sharky178 (OCE)
: Creating a clash team OCE
Are you still looking?
: Teamfight tactics ranked LP is bugged
Yeah it’s definitely buggy and am surprised that not many people are talking about it. Played like 5 won and lost no change and another time it works fine really weird.
Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
Mr Silly (OCE)
: Looking for Clash teammates
Hey dude pretty sure we need a 5th for clash add gator and I’ll talk to you more about it this will be a silver-gold 5 team so you fit pretty well
Orias (OCE)
: LF Gold+ Active players for ranked 5s team
Orias (OCE)
: LF Gold+ Active players for ranked 5s team
Yo I got me and 2 others interested all gold+ you guys on tonight?
: Really who cares about the new season this ranked system is so stuffed at bronze level there is very little incentive to play. With the plethora or players that feed, AFK or are just negative players looking to advance are continually hamstring. Riot why doesn't OCE have and active tribunal system yet? How many seasons must we wait before the vermin are cleared out??? If I was reviewing this game it would get 3 out of 100 at best!!
lol I've made 3 smurfs in bronze and got them all out in as little of 2 weekends each Elo hell does not exist you are the hell yourself.


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