: Is it possible to get a manual transfer from EUNE to OCE? Or only out of OCE.
We're only offering manual transfers for players that want to move an account OUT of OCE as that is the only transfer type that has been disabled any longer than other types.
: I did and the answer I got was: "Hi FrenchFitz, As of today transfers are still down, there's some technical issues going on and they're working to get it fixed. The most recent post gives a rough estimate as to when this might be fixed. Thanks so much for staying patient through these difficulties." So much for the manual transfer... First ticket on July 3rd, we're now December 14th, still not able to play... It makes me regret putting any money in LoL
So it appears you were trying to recover your account in the July ticket, which was done, and support mentioned they had reset the email to the original one which you said you still had access to. They also sent a password reset to that email, but it looks like it wasn't followed up on nor was the last ticket reply from support replied to. It wasn't until October 31st that you requested help again, and the agent chose to reset the email to your newer one and reset your password again, which you did manage to follow up on and regain access to the account. Regrettably of course, that was after transfers were shut down. I do, however, agree that your very latest ticket from last week was improperly handled as I have requested for transfers out of OCE to be allowed and manually completed. I will get back to you on that ticket with the options for manual transfer out of OCE.
kostarus (OCE)
: My transfers are still not there, I want to transfer from OCE to EU West
Transfers will be down until at least early Jan. If you're looking to transfer out of OCE, then we may be able to perform a manual transfer for you. Specifically, transfers out of OCE have been disabled for much longer than others so we are making some exceptions to manually transfer in those cases. You can start the process by [submitting a ticket to support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
: Account transfers still arent up for me. I really want a transfer to OCE and was just hoping you guys would know when its expected to work again.
Transfers are currently scheduled to return early January (PLEASE WORK!)
: Thanks. Do you have any updates? Are they still on schedule? I haven't been able to play much more than ARAM due to the ping and even then some champs are impossible to play.
Unfortunately in your case, I won't be able to offer a manual transfer. It's only transfers OUT of OCE that were disabled any longer than other transfers. So players waiting for any other type of transfer are all in the same boat, and regrettably that means having to wait (It would be impossible to offer manual transfers to everyone as we simply could not handle that many requests at once). I believe that transfers are currently scheduled to come back online in early January.
: Any news on this?
Hey there, even if we do sort out a way to open the floodgates to manual transfer requests, we're only allowing manual transfers ~~in/~~out of OCE. This is because transfers~~ in/~~out of OCE were already disabled in OCE a month before they were disabled in other regions. Correction: Only transfers OUT of OCE have been disabled longer than any other type of tranfser. So I'm only able to offer manual transfers for players who've been wanting to transfer out of OCE for a while now. But everyone has to keep in mind that Missions progress does not transfer (they'd have to be restarted), and Emotes may take up to a week to transfer with the account as well.
Syrtist (OCE)
: Hello! I contacted player support earlier this morning with a link to this post hoping to get a manual transfer from OCE to NA servers, was basically told there was nothing they could do. Any advice? Here's a link to the ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/32880411 Thanks!
Hi Syrtist, I may have got ahead of myself claiming PS could manually transfer so easily. Currently, Emotes don't yet transfer with your account. I'm looking into a temporary workaround/solution over the next couple of days, and if we can find something that works then I'll try to get all transfers ~~in/~~out of OCE able to be done manually without having to worry about Emotes issues. I don't think we will open manual transfers for all regions, just those involving OCE. This is because transfers have been down in OCE for much longer than they have in other regions. Correction: Only transfers OUT of OCE have been disabled longer than any other type of tranfser. So I'm only able to offer manual transfers for players who've been wanting to transfer out of OCE for a while now. But everyone has to keep in mind that Missions progress does not transfer (they'd have to be restarted), and Emotes may take up to a week to transfer with the account as well.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
You guys really did it. Congratulations.
Summjt (OCE)
: I was more referring to the purchasing of the '**Project Capsules**' for the advertised 700rp
The Project Capsules and Orbs, as well as the bonus tokens through regular Hextech chests, will also be removed from the store today.
: To add, I purchased RP yesterday patiently awaiting transfers to be re-enabled. This news is really disappointing for me. Hoping you can find a solution sooner rather than later.
Hey there, Player Support is now able to perform manual transfers, so please get in contact with them [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
: Could I get my account transferred to EUW manually please? I have been waiting for months to get my account back (some problem that was never explained to me), got it in early October but cannot play as I've been living in Europe for a while now and the ping is way too high. Waited patiently until now to learn there is another 6 weeks to wait.... I have been trying to play LoL since July and I still can't!
Hi FrenchFitz, Sorry for the wait, but you can now request a manual transfer by contacting player support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
JungleMania (EUNE)
: Can you somehow transfer my account from EUNE to OCE manual? I haven't played in awhile because I moved (about month or two) and now I have to wait another month-month half :(.
You can now request a manual transfer through Player Support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Correction: Only transfers OUT of OCE have been disabled longer than any other type of tranfser. So I'm only able to offer manual transfers for players who've been wanting to transfer out of OCE for a while now. But everyone has to keep in mind that Missions progress does not transfer (they'd have to be restarted), and Emotes may take up to a week to transfer with the account as well.
: >Instant Feedback decided that you were disruptive to the game enough to apply a punishment, which was the perma at your stage. I get that generally speaking, you guys don't like giving out the information, but in this case, i feel the need to ask anyway. What caused the Instant Feedback to ping these games? To me instant feedback seems like it really shouldn't have picked up on any of this. And it feels like the system determines that "chatting enough" is a bannable offence.
Instant Feedback is more nuanced than simply picking up on direct verbal abuse. It rates chat based on tone as well for good reason. Ever get those games where one or two players are having a bad game and for the life of them simply cannot stop complaining about each other/the team comp/the scoreline/_insert inane reason_? They aren't using anything strictly classified as verbal abuse or anything like that, but they're definitely more focused on whinging than playing the game. They're disrupting the team and definitely ruining the game for everyone. That type of player gets reported, a lot. Eventually they'll be banned if they keep it up. These are the less precise cases that Instant Feedback judges. In Luna's case, the first chat log posted was the one that triggered the ban. The follow up chat logs were pulled by player support to show some other, albeit less solid, examples of similar behaviour that Instant Feedback did not trigger against. In the first log pretty much everything after: _"Lunå: im not going to waste my heal when shes not in range Lunå: yw"_ ...was unnecessary, could be reasonably considered to set the tone of Luna's chat to negative/disruptive, and likely triggered the ban.
Lunå (OCE)
: what is wrong with the system?!!
Hi Luna, I'm making a call here to overturn the ban. Basically, I disagree with the support rep's decision for a couple of reasons. You've made an incredible effort to reform this year. I won't go into detail here on what I observed when looking into your account history unless you want me to. But these days you're mostly neutral or even positive in game. Good stuff, keep it up. There are still a few instances where, if I may be candid, you can be annoying to some teammates and lecture them a bit. If anything maybe the next thing you could work on would be to just let the little things go when teammates don't play the way you want. There's a difference between communicating your tactics and outright telling others what to do and then getting visibly upset when they don't do what you want. It's sometimes the spark of their negativity towards you. I'm not condoning their behaviour, but when I make a friendly request in game and someone reacts negatively to me it's a mute and move on situation. You're sometimes still reported for this sort of thing but Instant Feedback decided not to trigger on any of them until now. If you'd had a clean record then that chat log wouldn't have gotten you banned. But considering you were one step away from perma, and you spent the game arguing with your (far less than sportsmanlike) teammates, Instant Feedback decided that you were disruptive to the game enough to apply a punishment, which was the perma at your stage. Not perfect, but honestly I would have thought this to be overturned with some coaching from player support on how to keep improving. Thanks for raising visibility to this. I've unbanned your account.
: My account was hijacked in season 3 im still waiting to transfer after the small delay :), hope you all fix the issues soon so i can go back on it </3
Sorry for the really bad news, but transfers have been significantly delayed :( This is the worst. https://imgur.com/fYimdGt Thanks for your patience
: Rotating Game Mode 11/17
Hi Super Supreme, sometimes modes don't properly display as activated until you log in again (which is a bug) but I just logged in and it is still unavailable for me too. We're taking a look at the problem. Nice choice of pizza, btw. EDIT: Fixed! Thank you for the report.
: When is zoe coming out for oce
Zoe is currently in testing on the PBE, I wouldn't expect Zoe to be released anywhere until next week at the earliest. Could always be later if they decide she needs more time for testing on the PBE, but usually champs are on the PBE for a single patch cycle.
: I love trying to access my Runes in client
Hey Jdubs, I've experienced this issue a few times as well. I asked around and the runes team said we'll have a fix in next patch (7.23). It'll come out on PBE first to confirm it works.
: I miss earning IP after games. I hope they bring it back , feels weird since lets say you wanna buy something in the shop and cant afford it , you would have to wait until you level up to hopefully afford the item . Plus does anyone know how much BE you get per level up? Is it completely random?
Having to wait for levels, and 10 level break points especially, to earn BE (even thought the total BE is a greater amount than you'd earn with IP) is a common point of feedback. Thanks for adding your opinion too, it counts. Per level up you should be earning champion shards that can be disenchanted for about 910 BE **on average**. This can go as high as 1260 BE.
Requinox (OCE)
: So in other words. if we allow our games to drag out for longer if possible. we'd be gaining the xp like we were before? only difference being is that it requires more XP. So you dramatically increase the XP required to level up but increase the XP earned per game only if you play for longer? Thus makes it slower to level up in the long run. To me it seems that in order to level up I need to win 1 game per day just to gain the 1st win of the day bonus. Legitimately I could have levelled up a whole lot faster on the old system. But don't get me wrong I'm all for the uncapped levelling system and new runes system they are awesome. But having it harder for us to level to level 30 is not making this at fun. I wish I could purchase an XP boost but I cannot afford that unfortunately :( as with an xp boost, at least I half the time required to get to level 30. After reaching the level 30 milestone, I do not care how long it takes to level up from there. I'm not trying to argue here but I just feel that the XP requirements our off.
Hi Requinox, info from [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bqrou/explanations_on_why_the_be_system_is_a_major/dpk8mmy/) may be helpful: "(the xp) curve was designed with 30 minute games as the average. (If over time we see that average drop, we will adjust the curve.)" Games right now are shorter than average, and if this keeps up then it is possible we'll adjust the XP curve to feel better. But games being shorter due to preseason changes is actually something we've seen in multiple previous years. Players are re-discovering the game, making new mistakes and new OP strats - so the game is a little snowballier as players adjust to the new style of play. I would bet LP that game length will increase again eventually as players learn how to play with and against all the new strategies that Runes Reforged has brought about.
: Overall that sounds very positive. Thanks so much for giving it a chance. I've been a big advocate ever since OCE server was launched. So it is good to see it evolve. (Particularly being my favorite game mode) So I guess it would make sense that if we kept some expansion days that it would be Sat/sun nights.
Yep, Sat/Sun nights for Ranked TT is the expansion slot we're testing.
: Oh agreed, your gonna have to pay for champs from now on. But don't worry Riot promised we'd get the same amount of BE from these {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
On average, you will be receiving the same or most likely more BE than you would have IP previously. Especially when you hit your 10 level caps where the rewards are more than usual. All the example math is [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta). Regarding your feedback on champ shards feeling random, that's fair, they are. And that sort of system isn't everyone's ideal experience. We're collating all community feedback off the back of this launch. It should be some comfort to know that on average you're earning more BE than you would have IP previously, and shards can be activated for 40% less than the regular IP/BE store price. So shards off levels is more of a bonus when you get a shard you need, rather than the standard experience as you can just use your BE gains from disenchanting to buy champs in the store at a faster rate than previously anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=KsZvsY4T,comment-id=0002000200010001,timestamp=2017-11-09T05:10:42.672+0000) > > Where are you getting the number of 200 BE from? I&#x27;d be seriously concerned if that was all you were getting. > > I can see from your own leveling capsules that you got shards worth 900 BE in your first leveling chest, and 960 from your second one. > You unlocked a champion with one of the shards for 810 BE, saving 540 BE from what it would have cost to purchase it from the store using BE. Yea well that's probably exaggerated but it's a problem all the same, if you are like 100-200 BE off a champion you have to grind a whole day again to just get that tiny amount of BE, while before you could just play 1-2 pvps. The new reward system is fine for keeping people interested but just give us 100 BE for a win and like 40 for a loss and we'd be happy. All we want is a bit of BE after each game
Now that's a reasonable argument, and this kind of feedback is helpful and factual. Not being able to gain BE until you hit the next level is a pain if you're only a few off. Keep this sort of feedback coming.
: All I see from that link. Is people on NA are saying the same thing. GET RID OF THIS BULL CRAP BE ON LEVELING CRAP! I said it before i will say it again right now. I COULD UNLOCK A 6300 CAMPION USING IP DAILY!! Meaning if I wanted a champion for 6300. I would start playing by 12 hours later. IT WOULD BE MINE! NOW Using this BE level up crap. I GOT 1K BE AFTER 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Real world facts not made up " If billy smokes this weed.. How many hits does billy need to become the universe " Real world. Meaning this isn't about some " Idea " of it working. This is real world facts stating AFTER 12 HOURS I GOT 1K BE.. Not 6300.
Looking back at all of my games this year before preseason, I ran the numbers. On average while playing any SR mode in 2017, I got: - 242 IP for a first win of the day - 91 IP for any other win - 63 IP for a loss If I played for 12 hours straight, assuming 40 mins per game (inc queue time and champ select) and a 50% win rate, using these rates I would earn 1537 IP. Not 6300. That same amount of games in the current system is enough to go up by about 1.6 levels from 30>31, and .85 levels from 174>175. (not counting first win of the day) Each level gives a shard drop worth 910 BE on average, and every 10 levels gives a much larger drop. Additionally, champion shards can be activated for 40% less than what they cost in the store.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=KsZvsY4T,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2017-11-08T05:00:11.193+0000) > > JUST GIVE US BE AFTER EVERY GAME Agreed. This is all that is needed in change. I dont mind the new system.. But getting jack all when you level is a joke. I am about to hit 32.. I will get 200 BE for it. 200 BE every level. Takes a day or so to level. That means after 1 week at a level a day I have 1400 BE. Good job Riot.. Dynamic que again anyone. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Where are you getting the number of 200 BE from? I'd be seriously concerned if that was all you were getting. I can see from your own leveling capsules that you got shards worth 900 BE in your first leveling chest, and 960 from your second one. You unlocked a champion with one of the shards for 810 BE, saving 540 BE from what it would have cost to purchase it from the store using BE.
Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Late game FPS drop
Hey guys, we're aware of this issue and trying to track down the cause now. You can help us do this by collecting some information and [submitting it in a support ticket ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) To gather the info: 1) Download the HRT [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367) 2) Install and run 3) Untick "Add Firewall Exceptions" on the right and click start 4) Grab the logs from the folder on your desktop and attach them to your ticket
: I see what your saying there. However you can not realistically say that it may not have the opposite effect. It is actually possible to like both queues. Some people that are playing for the TT chroma might decide that they do actually like the queue and would like to play it more. But can't because of how limited its hours are. Anyway thank you for responding to my post and looking in to leaving the queue extended for a bit longer to see if interest sticks. I mean if we find that its a day or 2 too much can't we simply be cut the queue times back a day? It's all about balance right? Also the community can't say you didn't at least give it a go if that turns out to be the case. Oh and as far as the bribes go can't I get all the rewards for just playing TT? ;)
It's true that the queue being on more hours may attract more players to it. But there have to be enough players coming over to TT to sustain the queue for another day if that's how much it is extended by. So for example, we could see that expanding to Saturday nights brings a 20% increase in TT players (a substantial increase), when sustaining the queue for a third day at the same level of quality would actually require a 50% increase in players. Players who already play TT on Thurs/Fri may also then choose to play on Saturday. But whenever we've expanded queues times by days (with the exception of the new SR Draft mode) we see most players playing only slightly more or the same amount of the expanded queue, spread out over another day of up-time - which of course, increases queue times and lowers matchmaking quality. But I am hopeful that the recent drive for players to jump into TT will lead to a good shot at TT surviving a couple of extra nights of expansion.
: 10 minute queues for draft. Good one riot. Broken.
You're definitely an outlier in regards to queue time. Most players have much lower queue times. Such is the effect of less popular queues running over longer hours. If there isn't anyone to match, you won't get a match! There are some players that don't care about queue times, they just want to have the mode on as long as possible. Others, like yourself, expect that if a queue is open they will get a good queue time and matchmaking experience. We're trying to meet both kinds of players in the middle here with the current schedule.
: "After 2017/11/05, we will analyse the impact of this change and make a decision around availability in preseason. Good luck with your final push up the ranks!"
Right, this is a bit unclear, I agree. I would set the expectation that the queue will go back to it's previous schedule after the end of season. But, we are open to making appropriate expansions to the queue if enough players continue to play TT after end of season. I'll talk with some other Rioters next week about actually leaving some of the expanded time open after season end for a little while to see if interest sticks (it does make more sense, I just pushed for the more cautious approach in the announcement). But if it goes back to pre-reward announcement popularity levels, expanding it much at all has a good chance of killing the mode outright. The thing about motivating players to play a queue for rewards is that it's an overall unsatisfying experience for them. They're only choosing to play the queue because if not they miss out on something, even though they'd rather play a different mode. Bribing more players into TT is great for the players that really enjoy and want to play the queue (myself included), more players = more up-time. But for the majority, they question "why I can't just get these bonuses playing a mode that I prefer". You may consider the TT exclusive Graves chroma a similar thing, but the aim of that reward is to recognize the players who care about and play TT regularly enough to earn a Gold ranking. Non-TT regulars coming into the queue to also earn the reward is just due to the bribe effect to them, and they aren't the focus of the reward.
: I really think we need to increase the challenger slots by at least 1-2. A player named Bma has been challenger the entire season relentlessly playing his decay games and has only recently been kicked out by an up and comer. While of course this is the nature of being in challenger and normally not be a problem there are currently ONLY 6 SLOTS IN CHALLENGER with some masters in the waiting. Compare this to Flex queue where there is 200 slots and they aren't even filled up yet. Increasing the days of the week twisted treeline can be played from 2 to 7 has been great for everyone and has shown everyone what an awesome experience twisted treeline can be. That said there is very little motivation for those at higher ranks to strive for the top positions as there is so little spots available. Please consider extending the spots to 8 to accommodate the masters who have grinded the entire season as opposed to the challenger flex who have not even filled out their 200 slots yet.
Even with the increased interest in TT, we ran the numbers, and 6 is the appropriate amount of Challenger slots in TT to keep it in line with solo/duo SR in terms of prestige. When we expanded from 3 to 6 slots, the appropriate amount for the time was 3 slots. The hope was that the queue population would stretch to fill 6 as an appropriate amount. It had an almost negligible effect. It only now fits the 6 slot limit due to how many more players are in the queue due to end of season rewards. Flex having 200 slots is not ideal, given the decreased interest in the queue this year. I will be pushing to have SR Flex ranked slots limited to what they should be next season, only expanding if usage of the queue grows, similar to TT. No guarantee this will happen, will have to see what we can agree on internally.
sitherial (OCE)
: Are you fucking serious, you say that Ranked 3s flex is open daily for the last two weeks. Now it is only going to be on for Thurs/ Fri only on the 7/11/17? Update your shitty post so people actually know what is going ffs. Wonder why not many people were gonna play it when you annouce it for the last two weeks, would be hardly enough time for people to climb.
Sorry, we forgot to update our regular queue schedule post alongside this latest update. To be clear it is open every day from 3PM to 1AM AEDT. We have seen a large increase in interest in TT off the back of the season reward announcement. This interest is likely to dissipate as soon as the season ends, but we'll see.
: EDIT: That was from Firefox. Tried on Chrome and it worked.
Ok, good to know. As I understand it, there is potential for ad or cookie blockers to cause issues with the site.
: Hey, I've been trying to make a support ticket for about 1 hour now. Every time I press submit I'm redirected but no new ticket is made? I tried on Chrome and Edge. Is there an issue with Ticket creation right now? EDIT: On second thought, don't worry. I will try to resolve the issue on my own. Thanks for the help everybody.
Hmm, you might be right. There were no tickets coming in during the hour that you attempted to make one. Not sure why but there might have been an issue. If you attempt to make one now it should work as I am seeing tickets come in as I write this.
: Hey Wuks, Thanks for the swift response! I'm not too concerned about privacy, its more or less that Gehirn handles the request. I think I'll wait on this post for a while and if I have no request I will make a ticket requesting him directly. Thanks again!
Hi Byte, I think I know why you want to contact me, I won't raise it here unless you do. But know that I'm not anyone's personal support contact, and I do believe that a regular PS ticket is the appropriate route to get a response to your concerns. If you're not satisfied with their response, reply to me here and I may review it, but regular PS should be your first point of contact for any issues.
Jab (OCE)
: I'm just getting an "Unrecognized Account" Message, saying I might not have a summoner name yet and I need to log into the client to make one, but i've had my account since season 3 and it definitely has a summoner name.
Sorry about this. Can you post a full screenshot of what you're seeing?
: 1) What time would it be on in NZ? 2) If you get gold in TT do you get the skin even if you don't have it in Solo/Duo? 3) Coffee or Tea?
In addition to what Wuks mentioned you will also get the base skin for Victorious Graves if you achieve Gold in TT.
Montiness (OCE)
: Golden Champ Ashe Chroma and Ward
Hi Montiness, You're not the only one that was confused by this. If you contact support they can reverse the transaction and remove the bundle contents from your account. Keep in mind though that this is the only time that you can get this chroma for Championship Ashe, it won't be coming back.
: Client Bug
If you continue getting this issue, then I recommend [submitting a support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They'll help you collect some logs on the issue and may be able to figure out what is going on.
: riot dont ban me
The Leaverbuster system isn't going to act on your account if you're only leaving due to rare issues like a power outage (has happened to me too!). As long as your connection is consistently stable and you're ensuring you've got enough time to finish a game when you choose to play, then a rare emergency disconnect isn't going to lead to trouble.
Erudon (OCE)
: Can't Upgrade skin shard into permanent skin
Hi Erudon, Could you please try again? There may have been an issue with the store retrieving your Orange Essence balance details but it may be resolved now. (Saforya in this thread was since able to craft a skin with OE)
: what kind of evidence do I need to supply? I'm not asking to unban my account, I'm just saying the decision to ban me over such a stupid thing was a bit harsh, first of all, the "kid" started the game with straight up insults, such as "smd","kys"(sorry for being "offensive"#2017) blah blah blah for no reason while I was talking to someone else, but kept at it from the start til end of game, a number of things he have said is 10, and the amount of his bs I responded to was 2 at most, I only said a couple of lines that I thought that this "kid" needs to do, I did say and admit that I wasn't in the right either, this is not about me being unable to play the game for a mere 2 weeks, as I have stated above I will no longer play this game so thanks for your suggestion. this was aimed at the "mods" and "staffs" that gives enough of a crap about a single guys opinion and maybe use this as a feedback for future references, and from "my" point of view, not saying it stands for everyone else, telling someone who is behaving childishly to grow up, does not seem all that offensive to me. once again if I do actually go buy a box of tissue like you suggested, how are you not any different from that "kid" who just says what he feels without thinking about it first? doesn't matter if my opinion isn't heard right? I'm just another crybaby, right? sure, whatever you say, you're not wrong in your own sense, but without speaking up and saying your honest opinion, to people who "MATTERS" (mods/staffs), nothing will progress or get better. and to respond to your idiotic reply, first of all, my statements did point towards saying nobody cares about an individual's problem. like you said in your second sentence, that you deem "toxic", secondly, your "tissue" box statement is unrelated and yes I DO know what the internet is like. and thirdly I do not mean to be a "smartass" but I just cannot handle stupidity, I DID say I was going to stop playing this, NOT because I'm freaking banned already and CAN'T technically play, but because I already said I will do so like you "stupidly" suggested. So, I know the internet is full of stupid people, and one's complaint doesn's mean jack. but why DO they bother have these "forums" for? I gave enough sh*ts to actually "log in" and complaint on an "OFFICIAL" forum because technically this is WHERE you go to HOPE that your opinion will be heard. you have your right to reply to my complaint and suggesting the OBVIOUS sh*ts I have ALREADY said, and I have the right to complain because a game i "used" to enjoy and PAID money to DID me wrong, BUT that is just MY opinion. I know you will be back to check how I could possibly reply to your "ego boosted" suggestion. and suggests other things I should do instead, but please just save it, this was not aimed at an individual like yourself. It is merely a worthless guy's opinion. Thanks for understanding.
I can't really provide much comfort because we may disagree on how you should have approached this, but let's review. I can see that the offending player you're referring to started the negativity with you for no good reason. We can at least agree that the offending player has some issues they should probably work through before speaking to others in game. But where you went wrong was responding to this player with negativity in kind. If you had instead muted them, ignored their useless words, and reported them after the game (why say they deserved a negative reply but choose to not report them?) there's a good chance they would have been banned and you'd get that satisfying message thanking you for your accurate report, then it's on to your next game instead of your ban. My point with regards your feedback is, that the system isn't going to discern between you initiating negativity and retaliating with negativity. A mute and report from you would have seen the expected behaviour and the system works with that.
elicz1 (OCE)
: PBE - Can't Connect From OCE
Hi guys, we've made some configuration changes, can I get you to try playing a game on PBE again? If you're still not able to connect, can you please run a tracert to this IP: and post the results here
Khone (OCE)
: Lost promos do Diamond 3 with only 1 loss?
Hi Khone, I looked into it and you dodged a lobby during your series, which counts as a loss when you're in a series. So another loss would fail the promo series as expected.
Plutooh (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=uYHxvtcE,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-19T06:42:54.473+0000) > > I understand, you have indeed reported a lot of bots in the past and as far as I can see your reports are very accurate. > > Thanks for your understanding and your patience. We&#x27;ll try to better by you and other players. I will try and tone down my language in my reports from now on as well, I can get a little frustrated after playing 20 minutes with bots so my apologises for the language in my reports too.
Don't worry, I vent in reports too sometimes. It's much better for you to vent at us in your report than to vent at the other players in your games.
Plutooh (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=uYHxvtcE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-19T04:12:28.437+0000) > > Hey Plutooh, everyone&#x27;s concerns have not gone unheard. We&#x27;re taking a look at our current bot detection and seeing if anything new needs to be done. Bot detection is a constant arms race just like anticheat, where we create better detection and bot creators continue to create better ways to hide their bots. > It also doesn&#x27;t help that bots typically can play quite a lot of games before we&#x27;re able to ban them as we rely on reports (yes your reports do count) and other patterns to catch them. > > As for the games you played today, I investigated them and found that there was only one bot. Please continue to report them and we&#x27;ll continue to work on our detection methods. Gehirn I over exaggerated my post out of frustration, I should of said a lot of games I have played these last couple of months have had a huge amount of bots in them. I appreciate a reply and I do understand how hard it must be to keep up with the detecting them as coders bring out new ones. I used to be admin of an anti cheat website for another game so I do understand how frustrating it can be for both players and gaming companies but thank you for at least replying.
I understand, you have indeed reported a lot of bots in the past and as far as I can see your reports are very accurate. Thanks for your understanding and your patience. We'll try to better by you and other players.
Plutooh (OCE)
: Paying customers deserve a response about the bot issue.
Hey Plutooh, everyone's concerns have not gone unheard. We're taking a look at our current bot detection and seeing if anything new needs to be done. Bot detection is a constant arms race just like anticheat, where we create better detection and bot creators continue to create better ways to hide their bots. It also doesn't help that bots typically can play quite a lot of games before we're able to ban them as we rely on reports (yes your reports do count) and other patterns to catch them. As for the games you played today, I investigated them and found that there was only one bot. Please continue to report them and we'll continue to work on our detection methods.
SulkyJoe (OCE)
: Could you at least make TT ranked the entire times it's up now, so we don't have half the games being TT norms where it doesn't even count. It's hard enough for players like me who work in the evening most nights, and the days I have off is when its TT norms
Just in case you didn't see the announcement, TT Ranked is also available on Saturday and Sunday nights for now until the end of season, but I understand that you may be working those nights as well. If we continue to see more players playing TT ranked for the rewards grind, we may expand it further in the final weeks of the season.
: I have a question for riot. Does TT count towards the graves skin for the end of the season?
Yes it does. Earn Gold+ in TT in order to unlock Victorious Graves and a unique Chroma for the skin.
: Yeah sure whatever but here are the facts. Draft was removed because of teambuilder (sure you tried saying that it wasn't because of this, but it was so blatantly obvious). Teambuilder failed. You didn't put draft back in. 2 years later you are just now putting draft back on, and realizing that like we were telling you, there was nothing wrong with draft in the first place.
You got two facts right: Teambuilder failed, and we didn't bring back draft. The rest is your opinion. Draft was removed at the recommendation of matchmaking experts in Central Riot. We were the first region to start doing limited time queues due to our low population, and there wasn't a good precedent for what the teams in Central were seeing happen to Draft. Imagine a line going down and to the right at a sharp angle, that was Draft. Most OCE players showed us they didn't want draft anymore when they stopped playing the queue, just like Teambuilder. Sure there might have been a die-hard group of Draft players that could have kept it running a few hours a week, and if I could go back and had my way I would have put Draft up 1 night a week because that's how much it would have been able to sustain at the rate it was going, but at least it would have still been around. Teambuilder went live in OCE because we believed it was a better Blind experience and wanted to give it a shot. Problem is it required 5 times as many players in queue as Blind pick would to achieve minimum queue health. So we would have required at least half of the Blind pick players to switch to it to make it really healthy all week. Draft had so few players in it that removing it would have had a negligible effect on the health of Teambuilder. It was a non-factor, plain and simple. Teambuilder definitely stayed up longer than it should have and is what happens when people slowly drain out of a queue. It becomes almost impossible to find a game. This is why queues are restricted or removed and it should be a memorable example of why, for instance, TT isn't on every day all day and why Draft was removed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=wgM0WBsO,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2017-10-15T02:47:58.775+0000) > > Yep! Due to more players coming into the queue after the season rewards announcement we&#x27;ve decided to open up TT ranked on Saturday and Sunday nights until the end of the season. > > https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/47NvQAPq-queue-update-2017-10-15-ranked-tt-normal-draft Hey Gehirn :D You're probs sick of reading the same questions but I need clarification on ranked TT and season rewards for this queue. Is it gold + or 50+ wins?? PLEASE HELP ME !! People are telling me different things :(
We've not announced that it's 50+ wins, and TT ranked has been on all season, so its gold+ required.
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