: Okay first up, I know you don't like playing low skill champions, but dude, would you rather climb or get tilted and lose your promos? Other than that, your cs seems pretty good, maybe a little improvement but not much at all, and i recommend that you play champions that scale well, and work on your mid to late game, as people around your level don't have bad laning (mostly), but bad mid to late game. Just a few general tips. Have fun on the Rift!
good point, i guess the climb is gonna be tilting either way then, azir does scale well? yeah unsure how to improve my mid to late game shall try to work on it, i do find i play better mid to late than early but that is most likely because im playing azir and well thats pretty much where azir becomes alive, i find im getting around 2 items at 21min plus boots average but if i dont get that its pretty much a loss, ive found they do have bad laning, but so do i so its kinda even, just no one understands how to play to there team compositions, its always group and fight.... no matter if the enemy team is 6k gold ahead just group n fight lose repeat i guess ill try stick to fizz and ahri in ranked then cheers for tips
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: Practise games in bots every couple days, focus on CS and play on intermediate to get pressure if you're worried about farming.. sounds shit but works
Lel im happy with my farming, i get more than most in my elo atm and a lot of silvers
: Need help getting better
Wouldnt that just be me letting you carry me? And not actually learning anything? Not that i don't appreciate the offer, i just genuinely want to improve my laning, decision making and carrying skills add me, ill be on when i get home tonight
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Łæoña (OCE)
: Well I'm not sure where to really start since everyone has a specific area that hinders them from climbing or such. In couple of Nightblue3's video shows him coaching so go on youtube and search it and listen in.
Cheers, i will have a look
Star (OCE)
: Hey xXEvolution7Xx, It's always hard to have these conversation with people, because sometimes the answer is- that's where you belong. I'm a diamond 5 support main, who used support to carry all the way from bronze 1. I'll try and give you some general tips though. * Champion counter picks aren't as important as people think they are. Knowing your champion is so much better than picking a counter pick. * Play a small pool of champions. Get to know 2-3 champions in the 2 roles you're queuing for. [Feasibly 2 champions in your primary and 1 in your secondary]. * Never criticise your teammates. I know you probably hear this one a lot, but it makes a huge difference. Comebacks from behind when people on your team are raging are so small. If your team works together? So easy. It appears that your winrate and KDA on Kennen are solid- which tells me you know him really well. I'd recommend just solo grinding him in all your games [It seems like the other champions you play are what is bringing you down]. Hope that somewhat helps!
Yeah i know what you mean, but i have a 2nd account that is silver 4 i play on which isnt too bad, but for some reason climbing out of bronze 5 is hard, which makes no sense to me like i can win lane easy just carrying my team is hard, i can roam and get objectives but its no good when people solo or feed to no end dont farm or ward or communicate etc etc (not saying im perfect, nor blaming them for my losses but they certainly make it harder) At the start of games i mute everyone to save the hassle of toxic people, Yeah as i said the champions i previously played where when i was probably at a b5 standard as i had little game knowledge and experience, kennen is basically the start of me trying ranked again as i got dis heartened by being b5 but i see why i was b5 Thank you for advice i didnt know counter picks didnt matter, although it is b5 :') But i generally just go kennen mid as no one bans him unless troll on my team and bans them other than that i just use him to climb out of bronze
Typhon (OCE)
: if you can knock down top tower quick have good cs roam mid and take tower. prioritize the objectives as this is what will put your team ahead and its important that you never surrender
I main mid not top, but yeah i do roam and take objectives problem is most the time the enemy gets a much great gold lead from other lanes not always but some times
: I main mid not top, mid to s far better for carrying as easy roam top or bott
Plus i hate tanks by the time its late game generally my team has fed the enemy too much for me go be useful
Nightjar (OCE)
: I feel nasus is not really a hard carry since he hasn't got much early pressure and if the enemy team has a teemo, darius, vayne, zilean, ect. they don't have to be good to shut you down before you can do anything. Try pantheon if you want to hard carry, since he has alot of map pressure and he's really good at ending the game pre20min. Riven and Fiora are also hard carry if you can play them properly. I can't because I'm bronze 5 and I have the mechanical skill of a potato but these are statistically the best hard carry toplaners and are the preferred choices of boosters.
I main mid not top, mid to s far better for carrying as easy roam top or bott
Cyrater (OCE)
: Ill take a look at your games and get back to you.
: I need help
Oh also before you get the wring idea, i dont play ranked to win 1v5 i try to help my team out, i want to be more valuable to my team as some game i feel im not helping them enough so we loose :/ maybe im just to full of my self im not really sure hence why im here
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Rocka (OCE)
: dragon blade was out over a year ago
i started playing like 3 months ago....
: It's a legacy :3{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
0.o idek what that means....
: there is {{champion:92}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No.... i have looked? multiple times now, i even searched in the skins menu
Rocka (OCE)
: Crimson elite, redeemed, battle bunny, championship, dragonblade and arcade. Thats 6
Dragon blade only just came out today, there still aint no championship skin though. not in oce anyway
Z3npachi (OCE)
: Who needs project riven when theres championship riven.
lol what? there isnt a championship riven i looked?
Rocka (OCE)
: riven already has 6 skins and we dont want to encourage people to play riven cos all they do is feed.
6? erm i just looked there is only 4...
: Riven already has a huge number of skins compared to a lot of other champions. On top of that, 5 skins were released recently, and if they wanted to make a PROJECT: Riven, they'd have to make ANOTHER 4. It won't be happening soon.
: > [{quoted}](name=xXEvolution7Xx,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=XVAsdiGs,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-19T15:47:31.379+0000) > > So i was thinking there aren't really many riven skins That's the very same as saying Teemo doesn't have many skins...
She only has 4 skins?
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