: Patch 6.24 notes
I don't understand how you make your decisions on which champions to buff and nerf in the off season. Twitch nerfed but cait and jhin unchanged. Ivern hardly nerfed at all. wtf
: That's the type of standards you set in the world. Personally I prefer that people are respectful of one another and treat each other with dignity. I'm glad that the Riot Terms of Service share these ideals.
No shit, everyone prefers that people are respectful of one another but that doesn't give you the right to censor people or punish people for their verbalised opinions of others.
: So its ok to tell people to get cancer and kill themselves? When you play the game there is some terms that you agree to.
Of course it's ok, the boarder should be at insighting violence, maybe throw in hate speech too. Sticks and stones may brake my bones but words can never hurt me.
Ninox (OCE)
: It's not meant to be condescending, it's meant to clarify what the system does. Just because you have been punished, does not mean they have not.
"someone else being negative does not make your negativity ok" "Two wrongs do not make a right" "it is a warning that your behaviour was unacceptable" Spoken like a true rioter. Why does riot feel the need to be some sort of overprotective parent, god forbid a a player gets their feelings hurt.
Ninox (OCE)
: If it helps clarify for you, someone else being negative does not make your negativity ok. Two wrongs do not make a right, and under Riot's system, both wrongs will be punished, regardless of who started it. Defending yourself is not the same as retaliating. One is fine ,might not help much, but is perfectly ok. The other is punishable. Don't stoop to their level, don't flame them because they flamed you. It is only a chat restriction, it is a warning that your behaviour was unacceptable and a warning that if you continue to demonstrate that behaviour you will face harsher punishments.
Absolutely disgusting. A sickening condescension. If someone feeds, trolls and flames me, I'm telling the %%%% to go fuck himself, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Miniiqt (OCE)
: 2 week ban why??
Nobody should ever be banned for saying things in chat. If people don't know how to mute, they deserve to be flamed.
: Thankyou, and sorry
You can become perma banned for only flaming people who flame you first. Disgusting. Is this a competitive game or some sort of online "safe space"
KyongHwan (OCE)
: Chat Restrictions set due to toxicity.
I think you've mistaken riot for a company that gives a shit about it's customers.
: Found some boosted animals in the wild
Unfortunately Riot would rather ban shit talkers than cheaters.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Scheduled Changes to Ranked Queues in OCE
Fuck off dummies, removing solo q for 3 hours to force people to play shitty flex. What an absurd solution. Utterly nonsensical. Remove a queue entirely instead of letting it have longer q times or match people with a broader range of elo. Retarded. If nobody plays the game it's a shit game and you should fix the game itself instead of only allowing people to play certain hours so they don't get bored shitless with your shit game.
: 2016 ranked season ends soon!
What if a game starts at 11:59 and lasts 2 hours and someone was on their last game of promos to the next division.
GeoCrad (OCE)
: Who is the braindead employee who decided 4/5 can surrender the game
You shouldn't be able to surrender in ranked at all. Fucking retarded riot
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: Peole who are in the Pro scene has more of an impact on the game, the company and to the media, and is easy to track or bring down. Idiots who trolls and feeds roam around because they are not only unknown but also not regarded a "threat"
I didn't mean pros. I just meant people of a competitive nature.
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