: Reminder that the MSI Icon costs 1 IP
Thanks for the heads up, will be interesting to see how OCE does in this! I hope we win >:)
: Twisted Fate mystery skin please :), rank 7 on him and I played him from bronze to gold last season. If not, any mystery skin would mean a lot to me. Thanks
I'll add you ^_^
: > [{quoted}](name=Glow,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Qd5clEbX,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-12-21T22:14:18.132+0000) > > This is such a lovely idea, thank you for doing this. > > I would just like a mystery skin, please. I'll add you. DW, luck is my strong point huehue.
<3 Just added you back
: This is a great idea! I would really love a Vladimir skin (except Bloodlord because I have that one). I really like this idea because it expresses the season of giving, and with the positive feedback I reckon Riot might do something with this in the future! Good work mate
I'll add you :)!
: Secret Santa
This is such a lovely idea, thank you for doing this. I would just like a mystery skin, please.
: 4 Questions randomly about League of Legends
> I've seen a lot of people in twitch and YouTube just completely get rid of what they are saying in the chat with 1 button and I want to know how to do that, will stop me from sending embrassing remarks or angering my teammates. I think I know what you mean here, after you type something you can press Esc and it will just delete what you typed instead of having to send/backspace it. Hope that helps ^_^
Miicka (OCE)
: Anyone else having this bug?
Yup, I've been having this issue too. It's nice that the new client lets you reconnect without having to relog but it's still annoying that it happens in the first place Edit: It is a [known issue](http://puu.sh/sJWAj/a7356dcc5a.png), hopefully it gets fixed soon
ciaô (OCE)
: thats lame!
Yeah, hopefully more client stats are introduced soon
ciaô (OCE)
: New client help
Not sure if there's a way to in the client, it might only be in the post-game lobby
: Shouldnt that be Renekton's W?
Lol oops you're right. I'll go for Jax E then :P
AngelKD (OCE)
: If LoL Had an Ability Draft Mode What Ability Combination Would you Pick?
This is an awesome idea :D Mine would be: Jax passive (Attack speed) Irelia Q (Resetting dash) Irelia W (True damage + lifesteal) ~~Renekton E (AA reset/Stun)~~ Jax E (Stun/AA dodge) Riven R (Ranged execute) Basically just Irelia but with a passive that's op for her, a better ranged ulti and a more consistent stun that is also an AA reset.
: MY ACCOUNT JUST GOT PERMA BANNED?!?!?!?!..............
Hey U 7 R I 3 D, That's very upsetting that your account has been permanently banned. Let me try to provide some explanation about the severity of the punishment and why it probably won't be lifted. There is a lot of info [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201898070) about account suspensions if you're interested in reading further. >I only swear when people start flaming at me Unfortunately for you, this is still punishable. Although it _seems_ justified because you have been provoked, it still negatively impacts the game for the other people on your team and can often create a downward spiral of negativity/breakdown in communications. The support page I linked earlier says that _regardless of circumstance_ (i.e. whether you were provoked or not), swearing, harassment, abuse etc. will likely be reported by other players and punished by the instant feedback system. >my ban is a result of other people becoming angry with me in many games This is incorrect. Your ban is a result of your actions in game, not because of other players. If they are being toxic, then they will also face punishment (just report them and move on). However, you cannot blame them for the way you chose to respond to their toxicity. Also about this: >I never report anyone for swearing at me It's actually a good thing to report another player if you believe their behaviour is unacceptable. That is how toxicity can be reduced in the community, leading to more positive experiences in-game. Just because you choose not to report players does not mean they show you a similar mercy! And of course there's no way to know if another player has reported you or not. Unless you were VERY toxic, I'm guessing that this is not the first time your account has been restricted. It has probably gone through two lots of chat restrictions and a two-week suspension. These punishments are designed to show you that your behaviour in-game is considered unacceptable by other players, and to serve as a warning that you need to reform your behaviour or lose your account.
: If I'm not mistaken, that's the punishment "list" for chat related offences. In the case of leaving/AFKing in games, I believe it would be "5 minute LPQ for 5 games" into "10 minute LPQ for 5 games" into "20 minute LPQ for 5 games" into "2 week suspension".
My bad, you're right. The support website says it goes from 5 minute LPQ to 20 minutes, then I'm assuming after that the suspensions kick in. Thanks for the correction :)
Yes, you can. The punishments are typically as follows: - First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction - Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction - Third Offense: Two Week Suspension - Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension As you can see, you have the two week suspension, and the next one is a permanent suspension. I would ensure that you no longer AFK/leave games for _any_ reason, and make sure you have a good internet connection/uninterrupted playtime so that you don't risk getting permanently banned. Good luck.
OG eien (OCE)
: Blind Pick needs to go on OCE
I agree, unfortunately this is probably not going to happen at all. In the preseason patch, Riot actually removed draft pick for a number of other regions and are planning to phase it out completely - more info on this [here](http://www.riftherald.com/lol-patch-notes/2016/11/9/13574822/lol-normal-draft-queue-removed-why). Hopefully they come up with a solution that brings some of the better/fairer aspects of draft pick without splitting the queues.
Eonexus (OCE)
: Regards account banning
Firstly, what a well thought-out and well-written post. It's nice to see ideas presented eloquently :) To address a few of your points: Yes, the punishment scales up quickly - from a short period of time ban, to a full on permaban. If the penultimate ban was a 6 month one, I think that either a) players would make new accounts in that period and continue to be toxic or b) players would not play for 6 months, come back to the game and care less about their account, perhaps continuing to be toxic. A two-week ban seems like a good time period, it's a brief sampler of what's to come if a player does not reform. I understand that you think the jump between a two-week and permaban is harsh, however the reality is if a player repeatedly shows that they unable to abide by the [Summoner's Code](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/) then they should be punished. You argue that people don't have time to experience what losing their account for an extended period of time would be like, and I agree. If I were to get banned for two weeks, knowing that my next punishment would be to _lose my account forever_, that would have a pretty huge effect on my behaviour. A player shouldn't have to experience something fully to be able to comprehend the seriousness of the consequence. I understand that you see verbal abuse/a toxic attitude over chat as being less detrimental than intentional feeders and cheating etc. Although it has a less tangible effect on a game (saying a few toxic things can be easier to gloss over than going 0/20), I think that being chat toxic can be very detrimental to your team also. Not only has a player gone from playing the game to having an all-out type fest, but it is rarely just the one player typing. I'm sure you've had games where it seems your team is doing more typing than playing. Aside from the physical disadvantage of your team having less time to actively play the game because they are typing, it also impacts your team's attitude and ability to work together. League absolutely is a teamwork game, and having good, effective communication within a team is crucial for success. Looking at how someone who starts to be negative/toxic can negatively affect their team, I think the choice of punishments for players who _repeatedly_ do not reform is justified. About self-restraint: League can entail lots of negative feelings, often all related/all at once, like in your examples. Although it comes out as toxicity/a lack of self-control, it is also a breakdown in communication and teamwork. Let's look at your examples: There are gameplay triggers that set off the negative behaviour (you make a decision and your team doesn't co-operate). Therefore, when you cuss out your team, you further weaken whatever tentative trust and potential for teamwork there was left. When you look at it this way, unless the enemy team is also experiencing pretty serious breakdowns in communication, it's no wonder they can take the victory. It may feel good, or productive, to let off steam at your teammates. Because it's a team game, it's pretty easy to blame anything that goes on the rest of the team. When you die in League, you can feel pretty powerless. Your _ability to take action in the game_ has been removed (unless you buy the new Redemption item), and the one thing you came to the game to do can no longer be done. So I think a lot of players, when feeling powerless, will lash out at their team in the hopes of affecting change or making themselves feel productive. If you're on the receiving end, it doesn't really feel very productive to be yelled at by your team. One of the hardest things to do in League is to take ownership of your mistakes. Yes, your team will make mistakes and they might throw the game, which is frustrating. But no loss can be fully blamed on the other 4 players in a team and not yourself. I think there's always something to improve on - some aspect of gameplay, or even some aspect of attitude - which keeps me focused in game. Hopefully some of this stuff is helpful to you, apologies for the novel :'D
: I looked at his match history. Even his Ranked games are full of this behaviour. Also, 2 games 26 days apart. Either my report didn't flag him at all (which means the system is failing the community), or he was punished and still hasn't reformed.
That's really unfortunate that you were unlucky enough to encounter this player more than once. It absolutely gives the impression that the system isn't working/they haven't reformed (hopefully the latter is the case). If they are repeatedly showing the same toxic behaviour, the system should definitely pick them up. If they were punished and still haven't reformed, they will face harsher punishments - you can read more about the scaling punishments [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Boqd81O0-upcoming-upgrades-to-chat-restrictions). It's worth mentioning that it's ineffective to ask Rioters on the forums to check your reports, if you are seriously concerned that something has gone wrong with your report, you can open a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/). I hope that helps - it's just a fair bit of bad luck on your part that you had to deal with them again!
: Got to talk to Mega Gnar today ^^
That's awesome, sounds fun :D
Warau (OCE)
: why dsiable brand in doombots?
He had like an 80% winrate against the bots, it was too strong and made things too easy.
yourdaddy (OCE)
: Ban hammer - even though I recconect?
The Leaverbuster system doesn't just look for players who fully leave the game and never come back, it also targets people who AFK. Sometimes someone will get salty and AFK for 5 minutes but then come back. However, this is still very disruptive for the other players in the game! Although your intentions and an AFKers more malicious intentions are very different, to the system (and indeed your four teammates left battling outnumbered) they appear the same. Regardless of whether or not you won the game, an unfair element that your teammates had no control over was still added into the game, creating a more negative experience. You said that you've had your computer unpredictably shutting down for a while now, so I'm guessing you've left and reconnected to other games. This would be what triggered the system to put you in a low priority queue. I understand that computers will often have mysterious problems, but if it's affecting you enough to trigger a punishment then you should look into getting it fixed.
Scuftz (OCE)
: Idea for Hextech Crafting
That's a really good idea, especially considering you can already get temporary rewards such as renting skins for a week. Would it just be for ARAM (where the skin boost option exists) or would it be a generic token that could be used for other queue types? Not everyone plays ARAM, but I suppose you could reroll it just like any other reward.
: > [{quoted}](name=Glow,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=zZo3aBz9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-04T02:20:45.193+0000) > > I&#x27;m a fan, first top laner to get a Victorious skin. Plus I&#x27;m intending to start maining Tree once this ranked season is over :D I can understand that some people aren&#x27;t keen on it though as tanks aren&#x27;t always the huge play-makers/carries that other champs can be. Mao is a jungler. J4 has the toplane Victorious skin.
As of late he's [primarily a top laner](http://puu.sh/rzWyX/c169e3e0f3.jpg), and Jarvan has seen more action in the jungle. I think they're both both :p
Jason (OCE)
: League of Legends Replays coming in Pre-season 7. THIS IS NOT A DRILL REPLAYS CONFIRMED.
Awesome, finally. I like that there's going to be an inbuilt recording/highlight-export feature
: What's with all these bots in bots?
They just want to be with their own kind! In all seriousness though, that's incredibly frustrating. I would report them for cheating/third-party programs after the game. If you find other (living) players levelling accounts in bot games, maybe you could party up with them to reduce chances of bots? Makes you think though, there must be a decent number of games played with 10 bots in them, lol.
: yeah i get you.. i loved playing his Sup hes just too mana hungry tho.. Would've preferred someone else like maybe Braum (my fave champ thats why) or someone who is used quite abit .. the Sivir one last year was shocking
Braum would be really cool, I reckon Ekko would've been an appropriate choice for either year tbh. Sivir was definitely surprising last year - I guess with so many champs to choose from there's a high chance it won't be what people expected.
: Thoughts on Victorious Lmaokai?
I'm a fan, first top laner to get a Victorious skin. Plus I'm intending to start maining Tree once this ranked season is over :D I can understand that some people aren't keen on it though as tanks aren't always the huge play-makers/carries that other champs can be.
: Gold V to Silver I
Your MMR has to fall to Silver V before you will be demoted from Gold V to Silver, so it would have to be a pretty big loss streak.
shdwzone (OCE)
I know very little about the support role and haven't played much with a Bard so here goes nothing: A pick support, what with his slow/stun and ulti. Also a fair bit of roaming going on. Absolutely no idea with items (without googling). Movespeed/health/standard support items? I feel like Cait would be nice with him, and maybe Ez for a heavy poke lane. Counterplay might be hard cc/bursting him down. Also not getting baited into his magical journeys of death where his team is on the other side. Rank and efficiency really depends, as his ulti is a unique skill and how he uses it absolutely determines how effective he is. When you consider its potential to turn baron/dragon plays, allow turret dives etc then he can have a huge impact. If he's just using it as a zhonya to save teammates then maybe not so much. What are your thoughts on him?
: The Ultimate Reroll
Well, clearly Iron Solari Leona is the most ultimate skin in the game then ... :P
Camo (OCE)
: February 2010 - September 2016 Achievement Unlocked!
Hmmm, matchmaking is always an interesting topic. A few things I can think of that could contribute to odd matchups like this- - I'm pretty sure normal and ranked MMRs are separate, which can lead to some odd discrepancies in the first place. - The plat player was grouped with two people around your group's MMR. Do you think it would be fairer for the unranked and bronze 3 player to be put in a game of plats, or to have one plat player in a game with lower MMRs? This is what the system will be trying to balance out. - Also, as far as I'm aware there's no way to 100% view your MMR except for with third-party websites, so there could be inaccuracies there too The matchmaking system isn't perfect, so strange games with mixes of MMRs do occur - and while it can be unfair to play against, hopefully it's rare enough to not be a big concern. And also, sometimes you're the team with the plat ^_^
Talon12 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Glow,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=GLk0EEmq,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-09-26T09:03:29.514+0000) > > Hello! ^_^ perdy purple
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Distinguished Members
aeras (OCE)
: What does it take to 'Carry' a game?
From what I can tell, this is at a point where it's not so much about how you played on an individual level, and more about how you played with your team. What strikes me is how long the game went on, allowing blue team to claw back the gold lead and eventually wipe out objectives until they won the game. I can't say much about you actions, but some generic stuff might apply: - Making sure you look to take objectives after you get kills, where possible. If nothing else, just pushing your minions to the enemy turret so the enemies lose gold and exp. - Coordinating your team to play around objectives. This includes learning how to manage map pressure (do you have a champ who can split push well? do you/the enemy team have teleport up?) - Learn when to back off from chasing kills. If you've just killed a couple of people, no need to greed for another kill if you can safely take an objective and back out. Also, once the game goes that long, the team that wins is really whoever wins a teamfight while there are 50 second death timers. In late game, when everyone's fully built, you can easily push 3 turrets and end the game off 3+ kills if they're dead for a minute. Good on you for looking to improve! My advice is pretty generic but hopefully there's something helpful for you :)
: Urgent Update Needed
Hey, I really like your ideas to promote discussion among a team before a game, that's an interesting way to encourage teamwork among strangers. Just wanted to point out that Riot have already reworked champion select to counteract some of these problems. However, at the moment it's only for Ranked queue :( I see you're not level 30 so won't have experienced it yet, but it really helps a lot with reducing conflict before the game. [Here's](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/na/site/2016-season-update/new-champ-select.html) the page that describes the rework - it does say that it will be released in blind pick (i.e. normals) towards the end of the 2016 season, but there's not a great deal of that left, so I'm not sure if that's true or not!
: Mirror matches in Norms
I find that if I'm playing a mirror match, if I have an underdog mentality (expecting my opponent to outplay me/be better) then I do a lot better. It makes you think harder, play more cautiously, and be in a better position to recognise enemy mistakes - rather than just charging in and making your own mistakes. Just something to think about :p Mirror matches are the best way to see where you're at with a champ
kostaden (OCE)
: Tips On How To Get Out of Silver?
Well, you want to improve which is the first main step to climbing :) I would highly recommend getting a program that records your games so that you can watch them back afterwards. Try identifying mistakes you make, especially in games that you're not sure how you lost. Look for problems in your gameplay (do you always get caught out by not warding? Are you not going for objectives after kills?) and try to adjust those. More than anything though, just keep playing games to improve, a lot of it is a mileage thing. Good luck on getting gold!
Vegathron (OCE)
: can we get a mute button for that riot kayle
That's why Kayle is one of the strongest top laners atm, because she can tilt her opponents so easily ;) It's like Riot Blitzcrank on Urf... just constant WEEOOWEEOOO I love it.
: Quickest way to improve skills (Haven't played since '14)
Well, there's a lot of stuff that's changed, best way to get a feel for it would be to just play a bit! If you want the quickest way to improve your skills, try watching some videos for areas you feel you are weak in, or simply re-watch your games and try to identify mistakes/things you could improve on :)
Krimzz (NA)
: What Jungler should I buy?
Nocturne sounds like he'd fit the bill for you, as you can build him either damage or more tanky. Plus his ulti is like the assassination ultimate that dreams are made of and is virtually the best gank in the game. Gragas is always incredibly consistent as a jungler and brings a lot to a team too.
Derikay (OCE)
: I just purchased him from the store, so i never played him before the nerfs, so i dont know how strong he was before the nerfs but i just playeed him in a few games and he is fun :D
It's always good to learn a champ when they're less strong, then when they get buffed it feels amazing :P
: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
: how do u beat ap malphite top
Malphite is really strong mid game after 1-2 items, however his early game is pretty weak (his mana costs are kind of ridiculous, especially maxing/poking with Q). Try to bully him pre-6 to reduce his potential in mid game. If he's using ult to kill in lane, then that denies his team a lot of map pressure - he can't TP+Ult gank bot lane so look to make plays for your team that way instead. If he's building AP, you should be able to beat him late game if he isn't too far ahead as he'll be squishy (and if he's building tank, his late game damage is minimal and most ADCs can kill him easily enough). Hope that helps!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: GW and congrats!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Pixel Art contest shortlist get your vote in!
Yay, I got shortlisted!!! Up against some tough competition though - these all look amazing!
OCE Yisus (OCE)
: Really Leaverbuster
That's unlucky. You could submit a ticket to player support if you believe you received the punishment in error, though whether or not they'll see it that way :/
: Zer'sah, the Crystal Empress
Really nice concept, there's a lot of interaction between her abilities and the crystal theme is strong :) Would there be a lock out on her passive stun? So once an enemy's been stunned they can't be stunned again by the passive for a short period (like Nautilus). Otherwise she could just build max attack speed and be really annoying. Other feedback would be that she seems to have lots of steroids, which is not necessarily a bad thing but would need to be carefully tuned so she wasn't OP. Overall though, great work! Do you have any lore in mind for her?
Fitzky (OCE)
: How to play kayle top - Build + Runes?
Lmperius has it right, only thing I would change is taking Rylais instead of Zhonyas, the aoe slow on your autos is stronk. Also Berserkers greaves instead of sorc :) Have fun with her, she really only reaches that godlike mode after three items and can be pretty touch-and-go until then
: To QAPLA (and others of course)
Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile. {{champion:201}}
LaFrae (NA)
: Dynamic Queue Ranking System w/ Friends
I'm not sure of the specifics, as I understand it you can only queue with players one tier below or above. So if you are gold 1, you can queue with players who are silver 1 through to plat 1. But you couldn't queue with a silver 2 player as this is counted as more than one tier. Also for ranked teams (not dynamic mode) you can queue with anybody. Hope that helps
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