: Ocean Week Champion Ideas! (Or OCE themed)
wolf creek {{champion:104}} like with a singlet and white hair
Warrikon (OCE)
: This disgusting behaviour needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. (please read the WHOLE CHAT)
why would you bother ugh this isnt a movie hes not gonna be all like im so sorry for what i did because at the end of the day we are all humans and we should all be
: Refunds
refunded soraka. no joke
Niji (OCE)
: Why do people who know they have a shit PC/connection still play
so they can ruin the game for 4 other people
: Why is Sivir so popular now.
The REAL answer is here http://www.nerfplz.com/2015/01/sivir-spellshield-bug-in-patch-51.html
Giacomo (OCE)
: JJIIIINNXXX {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}}
also if your jungler and top is {{champion:114}} and shes like y no gank and your like WhoNeedsReasons omg im so tired.
: Changed my name :D Im now know as "WhoNeedsReasons" BronzeLogic is now a free name
JJIIIINNXXX {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}}
: As the game ends
yeah make them do the same thing they did in ascension
: What makes a good LoL youtube video?
wow that was really good, earned a sub :p if you keep going...
: can't download league of legends again :(
you could download this app called CCleaner, which can remove any other files left behind.
: Basically, when you reinstalled, were there any error messages which popped up? >my dad recently brought a way better internet for us This makes me think it most likely *is* a connectivity issue. Getting a new connection from when you had another one *could* cause conflicts with your configuration. Does everything else which connects to the internet on your computer work fine? Have you reset your internet settings yet?
Pretty much every thing was fine until I had to launch league to install the actual game. Then I got what I listed at the top. Also with the connectivity issue, My old internet used to run league fine, until I had to reset my computer, and then, I tried to install league again and it wouldnt work. I kept trying with my old internet and out of nowhere my dad disconnects it and puts the new one. Same issue. It HAS to do with resetting my computer imo. but I dont know what i did because this is my sisters laptop handed down to me. maybe she unintentionally did something that would of solved this problem. I dunno I asked her and she doesnt remember. Anyhow im not certain its a connectivity issue, everyone seems to be fine with the internet and other downloaded stuff works fine. It's just league. Ill probably reset my internet settings just in case :p
Giacomo (OCE)
: Can't Download League
I couldn't help but say this, but one thing that I have found pretty interesting is whenever I turn on my computer again an attempt to launch league. I always (kinda) make it up to the launching screen before the error pops up. After that the error will pop up instantly when I attempt it again, and again, and again. Probably useless, but weird imo. and if you dont know what i mean by launching screen, there is an image. im so bored, it's been weeks ;_;
: During the installation process, the installer needs to install other, prerequisite programs in order for League to run. Did all of those programs install correctly? Also, are you sure that this is not a connectivity problem? Like say, a firewall or anti-virus preventing League from connecting after its initially probe?
Im not sure how to tell if all the programs have been installed correctly maybe its obvious, but im tired lol. And im absolutely sure it isn't a connectivity problem. I know this because my dad recently brought a way better internet for us :p and its nice. but hasnt solved my problem D:
Argonian (OCE)
: Which 3 Skins are worth the RP?
the kayle one is seriously cool
: I'm still confused...hows Akali and Fizz now???
i feel like the range nerf on her ulti will piss me off eventually.
Olee (OCE)
: Please discuss Patch 5.2's effect on Mid laners with me
whats gonna happen to {{champion:7}}
Kadaj (OCE)
: I see you didn't mention Kat. {{champion:55}} Good day sir...
{{champion:55}} doesnt need dfg to be effective i believe
Giacomo (OCE)
: rip deathfire's grasp
that new annie buff though
: Right-click the shortcut you use to open League, click Properties and go into the Compatibility tab. Try out the different versions, main one being Windows XP (with packs) and Windows Vista.
Thanks, but no luck :( Tried all of them
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi Giacomo, It sounds like you've already been through most of the steps on our [patching issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202969434-Patching-Issues) support page. If you have, next step would be to check over the steps in the [Reinstalling League of Legends](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202539040-Reinstalling-League-of-Legends) section. Ideally when you try and install it again, your PC should be 100% clear of League of Legends files - including the original install folder. Let me know how that goes. If you continue to run into problems after that, I'd suggest opening a support ticket, and the Player Support team will be able to help you work out the issue in a more one-on-one fashion. -Mindstar
Thanks for looking into my issue, I followed the steps on Reinstalling League of Legends like making sure PC is 100% clear of League of Legends files and stuff like that, even downloaded CCleaner, but nothing seems to be working. At the moment I have received a response to my ticket (Faster than expected, nice) but the steps they gave me haven't worked, I sent them my DxDiag stuff and i'm awaiting my response. If it's worth mentioning, these problems occurred after I reset my computer, I seemed to be able to download league before with no problems.
: That shouldn't matter so much.
: Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?
How does one do that.
Rioter Comments
: Changing Regions
thats weird, hopefully riot helps you out. but im afraid there isnt a free way to change servers, lucky for you there isn't that much lag here so.
you mean you didn't get silver ?
Turlo (OCE)
: Unable to receive help from Riot Support
why did you get your season rewards taken from you ?
: someone help plz
Have you tried using the 'repair' option. It's the little question mark thing next to launch.
AilinF (OCE)
: Why was I put in Lower Priority Queue when I have not afked for a single game in the last 10 games
same thing happened to one of my other accounts. at least you didnt get banned lol
: Could use some help...
I could be the mystery skin, but other than that you should of received the blue badge i believe. that is very strange, i thought you get badges before you get the notification, but doesnt really matter eh.
  Rioter Comments
Gehirn (OCE)
: RADS error or unable to connect to support.riotgames.com
So, according to my judgement this looks bad.


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