Mo1st (OCE)
: I made a long post (rant) about this 2 days ago... looks like my post got deleted. Basically, riot dgaf about bots, or about their players. I've had a gutful of these endless bots and the non-stop bad behaviour and afks. Riot can take their horribly run game and stick it. I won't be back. If this was a general store or supermarket they would've gone bankrupt by now, because they treat their consumers like morons and give them very little respect. Don't expect any comment from Riot about this, in fact their silence over the years on the countless threads about this same topic just says one thing. Gtfo, we (riot) don't want to discuss this so go away. Same with their totally useless reporting system - it does nothing, zero, zilch! In summary... riot are useless and treat their customers with zero respect. Go find a better game. I have.
i just want them to tell me that reporting does nothing and that they dont care, at least then if im playing a bot game for the ip bonus i can just play something snowbally so the bots cant give me a hard time
Fitzky (OCE)
: How to play kayle top - Build + Runes?
for the keystone mastery its more for how you want to play thunderlords - this ones the safest pick and its great for all stages of the game. if you dont care as much about keystones just pick this one and try to proc it whenever it comes up in lane. the easiest combo is auto-Q-auto (obviously with your E on) fervor - this ones only best when you have better than average kiting, and you have at least nashors (which you should probably always build) or just 40-50% atk speed in items in general. before that time your opponent has to be pretty under-skilled to allow you to auto 3+ times with such low atk speed and not attempt to trade back or try to kill you right there/ the good thing with this is, you can build GA, banshees, QSS if you need to, as a possible 4th item (or 5th or 6th), and you'll still have decent damage from fervor to outtrade a lot of opponents, in most equal settings. this is a slightly greedy mastery though, as you're pretty much belittling or underestimating your opponents ability to outduel you. definitely not the best keystone if you're just starting out with her deathfire - probably only take it for slightly more kill pressure towards mid game, so you might wanna get ignite or exhaust for further kill pressure otherwise its just slightly more damage on Q, and you hope to catch your opponent off guard with the burn damage aswell as the slow that is pretty easy to underestimate in lower elos for runes id go: quints - attack speed marks - 9 magic pen or 6 magic pen, 3 attack speed seals - 9 flat armours or 9 scaling healths glyphs - 6/3 or 4/5 of scaling and flat magic resist, or just 9 flat, whatever you're playing against or whatever you can afford or pick. you get enough CDR from nashors best items, start with ring or corrupting. ring if you cbf tryharding. nashors then probably either abyssal or seekers armguard depending on your lane opponent, thennnn whatevers appropriate depending on your position and strength in that particular game
: Can Someone Please Gift me Riven
future riven mains, ugh....
Erøse (OCE)
: 10 Champion Ban In Ranked!
meh, slightly higher chance someone will ban zed, or whatever champ has accumulated the biggest following of complaints and public outcries for a nerf. now you'll always get a ban every game. pick a champ, ban it, dont tell anyone else what to ban, you play the game
: Reporting GGEZ
people actually DEFENDING gg ez commenters. what a community this game has. what a world we live in
: Definitely Not RGM Facts
829 people? cmon bruh, thats not even a strong enough percentage of the OCE community to present any meaningful results. what a coincidence more people wanna play the game modes that havent been on rotation the longest. doom bots, that annoying oppressive troll mode, hasnt been played for over 2 years, over 1 in 3 people would play that over urf would they? sorry to speak out of line as a 1 in 830th sample size, but obviously the community doesnt know what they want, they would play doom bots and BMB once and not wanna see it for the rest of the year minimum. riot knows what they're doing, not having urf this long has allowed for people to forget how much more oppressive than doom bots it is
: What if you played Ahri as a support champion?
for these sorts of things its best to just imagine the possibilities, then if it still seems fun, imagine its viability, if it still seems viable, stop joking around and be srs. now is it really viable? if you think it is, think harder, twice, then go have a fap and come back and think about it some more. now that you have those dirty thoughts out of your mind you'll realise that for niche picks theres probably more viable things to contemplate than ahri support
: My respone of the incoming Rengar update
obviously the biggest and pretty much the only problem with rengar is his 1 shotting. can you not suggest such selfish and cringey ideas, you may aswell be whining that hes gonna lose the 1 thing that makes rengar so bad for the game
: 7/0/7 no S as anivia?
not totally sure how the exact "algorithm" works and what the comparison is for other anivias, but one thing i know is that anivia has the lowest 3 death rates per game, the average is about 3-4, which is surprisingly low, especially compared to others. so already the 0 deaths is kind of at one of its lowest values when compared to other anivias cos its so easy to stay alive. now to go into more nitpicking about the game 14 takedowns out of 33 team kills, thats less than 50% kill participation, which is actually really low, especially for a mid laner, especially for one with teleport thunderlords does less damage than deathfire touch overall. either of them is fine but if overall damage is a factor for rank then deathfire touch is always better than thunderlords also, you didnt do most damage overall, just like your CS wasnt "300-ish". im surprised after seeing you didnt exaggerate your kda that you've exaggerated the numbers you would think people might not see if damage percentage is a factor, you did 3rd most on your team and 6th most overall, with their support zyra doing nearly twice as much as you im guessing with the nasus with even less kill participation he probably "took more objectives" than you, but im sure thats not a factor 285 CS out of 38 minutes is pretty good in general, but compared to your supposed low kill participation theres probably too big a dropoff with low kill participation AND slightly sub-optimal CS at 38 minutes for a mid laner. the poppy and yasuo, both with 11 deaths between them, got more CS than you. that doesnt matter at all, except it might also be factored in for the ranks, and its also a comparison for you. you'll know for next time you're probably playing an alright anivia, but to keep the 0 deaths for future games, you still need to either be teleporting to your teammates more, just getting more takedowns in general, or you need to farm more effectively
: Will LCK ever get casters?
cant tell if joking about hating doa and monte so much or srs about watching some obscure youtube channel who uploads the VODs without the commentary and thought thats just the way it is
Juked (OCE)
braum doesnt increase his Q damage with AP, the only thing that increases with that is his ult
: The problem with the Rotating game modes.
its an infection. the tryhards wanna win and make the mode no fun for those trying less serious picks. me and my team are 5-28 at 14 minutes. im screwing around waiting for 20 to surrender. then as always, i start the surrender vote at 20, thinking everyone will in fact surrender, no need to beg or give explanation, i would think...."surrender vote failed at 1/5"....good stuff good stuff, love this game, love it, love my team, i love this situation, kill me now. but anyway now i have to tryhard in all the RGMs so i can keep my sanity
: Block List
now heres a complaint that rito should look at, meanwhile in amurrca, "keystones on intermediate bots plz" **128 upvotes**....
: Is this a joke riot/tencent?
is this post a joke? never mind the sarcasm ive seen your posts before, i know it isnt. of course the rioters response couldnt possibly address the concerns of someone so naive as to how riot have designed their game along with their rune and IP system. to sum it up for you and those alike, you spend next to nothing so you can get by with seemingly balanced stats compared to your enemies. if you choose to play more competitively you spend your "experience points" for slightly better in game stats if you truly think its worth it. if you dont, you have some similar adequate stats, you can go buy other things, but you dont complain about getting out-stated in a game (similar to calling someone a scripter if they outplay you). i dunno how you or anybody could possibly complain, this is only a good thing for all parties and its riot that loses money, shame on you for whining at such a selfless act from rito
: Yi for bronze...
at least you can acknowledge that this is only a problem in low elo
: tips on jayce
i dont know how tryhard you are about champions and their skill level/ceiling/cap/potential/etc. but dont expect to ever be able to grasp jayce anywhere near the way he should be played optimally, let alone during the free week. there is way too many possibilities of playing him. hes like a game of chess, sure theres a lot of different things to do, and you can do some things well and play a lot better during various times of the game. but to truly be able to be "good", all you can do is learn and practice, and be smart enough to make your own decisions, the right decisions, when it really counts, and if you cant play the best that you want to, or can, then play a different game, or champion, or whatever, i dont care m8
: Permanent Suspension
>I have put a lot of hours and money into this game do you have absolutely any idea how many permabanned people say this exact line in every one of their pleas for their account back? its interesting really isnt it. are they all trying to be submissive and manipulative even after all their warnings only just when they realise its too late. what would happen if you got your account back instantly the day after it said you were permabanned, after just pleading with them with these same submissive/manipulative tactics of persuasion, i wonder how many people would truly be "reformed" forever. judging by this thread and countless other previous ones, looks like riot made the right decision though :P
Erøse (OCE)
: Using The Community To Decide Skins.
id rather riot release whatever skins they want whenever they want and i get excited and surprised with what they can come up with, like the super galaxy skins, especially fizz. i dont wanna see all the concepts and know that i might not see them anyway cos some edgy school kids want as many riven skins as their mums allowance can get them all of the champions you mentioned, if i were riot, i wouldnt care about skins for them, id probably make another volibear skin similar to what hes got but i guess thematically different still, but then again all of his skins are available in the store, i think, and considering hes just a bear, and not an assassin that edgy schoolkids would like to main, hes probably not up for a new skin, if riot plays it smart yoricks not getting a skin until his rework, if he does, can we all hound riot for crazy cat lady yorick, thats the best splash art ive seen and the way it shows him and his abilities is so genius
: Boots worthwhile?
at this point, knowing you cant get boot enchants, you can save between 300 to around 1000 gold towards your total final build by not ever buying them AND most likely being more COMBAT efficient having bought more useful items for damage+sustain, or, at least more combat efficient than you would be whether you kill/die or neither. its very nearly just total luck whether boots will suit you more than say, finishing a high value item, higher chance of finishing an item AND having enough for a pink ward/potion, maybe even the 125 gold items. having enough for an extra long sword/amp tome for 10AD/20AP, or even just being able to flatout buy a cloth armour, +15 armour, undoubtedly much more combat efficient than a luck based aspect of whether you'd be able to get away from an opponent that can kill you, or chase your opponent down to finish them off
: Champ Reworks?
my head was not physically hurt. if you wanna "climb out of hell", start by being better than them. start by reading the patch notes, have you ever heard of them? if you havent, you will remain in "hell" or you will wait to get lucky from other people that carry. or, anything else can happen, oce bronze, definitely the lowest skill level of players on the planet undeniably, sorry. highest percentage of bronze means the highest percentage of the most inadequate players. but hey we're known for being really laidback and chill about our work ethic, cant blame us. reading patch notes? how does that get us more pentakills on instalock riven?
: lets talk about Galio
not really rework worthy, especially behind 3-4 other champs, especially, undeniably, yorick if they had to rework him, i agree with making him more gargoyle-y and making him more of a tank with better support or utility characteristics. but i guess the new taric could fit that role so maybe they could make him what tank ekko is supposed to be right now, or i dunno, i just want to see his Q and E changed, cos they're just strong skillshots but they're too short of range and i feel people dont wanna play him unless they can take full advantage of his passive and just build full MR against a full magic damage team theres a chance riot wanna take their chances of ignoring yorick, pretending he doesnt exist for a little more, and reworking a champ that, although is one of the least popular, is consistently +50% winrate and undeniably too strong against all-magic-damage teams. its not like anyones complaining about yorick anyway, theres more threads about galio than yorick, +1 more
Niji (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Blu3B4gger,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=FjWrj8UU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-07T09:20:29.504+0000) > > I've dodged a few times. The main reason is people pick useless champs like bard. > > I don't know if you find being continually rolled fun, but I dont and will continue to dodge these games **>**He plays the troll/fun gamemode for wins
he isnt content with playing a troll champ by himself so he has to force his entire team to do it and lose but still feel better about himself knowing he fed as much as his whole team and this can be justification for all those other times hes fed on bard blitz thresh shaco
UseIess (OCE)
: It's pretty annoying to face him. if you're laning him and can't directly trade with him maybe start boots and take some potions for sustain so that you can last hit and farm minions while being able to dodge his knock up at least until either a jungler gank or you hit your own power spike at either a certain level or with a certain item. Maybe harass him when his knock up is down? Even if countered you can still outplay him. You could also build items like hexdrinker if you're an AD mid or if you're AP abyssal scepter. The new hextech item protobelt wouldn't be a bad choice either because it might help you dodge his knock up at some crucial points while granting HP and AP. The primary weakness of Cho'gath is that he is like a walking mejai's since he loses his stacks. So dying as Chogath has more consequences than what i would with most champions. He doesn't have to necessarily die early. Besides if all else fails just try to keep yourself relevant without letting cho'gath outright snowball.
^ the only good answer. hopefully your jungler is smart enough to know that they have to respect the potential of him, almost as much as how nasus can go off in a more obvious manner
: Good point. They should perm mute someone for offending too many salty kids. Leave the bans for other things. Unfortunately Riot will never unban him. It's a F2P game. You should never get emotionally attached and "invested" into an account when you know it isn't even yours and can be taken away at any time for any reason. Just look at any money spent as payment for many hours of entertainment. Your friend can just make another account.
> Good point. They should perm mute someone for offending too many salty kids. Leave the bans for other things. i dont wanna play with people who cant talk, and nobody else should have to either
: Smite kogmaw new meta?
25% per second = 4 seconds to kill someone. in your perfect world you know who can do that in equal to or less than the same amount of time? absolutely anyone, because rate of damage isnt guaranteed when its not true damage AND when it doesnt take into account the factor of, i dunno, the level disparity, the resistances, your team, the circumstances. even with the boot enchantments gone theres still a lot of movespeed in the game and ways to neutralise any supposed glass cannon these days "new meta" briiiiing in the cancer pimps and players
Gloric (OCE)
: Shyvana now useless?
if you wanna play a jungler but dont wanna gank, play another role, play another champion. junglers need to impact the map more than any other role. realistically though, here in oce, if you're not challenger or master, anything is possible. but you can just look at what the pros are playing, not even professionally, just in solo queue, all the jungler mains, would be playing the meta picks like nidalee, elise, reksai, kindred, lee sin, graves, gragas. in all of the regions, at least 4 out of 5 jungler mains will have 5 of those 7 champs as their most played. those are the strongest junglers right now and have been for quite a while. nobody high ranked in solo queue will be playing shyvana. if you're looking to climb ranks you play whats strong, whats effective. if you're happy with diamond you can instalock shyvana and 1v9 at 30 minutes every game cinderhulk shyvana? might aswell afk at the fountain m8
Freyah (OCE)
: I don't even know if I'm allowed to post this, shit
riven main who cant quite grasp animation cancelling by any chance?
: Still looking for analyst
thanks for the detailed info in this post that i dont have to move from to know what you're talking about....
: Rito have lost it.
i was gonna start watching his stream cos i never knew how much i wanted to watch a...."decent" draven. watching a draven snowball so fast in combination with all the young toxic trolls finding a haven to gather to, are probably sufficient reasons for his surge of popularity. but its best for the community that he doesnt "enable" his younger audience by pretty much encouraging the worst, most toxic behaviour in league insulting people and being an asshole disregarding teammates, treating them with no respect feeling like you need to carry, and doing what you can to do so (taking blue as an adc, more so a problem for a draven, announcing alleged ks's) instalocking the only champ you'll play, will probably troll/feed in the lobby/game if you dont get your pick feeding when things arent going your way feeding when things are going your way, but then 1 thing doesnt probably a lot more
: Let's talk about tank meta
no. you're absolutely wrong. perhaps what you meant by "full tank build" is "1-2 damage items into full tank for optimal dueling while also sustaining enough to blow up a squishy if you can catch em out". if you had a team full of these champions verses a team with 3-4 tanks and like a xerath and tristana, these 2 can run amuck against all those low range champs (assuming no summoner spells), poking from afar and dealing consistent autoattack damage or low-cd long range poke. they do their job, but its hard to balance them because if they dont deal enough damage they'll get chipped away to death from decent poking/kiting and then everyone might aswell play 4 adc's, but then adcs will be too strong, so they'll get nerfed and we'll all play zoning long range mages, and so on. every champ that gets released it becomes unfathomably harder for riot to balance them. its impossible for everything to just be perfectly balanced because theres too much variables. but thats what makes it such a unique and interesting game, outside of pro play the biggest problem is that, with 1-2 damage items into full tank, thats the most obvious and easiest way to snowball and dominate in multiple aspects of the game, such as 1v1ing, or during teamfights when you soak up all the damage while unleashing your combo and you're still possibly alive for them to have wasted their important cooldowns that you can still dominate and chase em down with your backline
: I got false banned
"We won't be able to go into the specifics of an account's exploit abuse, as divulging this information could compromise future investigations" in other words "we can ban whoever we want for no reason and you cant do shit because its in our ToS that you accepted, wotcha gonna do sue us? go ahead we have more money for lawyers than all your lunch moniez combined trololo gg ez git gwd scrub"
: got one for Viktor? ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Fear In Cube,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=zkcwhXpa,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-28T10:16:33.561+0000) > > got one for Viktor? ;) assassin mains that are still smartasses but now they're 40, jobless, and still type "lol ez" everytime they get a kill
: Champion personalities.
cool short story bro. now let me tell you a more accurate representation assassin mains - age range 10-17, constantly raging, selfish, brats, ignorant, statistically more likely to rage/ragequit/feed (not even joking). probably not good adc mains - statistically more likely to be asian (ok im joking), even more selfish but probably rages less. most likely to think they're better than you tank mains - team players, wants to actually win and doesnt care about carrying, knowing they must cater to the selfish douches on their team support mains - lazy or just bad, is probably a smartass irl or is a bigger team player than the tanks. most likely a gril or a beta, least likely to be an asshole teemo mains - most likely to be that kid who tells on you in school, and laughs in your face while they're telling you off. most likely to be the same age of when that 1st happened to you
Bunny (OCE)
: SPLASH ART UPDATES >> Over sexualized/look nothing like they do in game?
Pinch KS (OCE)
: TSM Ezreal is a scripter
ive seen that he has great attack move mechanics but hes pretty dog shit in some other aspects from what ive seen. not very worthy of diamond based on macro play, outside of good adc mechanics, but then again he frequently premades so he might aswell be anything with dynamic queue. its funny that the champ that requires the highest skill for attack moving is the champ that he has the higest kda on
: Take this trick into a custom, practice it, enjoy and maybe take it into ranked like TSM Ezreal has done.
lol you're his m8. yeah seems legit XD
Oly (OCE)
: Stupid game Quit
you're not going anywhere because you're overreacting like a whiney brat. or maybe its cos you're in a game right now, 7:15am, right before school ;)
: Let's talk Ryze
you probably wont believe me, but you have absolutely no idea about ryze
: What do the Hextech chests mean when you hover over a champion?
that doesnt matter. just look at the champion frame. master yi has a different one from everyone else cos you've earned a chest with him and now you cant for the rest of the season, with him. you dont need to hover to check that
Tomo7182 (OCE)
well sucks to be you. QSS is getting nerfed so things like trundle ult, zed death mark and i think fiora ult, all dont get removed with QSS. see to you, you dont wanna play trundle, since hes now strong, so you complain about trundle. but your opinion is bias, because you say there is a singular problem, the problem is specifically one thing, QSS, and you want THAT to have a better effect on the game, by having a better reason to buy it and keep it for the late game, i.e. more build paths. you're saying this 1 ultimate change is "needed" and you'll assume it is the best possible course of action for riot and their game how bout you go into about 4000-5000 words explaining how you plan to balance every single other newly arisen unbalanced champion/abilities/combinations/interactions about the impact of the different QSS path/s on the game, just because of 1 champion having QSS being built against him for 1 ability? do you think you can manage this or is spelling maokai correctly, twice, too much to ask of someone anyway?
: I hate to say it, but Tyler1 is actually correct.
totes legit complaint brah, especially the part about mentioning a draven one-trick complaining about a harder-to-kill fizz and doesnt blame the lack of wards or his feeding teammates or the fact that its a solo laner versus a potentially early-to-mid game adc even more legit about comparing whats strongest in the highest level of play (definitely not any level of oce ranked, let alone low level solo queue, let alone yet again, ranked at all) to your own singular gameplay, which is most like 1 or more of the conditions i just mentioned. LET ALONE, comparing urf to regular gameplay, TOTES LEGIT M8 this is ritos game, they do what they want, and you play THEIR game, the way THEY make it and change it. if you think you can play tank fizz in the bot lane, and succeed, against an ashe, a lucian, against any ADC, as the way you put it, then you go right ahead, see where it gets you. if you get to challenger playing just that, congrats on getting korean silver, now go to any other region at all, and try to achieve the same thing, with the same conditions, see where it gets you, and please, come back here and prove me wrong. i would love to see that, that would be a great larf, hilarious m8, it means ill learn something. it means any OCE chump truly can define the strongest that is worthy of being meta, any OCE chump can make a complaint on the boards and prove everyone wrong about their whiney complaints that would normally get scoffed at. good luck on your quest
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Apologise? Oceanic boards is getting more and more cancerous all the time. Can't even post an opinion without YellowBrickRoad or Gigapube fuckin' SJW coming over and sorting you out.
> Evelynn was OP even when not fed, but when Jax was fed he is definitely the strongest this year
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Jesus Christ man this guy missed out on URF I was just listing my opinion on the best champions this year I don't care if no one agrees I'm allowed to have my opinion. Please stop having your period all over the boards, GigaPUBE.
i dont think you realise, that as a single champion, sona is hands down the strongest champion for urf. please go read her abilites (not the in game one, a fully detailed one), do the maths for urf cooldowns, then come back and apologise. if there were 10 perfect league playing machines playing 5v5 urf, one team got 5 champs of sona and evelynn, and then who-the-fuck cares, versus an entire team of who-the-fuck-cares champions, the sona and evelynn team will win hands down everytime. i wont go into detail about their incredibly broad win conditions because you wont understand them > Evelynn was OP even when not fed, but when Jax was fed he is definitely the strongest this year hope for this child, lord give me strength....
Fitzky (OCE)
: You seriously just wasted 10 minutes of you life writing this bullshit that I'm not gonna read. Fact is, if someone feeds, don't say anything, just ignore them, let them improve on their own instead of getting in their face. Case closed.
good reply. i undoubtedly destroyed you with words. its smart to cower away and live in your own fantasy land. anyone that isnt some stuck up low-attention-span kid will have an opinion of value that i will happily read to refute MY points. as a show from you that you havent given me the same respect, you could at least understand that you're a small-minded selfish brat and your opinion is not valid
Fitzky (OCE)
: "Stop feeding"
im so happy for you that you've never had an actual feeder on your team. i think "please stop feeding" is one of the best things you can say to someone whos dying too frequently. those 3 words are so effective at getting the exact response, reaction, or information you need to determine the context of why that person is dying so frequently. but the best part of this is, its a wake-up call. its a pull-yer-head-in-m8, and its exactly what people need to help them improve it seems like you're not be willing to accept criticism or your online mindset is too cynical, and your ego supercedes your judgement, depending on if you're a troll or not. you shouldnt be offended by it, you can always just read it and interpret it in your head as "this person is kindly asking me to focus and play better", because sometimes thats probably what they mean, especially if it comes from me i dont think you should take the statement so seriously. its much more effective than "Hello Fitzky! How are you today? It has become quite apparent to myself, a fellow teammate of yours in this game of League Of Legends, that you have not had the strongest of starts to this game. May I perhaps, ever so begrudgingly, suggest, that you perhaps cease this dilly-dally of yours so that we can work together and defeat our common enemies in a much easier fashion, for it was my desire from the start of this game, to actually win" by someone else saying please stop feeding, you can at least find out whats going on, without having seen how they died. if you get a response like "fuck u im beta than u kys" you'll know its a troll, the game is lost, and you should try to put it behind you and lose any emotional investment into the game, and hope that your potentially selfish teammates will surrender at 20 and not drag it on, letting your enemies farm in every corner of the jungle, toying with them, giving them hope that theres a chance, but there isnt if you get a response like "i got tower dived 3 times, and another time i ran from outer to inner turret and got solo'd by the mid laner who cut me off and killed me" then you'll know the person has gone to the effort to tell you why they've died so much and hopefully if they know they can do better they'll apologise to the team and try to play smarter. if you dont get a response at all, he couldve already broken his keyboard and his enter key, or hes chat restricted cos hes a toxic troll, and he might actually be intentionally feeding to speed up the game so theres a bigger incentive for people to surrender >Can't you see I'm doing everything I can to NOT die no, this statement is just false, and its another big reason to remind people to pull their head in and focus. you're obviously NOT doing "everything" you can to not die. you're doing everything you can to either farm, get ahead, trade effectively, save up your wards, or something similar like that. if your main focus, if your main and biggest priority, was not dying, then by the magic of your mouse and keyboard everyone is physically capable of moving their champion out of harms way. there are no ganks in lower-than-diamond-oce that are impossible to outplay. if you dont agree or understand, then you can expect to hear that statement more, especially from me
: Better info on abilities please
this is a good idea but realistically if kids with low attention spans wanted to see what a champion does they're not gonna wanna see a bunch of numbers and 3 different passive effects in a single passive (jhin). pretty much the best site to look up very specific info, especially champions and their abilities/skins/strategy+tips, is its always the most up-to-date and definitely has undoubtedly the best navigation for around the website (everythings easy to find, especially without just using the search bar) dont listen to the other guy, you dont just learn abilities from looking at them, its best, for serious players, to know exactly what they do and the exact amount of damage they can do. if you're really into the game, you'll probably wanna see every champions page for their abilities everytime you forget what they can do. over time, if you still enjoy it, you could be able to interpret the impact every single ability and champion kit is on the game . . . TLDR - is a better site than anything riot will ever come up with
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Okay, I will tell you a lot. First off the bat, 3 days is definitely enough URF this time round. Gives you enough time to try out everyone you wanted to whilst not getting bored. Taric is really bad and not as good as I thought he would be. Probably the worst URF champion this time round. As for Zed, still really strong, and probably better than last year. I'm going to format this into sections for you: BEST 2016 URF CHAMPION: Jax Jax is super overpowered this year, no joke I got a triple kill before minions were in lane. His minimal cooldown jump combined with his auto attack block and a W every 2 attacks really hammers out damage when he is hybrid. WORST 2016 URF CHAMPION: Taric The Taric rework is really lackluster to what you would think. Even as AP your E doesn't do any damage, and the stun is hard to hit so spamming it anyway. Your Q heal is weak compared to others, and your ultimate isn't that great. Honestly just discount Sona. FUNNEST 2016 URF CHAMPION: Graves Graves is really good with his rework, the low cooldown ultimate and the 2 second E when you attacks just blows others out of the water. You just W and E over a wall, take out two guys with your tanky damage build and your Q + crits, then ult them, get a double kill and get pushed back over the wall. Pool Party skin increases fun factor. MOST ANNOYING 2016 URF CHAMPION: Fiora It was a tie between a few others really but in the majority of games Fiora just doesn't stop blocking CC and healing, ulting and Qing. STRENGTH OF THE CLASSICS: 1. Katarina Katarina is really good this year, mostly because everytime you get a kill your ultimate resets fully, it is so easy to get 1v5 pentas, and your base abilities make even your early game strong. 2. Akali Akali can be alright but over all she should just stick to ranked games this weekend, not that great. 3. Alistar Still the same cow. His WQ combo and the constant healing, combined with perma tank nearly, just honestly grinds your gears playing against him. 4. Hecacopter Hecarim is sadly not OP this year. No one is banning him, and for good reason. The ones that do play him, always end up feeding, as much as they may fly away. 5. Evelynn Let's put it simple, if I didn't pick Jax for the best champion, I would put Evelynn. So OP. 6. Fizz Press E. CHAMPION WITH MOST OUTPLAY POTENTIAL IN URF 2016: Tie between two champions. The first is Zed. When you play Zed in URF you suddenly feel like Faker with your shadow placement, even though it's probably just spamming doing the work. I can't count how many 1v4 Quadra kills I have gotten when I just W in and ult, spam E and Q a bunch of times and demolish them. The second will sound like a joke, but you must believe me. Urgot. I go into a team of 3, ult one of them out, E them all, then spam Q on a 0.2 second cooldown. PEW PEW PEW. Then I just keep chaining it until they are all running. But I don't stop there. Oh no. Instead I spam my Q as they desperately try to escape my lock on zone. BAHAHAHA! And there were no real bugs this year, except {{champion:121}} DUM DUM, CRASH! But seriously he really is good this year, thanks to his E and Q. (His Q is on a 0.6 second cooldown 0_0) So that's about it so far. I shall edit if I have anything further to say. Oh and btw, you are really missing out lmao. -Rengo
i know you're entitled to your own opinion, but your entire opinion is wrong lol. jax the best? only when hes fed that he seemingly does a large amount of burst, because you click 2 buttons, then you use your point-and-click Q on your enemy. i know that doesnt make him bad just cos hes so easy to play, but with AP or hybrid jax, if he leaps in and doesnt essentially win any possible trade the opponent can try to retaliate with, hes just gonna get kited back (usually, i would think, for decent players). zed and sona can outplay him hard, and pretty much most other champs because they're more likely and more able to snowball fiora the most annoying? were you playing skillshot champs and just missing everything? its not just about aiming for where they are, its about the mind games of where they're gonna be at the end of the time of being caught by your ability. also if you're not playing anyone with CC you dont deserve to name who the most annoying champ is. the most annoying champ is obviously evelynn. if you dont ban zed, you can pick something that does well against him to counter. sona is still pretty easy to catch out compared to other champs being enabled with mobility on urf graves the funnest on urf? how selfish can you get? i mean, how can you even consider and even claim that GRAVES is hands down THE funnest champ on urf....literally nobody on this planet will agree with you....just....why.....
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: How did I get S-?
its still a less than 8 kda. of course, id much rather my zed be 40/8/7 than 7/1/1. the formula for KDA and just the way kills, deaths and assists are kind of "treated" by riot and the system is just impossibly difficult to measure in terms of a semblance for a technique to measure the impact someones made on a game. we cant even find out how much CC we've applied to our enemies in the post game lobby of a game
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: Unfairly banned
nobody can know the truth. you could be lying or riots system could be not working as expected. anything can be considered by riot as an unauthorised program. maybe the custom skins for your game actually helped with your gameplay. you might know this, or you dont. maybe the program or the programmers you got the skins from started making exploits and riots banning anyone at all thats dealt with the program or the programmers unique code
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