: Screw the rift im going to norms
Why not just avoid using words that others tend to find offensive?
kowizzle (OCE)
: Tired of the punishment system
Some guides to climb ranked recommend to use /mute all for every game, if you're a player that tends to get triggered or tilted by teammates or enemies. For me it works wonders, games are so much more peaceful and I concentrate way more on my own play, the mistakes I make and how to avoid them and how to exploit enemy mistakes.
: The 300 token ones were always just chromas. The 2000 token ones (token price has varied) are the prestige skins which are separate from the original skin. Basically: Chroma - Need the base skin. Prestige - Is its own skin.
: nope
ok, thx for answering. couldnt you in previous events buy full skins from 300 mission tokens ? never did that, but thought it was a thing
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: Quests that need friends are unfair
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