Todgins (OCE)
: The "Find your club" on the last link doesn't seem to function like I think it should.
Hey there, sorry about this. We were working on the fix for this over the weekend but it wasn't pushed live until Tuesday morning. The Club Directory should now be working.
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Kakoda (OCE)
If those are your details, then they are not from this LoL account or any other you may have, though if you've had to change your password then that means you use the same password on your LoL account that you use on other services. This person you encountered is likely quoting info dumped from other services you've used that have been breached. Look up your info on and you're likely to be surprised by the amount of services you've used that have had your information stolen or leaked. This is why you should avoid using the same username and password across different services.
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: Positional rank
KDAs is correct. The team behind ranked 2019 recently made a post about upcoming changes to positional ranked in the regions that are testing it. You can read about it [here](
: The leveling experience in this game is awful and unfun
You're playing on a smurf. You're getting matched with other smurfs. Until your MMR and the MMR of other smurfs adjusts, as DarkShade said this is a good learning opportunity as you're coming up against a wide range players with various skill levels that you wouldn't normally get the opportunity to face on a level 30 account where your MMR is more likely to be where it is supposed to be at and matches you with players more around your level.
: i got honor 5 last season and only got a ward skin ... how come no champion skin? :o
Are you sure? Check to see if you have Medieval Twitch or Grey Warwick on your account ;)
: When does the new patch come out?
Patch 9.2 is currently **scheduled** to go out a day later than usual, so if all goes as planned it should land in OCE on Thursday morning.
kas1502 (OCE)
: By rank does it mean solo rank or 5v5 flex rank?
Most events use Solo rank to determine eligibility. Check the rules on the event's signup page to get all the finer details.
00shots00 (OCE)
: im going to sound like a idiot here XD, TMG? where can i sign up for them? just trying to get a foot in the door for some events and stuff.
Check out the groups' events on their Battlefys here: Their Discord groups also are great places to stay on top of new events as they are announced: TMG: SumSoc:
00shots00 (OCE)
: from your experience does playing these events help you get anywhere for playing the game or is these events mostly just a play around sort of event/tournament? sorry if i'm wasting your time.
No problem, happy to answer this. Rioters aren't allowed to play in these standard community events since they are prized with RP, so I can't speak from experience specific to such events. But lots of players who do take part do so to make new friends (most people report making friends through these events), learn how to play in a team and improve together (practice for CLASH, when that decides to work) or earn some extra RP. If you're good enough and you join a serious and competitive amateur team you may get the chance to compete in the invite only leagues that some community groups run for the very best amateur teams in the region.
00shots00 (OCE)
: is anyone ever looking to have weekend events?
There were some weekend events in the earlier half of the month, and there are usually a few. For this month the only weekend event remaining is the SumSoc Jan Premade 5v5 (unless any new events come up, in which case I'll update this article). For February we'll get this article out much earlier to ensure we cover all the month's events properly.
2slw50 (OCE)
: boarders gone?
Sorry about this, looked into it yesterday and basically: If you ended the season in division V of any tier, you were bumped up to division IV due to the ranked system rework. Since 9.1, any previous season rank that had to be bumped up to division IV isn't being detected correctly, which impacts your loading screen border and in profile hover-card. The team responsible knows how to fix but it would require further ranked downtime so it is slated to be fixed in 9.2 unless we can develop a fix that does not require any ranked downtime.
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Ejay (OCE)
: **EZClap**
Wow you guys are smashing our scores! WP
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=y3PVwH0o,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-05T08:44:10.845+0000) > > We're testing the transfer system at the moment after some changes made to store systems recently. So far it's looking like we've got some more work to do to ensure accounts don't get messed up after a transfer. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation and will report back with any new developments, but can't promise when we'll have transfers back up as of yet. How much longer?
Regrettably, the issues continue to persist and we've not succeeded in restoring the transfer service as quickly as we'd hoped. I've posted an update on the state of the transfer service [here](
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: How does Grandmaster Tier work? Is it Top 500 or something? Because at first I thought it would replace Master Tier, and Master Tier would become Master IV - Master I (replacing Diamond I & Diamond II), but based on the leaderboards it looks like Master Tier is still an open tier with an infinite amount of LP.
Grandmaster seems to work the same way Challenger did. So a certain % or number of the top players from Master will promote into Grandmaster, and then a certain number or % of players from Grandmaster will promote into Challenger. You can check out the current Master players in the client under the Ranked tab in your profile, and [note when Grandmaster and Challenger tiers will open up to promotions](
DomPling (OCE)
: Still suspended after 14 day suspension
According to the time you posted this you attempted to log in about one hour early. I can see the ban completed at the time it was supposed to and you can play again. If you're in the AEDT timezone you might wanna check the time of the clock you were using to determine if your ban was up.
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KingSoba (OCE)
: Hi, question to anyone of you fellas. I'm going to Japan next week and i want to transfer my account to their region to play with my cousins. On the Riot page regarding end of season questions, it said that transfers will be open again from Dec 4th. I understand that delays can happen in any situation, but do you have an ETA of when i would be able to transfer?
Hi there! I've got an update since I responded to your post on Help & Support boards last night. We're very close to turning it back on, the team working on it is discussing next steps to do so right now. I'll be keeping an eye on their conversations and following up if there are any issues with OCE transfers once they are turned back on.
: At Riot OCE, do you guys get involved with champion development? (Splash arts, 3D models, concepts etc) or is that only strictly done in Riot NA?
Development on game content like the stuff you mentioned is done in our Los Angeles office (though we are consulted on some things as CptStupendous mentioned), but not by the NA team as you might expect. Lemme clarify :D The Los Angeles office is made up of two teams, the "Central" or "Global" team, and the NA regional team. The NA regional team is a lot like the OCE team, they take care of the player experience in their region, produce the NALCS, and support local community events and player engagement opportunities. The Central team, which the majority of Rioters in LA are a part of, are the ones that create products that reach players globally, such as champions.
KingSoba (OCE)
: Server transfer back open
We're testing the transfer system at the moment after some changes made to store systems recently. So far it's looking like we've got some more work to do to ensure accounts don't get messed up after a transfer. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation and will report back with any new developments, but can't promise when we'll have transfers back up as of yet.
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: Hook Main Club [OCE]
Hmmm {{champion:240}} {{champion:122}} . . . {{champion:6}} ? Thoughts?
: Hello. The issue is still happening after the update. Is there another way that mac users can buy RP?
Yea, looks like I jumped the gun saying Tuesday morning to get the fix out. I swear every time I give a date for something to happen I'm wrong in the end - when will I learn to just use good old Soon™? Sorry about the false hope D: It looked like we were seriously close to shipping a fix but apparently that wasn't the case. I'm asking around for an update on this now. UPDATE: Latest info is that this fix has had to be pushed to 8.24. If there are items you want to buy or sales you want to take advantage of that expire before you're next able to purchase RP due to this issue, then please take note of those items now and [send a ticket]( to Player Support after the patch. They should help by manually purchasing those items for you. Also if you have any prepaid RP cards that you can't redeem due to this issue, Player Support will help you manually redeem right now.
: any eta on a fix? i just dont what the emporium to close without being able to grab them.
Thanks for waiting, Space Lizard and Devil Vulture wards are now in the mystery ward loot table.
: I cant redeem my pop music A-ward
I can see that the Pop Ward Skin was redeemed successfully on the 19th, you should be seeing it in your ward skin inventory under the Collection tab and in champ select. If you still aren't seeing it I recommend reaching out to [Player Support]( I actually recommend you reach out to PS in any case as it appears you've crafted the ward skin twice. The first time it redeemed to your account and the second time you just crafted it as a "ward skin permanent" that you should see sitting in your Hextech Inventory. It's possible that PS may return the tokens you used to redeem the ward a second time if you explain the mistake as long as you don't disenchant the item in your inventory.
ghost42 (OCE)
: ***
Yeah, nah. You can find out all about our efforts to curb botting in [this dev post]( from October. Some cool insights in there from the Anticheat team.
yungwoe (OCE)
: Bots in ARAM
After thoroughly pushing bots to the brink earlier this year they seem to be making a resurgence recently. The ones you ran into were accounts created four years ago that have been sleeping, waiting to be botted ever since. The lengths they're going to in order to avoid detection are...well, they show dedication to their "craft". I've reported this to the Anticheat team and they'll be looking into how we can further improve our detection algorithm.
: More Info on Abilities Needed in Client
The new client did ship with this info originally, but it was removed. There was a Reddit thread in which a couple of Rioters explained the various reasons: [Thread]( [Rioter reply 1]( [Rioter reply 2]( One of those nice-to-have but technically demanding features to develop (sounds like some tech debt is involved), and the LoL wiki serves as a good source of manually updated info so the opportunity cost probably loses out to other dev work that needs doing.
: any eta on a fix? i just dont what the emporium to close without being able to grab them.
Sorry, no eta on fix yet. Lots of other things cropping up after preseason patch and thanksgiving holidays in NA mean things are hard to get prioritized atm.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=JZ5Ec0aO,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-11-21T02:25:32.939+0000) > > Hi Everyone, thanks for reporting this. > > As of now, engineers are already aware and working on next steps to resolve this issue. Do they have an estimated guess as to when the issue will be resolved?
We're aiming for the fix to roll out Tuesday morning AEDT.
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: I know you don't have to be honour 5, and like I said I don't struggle with my behaviour, I'm reformed, thanks for your useless response though chief :)
I think the part Seras Dragon may have left unaddressed is why your border from the 2017 season is gone. Borders are an indicator of your ranked performance in your most recent season. If you were honour 2 or above this year, then your border would have reflected your 2018 rank. But as your honour level disqualifies you for 2018 rewards your ranked border, or lack thereof, reflects that.
Ømen (OCE)
: Blurry client after update
Hi Everyone, we started tracking this error after it was raised in the [bug megathread]( a few times. As of now we're having trouble reproducing the issue in order to solve so we'd appreciate if you could [send in a ticket]( for our Player Support team to better track the issue. Some players who wrote in were able to resolve the issue for now by [enabling low spec mode in the client](
OCEshots (OCE)
: i'll play on this account after work to check if it is just i'm hitting turrets more often or not (I play differently according to accounts. Playing more risky at lower elo). Also on another note thinking about it now didn't they buff minions or at least their damage?
This is true. Melee minion AD now scales, and while caster minion AD doesn't scale infinitely anymore, it does scale faster than it used to until its cap at 37 mins.
: I was able to unlock the new Pajama Guardian ward, but it still wont allow me to get the Space Lizard or Devil Vulture wards. The Devil Vulture ward is also not in the Ward tab in the Collection, i only see it in the shop. Also according the the FAQ, I should be able to unlock the Star Guardian Season 2 and the Steel Valkyries ward since it says you can unlock any ward that says Available in collection. I know both of these are supposed to be somewhat exclusive, so maybe a tweaking of the FAQ or removing them from availability in the Collection tab. Or if they are simply available and not exclusive at all, great for me.
Looking into this: - Devil Vulture ward does appear in collection, just have to set it to display "All" skins as it doesn't appear to have been assigned to a "Set". - I have confirmed that neither Space Lizard or Devil Vulture ward are in the loot table for Mystery Wards, and have reported this to the store team. - The New Horizon (SG2) and Exo (SV) ward skins should not be marked as available in collection, actually quite a few others like this as well. I've compiled a list of wards that should not be marked as available and passed this on to the store team.
: Mystery Ward
This issue should be resolved as of 1330 yesterday. The wards released since the last time mystery wards was made available weren't added to the loot table. If you're still not able to buy mystery wards let me know.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Being honest, it actually feels like turrets go down easier now. I've only played a few matches (coop and blind) but it just seems like they take so much damage now, even though their defences have actually gone up. One of my friends whom I played with yesterday feels the same way.
Could be a couple of things attributing to this feeling: - Turret plating gold rewards makes players want to prioritize damaging the turret especially before plating falls off. Meaning that even with the extra resistances they may go down around the same time if not earlier. - The Health bars look bigger, so damage dealt looks like it comes in bigger chunks than before. Just my theory.
: Can't redeem my Riot point's
Hi DDAWG20K, are you working with a Mac in this case? I ask because we're seeing other issues with RP purchases on Macs at the moment.
ni55a (OCE)
: game crashing when trying purchasing rp on mac
Hi Everyone, thanks for reporting this. As of now, engineers are already aware and working on next steps to resolve this issue.
: Hi Gehirn, back again. I'm having an issue redeeming the code in the client. Whenever I put the code in (i tried typing and copy-pasting), I end up with the same error message, and this is for all of the codes. Imgur link attached
Hi xu xu bird, Yea the codes you received via email would have expired by now due to being from an incorrect batch. I've now emailed you the correct codes which should still be active.
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: Thanks Gehirn This is something I typically untick when purchasing things online. I’ve forwarded my original response now
I've now replied with your code, and we also confirmed that unticking that promo email box had no effect on whether or not players received their codes. So the cause of players not receiving them is still a mystery, unfortunately.
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