: Create An Event not working
Thanks for reporting this. Yours is the second report of this issue I have seen for OCE but there are reports from other regions too. We're speaking with other teams at Riot to try to get to the bottom of this, but can't guarantee when we'll be able to fix this. If you have another account I'd recommend trying to create the event with that one. As you mentioned, the issue is currently only occurring for some accounts.
Ethvn (OCE)
: NSW, Optus. Can you tell me if we are going to the LP back?
Please see Mindstar's response for an update. As for LP, this can't be edited due to how adversely this can affect LP and MMR calculations in future games, even for large scale service issues like this. If you contact player support, they may offer a more detailed explanation. I can see you have a ticket in the works already, and I've given support all the info around this issue to ensure that they are removing leaverbuster penalties where applicable. Though they might not begin getting to these tickets until the early morning.
: Login Issues
Your account had its password reset proactively after suspicious activity. A password reset email should have already been sent to the email tied to this account, the email was verified back in March. So whichever email address you used to verify the account is the one you should check. I'd also check any spam filters. Failing this, you can submit an account recovery ticket [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
: l bought evos :v but it appeared as DW , but it still got the icon DW in shop :v so confused
From what I can see you earned the Direwolves icon through the mission that was available, and later gifted someone else the Evos Icon.
Iv4n (OCE)
: Where is Dire Wolves icon?
You earn the Direwolves icon for free from a mission after winning 1 game. Check the missions tab in the client and activate them for details.
4y5tvb8 (OCE)
: Just tested a custom and it randomly works. I'm not sure if its safe to join a ranked game now since this problem is so random and confusing. I guess I'll just wait until there is a reply to this from someone at Riot since im going to risk more lp and time wasted. Also, punishing me with Leaverbuster for a problem that's misleading (since it worked the first few times i logged out) and clearly out of my control, doesn't help.
Hey there, seeing a few players have this issue and they all seem to be coming through Optus. I would hold off on starting a game for now. It may help us if you could follow the tracert instructions linked [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674#wq2) and send the results to ocelivereports@riotgames.com.
Ethvn (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=ARwIuupl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-04T01:45:36.994+0000) > > 1. Update your graphics card drivers. > 2. Update your DirectX: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 (never DL anything DirectX from anywhere except Microsoft). > 3. Disable and remove any custom skins or third party programs interacting with the game. > 4. Run a client repair: Settings gear in the top right of the client > Initiate Full Repair > 5. Clean reinstall your League of Legends with the Hextech Repair Tool: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool > 6. Contact support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new > > Test in a custom game after each step to see if the issue is fixed. The most likely to work is the clean reinstall, but it's good practice to do the first 3 anyway. > > There's another thread about this (assuming it isn't also yours, the cont. is a bit baffling) so I'll pass it on in case it's a wider issue. Followed your steps and loaded into custom game fine, went into a ranked game and it did fuck all. when I was duoing last night with a buddy i could reconnect once everyone else had loaded into the game so i think that's why custom games load fine, but then again maybe not because i have been trying constantly to reconnect and just can't. FML I LOST 35 LP BECAUSE OF THIS.
Looking at all affected players, based on your reports and the tickets I'm seeing, every affected player seems to be coming through Optus. We're looking into it now. Can you please follow the tracert instructions linked [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674#wq2) and send the results to ocelivereports@riotgames.com ? This might help us figure out what is going on.
: Glad to see a rioter has taken notice to the problem, It's quite severe in aram/coop games and is truly frustrating to a returning player that has to try and level through the cluster of bots, i feel as through i am learning nothing and it will effect my future gameplay dramatically.
Ah I was talking about the issue with not being able to log into the Support site. I think we've figured out what is causing it and I've reached out to someone to see if it can be resolved. Basically right now if you are logged into the boards when selecting a ticket type, but you aren't logged into the support site, then the Login button under the ticket type selector does not work. As for bots, we've been dealing with them in various ways for years. Unfortunately since it is so easy to create LoL accounts they've just been a persistent problem that we've had to resolve on a banning only basis. Eventually, things like [mandatory email verification](https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/mandatory-email-verification) and multi-factor authentication may reduce the ease of botting but as long as its profitable then botters will continue trying to find ways to bot. We do have an automatic bot detection system that after some time will find and ban botted accounts, which we're always trying to keep up to date. But of course this means that bots will always impact some or many games before we can catch them. However, these days botters at least have to do a lot more than they use to in order to keep their bots hidden. It's essentially a constant battle: we develop new detection methods, they develop new ways to hide, and so the dance goes. I used to personally look for bot IP's on a daily basis and banned all associated accounts, eventually botters just started spreading the accounts across tons of different IPs so finding one IP often only catches a small amount of bots now. It's just not an efficient use of time anymore. Hence the move to automated detection systems which will continue to be updated.
: Tried to report these players the correct way, however the Login button on Player support doesn't even work. Pretty pathetic for a multi million dollar company.
I've seen a few people reporting that they couldn't log into support over the last couple of weeks but I've not seen any issues each time I've tested it. Would you be able to share a screenshot of the issue you're seeing? Want to get to the bottom of this.
Lalna (OCE)
: So they gave up on university clubs and only interested in the school ones. They supported uni games twice and now it's dead. President of a uni club and since Woody Wu left we have heard nothing.
Sorry to hear that :( As far as I know the University Rumbles are still supported and Riot Benji is working with Uni clubs to support them. Have you spoken to Benji?
DeltaTech (OCE)
: Feels bad man my pdhpe teacher hates this idea everyone legit was talking about esport in our school pdhpe teacher heard and gave us a 30 min lesson in sport about why sport>esport and basically shit talked us.
Does feel bad but the imagery made me chuckle, I must admit. What were your teacher's main arguments against esports?
Mr Zeroxs (OCE)
: Woah... A real Rioter? Hi! :) Anyways, I wrote a big essay about why eSports is productive and they completely ignored it. I used many articles that have been featured in the client about High School eSports and they all just ignored it. It was very upsetting because I spent near 2 hours on it and to have no response at all and no feedback as to why it isn't possible is unbelievable. I appreciate your efforts to start clubs in schools and I'm sure many players from schools all over the world are grateful for what you have done in this push, but unfortunately I (and others like me) can't participate due to the negative stigma set by the older generations.
Hi! I'd be interested in seeing that essay if you'd like to share it with me. As long as there is no personally identifiable information in it of course. You can send it to gehirn@riotgames.com It helps to see things like this from the student perspective, and the efforts that students gamers are going through in order to be heard by society. Bit by bit we're gonna break down that stigma and give student gamers the chance to represent their schools in competing in what they enjoy, as may any other sporting student. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mr Zeroxs (OCE)
: When your school literally just ignores you. Love it.
It might just hard for them to see the value of clubs and gaming in general. Check out the [student support hub](https://oce.leaguehighschool.com/start-the-discussion/) for info on how to best approach the conversation with your teachers.
Nightjar (OCE)
: just curious, at what honour level checkpoint is OCE's most honourable player atm?
Actually not sure, I don't really have a way to find out either. Personally I'm Level 3 checkpoint 3, which I think would be average for anyone who ended up with level 5 last year but that's just a guess. Edit: Just played a game against an honour 4 player, so some are definitely more accelerated.
: Or here is a third option. Foul language that is consider unacceptable get an automated ban (that actually follows the ban curve, no need for escalation) And they still run their algorithm bs anyway. But hey logic is a thing that isn't generally used, given that your argument is that it's one of 2 extremes as if no other game has done anything inbetween.
Now this is my personal opinion: I feel like the approach of not instabanning players for single game slip-ups in behaviour, but bringing the red card out when they cross the line into consistent negativity or extreme/large amounts of abuse is not an approach that can be called "one of the extremes". It's fairly moderate. Honour is there to encourage neutral or better behaviour towards other players, and if you're just kind of a dick and annoying to play with then you won't progress honour. Chat restrictions and bans are a way for the community to say "hold up, not having any of that, think about how you treat other people before you consider playing again" when players really cross the line into consistent or extreme negative behaviour. Now, Honour could be much better at providing feedback about your behaviour other than just being really slow to progress. I can understand how that causes confusion rather than understanding as it seems some players think that if they're not getting banned then they should be progressing their honour rating at the same pace as everyone around them. This is why quick and relevant feedback in systems is important, which leads into my next point. Automated penalty systems. There are probably more reasons we shifted over to automated penalty systems than I myself know, but other than penalizing negative/abusive players really quickly once they've crossed a line, automated systems allow us to get feedback to those players just as fast. Tribunal was slow as hell and single cases required a lot of reviews from players in order to achieve confidence on a case by case basis. Some players were receiving penalties months after the offending game took place, which is pretty useless for both the player being penalized and the community reporting the player. The current automated system (Instant Feedback) is able to achieve pretty much instantaneous penalties and feedback to the penalized player, and is constantly being informed by the sort of behaviour players report after game, so it essentially achieves the same level of case-by-case confidence that Tribunal had. But as always, no system is perfect. But Tribunal and Instant Feedback had and have their own cases of inaccuracies regarding negative behaviour being treated too lightly or too harshly from time to time, which is where Player Support is usually able to come in and correct it on a case-by-case basis when prompted. Of course there is Boards as well where we get to have these kinds of discussions whenever a player wants to present them, just sometimes we end up forming opinions here based on incomplete or incorrect information that can frustrate everybody involved.
: Riot Logic on display
I'm not going to go into detail on Imaqtpie's case since he hasn't asked us to, but it is incorrect to say that the log shown there is the only thing that led to the chat restriction. He can totally ticket Player Support if he is confused about it and wants to find out more about why he got hit with that penalty. In DarkShade918/SkyStorm's case, the log I presented just kept them on thin ice. The Instant Feedback system isn't always just going to smack your account with penalties at the first sign of moderate negativity, but it will do its best take it into account if the negative behaviour continues. And in this player's case, a little while after that chat log they'd built up enough reports and crossed the line from "not earning honour quickly" to penalized. Hope that clears it up.
: > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=ecEGmuxA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-04-26T09:03:20.463+0000) > > "This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty" > > According to gehirn it didn't so you know. Well gehrim is bsing about the no account penalty, because i recieved a 25 game chat ban for that, and 2 other games where i threatened to int because my mid and top laner instalocked (because blind pick is cancer) I then proceeded to carry the game, but apparently threatening is worse than actually doing it More riot logic
Incorrect. You know this is false dude, you could see the chat log was different to the one I quoted when you logged in. The log quoted above reduced your speed of honour progress on the account SkyStorm. The log that gave you a **10 game chat restriction** is below (the only account you've had a 25 game chat restriction on was DarkShade918 and that was in 2016). I didn't talk about it because [it wasn't relevant to the conversation about honour progress](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/EJZYAzrH-leveling-my-honour-is-impossible) while not being banned. Once you're chat restricted well then yea of course you end up just dropping in honour level, everyone knows that and it wasn't the point of the thread this was discussed in, but here's the log from your recent chat restriction: [1:12] SkyStorm (Rakan): nami started Q [1:21] SkyStorm (Rakan): so bot has no healing yet [6:53] SkyStorm (Rakan): oh look [6:56] SkyStorm (Rakan): my top is feeding again [7:15] SkyStorm (Rakan): afk then [7:19] SkyStorm (Rakan): you're a liability [9:36] SkyStorm (Rakan): FF@!% [9:40] SkyStorm (Rakan): ff@15 [10:04] SkyStorm (Rakan): 0/4 [10:09] SkyStorm (Rakan): 6 deaths on our jg and top [10:12] SkyStorm (Rakan): in 9 mins [10:25] SkyStorm (Rakan): it was over from the moment you gave xin fb [15:10] SkyStorm (Rakan): she's been bot [15:15] SkyStorm (Rakan): helping a lane that's actually good [16:59] SkyStorm (Rakan): what was that? [17:02] SkyStorm (Rakan): you won top [17:04] SkyStorm (Rakan): he just 1v1ed you [23:11] [All] SkyStorm (Rakan): you do realise, that its mostly me doing everything right? [23:13] [All] SkyStorm (Rakan): like [23:17] [All] SkyStorm (Rakan): 90% of the fights are me [23:20] [All] SkyStorm (Rakan): 10% is jinx [23:45] [All] SkyStorm (Rakan): the others don't get a mention since they spent the first 10-15 mins inting [24:09] SkyStorm (Rakan): COME TO THE FUCKING WALL [24:10] SkyStorm (Rakan): YOU SHIT %%%% [24:20] SkyStorm (Rakan): no the fucking urgot [24:24] SkyStorm (Rakan): kept getting then backing off [24:30] SkyStorm (Rakan): literally the reason i got killed [24:34] SkyStorm (Rakan): is coz urgots a fucking dumb shit [25:05] SkyStorm (Rakan): you didn't do shit [25:07] SkyStorm (Rakan): you went in 1v5 [25:09] SkyStorm (Rakan): lmao [25:20] SkyStorm (Rakan): this is why people like mee get hardstuck in silver elo [25:26] SkyStorm (Rakan): because their are stupid %%%%s like you [25:30] SkyStorm (Rakan): *there [25:39] SkyStorm (Rakan): who don't understand the concept of shield hopping champs [26:19] SkyStorm (Rakan): HELLO [26:21] SkyStorm (Rakan): TARGET THE KINDRED [26:27] SkyStorm (Rakan): i knocked her up, charmed her [29:50] SkyStorm (Rakan): TY FOR INTING 19 KILLS TO KINDRED TEAM [29:53] SkyStorm (Rakan): FUCKING INCREDIBLE Markedly more negative and straight up abusive than the log I quoted on your post regarding honour progress.
: Feel sorry for you man RIOT don't care about no one only about profits they wont give the account back cause they make nothing from it. They don't do research or if they do they will try and make out it's you're fault even though the evidence doesn't lie. I'm worried about playing my own account cause just today 1 match from 1 team report gets me to 0 honor from lvl 2 honor and a filled dot. But they don't care.
Overburn (OCE)
: This is the account that got banned. I am still waiting on a response on all my tickets and I am checking my email every couple of hours. Thanks again for helping, I appreciate it.
: Is the Varus skin actually available?
Yea this was an issue with the timezone setting in the tool we use to set this up. Same problem occurred for early sales and regular sales where the banner was up before the sale started. This has been reported to Central Riot and we'll work to prevent this issue manually for now until the tool can be fixed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EJZYAzrH,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-23T00:18:24.040+0000) > > It's not about being the most honourable a few times in a row. You need to consistently, for a long period of time, show that you can just show up and play the game. Getting chat restricted every couple of months will bring your honour progression to a complete stop, and garnering reports by acting against your team or flaming them is also going to slow you down. This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty: > > [3:51] (Thresh): shit call > [4:40] (Thresh): i had > [4:41] (Thresh): NO > [4:42] (Thresh): FUCKING > [4:43] (Thresh): MANA > [4:47] (Thresh): you retard... > [7:33] (Thresh): ff > [7:44] (Thresh): be good at the game > [7:54] (Thresh): instead of getting caught by every fucking skillshot > [8:02] (Thresh): no > [8:04] (Thresh): i quit > [8:07] (Thresh): so i can get a better team > [8:15] (Thresh): this is ranked > [8:24] (Thresh): and oyu're playing a newly released arguably trash adc > [8:43] (Thresh): oh good > [8:49] (Thresh): glad i've accepted a loss then > [10:26] [All] (Thresh): what? > [10:30] [All] (Thresh): are you retarded? > [10:44] (Thresh): jhin flashed into the box wall > [10:48] (Thresh): even though it was clearly there > [10:58] (Thresh): almost as retarded as kai'sa players > [13:23] (Thresh): they went on me > [13:24] (Thresh): under tower > [13:27] (Thresh): you fucking disabled %%%% > [13:34] (Thresh): why even come bot > [13:36] (Thresh): you had no ult > [13:56] (Thresh): even though i have higher kda than you, i'm the trash player > [13:56] (Thresh): nice > [14:53] (Thresh): yes thats why i'm the one giving up in a lost cause > [14:58] (Thresh): because i have a small brain > [15:06] (Thresh): it was predictable from champ select we lost this > [15:20] (Thresh): all of your base kda, avg kda on each of your respective champs is under 30% > [15:28] (Thresh): and your win rate is lower > [15:48] (Thresh): can you be good at the game? > [15:54] (Thresh): when you're actually good at the game > [15:57] (Thresh): then i'll shut up aye > [16:08] (Thresh): yeah look at me > [16:13] (Thresh): the highest KDA on the TEAM\ What a pointless post, i post with a permabanned account lmao
This one's from your not permabanned account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kìt (OCE)
: Leveling my honour is impossible
Hi Kìt. You're still making progress on your honour level, but it is slow. You tend to regularly have games where you'll spin up an argument with other members of your team (or the opposing team) and keep them going until the end of the game. Calling people names and telling them to "fuck up" is also not helping. You get reported a lot (not in the top percentile or anything, but way above average). Looking at those reports your teammates regularly reckon you're holding the team back, talking about things like "wasting everyone's time, negative and giving up attitude, abusive swearing, abusing the opposing team", stuff like that. You've not been penalized for any of this yet, but it is slowing down your honour progression. My advice would be to stop making excuses or complaining about the game in chat and getting into arguments. You just gotta show up and play. You can communicate with other people, and yeah sometimes they'll take it the wrong way - such is text chat. But when they do, firing back at them is not what most people do. The person with a high honour rating will be the person who, when that happens, they just shrug it off, mute, play the game out, and report if they feel it's justified. Totally neutral behaviour, nothing overly positive required.
: Still honour 0, after 6 months, literally STFU, you can't complain, at least you still get rewarded Edit: i've been most honourable in my last 13 games, so don't pull any "don't be toxic shit"
It's not about being the most honourable a few times in a row. You need to consistently, for a long period of time, show that you can just show up and play the game. Getting chat restricted every couple of months will bring your honour progression to a complete stop, and garnering reports by acting against your team or flaming them is also going to slow you down. This is a recent game that negatively affected your honour rating while not also triggering an account penalty: [3:51] (Thresh): shit call [4:40] (Thresh): i had [4:41] (Thresh): NO [4:42] (Thresh): FUCKING [4:43] (Thresh): MANA [4:47] (Thresh): you retard... [7:33] (Thresh): ff [7:44] (Thresh): be good at the game [7:54] (Thresh): instead of getting caught by every fucking skillshot [8:02] (Thresh): no [8:04] (Thresh): i quit [8:07] (Thresh): so i can get a better team [8:15] (Thresh): this is ranked [8:24] (Thresh): and oyu're playing a newly released arguably trash adc [8:43] (Thresh): oh good [8:49] (Thresh): glad i've accepted a loss then [10:26] [All] (Thresh): what? [10:30] [All] (Thresh): are you retarded? [10:44] (Thresh): jhin flashed into the box wall [10:48] (Thresh): even though it was clearly there [10:58] (Thresh): almost as retarded as kai'sa players [13:23] (Thresh): they went on me [13:24] (Thresh): under tower [13:27] (Thresh): you fucking disabled %%%% [13:34] (Thresh): why even come bot [13:36] (Thresh): you had no ult [13:56] (Thresh): even though i have higher kda than you, i'm the trash player [13:56] (Thresh): nice [14:53] (Thresh): yes thats why i'm the one giving up in a lost cause [14:58] (Thresh): because i have a small brain [15:06] (Thresh): it was predictable from champ select we lost this [15:20] (Thresh): all of your base kda, avg kda on each of your respective champs is under 30% [15:28] (Thresh): and your win rate is lower [15:48] (Thresh): can you be good at the game? [15:54] (Thresh): when you're actually good at the game [15:57] (Thresh): then i'll shut up aye [16:08] (Thresh): yeah look at me [16:13] (Thresh): the highest KDA on the TEAM\
  Rioter Comments
: Leblanc revert was a terrible idea
Yea I'm not keen on old LB. W>QRE>W RIP cya ADC, you can't see me coming because it's too dangerous to ward unless your support is a supertank, you can't touch me because W, and you can't dodge two point-and-click nukes. You just have to stay grouped and rely on someone being able to insta-cc her when she dives you over a wall you don't have vision of, otherwise you don't get to play the game anymore after a certain point if the LB is good enough. I'd rather play against a fed Rengar than an LB, because at least with Rengar once he's in he doesn't get to just teleport back to where he leaped from. If she becomes popular she'll be my default draft ban until that changes. This is definitely just the ranting of a salty Bot main though. I'm still hopeful they find some way to make old LB feel fair to play against. We'll see in a few patches if our concerns hold true, and a lot more is likely to change over that time given midseason patches coming up so anything could happen.
: I got this exact same "icon" today after I purchased a mystery icon. I'm not sure how it works, can't find any other info about it
Hi PotatoGodz, see my reply to zantheon for details, but basically the icon you got will work properly when patch 8.8 launches next week.
zantheon (OCE)
: Blank / Missing Summoner Icon
Hi zantheon, you've run into an issue here that is unique to OCE as the blue essence version of mystery icons is actually not supposed to be available right now. Seras Dragon is right that the icon you got isn't actually in the game yet, but it exists in the store system and can still be added to your account as something that you "own". Hence why you can select it but it shows up blank. When the patch next Wednesday lands the icon will show up as expected.
HeartVine (OCE)
: As Roguestoney has said, you should submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) regarding the appeal. The chat logs provided certainly seem to indicate it was just a case of "confirming what someone else said", things is, though, the system has a lot of trouble picking up on that, and so you likely received the ban due to the system not properly understanding the context. It's happened to people before, and, in all honesty, Support doesn't really seem to be useful in situations like this. It's certainly worth a shot, you might actually get a good agent who'll help, but I'm willing to bet they'll basically tell you they can't (or *won't*) do anything.
It is worth a shot, as in cases like this Support *should* unban assuming there are no other recent cases where they've actually been abusive or unsportsmanlike. I'd be disappointed if they didn't.
: 4 bots on my aram team.....
I know this is a bit old but I'm monitoring the bots situation atm as new detection methods went out a while ago now. These bots were all banned on the 22nd by the new system.
Afince (OCE)
: Sounds good, but is there any way in the client you could notify players that the TT queue is available? I'm sure there are people out there that don't play TT simply because they don't know the queue is available.
There are definitely players who don't know when or if TT is available, even after all these years. Some players only realizing that TT Ranked was available in OCE after ranked rewards were announced last year is proof of that, and it's guaranteed to be the case this year if there are TT specific rewards again. We used to put messages in the alert ticker (little exclamation point next to Play button) but these can go unnoticed and should be reserved for when issues are occurring so that we don't dilute the importance of the alert ticker tool. We also tried weekly news posts that also appeared in client which stated TT was "available now". But a lot of players who commented on those posts voiced that they didn't care about TT, and the amount of notice those news posts got decreased quite rapidly. (If the same thing frequently appears in the same spot in the client, you begin to ignore it, same with the alert ticker). Also, the queue did not show a sustained increase in interest after a while of these posts being a regular thing. We've explored other options such as the gold highlights that used to appear for RGM queues, but it turns out that that would require development work which can't reasonably be prioritized. Outside of exploring low-effort options like this, it sadly isn't viable to expend a lot of time on big promotions or in-game events solely to get TT more attention. Getting players' attention about modes that they are hesitant to even look at is quite the challenge, and if they already prefer the other modes then who are we to tell them to play TT instead? All that being said, in Ocean Week 2016 and 2017 we promoted TT by having two days with double points given for wins in TT. That made A LOT of players try TT. I'd wager that most of those players who tried TT for Ocean Week haven't touched it since.
ZedShot (OCE)
: https://imgur.com/a/QsULZ https://imgur.com/a/eVodT 56 min q time +2 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun is someone actually meant to climb with this lp gain ?
Yea, case in point. A team of Challenger and Diamond players having to get matched with Plat to Silver players because no one else is queuing up at the same time, even after a 56 min queue. You winning the game was extremely likely, and the LP gain reflects that.
Senna (OCE)
: Im Silver 3, i know this is somewhat irrelevant due to the fact it is Flex but regardless, i hear many of the people talking about long queues but this is non existent for me, If im playing solo, Queue times are 4 mins MAX. If i have a group of they are 30 secs MAX. This is how it should be. Yes 4 mins is a large difference from 5v5 Queue times but this is to be expected of a game mode of less players. I dont see an issue in any way shape or form.... PepikCzo has very good points and i PRAY as a player of this game since 2012 that you will ATLEAST respond to his comment.
As a mid-silver player, you are close to getting the best possible queue times and matchmaking for TT. You probably didn't see any issues, and it is possible that this change will only give a minor improvement to your experience. But for players in much higher or lower MMR's the queue times were significantly longer and matchmaking was terrible (Challengers matched with or against Gold or lower, for example). Ideally, we should have made these changes earlier in the year when we first started noticing a serious decline in number of TT players and before too many players had their quality of TT experience decline so much, as it likely drove them away from the queue. If we had waited longer to make these changes, it is likely even you would have started noticing longer queue times and more lopsided matchmaking.
: While it is great the TT Ranked Flex is now open on weekends meaning that I can actually queue to play this game mode here on out, as many out there I work weekdays so moving TT Normal Blind to Fridays is a deal breaker. TT Normal Blind should optimally be open and available for summoners on Saturdays as well if not instead. As one of those who enjoy playing the TT game mode, to restricted to only a Ranked mode is a turn off as myself and those I play with prefer to have warm up rounds before hitting up a Ranked queue and those I play with are across Bronze to Gold ranks so cannot be in the Ranked queues together. Both queues need to be available at the same time if a Ranked queue is to be open.
We opened up TT Ranked Flex to Sat/Sun nights back in October last year as there was a lot of interest in the mode due to end of season rewards. We left the Ranked queue open for 4 nights a week to see if interest stuck. Unfortunately it didn't, but we're choosing to remove the TT Ranked days from the traditional Thurs/Fri slots as Sat/Sun are the generally more popular days and the queue doesn't have to compete with weekend RGMs as much anymore now that RGMs aren't a consistent thing. Keeping TT Normal Blind on it's own exclusive day serves a couple of purposes. * Most players who play TT are playing TT Ranked Flex. Unlike SR where Normal Blind and Draft are together significantly more popular than SR Ranked, TT Normal Blind is by far the less popular of the two TT queues. So if you made these two queues compete with each other, TT Ranked would drain most players from TT Normal Blind and potentially kill the viability of the mode. * However if TT Normal Blind can survive as a queue when available on its own, helped by the fact that its now on a Friday which is a fairly popular night of the week, then we get to keep a 3rd day of a TT based mode that anyone can choose to hop into if they want to play TT.
ciaô (OCE)
: I understand and agree with your point, but for the people who do play and enjoy TT dont mind the wait. Why do you have to reduce the time frame of the ques and make it limited? Your better off keeping it as a normal playable again throughout the week so anyone can enjoy it! their is no point in reducing the the game mode just becuase its not popular..... Sometimes things like this stop people from wanting to play
I've explained this a few times over the years, but the point of reducing hours of unpopular game modes is to condense players into smaller time windows so that there are actually enough players queuing up at the same time in order for a game to be formed. Imagine it like this: when you want to meet up online with a small group of people who have different schedules and plans, it would be silly to say "just jump online whenever you want and see who else shows up". You'd likely have different people jumping online throughout the week only to find they were the only one looking to meet online at that specific moment. If you instead say "let's meet up online at 8 pm on Fridays" then you actually have a shot at getting a group together. This is the case with TT. There are so few TT players that if the queue were up 24/7, you're almost guaranteed to never find a match because all of the interested players are queuing up at different times of the week. Either that or the queue times would be record-breaking and the matchmaking might as well have picked players at random to match them. This has literally been the case in some servers where unpopular queues were just left on 24/7. They might as well have not been available at all because that's exactly how effective that was, lots of people queuing up throughout the week but rarely ever at the same time. TT's previous schedule might not have been an issue for you if you have average MMR. But low Bronze and high Gold+ the issues really start to show. Higher MMR players in TT commonly end up with extremely one-sided matches with high queue times because they aren't all queuing up at the same time.
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Ventus (OCE)
: Received nothing from chest
I took a look and saw that you'd opened a chest for which you received the "Happy to see you" emote just before you posted this. Emotes don't require essence to craft so they are auto-redeemed to your account which you may have missed. I'm not seeing a second chest being opened and you had only 1 key at the time you opened the chest with the emote. Feel free to [contact support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) if you'd like them to take another look but that's all I can see :(
ExAmbush (OCE)
: Game ping
That would be due to undersea cable issues, see here for details: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/WvuaHG1z-2018-03-21-nz-players-increased-latency
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Ivdiv (OCE)
: Is it possible to see what the current Schedule is for both Ranked and Normal TT? The most recent Rioter post here still seems to state that Ranked is up Thurs/Fri but I noticed it was actually up last Sat/Sun. There seemed to be an increased interest last Sat/Sun when the Ranked queue was up. Some friends and I had a blast playing it. Would love to know the exact current schedule so we can plan around it. Thanks :)
Hi Ivdiv, The current schedule for all queues is shown here: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/wgM0WBsO-queue-schedule-updated-oct-23rd I still consider the Sat/Sun TT Ranked Flex hours as in testing, because interest in the queue seems to be fluctuating. Some weekends it looks like we can keep it running for four nights a week, other weekends the amount of games played is so low that I'm considering reducing it to a 2 or 3 day schedule or restricting the hours slightly again. That being said, I'm glad to hear that you and your mates are having a great time with the mode :)
: riot fixed my honor? (automatic?)
That was an automatic unlocking of your Honor state, which means you've been a more consistently sportsmanlike player recently. Great job, keep it up! Honor level reset only occured for those who were level 2 or above, players at all other levels remained at that level. See the Honor level reset section on [this site](https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor) for details.
: riot doesnt know who to stop toxicly
Your account was locked due to compromise, not due to sharing. I can see that you submitted a ticket last year right after it was locked and this was the response from support: "Hiya! First off, don't panic! We put a lock on the account when we saw a bunch of strange activity, and we can fix it up no problem! But for security reasons, we are not able to assist with any Account Recovery related actions while you are logged into our support site, so if you can give me an email not linked to any League of Legends account I will set up a new ticket with that address! Let me know if you have any questions!" As it's been a while since this ticket was lodged it was closed permanently. But if you submit another ticket and follow the instructions from support they can get your account back to you.
Mayo (OCE)
: Hi Gehirn, Thank you for your response! I understand everything that you have said, and it makes total sense. I had suspected it was somebody i knew, and i have actually said that in the support tickets i sent to riot support! However, As you have access to the login records you can see i don't believe I logged in many times during that 6 month period. I had just moved away from home and started university. i was really busy and i didn't really have my computer to play games on. I do not recall seeing that message at all but im sure you can check if i got that message. Also, before that month, you can see i was changing my password very frequently due to the suspicion i had. i was just very busy in that 6 month period and didnt play league much then or enough to notice. if i did play it was one or two games. I know before the ban took place it was a full 26 days before i had logged on. I appreciate the fact that you know someone else was on my account, because the language and things they would say are very different to what i would do. The person on my account was a different kind of toxic to me. this is at-least some closure. I am willing to provide any other information or documentation from my end Gehirn that you may require. I would really appreciate it if you could add me in game for a conversation. Thank you again for your response and i hope we can work this out!
Hi Mayo, I have since performed an extremely thorough investigation and still conclude that the account should not be unbanned. As the details of this investigation are more sensitive I have included them in a reply to your latest ticket.
00shots00 (OCE)
: so people with duel account or more on the same email will not be banned or deleted? asking for a friend
Nah for now you can have the same email on multiple accounts, this may or may not change in future. And if it changed we wouldn't ban the accounts we'd just require them to select and verify a new email address.
Mayo (OCE)
: Hijacked account resulting in permanent ban HELP!
Hi Mayo, I'm afraid we can't unban this account. While it may be that you were not the one playing on the account at the time the permanent ban took place, I believe responsibility does sit with you as the account owner in this instance. Your last password reset was 6 months prior to the ban. During this period of time, your account was accessed many times by someone you knew. Given the time frames of the login records, I have no doubt you would have seen the "Your account has been logged into from another computer" message in client at least once in those 6 months. This should have been a clear trigger for you to perform another password reset to secure your account. Your account being in such severe negative standing prior to the permanent ban was due to your own actions in game, as you mentioned. I'm sorry to say it, but because your account's permanent ban was ultimately your responsibility, the ban should not be removed.
Evelynnie (OCE)
: Does this at all effect smurf accounts under the same email address, or does it work the same?
I believe you'll need to verify each account to that email address when you log in to them, if you've not already verified them.
: Has Riot considered 2 Step Authentication?
Yep! There was an Ask Riot post about this last year and I think that's the latest word we have on it: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/07/ask-riot-two-factor-and-runes-reforged/
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: Hey, It's nearly February lol. What's the ETA on transfers now? I need to transfer from EUW > OCE. Cheers.
Transfers are now back up. Get over here!
Hasbro08 (OCE)
: Hi Gehirn, I was wondering what's the current uptake with this? Honestly, it's been taking too long and I didn't want to resort to player support and any possible pertinent problems with it. Could you give me a rough estimate on how much longer it'll be?
If everything goes as expected, transfers will be back very soon. They will also be discounted for a little while after they're reactivated.
: Why doesn't Tectonic have an Icon?
Sometimes team icons aren't all shipped at once, especially new ones as the art for them sometimes doesn't reach Riot until just before the splits start. I'll take a look at this tomorrow when I'm in the office and see if it is just a late development or if there is an issue in the store.
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