: Patch 9.23 notes
Give Us More Maps Not Less
: Crashing
stil happening apparently. had a game just fine, next game got to 15 minutes, then constant critical error DC
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: LF Odyssey team to complete missions
had a couple random groups and it turned out pretty badly. so im keen!
Shmalness (OCE)
: LF Odyssey Team To Complete Onslaught Missions
would certainly be keen for some of those, only have the 5 yasuo game unlocked atm though
: "AR" URF.
ive got 50-70 games so far this URF. I have seen... Nautilus, kai'sa and Ivern once, with ivern only in champ select, not in game. While Ryze and Sona are clearly disabled (which is stupid as hell, Sona is no less broken than Wukong or Garen, and ryze is... well, just another champ with his new skills). I know that people reroll to get their favoured OP champions, but even if they just leave it as equal chances for EVERY champ. The entire point of URF is that it is unbalanced and silly I disagree with letting us pick, AR is better... with a few tweaks 1: earlier surrender - 15 minutes for a unanimous is way too long. most URF games are decided by 10 minutes (and the winning side rarely wants to end) 2: EVERY champ with same chances 3: possibly lower kill gold value, or a faster value dropoff for people that are getting farmed (a 0-10-0 should be worth as much as a ranged minion, really. what are they gunna do vs a 25-0 hecarim?)
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: Wait, isn't Lulu dragons name Fix? (Being a Lulu main){{champion:117}}
the fairy is pix the dragon, being from a skin, didnt exactly have a name. now it has one, just not one we can pronounce.
dslxk (OCE)
: statistics on reports/bans
ever since they removed tribunal the only way i know reports are taken seriously are when i get the occasional popup after a game saying "thanks for the report, a player has been punished" and even then i dont know WHO, out of the many many reports that get sent in.
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Muzz (OCE)
: ***
i dont even care what it is im downvoting it because of how it was posted.
ireland85 (OCE)
: On the pictures where you first start league and click launch the new{{champion:28}} picture is just showing the arm and a bit of body
glad i wasnt the only one to notice. eve sideboob
: New player reform system heads into testing
I'm sorta worried about the line "punishment based on community-driven standards of behaviour" the standards for OCE are really really really REALLY low.
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
its a reskin for the ARAM map. woop de fucking doo
: Will this be fixed? its really frustrating :(
YAY i wasnt the only one. i guess since it called you as level 5 you are still getting the points, just it wasnt showing at end game. and yeah, a whole week, but i just had a game where it showed my points at the end so maybe its fixed?
: I hope past matches this season count.
: Declare your allegiance to Baron Nashor
um... no. i have him in a santa hat, thats more than enough
: Kassadin? (I Know)
he used to, then people cried cuz an he was strong, so he got nerfed into the ground
: Kid? Im 21 mate so get that shit outa here, i used nigguh as a joke with my friend who is in fact black, we laugh and dont take shit seriously. You havent grown up, you're still a stupid fuckhead and will always be a fuckhead. Now shut the fuck up im done with your bullshit.
3 fucks and 1 shit in a single statement = grown up. i like your logic. (not) at least my range of language is a bit better matured than yours kiddo.
: I actually said it in every single one of my comments thus making you the the 12 year old who failed to read, you are also an abusive asshole who needs to grow the fuck up.
ah its ok kiddo, maybe one day you will realise just how thick you are. I was about 15 when i realised i had been a stupid kid and decided to grow up. stopped using "nigguh" around then as well.
: > my original post was about WHY it was so low Did i not answer that in all my posts? Your MMR is low, now shutup already, your insults just make you look childish and stupid.
no you didnt answer it, you simply started calling me stupid, thus, i abused you. and congrats on proving your own twelvie age. o well, done here, i got the answer i needed from someone that actually knows how to read a full statement.
: This sort of post amazes me no end. i bet your the sort of person who stubs their toe then blames the coffee table. the servers are pretty top notch i've rarely d/c'ed or had any issues, same goes for all my friends that i speak with. willing to bet you have a toaster PC and garbage internet OR you have good internet but its shared.
funny, i had the least lag on my team, if you had bothered to read my thread before commenting you would realise this (seems to be a common theme with stupid people, read 2 words then blame OP). my internet is fine, my pc is fine, literally everyone else on my team had connection issues, and you somehow think its my fault. hmmmmmmmmm
: These insults doe, what are you 14? Grow up and stop with the dumb insults, ill say the same damn thing the hundreds of other threads have said and what i said before, your LP gain is based off your MMR and it is not going to be the same every god damn game, now shutup.
and i have said, twice now, that im aware of it, and my original post was about WHY it was so low, you are still refusing to see the obvious right in front of your eyes. and i will stop insulting you when you show me reason to doubt ANYTHING i have said to you. goddam moron.
: Life is shit but most of the things that make it shit are what you are doing yourself.
oh certainly, but thats why things that are shit that i cant do anything about piss me off so much.
: I read it all, this is the same dumb thread that gets made over and over again, your LP gains are based on your MMR and it is different every game, don't call me ignorant when you're the one who is making a dumb thread about LP gains when there are hundreds of other threads exactly like yours, you fuckwit.
literally everyone knows that LP is based on your wins/losses. the ENTIRE POINT of my fucking post you goddam braindead shitstain, is that i earned 10 LP, when my previous win (AKA, my PREVIOUS GAME) i earned 16. what the fuck did you think it was about? did you see the part where i questioned "is there any other variables?" and just go "awww poor baby is having a cry" or does your single braincell not remember the post by the time you started writing a reply?
: > - If you DC for more than 5 min I think it's fair to say you are adversely effecting a game. 24 hours to norms to sort stuff out I believe is fair > - What if it's on Rito's end/bug splat etc? Once again, if you are having these issue which are lasting more than 5 min regardless if it's your fault, you should stick to norms till you know its ironed out. In no way are both this alternatives fair. Some peoples internet may crash/bug out for more than a period of 30 minutes or so, people may have a power outage in their house/street that causes them to unintentionally leave a game. To be punished by not having access to ranked queses for over 24 hours for one game that you had no control over leaving isn't fair whatsoever, these are outrageous punishments for such a little crime. Their punishment for afking is fair enough already, afk a game or two and you have a lower priority in ranked que which goes up the more you afk in a game which eventually leads to a ban and that's not even including the banning from the leaver buster/reports they'd receive from the other players in the game.
the punishment for AFK is such a joke that you are lucky to get a game in bronze/silver where no one does. If your internet is unreliable enough that it can crash for half an hour you shouldnt be ranking anyway. If there is power outages you shouldnt be ranking anyway, and if its an accident that caused you a power outage you are going to have problems for around 24 hours anyway so not being able to ranked wouldnt affect anyone.
: Another thread about low lp gains, when will you people realize the reason is because you have low mmr and will always be because you have low mmr, these dumb threads got old years ago, this is just fucking stupid at this point.
another comment from someone that cant read before judging, if you had spent an extra 5 seconds reading you would have noticed my statement about EARNING MORE LP THE VERY PREVIOUS GAME you ignorant twat.
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: Enemy team might of got loss prevented, which give you less LP for a win.
oh one of them did say that, guess that explains it, although why it was loss prevented i dont know, there wasnt any lag or DC's
: wtf 10 LP
I meant to write "recently winning more than losing" and like i said, but no one seemed to read, my previous ranked game i won, and got 50% more LP than this one. i cant have gone down in MMR over the course of 1 day by not playing
The Kezza (OCE)
: Loss Prevention for AFK from not connecting in to game?
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SirBrent1 (OCE)
: I actually really enjoyed ascension, a game mode where you couldn't fall behind in gold or exp. Every fight you would fight on more or less even terms and wasn't running at the enemy like aram{{summoner:31}}. also {{champion:55}} needs an energy bar
you mean you want another akali?
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: How to stop AA?
S causes you to stop moving and attacking, but be aware if you walk into a bush and DON'T click on an enemy, it will not AA unless the bush is warded.


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