: Patch 9.20 notes
Buff Gangplank.
Lökí (OCE)
: So Are we going to do anything about this?
dodging is a feature in the game.
Lökí (OCE)
: Offensive Player Names.
My previous name was AsianJewSlitter. Best name ever, manually changed cuz waiting for something to happen but didn't.
: Aurelion Sol Skin Ideas
Not a bad idea, send it to Riot through Suggestions section in the support page, maybe they'll have a look at it.
Simple solution, stop playing tryndamere and play 1v5 champions. Bad mentality players like you are the reason you people hate the game, I've been through the same situation buddy, sometimes I wish i can ping more than 6 times to open their brains up, but there are limits.
: banning racist people
No offense but, it's really not that hard to ignore those comments then /mute all ingame, really, it is really easy, don't read it.
: So apparently this behaviour is allowed... :/
: dear riot undo these changes to akali as her being in pro play should not affect all the other akali players. you have nerfed her passive, her shroud and now her only cc with her r. rather than pick on akali and aatrox look to change other champions as before this patch akali and attrox were doing both fine
: PLAYER ABOVE MY RANK (mid,support,top) inting and trolling on ranked flex??? ( im s4)
You inted, they have the right to argue with you, if you really are making mistakes, you should be learning after 2-3 deaths. Also, Draven can't scale in that situation, you are as useless as a bard trying to do damage late game.
Lökí (OCE)
: Re introducing pre-game ranked borders?
This to me seems like a bad idea because like many people that constantly look up op.gg for current game, when they see enemy having higher rank than they are, their confidence goes boom and starts complaining before game even begins. There are ups and downs to this, it all depends on the individual that think if its a yay or nay thing
Hellman (OCE)
: Add in more skins for champs and ignore the player base while the community continues to get more out of control. there are heaps of good ideas here that will never see the light of day. Sad really.
Indeed, only darkness like Varus's pit of darkness.
Keemstar would be proud of you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw1k20DpHfA
: Dodging
Uh yes, if my one trick champ is banned, i'd dodge since it's the only champion i know i'd win despite 4 douchebag teammates inting or not.
: Game Modes (URF, hexakill etc.)
Never, Riot has discontinued gamemodes for TFT for more money revenue. Go next
: ARURF Release Date?
Never, riot has discontinued gamemodes for TFT for more money revenue. Go next
: Stop nerfing Akali.
Yes, let us not nerf an AP Assassin that can one shot in less than a second. With MR items being so pricy, mages and AP champions already have a huge advantage due to the insane cost of those 'big' 45-50 MR items. Why do you think Irelia was nerfed? Because she abused conqueror easily and heals a lot even if you stack plenty of armor. Look at the opponents perspective instead of being the player and see for yourself why the decision is made.
: if u see a player feed what can u do
You join them obviously. Riot's report system is not efficient unless it reaches front page of reddit.
: Since Riot hasn't made one yet, I made an anime opening for the new Star Guardians!
Zoe in the opening makes me wanna go next not gonna lie. The rest, not too bad. Well done {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Hellman (OCE)
: Why don't we get a set amount of dodges per 24hrs
Simple, coding and such will be a hellish job. I too can relate to your situation. But riot just wants to milk your money not feedback. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hopefully, it will just be "Clash Round 3", seeing as in OCE we've had 1 "Crash" and 2 previously successful "Clash" tests.
I've witnessed every clash test, 2 was the only successful one thank lord :blessrng:
: OCE Clash test starts September 3
: Patch 8.22 notes
Socon (OCE)
: red smite rage blade botrk blood razor = gg
Yi won't last that long for those items {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: Master Yi
Rammus = gg
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey Folks, By now you may have seen that we've decided to cancel the launch of Clash in many regions around the world while we look to understand what went wrong yesterday. For Oceania, we're going to do the same and cancel all further Clash tournaments this weekend. You may see notices of a few other regions still running Clash this weekend, and this is either because a) it worked there on launch, or b) we're exploring potential fixes. At this time we're still focused on the primary goal of understanding what went wrong and getting Clash back on track. We're also still extremely conscious that many of you have had your plans for the weekend blown up by this. We're deeply sorry it played out this way, and we're hopeful that we can regain your confidence by delivering a Clash that works in the near future. Mindstar
Not even a single compensation for this waste of time event that got canceled because it broke the bloody client and system. I'm disappointed in you Riot.
FunZone (OCE)
: Because you have people like me who started at like season 5, are level 80+ now but barely own half the roster
if you played for 3 seasons but dont own all champs, somethings wrong with you
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: "it takes a lot of resources to run" wow better make a new lux skin then. It is year of the dog, why is lux getting a skin? is she a dog?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Fitzky (OCE)
: I Literally said to everyone that SSG was gonna win, no way Riot would let SKT win for the 4th time in a row, they would lose viewers. Worlds was rigged.
Kings are meant to be dethroned :) there is no such thing as a single king ruling one country or a game
: Ssg malzahar skin {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
{{champion:90}} Oblivion Awaits!!
PurpIe (OCE)
: SSG Janna inc :) Oh and faker didn't get to play galio but he played ryze and lost, thus his perfect win rate as ryze at worlds is ruined :/
Not sure if people will be able to use SSG Janna due to high ban rate in higher elo :)
Rioter Comments
: Nice server
ggwp, i welcome you to chinese server if your struggling lol
: Look for duo partner in silver
It seems you need a bit of help... maybe i can help u climb 1-2 games on my smurf :)
: Vote for the Ocean Week tasmanian devil names!
: Picks and Bans Dodge
if u dodge frequently you'll obviously be punished but once every 2 weeks nahhhh
Nazgul (OCE)
: Ranked Twisted Treeline?
3v3 seems legit and short to be ranked xD
: PSA: Don't queue up if you know theres a chance you will lag due to other occupants in your home.
matman555 (OCE)
: am i the only one who likes ascension?
nope i love it before they made it so u cant steal xerath kill ;3
ISmileyI (OCE)
: I honestly feel like I wasted time trying to get gold to get a victorious skin now "mao" for real out of all the popular champions this season wtf
: because to hell with those of us who actually like dominion and the game modes based on it? league isn't all about you snowflake...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Thank You
Recieved Icon but no skins DAFAQQQQ????
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: Patch 6.4 notes
GG RIP {{champion:5}}
: Champion Update: Shen
Wtf The normal Shen is still good...
: The Summer Sale is here!
: Patch 5.20 notes
RIP Darius and the new Frosted Ezreal Splash art looks kinda SHIT cause his face is too serious....
: Patch 5.15 notes
{{champion:105}} EASTER BUNNY
: Nemesis Draft Q&A coming 18/2
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