: Can we have tribunal, refund tokens and OCE skin please?
we need the 1st one for sure. as far as refund tokens, that is just silly and should not happen UNLESS if the token only works on things that have NOT been used in a ranked game. ( so you can view it etc in normals ) and the last one meh
: Lucian is trash now :P
he asked what is most fun to us, not what is best
: Freelo Champions
................................. that doesn't even make sense. if so many champs are so strong, then they cancel each other out. and to make it even worse, you are bronze... bronze players only play champions at about 3-10% of what they are capable of anyway.
: Do I deserve where I am or should I be higher?
you are where you should be im not saying you are bad, im just saying you are where you should be. keep winning and you will keep moving up.
GangOne (OCE)
: Rude bully kids are ruining this game
or 1 gets mad in the lobby then just feeds all game, like my last game. fun fun
Pi3Eat3R (OCE)
: RP Generator? Is this a scam?
....................................... do you even brain?
{{champion:42}} {{champion:236}}
: Never been banned/chat restricted AMA
{{champion:104}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}}
lol dream on mate, we will be old men before any of that ends up happening, and even still, it will be slower than what is already available elsewhere int he world. {{summoner:3}}
Forky (OCE)
: I acknowledge games I should have lost. If i do bad, that's fine, I accept that. But more often then not I win my lane, I also push fast after a kill and go roam to feed others. Mate, i have fed more people then i can count multiple kills in there lane from my roam and they STILL LOSE because of the skill disparity. Or they throw later from roaming too far without vision, all things that come from experience in ranked. There will be a number of people who never get teams good enough for LONG enough to get out of there without just using kat, akali or fiora to hyper carry. All I am suggesting is what seems like a better way to actually measure someones ability (as a team member) in matchmaking and match them with the appropriate team mates.
I find it interesting the you say "if i do bad i accept that" yet, you do not accept when someone else has a bad game, but they have to accept it when you have a bad game. think about ways YOU can help the team win. * track and ping red/blue enemy buffs when they are about to come up * ward even though you are not support with green AND pinks * Keep an eye on dragon/baron timer and make sure to tell the team 1min before it spawns ( 2mins before if people are wanting to fight and risk been dead when the dragon spawns) * keep an eye on ALL LANES not just you lane, is top getting owned and mid owning??? a simple suggestion to lane swap never hurts. * winning bot lane and you killed there tower?? send the support to top lane with a simple "GJ support, can you help out top now for a bit bud" * call mias. not just for your lane either. * build FOR THE SITUATION. do not build the same thing every game. yea yea yea, i know you are going to say you already do all that, but its a lie and until you accept that you can not progress. Oh, and accepting that you have room to improve is a GOOD THING not a bad thing. just trying to help you man. All the best on the battlefields!
Sequenced (OCE)
: Is there a program which can allow me to transfer to na and get below 100ping?
You do realize what a ping is yes?? not sure if troll or serious. oh and incase you are serious, no, i do not think that a program exists that can change the laws of physics.
Vexus (OCE)
: so know you know
i also find it funny how everyone disliked this riot post, and yet in game if anyone stops moving for half a second its REPORT JINX AFK
switchem (OCE)
: the red boarder
give it 2 weeks and you wont even notice that it was ever any other colour
Forky (OCE)
: The Problem with Matchmaking and "Elo Hell"
Why does no one ever take responsibility for there own gameplay. Stop blaming others for where you are, and focus on HOW YOU PLAY.
Justify (OCE)
: The Misunderstandings of a Bronze 5 Player and level 1-25 player
i remember when i first started play lol, i used to do the 3v3 games only because i got lost on the 5v5 map the 1st time i tried it and everyone got mad, i couldnt find my way out of the jungle lol
: Shortly after the world's first marriage, natural instincts kicked in.
> [{quoted}](name=ArcticHorizon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=NrZW9f42,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2014-12-12T10:08:47.416+0000) > Shortly after the world's first marriage, natural instincts kicked in. u win lol +9000 LP
Vexus (OCE)
: so know you know
thats becasue most of you do not have brains. 4v5 is 4v5, not your fault maybe, but think about it. if a player is losing he could just pull his net out without any punishment ( if they changed this the way you want it)
: me please
already sent you one this week you cheeky lill %%%% :P haha {{summoner:21}}
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Do you get an error?
yes, it has the same error as if i send a normal mystery to him but have already sent him 5 on the same day. we trade mysterys alot but have not for several days so i know he has not got 5. But yea, its the same error
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Hey Geldour, I am currently looking into this.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot ToxicHawk,realm=OCE,application-id=pEj6Ee6n,discussion-id=TEZzqPjj,comment-id=000b0001,timestamp=2014-12-11T23:36:47.348+0000) > Hey Geldour, > I am currently looking into this. thankyou :)
: I found a botter today.
http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/OCE/private%20happii/matches lol yea, im sure hoping its a bot lol
: Suit up for Snowdown with vault-clearing sales
trying to do one of the new mystery gifts to a friend and it doent work :/
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: What's the rarest skin you've seen in game.
i seen a {{champion:6}} once #once
: End of game gifting
lets be honest, after every game on oce its gg ez nubs, bg, report ***, your all bad, etc etc gifts are the last thing on peoples minds.
: I have a set in concrete rule of never surrounding! Darn those times when I'm the only one who doesn't surrender. But also the only one with less than 1 death.
> [{quoted}](name=lols,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=iwmbMiQW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2014-12-11T21:11:57.598+0000) > I have a set in concrete rule of never surrounding! Darn those times when I'm the only one who doesn't surrender. But also the only one with less than 1 death. same, and i always say "we can still win no stress" in chat if people lose focus
: add me ingame friend i will help
> [{quoted}](name=Officer Caitlyn,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=J4bpQbbW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-11T10:37:56.628+0000) > add me ingame friend i will help very good adc right here to help you :)
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: Is this laptop good?
not bad at all, i had the GT 720M in my old laptop, worked for league well, 8gb ram is nice and its an i5, good value for money
: the acc hes posting on is bronze 5 lel
lol i didnt even realize that, so his main is bronze 5, yet he complains about bronzes not carrying him past silver 3
: 1 lyk = 1 tear {{item:3070}}
: Why are bronzies so STUPID?
im more confused as to how you are 10-16 when you are a smurf. whats your main silver 5?
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FauxSho (OCE)
: Can you actually explain why you spend that much? I'm assuming those jackets you are buying are meant for wet weather conditions as well, unlike these general styled hoodies. I doubt you are spending $500 on a hoodie... lol If that is the case, can you maybe give a better example, because comparing expensive all weather designed clothing with these hoodies is probably not the best.
they are not hoodies, im 30 not 15, the eagles one is not for wet weather, but the mountian designs expensive one is a gortex one for wet weather
FauxSho (OCE)
: Riot Merch Store - Amazing, but spensive!
my afl jacket cost $500, my jackets from mountian designs cost $650 and $250 $96? seems ok to me
: I need opinions
if i can climb to gold playing only support then im sure you will be fine mate
: a new division you cant drop from.... cause its kinda like a milestone, and riot awards you a silver banner to show your attained a certain level of skill
yea well... thats actually not true, at all. You can drop from a division if you lose too much
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: Unnatural Tilt?
i always take a 10min-30mins break if i lose 2 in a row, means that no one in the last game will be in your game and its like a fresh start
: Tanky supports
leona / blitz / thresh in that order
: Expecting a loss already...
you know its a loss when 1 idiot goes to the forums to complain and rage before the game has started. ever think maybe he doesnt play malph or yasuo? maybe he mains gragas and likes to play it?
Molo (OCE)
: Need 11 rp rito!
HAHAHA cool pic
Rav (OCE)
: His username used to be Steel Legion Garen, if that helps...
"he" is a girl, if that helps...
: How can I improve at support?
ward more die less die more ( to save team mates ) 90% of your deaths should be to save someone ward more again track buffs, drag, baron, ward them, ping them when they come up if jungler is not taking all the jungle, take your adc to get it ( the close one only) ward more again play INFRONT of your adc. not behind. ward more, why do you not have a pink on the map>? buy another. ping mia for ALL LANES not just bot. And ping it again after 5sec if still mia. ask jungler if he can get a sight stone for more ward coverage, dont be a douche about it, just ask. BUILD SUPPORT ITEMS. you are not AP, you are not an ADC. Buy ONLY items that help the team. and remember, support is about cc/healing/buffing along with vision and control of the map, not about kills/dmg.
: Finally Gold 5!
grats mate :) did it myself about a week ago thank god :)
JustaFide (OCE)
: So many 1000 game players that still play like they just installed
after looking at your stats i wonder how you feel you are in a position to talk.
: Now is your chance Riot (Read more)
yea ah no. you have too much time on your hands to think of something like this.
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