: If you want to fix Supports then you need to focus on one phrase "You're the support" Everytime I hear that in a game, it reminds me that as a support main, I am not there to play the game, only to help other people play. Getting behind as a support is painfull. Not only do you have to find some way to get xp and gold to be useful, but you almost always have to do it away from your AD, who is likley the reason you are behind in the first place (usualy because they have no respect for your cooldowns). The itemization is really boring, there are very few support items that I look forward to getting in game, and some that I actively hate having to build, just because the game neccesitates it. I hate doing 90% of the work towards a kill or a teamfight to not only have my team not recognize me, but to have the game itself not appreciate my contribution. Esepcialy when my job is to be bait, or a distraction so my team can get objectives. Fix gold and exp sharing, make the support items share rewards better on kill or assist (do it on the rank 2 items so otherlanes don't try to co-opt supports and ruin everthing like they always do). Give the support items some decent stats, so I don't feel like I'm buying items for someone else on the team. Remember that I am playing. I am one of the five people on this team. I'm not just here for everyone else, I wan't to be involved, I wan't to contribute and I don't want to be told "you're just the support" anymore.
I hate not being able to check how much damage I've negated through shields. Its an important stat that could easily be tracked. I want it! Having hard cc, healing, shielding included on the standard post game screen would be great. Personally, I think its incredibly outdated to only be assessed on win/loss, and personal performance to not even be taken into consideration for rank/lp gain/loss. Hard carrying the losing team, thats been losing the entire match takes far more dedication and patience than being that fed jerk on the winning team that was lucky to be against a bad laner. So many skilled supports out there struggling to climb, because despite playing very well, and making the biggest impact out of all 10 players, their team loses because supports cant carry like high damage champs can/do. Get rid of 'all that matters is if your team wins'. Winning isn't the point of pvp. Enjoying the battle is. Not rewarding a well played match because you lost promotes toxicity and bad sportsmanship.
: Some thoughts on Support
The vision trinkets were a step in the right direction. Vision should be everyones responsibilty, not the supports. Sightstone mandatory item slot wastage is crap. Its a boring item that you're forced to buy in place of something that enables you to play your role better. Remove sightstone, so that vision is a team effort. Being ward bot is not fun or good design.
: Im thoroughly impressed with that skin! it looks really well designed and i only hope he has particles to match. One question tho: the reasoning behind not doing an Anazc skin was that if it offended even one person it was too much, so instead why choose a religious skin? religion being one of the most touchy subjects on the planet. i personally don't care at all, and wouldn't for an Anzac skin either, i think its stupid for people to take offence to someone else's beliefs. I think they are both awesome skin prospects. but if not offending people is the aim here.. Then why choose a theme that has started more wars throughout history than anything else, instead of choosing a theme that represents the men who died trying to stop such wars? dont get me wrong i love the look of that skin and i think a religious skin is a good idea, I'm just wondering. for example the southern cross is a very Christian thing, yet Christianity (as well as being one of the main instigator of wars) played a large part in the destruction of many other religions and cultures all around the world, Especially in the OCE region. Both Maori and Aboriginal cultures experienced this, And with these two cultures making up a vast portion of the OCE region, how again is this less offensive than an Anzac skin? [EDIT]: I do apologize to everyone, i realize am completely out of context here, my dyslexia helped me read the word regionally as both regionally and religionally, making a double meaning in my head (feeling kinda stupid now) in any case this point is now completely unwarranted, and thus making my following points about the history of the southern cross pointless, (not saying they are wrong, i stand by the southern cross having religious connotations to it) but they no longer have meaning in this thread, my bad.
The Southern Cross is a constellation, not some religious invention. Your ignorant PC patrol rage is over 9000.
: So it looks like medical Services/Research is going to in but I don't regret my environmental cause vote. Lots of things need to be fixed environment wise in Australia but there is always some disease worth while curing.{{summoner:1}}
Fixing the Environment fixes all things. Keeping more people alive just rapes the planet even more.
Exhality (OCE)
: {{champion:21}} **I'm so happy Miss Fortune is finally getting some love!**{{champion:21}} she really deserves it. Her new visuals look awesome and very up to date now. I love her new swing when she stands, _does she have recall animations?_ Kit wise though, Although this may be considered quite a large buff to MF, I still wish it was enough to make her respected in ranked games and such. As much as I do love MF, **I don't believe this was enough to finally have her compete with the other META ADC's that are stomping the game right now.** She still falls behind champs like {{champion:222}} , {{champion:15}} , {{champion:236}} etc. And wasn't she one of the last AD champions to have grievous wounds? sucks that it's removed. I'm no expert but key aspects of MF that should've been really looked into are things like how oddly her E synergizes with the rest of her kit, her passive just going to waste when hit by a minion (ruining her chances of becoming a split pusher), her weird magic scaling and the fact that her ulti just becoming completely useless late game. Fortune really needed that extra big 'oomf' damage and kit wise, to actually get her in the respected spotlight. **Overall I'm grateful she was noticed and I'm happy for the buffs but I just don't believe it was enough to get her to where she actually needs to be.** Who knows, I might be completely wrong and this change might just result in Sarah Fortune living up to her iconic Bounty Hunter title.
A million times this. Why the $%#* does her ult not scale with ad?? They're not magic guns.
: Champion Update: Gangplank
Awesome, barrels to throw at monkeys! Aoe damage will make GP jg more viable than ever!
: New player reform system heads into testing
Excellent addition to the game. Next I want to see "lane calling recognition" in champ select. People argue all the time over who's call came in first, because it shows differently on your client to others. IF the game gave a marker to who got the call, it would solve a lot of arguments before they even begin.
Zaps (OCE)
: Hey Buffpeanut, The honour system relies more on consistency of behaviour than on the length of time of the behaviour. The longer ago your games are, the less impact they will have on qualifying for a crest - so this is already taken into account. We've been actively monitoring the Honor system in Oceania to ensure the top positive players are able to obtain crests. It actually turns out that players give out about 250% more honors than reports. We're working on ways to improve the system design to make honour more meaningful across the board.
You should reduce the impact of honors received from party members. 99% of people with banners on OCE are just chumps that play with their buddies, and all honor each other every game. For me, a party of uniform banners means an unpleasant match. Give any one of them some advice, or ask for assistance, and you're in for a group flaming.
RageGrace (OCE)
: Riot, I hope this system will recognise that wishing someone/their family cancer is just as bad as a death threat. Until you are affected by this, children do not understand how hurtful it can be.
You need to learn the difference between the intended interpretation of what people say, and how you yourself perceive it. "I hope you catch cancer" is a common statement, almost always intended as light hearted competitiveness. Just because you personally find something highly offensive, does not make its intentions anything more than spirited banter.


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