something I see a bit of in game, sometimes directed at me when I am having a bad game, but mostly aimed at the poor sod who got countered in lane and lacks the skill to do much about it) I would hope that the definition of abuse defined by RIOT would not put these two forms of abuse in the same category.Because admittedly I have told the occasional person they suck. (tough I do also try to help them out with item suggestions and sharing tips I have picked up on the champion if they are someone I main) That's all, sorry for the 7 page essay. Hope I don't sound like a jerk.
That was quite a wall of text, and reading through it you brought up some good points. The major issue with premades is that they have the power to group report, so I feel Riot should take more effort to verify the reports of premades. For example, if a 4 Man premade reports one person, it should have less weight than if 4 individuals who were matched together randomly report an individual. For your second point, I feel that although the system is advanced, it probably has not quite reached the extent of that yet. Your best bet in the case of a punishment you feel is unfair, would be to ask the Behavior team to check through it and explain the circumstances to them, so that a human checks it out and can empathize with your situation. Thirdly, leaver buster can be defended against, as aforementioned contacting support with a logical message explaining the exact circumstances can result in a reduced or removed punishment. Leaving the game really has a drastic negative impact on your teammates, and I feel that Riot could balance this out with an EXP or Gold penalty to the enemy team due to your lack of played (Just a suggestion, and it would have to be quite small). Losing a member of your team can have a huge impact on your ability to push out and win a game. TL;DR Premade reports should be weighted differently, and, there is a support team that works specifically to keep the players happy, and can negotiate your punishment. (I once got 2 week banned on my NA account because I had a computer with 2GB of ram that I was trying to run league on while away on holidays, and they reduced the sentence).
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Yep! Unskilled Player is used for matchmaking analysis. You won't be punished for this.
Thank you for clearing that up Sephyre, I had been wondering why it even existed for a while {{summoner:31}}
Elainea (OCE)
: Have you been to the NA server? I came from there and it was also "toxic as fuck",(not my words) the league of legends community can be quite horrid as can any online game. The issue at the moment is that OCE is new and it has not yet weeded the garden. Take a look at heroes of the storm, the community there is twice as bad, why? because its new and shiny and all the trolls have moved there to pick on all the new players who don't know what they are doing. With time those abusive players will get bored or fed up, or with this new system banned and they will move on. Also there is a big emphasis on player reports, so just keep reporting people who offend you enough to make you sick and mute them while you play.
That is actually a very good point. The newer League servers, (especially those that had a large influx of players after the Tribunal got removed) have not had time to clean their servers of the trolls, and generally the rude and obnoxious people who ruin the game for everyone. I would have liked if Riot had of addressed this sooner, but as with anything, better late than never. Well done Riot for your continued support of the community!
: is afk a good choice to make u not mad because when i have toxic team i just went afk i can't understand then so mad
DeathKittyQQ, In response to your question, Riot has provided you with numerous options to make the game a more enjoyable experience, especially when faced with impolite teammates and or Opponents. You have the chat filter, which stops a majority of the actual slurs and other rude words from coming through, and perhaps the most useful system, the ignore button. The best advice I can give you for dealing with annoying teammates is to just hit tab, then hit the ignore button. If you hit the ignore button then you won't see anything that they are saying and you can continue playing in peace until the post game lobby where you can report them for Verbal Abuse/Harrassment. With the new system proposed on this page, you could end up being the one being punished if you rage back or AFK.(This also would happen with the tribunal). TL;DR- Just use the ignore button and report them after the game. In the communities eyes, going AFK because of bad teammates is almost as bad as the Teammates themselves.


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