Main Line (OCE)
: Don't just look at the rich areas! There's plenty of space along the inner west train line near St Peters where graffiti artists have their say.... perhaps reserve a spot there :) Or in Redfern :) Failing that, contact Parramatta City Council, they are a good bunch of blokes who should be able to sort something out.
Great point - we are looking at loads of locations at the moment. Thanks for the suggestions.
Cyrater (OCE)
: What will be the mural? will it contain player names like the nautilus statue?
Hi, yes there will be a plaque with all the qualifying players names on the wall.
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Jason (OCE)
: Do the talky thing | My experience with the Community for Worlds 2016
Awesome write up, and I am so glad you could have a great time at the event but more importantly hype the crowd and keep the atmosphere buzzing! Well done from the team at Riot OCE! I hope you want to get more involved as we see more esports viewing parties come to life in the coming 12-18 months! GG!
Minitom (OCE)
: WTF, WHERE IS CANBERRA!!!{{item:3070}}
Hi, see my responses. This is a choice based on tech only to make sure the feed is 100% solid and of of best quality. We are hoping for more to be open next year.
: No show bags this year? 😭
Ventross (OCE)
: Seriously, there's no Canberra events ever. I'm not gonna lug me and 2 mates up to sydney ffs. There's a pretty big interest in Canberra too.
Hey, see above we have to work with HOYTS with the screens that can access a sat feed so you get the best experience possible, we are hoping to have more screens open next year.
lifa (OCE)
: Why never in NZ Capital either
Hi, we are hoping next year this will change with HOYTS bringing on more sat enabled cinemas.
: i would like to know this aswell{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If you want merch you have to get it at an event. The online store is pretty rubbish. The support system isn't very good and it'll take so long to get to you that you'll have grown into the next size. Great game, but poor online store.
Hi, great feedback. You can also go along to a Gametraders store now and purchase merchandise.
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey will the lanyard definitely be the Thresh-Lucian one? Or will they all be different? Furthermore, will we be able to choose the size of the t-shirt or will it be a lucky dip? Obviously you'll only have limited numbers of each size if its the former.
Hi, you will be able to select your size when you collect your show bag. On the lanyard I am not to sure on the variant - but I guess that makes it a nice surprise :)
: Can we buy the tickets now in the cinemas? Because my card expired just a few days ago. {{item:3070}}
Hi, tickets are only available online sorry.
: Will there be any additional merchandise to purchase at the HOYTS viewing parties?
Hi, no there wont be sorry.
: will the mystery skin be a championship skin or will it be a random skin for an owned champion?
You will have to wait and see :)
ZajRoss (OCE)
: w8 will it be showing in wetherill park?
Only at the cinemas listed above.
: Rito pls why no viewing at Canberra? Q_Q {{item:3070}}
Hi, main blocker here is that the cinema in Canberra cant take the Satellite Feed so we are working to have more cinemas enabled in the future.
Azusu (OCE)
: Wait so people in Auckland don't get t-shirt!?!?!? :(
Hi, the bags are slightly different yes.
: the ticket says it starts at 4.25pm but when should we turn up to see all the preshow stuff?
Hey which ticket are you referring too? HOYTS or the Brisbane Event?
: How about trying to get EB Games to do it? Too pricey? How about you just make your own stores? IDK!
Hi, we are evaluating other retailers but this is the initial test. We are the first region to use physical stores to sell merchandise so bare with us whilst we learn.
VmixD (OCE)
: what is gametraders and when does nz get some love?
Hey Vita, we are testing and learning here. Physical merch comes with many challenges so bare with us as we see how this rolls out. Once we have our learnings we can then evaluate rolling out further with different merchants etc. Hope this helps.
: Wow, they're so pricy.... But I really want that Nami {{champion:267}}
Hey Spiritwolfe, bare in mind there is no shipping costs with these prices so it will be cheaper than buying them from the LOL MERCH store.
: Aotearoa New Zealand???? Really are we that invisible?
Hey, we are testing this roll out so bare with us. We would obviously like to be everywhere but it takes time.
paddy984 (OCE)
: Awesome! Can't wait to go to my local Gametraders store in WA and pick some up. Oh wait........
Hi also to add to this: Each store being independently run and operated, we’re able to post product directly to players who may not be in an area in which GT is located. For example, in WA you can contact the Marion Store on FB or call and have a product posted out to you. Or the Chermside store in QLD can post out to NT. Here are the store details. Gametraders Marion Shop 2010A Westfield Marion, 297 Diagonal Road Oaklands Park SA, 5046 Phone: 08 8296 1144 Gametraders Chermside Shop 253 Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre (Food Court), Corner Gympie & Hamilton Roads Chermside QLD, 4032 Phone: 07 3861 5000 Hope this helps.
paddy984 (OCE)
: Awesome! Can't wait to go to my local Gametraders store in WA and pick some up. Oh wait........
Hey Paddy, sorry there is not a store locally to you. We are the first Riot region (OCE) to roll out merchandise in physical stores, so we are seeing how this goes and if we can, we will expand further. You can always use the store in the meantime.
Optio (OCE)
: Will there be showbags for viewing parties?
You will have to wait until you attend the event.
: Is there an age restriction?
Hi, there is no age restriction but if you are under 16 please be responsible about how you get to and from the venue.
Journeyns (OCE)
: But it occurred on client chat, not the game...
Hey Can you please raise a ticket and supply the chat logs? We can then take any required actions. Thanks for helping stop racist behaviour.
KozMic (OCE)
: Coxy pls
KozMic (OCE)
: Are there any kind of showbag things you get with the tickets like last year?
You will have to wait and see on the night :)
: I live near south bank and i can confirm that the venue isn't that big. How many tickets are available abouts?
We have roughly 1900 on sale in the first batch with the floor going on sale later once final production plans are locked. Thanks!
: Will OPL/OCS teams recieve complimentary tickets like IWCA last year?
Hi, presently we have OPL team tickets set aside for the partaking 6 teams that wont be in the final. Hope that helps.
: So the event starts around 5:30 pm, around what time will the main event end ?
Hi, this depends if we go to 5 games or not. I would plan to be out before 11pm at the latest. Hope that helps.
Acedia6 (OCE)
: Are the seats numbered because me and some friends would like to buy tickets but we're not sure if we need to buy them all together in order to get seats next to eachother? Wondering if we can buy our tickets separately and still sit together?
Hi, Ticketek has a really cool feature where you can reserve the seats and then inform your friends and then you will then be all sat together or you can buy all the tickets in one go. The limit is 6 per transaction. Hope that helps.
: Hey, is there any way for us to get viewing parties in more locations?
Hey, presently the viewing parties with HOYTS are restricted by the cinemas that can receive the Sat Signal. You can host your own viewing party. We will try and add more as we develop the relationship and tech with HOYTS.
Bonger (OCE)
: you said on the site 'Ticket holders for the main event and HOYTS viewing parties will receive a skin code on the day.' any hints you could give us about the skin (theme/champ/will it be a legacy or an event skin)?
: Will the merchandise store have just items related to the game itself or the teams as well, or will there be a separate stand for the two teams on the day?
Hi, presently we have Gametraders selling a select amount of League merchandise. We will up date everyone if this changes in the coming weeks.
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Trcarter (OCE)
: When do we get the skins from the games that were played at this event?
Hey can you let me know what you mean by this? There were no skins on offer for the event. Are you referring to the IP codes from HOYTS for your ticket purchase? Let me know.
Horizonn (OCE)
: Sylvia Park Screening Was amazing!!!
Glad you had a great time!
Chezyboi (OCE)
: Those thundersticks though xD - a wristband works for me! A University group handed out some at the OPL finals @ Hoyts, which was cool of them.
Hi Guys, the community groups will be there with give aways and also you can get your 3 day IP boost with your ticket.
Blanco (OCE)
: I know right, why is there none in the NZ capital
Hi Guys, we hear you. We are working to open more screens with HOYTS but presently we only have the above screens that can take the satellite feed. We want to deliver the best experience possible. HOYTS will look to open more screens in the future.
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Sherk420 (OCE)
: Where do we get the thundersticks? And are they free or do we have to pay??{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Yep there free for all events :) at HOYTS!
Sherk420 (OCE)
: Hey, i won a contest and i had my tickets booked by ChuChuZ, does that mean i still get the boost or not?
Hi, did you pick up the tickets physically?
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey GeneralCoxy, The event last night was really good, and I was wondering if you will be screening the IWCI Final and the MSI Final even if the Chiefs aren't in the finals, or don't attend MSI? Thanks, og1764
Hi Guys So we have some challenges with IWCI. The final starts at 3am in the morning in Mexico City so this is not a good time to run a viewing party so we have had to take this one off the schedule. MSI yes we will be running viewing parties at HOYTS and I am super excited for this event! Worlds, yep this will be on also and we ran these last year and they were a blast. Like LemonHunter mentions keep an eye on the site for the latest ticket news. GG!
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Wards (OCE)
: Woohoo! Christchurch :D
Yep I am so happy we have that one open!
og1764 (OCE)
: Is it going to be like this all year? If so, would you at least consider sending out some of the thunder sticks? They really added to the atmosphere and made it a significantly better experience than just watching it at home while on a Skype call with some mates
Hey, all showing this year will have thunder sticks. As you rightly point out they do make a difference to the atmosphere. Hope you can make it!
: > [{quoted}](name=GeneralCoxy,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=Te5n67OW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-03-29T00:02:37.620+0000) > > Hey Greeeno. We are working with HOYTS to open more cinemas that have the capability for receiving the sat feed. As you have seen we opened the Christchurch location and I am hoping we can do more in the future. Please please please push for one in the Newcastle area?
Be great to have more, so we will keep you all informed as more cinemas come online.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Add me please GeneralCoxy, my name is Zahe Jr P.S. I'm not the real Zahe I'm just a huge Fan.
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