: Thanks for the reply finally! Have sent my logs.
Ok, we have a potential fix going out tomorrow but it's not 100% certain to fix the problem. So we're going to need to collect crash dumps to keep digging into this until we know it's solved. Please follow these steps when the bugsplat appears but before the client is closed: - Start Task Manager - Find "League of Legends (32 bit)" under the Background processes section (not Apps section) on the Processes tab - Right click it and select create dump file. This will create the dump and tell you where it is stored (you can copy+paste that file path) - Find the file (will be a DMP File type) and reduce its size by Right click > Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder - Upload this compressed file to a google drive and share this with ocelivereports@riotgames.com. Alternatively, you can [open a support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and attach the file to the ticket.
: Thanks for the reply finally! Have sent my logs.
Thanks for that. I'm just getting a little more info now to determine next steps.
Baftes (OCE)
: Keep getting bug splat
Hi there, can you please zip and send your lol client logs to ocelivereports@riotgames.com The default path for the LeagueClient Logs folder is: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs
: Nope, I've initiated a full repair twice but still haven't been able to.
Please zip and send your lol client logs to ocelivereports@riotgames.com, and let's see what's going on. The default path for the LeagueClient Logs folder is: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs
: Anyone managed to log in yet?
Hi there, can you please zip and send your lol client logs to ocelivereports@riotgames.com The default path for the LeagueClient Logs folder is: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs
Insidious (OCE)
: Nice to see more community events happening in OCE, been quiet ever since the Ocean Week stopped happening
Community groups have been running tournaments for years regardless of Ocean Week, you just wouldn't know unless you went looking for it. So hopefully these posts bring more attention to what's going on!
Trenabol (OCE)
: Please change it to a Saturday or Sunday!
Yea the time obviously doesn't work for everyone, but it is the optimal time according to previous amateur leagues that the community had been running.
: what if during the tiebraker round, you get tied again, would you host another tiebreaker round? lol
It would be a "best of" series, or a whole other elim bracket if the number of ties calls for it.
: >For example, if there are 24 teams participating in a tournament, 8 teams will be randomly seeded into the 16 team brakcet. >16 team brakcet >brakcet Nice.
loctorus (OCE)
: kool thanks man, i have never paid enough attention to community events i am a filthy casual lol
No problem. Most tournaments allow casual signups where you can join a random team if they'll have you. Do whatever you're comfy with.
kngmartin (OCE)
: All of the games are held on a Monday night?
Correct, every round from the first week of the Open Stage to the end of the Qualified Stage are played on a Monday night.
: so i dont have 4 other people that would be kken to set up a team is there any way for individual players to be assigned to a team without 5?
SumSoc are hosting the first week of the Open Stage, so head to their [Ladder Discord here](https://discord.gg/Xa9s8h9) and check out the lft (looking for team) channel to let others know you're looking to join a team. You should also check out the Discords for the other groups who are each hosting a week of the Open Stage for similar lft channels: BSV - https://discord.gg/QagAFxe TMG - https://discord.gg/hEZEYVp RR - https://discord.gg/Ca7nVm5 LLC - https://discord.gg/DfbXZHY OG - https://discord.gg/AmzZMrq
mosaickle (OCE)
: Interesting, though I probably don't have it in me to get anywhere in this. Good luck to the rest of you guys planning to compete!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
While progression to the Qualified Stage certainly will involve the very best players, any team can still win 500 RP each week just for showing up and playing a game, or 1000 RP for every win they may happen to get aside from a prelim (seeding) round. So there's something for everyone.
loctorus (OCE)
: so do we need to be somewhere or do we just use our home set up? i cant find a location information.
This is all played online, as are most [regular community tournaments](https://admin.prod.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/community-events/jul19-community-events).
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: When is next contest coming? I'm excited to draw another picture for it and good job for the top 8
Next contest is live. Check it out! https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/p2ZwW6ue-2019-dual-art-contest-wave-1-arcade
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Starfir3 (OCE)
: Fight together, Win together! United we triumph!
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Ornn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=FJzd0YNM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-15T03:26:27.768+0000) > > It was about this: https://oce.lolesports.com/giveaway its over isn't it?
Yes, it ended when the OPL Final ended and the skins were granted in the following week.
AimAssist (OCE)
: do you have to play in all 3 to earn Victorious stuff
No. Your end of season ranking determines if you are eligible for the regular Victorious rewards. Though there may be extra rewards depending on the rank you earned in each split. I don't believe this is certain, I just wouldn't count it out.
: So are those 3 rewards the only rewards we get or will we also get other rewards based on our rank at the end of the split?
Those are the split rewards. Each split will have new variations of these rewards, and there will still be yearly Victorious rewards at the end of the season.
: What is the logic of nerfing zed when at the end of the article he got a boost of +5 Damage dealt Will keep banning him everytime, he is so overpower.
This +5% damage adjustment is specifically for ARAM.
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: > [{quoted}](name=DR THR33,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=u8EQUJGI,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-10T20:39:20.325+0000) > > This is a test, omegalul.
Ornn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=FJzd0YNM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-09T14:13:44.314+0000) > > Over time, but within that week (assuming all goes to plan). If it helps, I haven't got mine yet either, so seems like this one might just be taking a bit longer. whats this about?
It was about this: https://oce.lolesports.com/giveaway
Ornn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=driVnyrh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-11T01:56:16.150+0000) > > Can't give a specific date as that may change, but skins that are currently on the PBE usually come out with the next patch unless they need significantly more work done to them. I want a new skin When will you give me a new skin? battling my brother in a vs event would be nice
Not my place to say, unfortunately. Sorry, Ornn D:
silverarc (OCE)
: Hi Gehirn, thx for ur help but I still can't finish this mission I did watch the VODS on watch.oce.lolesports.com. The line "Watch rewards are correctly set up for your account" is not shown when I watch them VODS of some other regions seem fine and I can still do my watch&earn missions. I already tried Chrome and IE. I tried all three games of OPL Final. I opted out and log back in. It's not working
Thanks, I'm going to do some tests to see if the VOD watching is working at all. I'll come back with my findings and escalate the issue if necessary. Post issue update: Riot Eggo McLego and team helped find and resolve the issue, see their post above.
: Not sure when we should recieve sneaky sivir
I'll chase this up and see about getting it done asap. EDIT: Skin distribution is complete!
: Not recording me watching OPL finals
Hi BenjiboyISme, sorry for the confusion but you must watch the vods from [this page](https://watch.oce.lolesports.com/vods/oce-opl/opl_2019_split1) for them to count for the mission. Try watching Game 2 and 3 from that site for at least 15 mins each and see how you go.
: I was told to make a post by a support person as a test
You have passed the make a post as a test test.
: New Skins
Can't give a specific date as that may change, but skins that are currently on the PBE usually come out with the next patch unless they need significantly more work done to them.
Blizzy (OCE)
: Yep, definitely logged into that account, and in the top right corner it says "Opt out of rewards here" with a game being previously watched so it's okay, I just won't bother completing the mission. Cheers anyway.
No worries. In case you want to try again before the mission expires, try opting out of rewards and opting back in.
Blizzy (OCE)
: Hi Gehirn, How long do you have to watch the vods for? I skip the intro stuff and get right into the action. I watched the majority of game 2 and all of game 3 just now, having skimmed game 1. I did use the specific website in question as well. The mission just isn't updating in the missions tab or my client so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Do I have to fully watch all 3 before it updates properly and completes? Or should it have shown me "2/3 completed"? More than happy to go and watch game 1 but if it's bugged and hasn't registered the other 2 I watched then I might not bother. Cheers
Hmm your case is more concerning because from what I can see you're sitting at 0/3 watched. Are you referring to the mission on this account that you're logged into now and are you certain you're logged in with this account on watch.oce.lolesports.com? (Blizzy) I believe the mission considers the game watched if you watch for at least 10 minutes but we recommend watching for 15 minutes just to be safe. EDIT: also make sure you're opted in to rewards on [this page](http://watch.lolesports.com/rewards)!
silverarc (OCE)
: Same here
Hi silverarc, it doesn't look like your account has any of the games watched so far. Make sure you're watching them from watch.oce.lolesports.com during the live games. You can watch the VODS [here](https://watch.oce.lolesports.com/vods/oce-opl/opl_2019_split1), and it should track towards your reward.
Anchovica (OCE)
: Yes, even watching the full 1 hour vod doesn't count to the mission, though it's meant to register after 10 minutes of it
Hi Lunami, looking at your account, you're currently 2/3 games watched towards mission completion. It looks like you didn't watch game 1 of the series for long enough to complete the mission. So give it another shot and it should complete.
SiriusBro (OCE)
: Grand Finale Mission OPL
Hi SiriusBro, Did you watch the VODs from [this page](https://watch.oce.lolesports.com/vods/oce-opl/opl_2019_split1) specifically? Looking at your account, you're currently 1/3 games watched on the mission tracker (game 1 watched).
: New at Syndra
Hi BennyDawnbringer, and welcome! Syndra is pretty hard to play relative to many other mages and I'm no Syndra expert, but I'll offer what advice I can. To break down starting items: Corrupting Potion: + Restores Health and Mana when used + Whenever you damage an enemy champion while the potion is running, a small burn affect is applied as well - Grants no stats like Health or Ability Power Doran's Ring: + Grants Health, Ability Power, and Mana Regeneration + Grants an additional 5 damage to minions with your basic attacks Doran's Blade: Stay away from this item on Syndra. Not all of the stats it offers are the most useful stats for mages, and the extra damage to minions that Doran's Ring gives you is almost as good as the Attack Damage that Doran's Blade would give when it comes to helping you last hit minions with basic attacks. Corrupting Potion is a risky item to start with as you may not get the full use out of the item if you aren't regularly hitting the enemy with basic attacks or spells while the potion is running. It can be hard to hit some of Syndra's spells, so you'll often not get much use out of this right now. It also grants you no passive stats and does not assist with last hitting the way that Doran's Ring does. For these reasons, I recommend you stick with Doran's Ring on a mage like Syndra while you are still learning the basics of the game and learning how to pilot Syndra as a champion. It's better that you focus on learning how to make the most of Syndra's abilities, learn how to play against the different enemies you'll come up against in mid-lane, and what the various items you build do. I also recommend that you stick to the recommended items in the shop and learn what all of those items do first, before branching out to your own item builds. I also very much recommend playing some co-op vs AI games to get a better handle on how to play a champion before playing it against other players who may already know how to confidently pilot the champion they're playing. Intro bots are kinda like target practice only, beginner bots will fight back a bit, and intermediate bots will actually try to kill you if they think they can win a fight. There's so much to learn that it's best you focus on just a few things at once. It may seem daunting but the rest will naturally come with time.
irate (OCE)
: lol? im not bashing anyone, the icon is shit. and OCE is the worst region inm terms of skill on the international stage.
Incorrect. OCE has come last in only one Riot run international event, two events if you count IEM Taipei in which they attended with a different roster than that which qualified for the event anyway. Even so, it doesn't hurt anyone to support your region's teams through it all, or at least not put them down. OCE without esports is not a future anyone should want to be a part of creating.
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: The IFS takes away the human element from the game. Most of the players who play the game are over the age of 16 and can actually participate in a bit of banter, which makes the game so much more enjoyable. Some banter might involve light heartedly taking the piss out of one another, or using some inappropriate words, but who cares. People need to take responsibility for their own lives and use the mute button if they don't like something they read, instead of having a cry and calling big daddy riot
The only thing human about verbally abusing other players is the failure in the abuser's ability to recognize and more appropriately respond to their own emotions. That is human, and understandable as it happens to all of us every so often. But it is penalized when it gets too extreme or occurs too frequently. There's a difference between banter and abuse. Banter is more like playful jabs without real intent to harm, good humored teasing. But calling your teammates, or enemies, garbage, useless, trash, spastics, s---- c----, and dumb f----, is clearly abuse.
Metablue (OCE)
: So stoked to hear you enjoyed my story! I loved reading the other entries, and think that CreekTerrarium and Golin Longshanks wrote some excellent pieces. Congratulations to the both of you!
Thanks very much for contributing your story!
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