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TheBioB (OCE)
: Hey Riot, I recently purchased Arcade Riven, I did not know Dragon Blade Riven was going to become available shortly after I bought it. I am wondering if there is any slim chance that I would be able to trade one skin for the other. I have unfortunately and stupidly used up all my refunds. The skins are both 1350 rp and I payed the full price. I will be very grateful if you even consider this request. Thank you.
Lol hell no, riot wants money bruh
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: {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:82}}
: Low elo scrubs maining Yasuo pls, just don't. It's always cringe af to see shit like that. If you are doing this for recognition another way of getting recognised is being good at the game and getting out of bronze. Try that out :)
well shit, i play the game because i have no life okay, i dont main, i lvl up. maining people is for fags.
Talon12 (OCE)
: you no deserve yasuo do kindred
I got yasuo m7 ahahaha do what i want.
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