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Shoot (OCE)
: My group got 2.75mil points with the same club tag with the all Ziggs strategy which has now been hotfixed/patched out, is our entry still a valid entry or do we have to redo it?
Don't worry, your entry is still valid as long as you submitted everything required.
Mystici (OCE)
: Twisted Treeline Ranked Queue Times
Hey Mystici, Yea there was another announcement back in April about the times changing and the reasoning [here]( You can always find the [current intended queue schedule]( pinned to the [Boards home page](
: Will _Odyssey_ skins remain available for purchase after the event ends?
All skins will remain available except Odyssey Ziggs, which will become Legacy on the 25th of September. But if you can somehow beat the "Planetary Legends" mission you can earn an Odyssey Ziggs skins shard, and the game mode will remain available to play until 5PM AEST on Oct 10th.
: Yeah I see it last question when riot said infinity is that lvl 999 or 9999 just wondering what infinity goes up to
I'm not sure there even is a level cap, there are already two players in EUW above level 1000. Though I do wonder what a level 10,000 would look like in client with the number potentially breaking the bounds of the box it is displayed in unless the numbers shrink. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!
: LVL Rewards from 30 - 191 and On wards
You get a Gemstone every 50 levels starting at level 150, and you continue to get new profile icon borders and emotes every 25 levels until level 500, with Gemstones as the only unique reward after that. You continue to get regular and Glorious Champion Capsules, and the BE from that you can put towards the essence emporiums (which come about twice a year) and buy all the chromas when they go up for BE. And of course there's BE for champ mastery emotes if you don't have a shard, insta-buying any new champions released, certain summoner icons, and rune pages, summoner name changes. I think that's all the BE options for now. This is based on info in the [LoL wiki](
Doomchem (OCE)
: Even more people from OCE who had this exact same problem with sadly no answer: _"I just updated my Mac's system to mac os 10.12.5 I can login to the client and go though Loot, Store and ect without any problem. However, it just shows me reconnect button after champion selection. I have tried some solutions from youtube or from the boards which are years ago... but that are all useless. Can anyone help me to fix this problem??"_ _"Queued up to play an aram game, and i cant enter the game. I click the reconnect button but nothing happens. Ive tried re logging a cpuple of times and still nothing."_ _"SO basically, I've queued up for two ranked games now, Both after being accepted into and choosing my champion have been greeted by the "RECONNECT" button. I've tried to restart the client, my computer, repair the client and just after trying again I'm back at the old reconnect button for a norms game. Normally I wouldn't mind - But with every time I've "disconnected" I've been given Low Priority queue. Twice. So even if I want to see if my clients fixed, I wait 20minutes and then it's still broken. Wtf RiTO. Pls help."_ I shall nobly vanguard this issue until someone takes note, for the frustration and rage of those who have had this game breaker and found no solutions before me...!
Have you tried going through Player Support yet? All we can really offer here are the sort of options that Seras has already put forward. Sounds like you need a tech specialist to retrieve some logs from you and go deeper on this issue. They may even already be familiar with this issue and have a set of troubleshooting steps on hand.
Supa Top (OCE)
: also are you able to check if brazil is able to transfer to OCE because they might need to transfer there and then back i guess
They really shouldn't have to. A PS ticket as Seras suggested is the way to go. They should be able to transfer your friends manually, though it would still cost the 2600 RP.
: Summoner Level
Those top two players on that list have popped up on Reddit multiple times. For a while it was Nolife Fynn at the top, but then Toucan Celeste just went a bit...hyper. You'll notice that they play a ton of TT co-op vs AI games, which is the fastest way to power level. Just for bragging rights really, unique rewards stop at level 500, with only champ capsules and gemstones remaining onward.
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: Ok I can kinda see it now. It's "abstract".
Ah actually I misread. I'd thought you were referencing Pix and Lulu's E, not her polymorph (W). Lulu's polymorph is consistent across all skins in that it turns champions into something cute or goofy. So I'd say space octopus is probably a good description for it :P Though thinking of a space octopus as an abstract aurelion smol is kinda funny, really knocks the mighty space dragon down a peg.
Im Scizor (OCE)
: Potions You Start of With Gone Down to 2?
This changed in patch 8.15. You can see the notes and reasoning [here]( Basic reasoning seems to be that 3 potions allowed supports to mitigate too much poke and trade damage in lane.
: Cosmic Enchantress Lulu - What is her 'W'
It's Aurelion Smol
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: You've literally NEVER been able to get mastery tokens from any game mode other than Norms/Ranked idk why you're so confused by this, as long as the mastery system has existed no other game modes have ever counted towards the token aspect of it
Eeeh not entirely true. When level 6 and 7 were first released you could get tokens on any mode. I got my Quinn tokens while playing Definitely Not Dominion. But yeah due to champion performance and play rates varying wildly on other modes, and the lack of data in comparison to SR, standard SR modes were made the only way to obtain tokens shortly after that.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Best drink for marathon gaming sessions
Although I absolutely totally rely on caffeine to get me through the morning, I'm going to be hypocritical here and say what I know to be true, but am still trying to get better at, myself. Don't look for a drink to enable long periods of gaming. It isn't healthy and I think we all know it. If you want to make the most of your games and push your performance up: 1) Sleep. The amount you need differs from person to person. But if you're only getting 7 hours (which is a lot to some people) and feeling groggy during the day, up that number. You can also feel terrible after too much sleep, usually more than 8.5 hours will do that. If so, bring the amount of hours down bit by bit till you find what works for you. It's also important to note, that if your bedtime and wake-up time change from day to day (or you just stay up way later on weekends, like me) then you'll always feel tired. I highly recommend fixing that if it's the case. I'm still trying but sleep discipline is not something I was raised with and it's hard to form the habit. When I can achieve it, I feel great. I don't have the data to back it up, but I do recall reading a post on Reign of Gaming (RIP) by someone who had been tracking their sleep patterns against their win rate for a while, and it did point towards more sleep translating into more wins. 2) Take breaks, get up and leave your computer desk. Do some chores, workout, go for a walk/run. Gaming for long periods can really sap your energy, and if you know you should be exercising or getting work done but you use all the available time for gaming it can leave you feeling pretty miserable in my experience. You'll feel way better in game if you get up and spend some time out of game every couple of hours. [Someone did the stats]( on how long you should break for in between games to maximize your win rate. TL;DR: - if you lose, take a 20-30 min break - if you win, play again immediately - if you've won 3 games in a row, take a 20-30 min break to reset or you'll start playing on auto-pilot. It does argue that your 4th game will be almost as good as your 2nd, but if you feel like you need a break then you should take one. 3) Follow Matsuzaka544's advice and drink water. You don't have to force yourself to drink a ton at a time. It's as simple as keeping a bottle of water on your desk, and you'll be surprised how often you take a sip and get through the bottle without it being a hassle. I'm not saying you can't have a soda or something else at the same time either, I just recommend not using it to quench your thirst to avoid those sugar highs and lows. Consider anything not water to be a treat rather than a thirst quencher. Now that I've publicly stated it, I should probably start taking my own advice. I struggle with (1), am getting better at (2), and have been doing (3) for years.
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Mouse speed muscle memory
A few games is about right. May depend on how much your muscle memory is tied to certain champion abilities as well. If you really want to build up muscle memory, make sure you've got "Enhance Pointer Precision" disabled as well. [See here]( for an explanation of how it works and how it may affect muscle memory.
Yorokobe (OCE)
: level 5 reward = Twisted treeline bots?
Good point. I don't know if we can change those level up messages to suit the state of actual queue availability in OCE, but I'll look into it at least. Twisted Treeline (TT) Bots is not available on OCE because often there would be so few players queuing up at the same time that finding a match could take way too long. In regions where TT Bots its available, SR bots is tremendously more popular. We don't want to open up a TT Bot queue that would potentially have an infinite queue time. TT Bots is also used as the primary way to power-level and you see this sometimes in Summoner's Rift Bots on OCE already. This may mean that you could actually find a match in TT Bots on OCE relatively easily at certain times of the day, but it also defeats the purpose of a bots mode as new players wouldn't really get a chance to learn the mode because power-levellers are only interested in pushing a single lane to win as quickly as possible.
Halucagen (OCE)
: cool thanks for the help, most of the suggestions in the reddit thread were already done on my pc for other reasons so i guess ill just have to avoid jg for the moment oh well
Hi Halucagen, brief update. We've been able to replicate this issue on at least 1 machine, sadly it is still happening after 8.16. But we're working on it right now and hopefully will be able to figure out the problem and get a fix out, or maybe even a workaround for now. Do let me know if the issue is already resolved for you though.
Dropkìck (OCE)
: Champions who scale with levels: Can we have those levels tuned down to suit the style of Nexus blitz? One that comes to mind is Gangplank with the speed of his barrels (levels 7, 13). Can these levels be turned down so Gangplank can have faster barrels, earlier in the game considering these games will be really quick?
Everyone will be leveling up and gaining gold very quickly, so this should be accounted for. Still, let us know how it feels in game. This is all very experimental and we'd love your feedback!
Nikkip (OCE)
: Hopefully it's clear enough within the lobby and game that this mode is suppose to have two junglers, cause I expect people to not read this article, try the mode as jungler, then abuse the other jungler the whole time for imposing on 'their' position.
Teams are made up of 2 junglers and 3 laners, and these roles are visible in champ select. The junglers are also forced to take smite. So while it may still be a little unclear for some at first, I think players should quickly understand how the roles are structured. Plus, good luck trying to clear those jungle camps alone, you actually need a second jungler to have any chance in the first few levels.
Halucagen (OCE)
: Lag after loading
This is more extreme than the problem we've seen with some players only loading into the game at the 8-10 second mark but it may be related. The issue will be fixed next week in patch 8.16, but for now I recommend you check out some of the solutions players have found in [this Reddit thread]( and see if they work for you. Failing that, [Player Support]( may be able to assist in finding out why this problem is so extreme for you and at least getting your delay down to the 8-10 seconds that most people with this issue are seeing. Of course it could be a completely unrelated issue, in which case I'd also recommend immediately submitting a ticket with Player Support.
DS89t2q98 (OCE)
: Is there someone who we can send elo boosting summoner names to?
Please [submit a ticket to Player Support]( with details on the accounts you believe were being boosted. At the very least they can investigate if the accounts are being shared and take action on that.
: I've sent in Tracert reports for the two IP addresses and the URL. Hopefully you can get to a solution!
I saw those come through, thank you :) Are you still unable to login and if you can are you able to see your friends list and start a game?
Juní (OCE)
: All done :). Can't wait to get back on the rift! Thanks heaps for your hard work.
Hi Juni, are you still unable to log in?
Isda (OCE)
: Is Agent Mindstar on the case yet? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Side note, I can log in but chat won't connect...
Yep! Agent Mindstar is helping with the investigation, on his day off :( Can you please run the below traceroute for me in a command prompt? It should create a notepad on your desktop called "Tracert" after it is finished. Once it's done send that file to tracert > "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Tracert.txt" Note that this is the chat URL not the login one.
Juní (OCE)
: I'm also running the command and will email my results to you too. Thankyou.
Thank you, if you could also do one for the below URL that would be great! tracert > "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Tracert.txt"
MrMushie (OCE)
: Oh yep it worked. And you want me to email it to
Yes please :D
MrMushie (OCE)
: It does that except doesn't open a Notepad.
It won't open it automatically, it should just save it as a file on your desktop background.
MrMushie (OCE)
: Hi there. I am entering the command but it isn't doing anything even after waiting it just creates a new prompt line?
That's fine, it is just working on the trace route (if the trace is having issues it may take a while, which is what we expect here). Once it is complete it will present with the standard starting line, like "C:\Users\USERNAME>" and it will have created a Notepad on your desktop called Tracert, which you can send to us via that email address.
MrMushie (OCE)
: Issues with server?
Hi MrMushie We're trying to get to the bottom of this, seems to be an issue for Telstra customers. It would really help if you could perform a traceroute for me. If possible please run the below in a command prompt until it finishes and send the results to tracert > "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Tracert.txt" This should create a notepad on your desktop after it completes, it may take a little while. More detailed instructions can be found [here](
: Dodged now stuck on "authenticating"
Hi BarryButcher, we're seeing a few Telstra customers with this issue and want to see if we can find the cause. Can you please perform a traceroute for me? Run the below in a command prompt until it finishes and send the results to tracert
Lachelith (OCE)
: Who the hell cares about TT on OCE? It's only available on weekend nights, so barely anyone plays it
Plenty of people care. It's available only Friday to Sunday so that we can play it at all.
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Brown Man (OCE)
: When will the rp be sent to our accounts for getting tickets early?
: Based on recent changes, Marksmen base AD is down and Crit items are more expensive. On top of this, Infinity Edge is no longer an early powerspike item and more of an item that gets stronger as the game goes on (provided you build more Crit). They have also made it so the game is easier to snowball and hence games end fairly quickly. This is why we have seen bruisers and fighters in the ADC role since they get to their powerspikes faster, and why Crit ADCs have fallen out of the meta. **TL;DR** - Not sure if Crit is good on Quinn herself, but Marksmen Crit builds are definitely not in a good spot at the moment. I hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Quinn was one of the few marskmen that did not have their base stats reduced so she doesn't suffer with the same in-built early game weakness, and multiplicative stats such as attack speed and crit are generally better on her in the early to mid game than they are on standard marksmen. While flat AD and armor pen have always been and still are generally good on Quinn, the crit path is still highly viable at least in part. Most successful builds will run Stormrazor into Statikk Shiv at some point, with the option to extend that into an IE purchase for both good burst against squishies and tankbusting. Personally, I was always fond of full armor pen builds on Quinn and they definitely still work, but in top lane I have felt pretty good when trying out BF > Statikk Shiv > Stormrazor > IE. Statikk first for the wave clear into roaming potential. But for mid and bot I'd recommend rushing the Stormrazor first. Flat armor pen into stormrazor > Shiv seems to be the most popular build atm and is probably just safer, but I feel skipping the armor pen and working with stuff like the above build can win harder past 3 items and be generally more effective against all targets if the game isn't too accelerated against your team by 10-15 mins. To be fair I haven't had enough games to really explore the viability of full crit, and you do feel less punchy in the early game without armor pen, and of course it is risky because it takes longer to come online. But whenever I finally hit stormrazor/shiv/IE I feel I'm able to take on almost anyone no matter how fed they are. I'm just too cocky on quinn before 3 items when building crit because I'm used to building full armor pen so my success with it isn't consistent yet :P
: [CLIENT] Disconnects shortly after login - OR doesn't connect at all
Hi everyone, we've reverted a change that may have caused this and it is looking like you should be able to log in again now. Still trying to gather more info about why this change caused this issue for some players. OCE was not the only region impacted.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: What happened to CLASH?
Hi ToshiroT1. We ran tests in regions all over the world and they didn't go as well as we'd hoped. Since then, the Clash dev team has been planning what’s next for the mode, and that planning wrapped up recently. So we should have an update on the future of Clash in a little while.
: there is nothing in my "emote" section in my loot. I think it is unlocked directly...
Yea, when you unlock an Emote through Hextech Crafting it is automatically added to your collection on the Collection > Emotes tab. You got the [Rawr!](!_Emote.png) emote which I can see in your current collection.
: Dumb ass players (Rant)
So during my first year of playing LoL, when ahead my friends and I just let the enemy crash into our team and hoped to win the fight. Then I realized that pushing an advantage by taking the fight to the enemy near an objective we wanted was a thing, and I started to feel the same way you do now, getting frustrated when people weren't there "BUT I WANTED TO FIGHT". Then I heard a comment from Jatt about this sort of thing. It was while he was casting a pro match and I can't seem to find it anywhere, but it went something like this: "It doesn't matter why he wasn't there, what matters is that he wasn't." This is in reference to the team making a teamfight play or allowing themselves to be initiated on while one of their teammates was obviously not nearby. Point being that it doesn't matter why the person wasn't there for the fight, what matters is that the team chose to fight without them and lost when they could have been more patient and made a better play later. It made me realize that choosing to take an uneven fight just because we're ahead wasn't primarily the fault of the person who wasn't there, it was mostly the fault of the person initiating or getting caught because we chose to put ourselves in the position for the uneven fight to happen. Looking at your replay, the decline of your team in that game was primarily due to players choosing to fight with missing enemies and without respect to the fog of war/lack of vision on their flank, or fighting at a clear disadvantage when other teammates were not nearby. Sometimes they were in base buying an item, sometimes they were clearing a wave at their turret, other times they were indeed out of position on the map when grouping was the optimal choice. But if they aren't nearby, don't feel forced to fight. It is better to concede a little pressure and be alive for when your teammates are in position for a fight than to just fight because "it would have been a good fight if they were there" < that's a decision trap that a lot of players fall into and one that took me years to stop doing. It doesn't matter if it would have been a good fight if they were there, the fact is that they weren't. So choosing to take the fight is clearly just another wrong call in response to a wrong call made by one of your teammates.
Ryhno (OCE)
: Did anyone get a trophy for winning Clash?
Hi Rhyno, I just double checked this with the Clash team and confirmed there are no trophies for the beta cup. Congrats on the win though!
Forstats (OCE)
: Are the rewards for the event planned for the weekend or the stress test on tuesday?
There will be rewards for participating in this beta test.
: So with it matches as long as you have locked in your team you can start your games later(like 8:30)
All matches will start at 7:30 AEST with a 7 minute scouting phase, then it's straight into champ select. Teams must lock in between 7 and 7:30.
TylerMMG (OCE)
: I have training that finishes 730 and I dont get home and ready to play till 8 are game mandatory to start at 730
Hi TylerMMG, unfortunately the lock in time is a hard deadline of 730 AEST for all teams. This is just a beta though, the full Clash event will start at a later date on a Friday night.
: Receiving Lvl-up Animation Late
The night of patch day seemed a bit weird, the client was laggy and post game stats failed for some people (including myself). I experienced the same thing you did, where I leveled up that night, post game stats failed, then I got the level up capsule message on the client frontpage. Then when I played again the following day the same capsule message appeared. We looked into server stats on the night of the issue and couldn't find anything wrong, so we just monitored to see if the issue continued. Everything seems to be working as intended now.
Dave311 (OCE)
: auto attack mechanics
As Hounorsboy mentioned, this sounds related to the attack move on cursor option. You can find it under the GAME section in settings. With it turned off, you just walk towards the location that you a-clicked to, attacking every target on the way starting with the closest target first. With it turned on, the cursor searches for something in the area around it when you a-click. If something is in that area, rather than moving and attacking every target on the way, you walk towards the target found in the area around the cursor and attack that. The change you're feeling is due to the area around the cursor that searches for a target being expanded slightly [in patch 8.7](, so you might a-click next to a far off target and accidentally prioritize attacking that thing over what is in front of you more frequently now. If all you want is for a-click to walk and attack everything on the way, I recommend turning attack move on cursor off.
Haktivist (OCE)
: great, I'm not allowed to play on school nights and I'm busy Tuesday too. I hope the real thing is on a Friday
The full version of Clash will return on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday schedule. Sorry about the timing of this test, we needed to spin them up and get through them asap so it's on a rolling schedule of a beta in each region one after the other.
: Guys this is beta testing on Tuesday, **not the actual event.** I believe that will be next Friday? Edit: You also do not need a ticket for this.
That's correct! This is purely a test to see if we can get Clash off the ground this time. Once every region has confirmed that their test ran smoothly we'll launch with the full weekend schedule in OCE at a later date: Friday: 7PM AEST Saturday: 7PM AEST Sunday: 4PM AEST
: Oce always last
Pyke will be released at the same time everywhere. As Seras Dragon mentioned, at 0100 tonight, see the [Curse of the Drowned]( event article for details.
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