: Jungle routes are versatile especially in the current meta both in competitive and solo queue, typically you just want to start your path on the opposite side to where you'd ideally like to make a play. A simple approach every time you walk out of base can be to start at the opposite side of the map to where you'd like to make a play so that you can complete all camps and impact the map. This is a very efficient and effective approach you might find in solo queue, of course the jungle role is always reactive to lots of factors but this can give you a good starting point.
: @Spookz Current jungle route? maybe even tips to do with camp experience? :))
Jungle routes are versatile especially in the current meta both in competitive and solo queue, typically you just want to start your path on the opposite side to where you'd ideally like to make a play. A simple approach every time you walk out of base can be to start at the opposite side of the map to where you'd like to make a play so that you can complete all camps and impact the map. This is a very efficient and effective approach you might find in solo queue, of course the jungle role is always reactive to lots of factors but this can give you a good starting point.
Cohen (OCE)
: Do you believe this is the year OCE wins IWCT? What makes it different from previous years? And one for Swiffer, what's your opinion on midlane now since Azir is no longer #1?
I think we're all in the best form we've ever been heading into a IWC, having the house and working essentially full time as gamers has enabled us to reach this level and we're all feeling great heading into the event
: How many hours a day do you play Pokemon Go? Asking for a friend {{summoner:13}}
Big swips plays Pokemon daily whenever he's out and about, none of the rest of us really play because it's a poo game
Eddy 07 (OCE)
: As a major chiefs fan, I know you guys usually struggle later in the series. However, you all seemed to step up your game and keep a level head in the BO5. How much have you as a team matured mentally since IWCI 2015?
I would say we have improved significantly in bo series, we used to have issues with tilting mid-series but we really address team psychology mid series and make sure we're all feeling good heading in to every game.
: What other region's competitive League scenes do you guys watch? I feel like Spookz's playstyle is similar to Ambition from Samsung in the LCK.
I watch as much as international League as possible, I try mirror Korea jungle styles the most which is generally a more safe style that focuses on getting lanes ahead.
Decarnia (OCE)
: For the whole team, do you ever get stage fright or nervous before the games? If so, what are your remedies?
I think everyone gets pre-game jitters, for me specifically the first play typically where I can yell and get hyphy removes all the nerves
: with regards to the intensity of the final , how do you reckon you compare to the other teams participating at IWCI? including differences in meta and play style as well as how do you as a team stand up to other talent or game plans, like focusing on bot lane? for example talent like Naru from supermassive
We know we can all compete individually overseas that won't be an issue, we just need to not let the event get to our heads and make sure we play to our best standards
Dian (OCE)
: During a game does your team prioritize high morale or rather focus on objectives and personal performances when trying to come back from a bad start?
No matter what state a game is in we're always discussing win-conditions, they obviously change based on who's ahead
: If you could have one non-meta champion become meta who would it be?
: How were you able to control the map throughout the games, even when it seemed like Legacy had the advantage.
: How do you guys see yourselfs against big teams like SuperMassive eSports and INTZ e-Sports?? watching their finals felt like they were on top tier LCS level. what does chief needs to overcome these powerhouses in the IWCI??
Hi Soul, They're obviously classy teams, I think if we can stay level-headed and play our game we definitely have a chance to win. I feel we're strong enough to take matches against these teams. It's mainly going to come down to setting up properly for objectives and not making silly errors
: How many cans of redbull do you guys drink on average ? Weekly. :)
: I'm Chief Cheese, Midlaner for Chiefs Esports Club, AMA!
Ch33zW1z (OCE)
: With the changes to runeglaive, are we going to possibly see any jungle mages anytime soon?
In competitive play I don't think many mages will pop up, Elise and Nidalee have probably benefited the most from the changes though.
Salient (OCE)
: Hi Spookz =) What was your favourite jungle meta? Lee, Kha, Elise was mine =) Also, you're super cute lol
Thanks :) I'd have to agree with you, I miss Lee a lot =( Elise is coming back into the meta though! :D
Swiffer (OCE)
: Chiefs eSports Club Q&A
Hey @Swiffer, typically who smells the best on the team?
: Hey Chief Spookzy, Just wondering what the best champions for playing support in the bronze games, i want to master one of them so i can climb, since i main support <3 and i can help my team and help wards around the map. I'm a fan of you :) not sure if i'd be able to meet you at Luna park but i would like say i will be coming to watch the finals. Another question is what is your favorite champion and tell me why? anyway please do reply back to me i appreciate it thanks. cheers Thomas Hurrell.
Hi Thomas :) I haven't played all that much support in solo queue but I feel Thresh is a good one to master and he's a lot of fun. He's also a very versatile champion. My favourite champ is Lee Sin just because I like being agile and gank heavy
: Hey Spookz! First and foremost, best wishes in both the OPL finals and also for future international events. (Let's get OCE to worlds, HYPE!) How many hours/week does your team train? How do you balance uni and competitive LoL? If there was 1 thing OCE had to do to become more competitive internationally, what would it be? Elise or Lee Sin? I'm heading to Lunar Park on the 8th. Wanna hang out afterwards?
Hey mate, thanks for the support :) We practice 5 times a week for 3-4 hours per night, asides from that we all try solo queue as much as possible. My uni course isn't all that time consuming. Oceania just lacks infrastructure to progress with the best teams in the world, we just don't have the resources to keep up. Lee Sin :D I'll be happy to meet you at the event if you approach me :)
wakiZashi (OCE)
: Hi, sam! I've been really wanting to improve my jungle game (I played a lot of Lee Sin before the new jungle items and the removal of Feral), and I find the biggest problem I'm having right now is that I don't really "get" ganking. When should I be looking to gank, and how should I usually go about it? Also, I've been binge-watching the OPL recently and when I mentioned to my friends that a lot of high-elo junglers took sightstone, they said just to not do it at our high-bronze/low-silver elo. Would you agree or would you say I should still get one? Finally, based on your name, would you say you are the spookiest pro in OCE right now, and if not, then who? Good luck at Luna Park, I wish I could go but I'm on the wrong side of the country and busy with uni starting next week {{item:3070}}
Hey mate What i tell most people is to look at lane matchups before deciding what lane you're gonna focus on and plan your jungle pathing so you end up in the lane you want to gank so you can maximise your time. It's really up to you if you want to build sightstone in solo queue, sometimes i don't bother either even at high elo. But if you feel you can use the information it provides it might be worth it. Idk if i'm the spookiest pro in OCE xD I just like the name
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Hey Spookz 2 questions: 1) Whats your favorite Jungle Champion? 2) How uni going? Also Good Luck against LGC
Hi mate :) My favourite champ is Lee Sin, he's been my main for a long time. Uni is going pretty well, I'm on mid sem break atm, but so far so good And thanks a lot, appreciate the support :)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udBa7LCcNGQ Its River shen:D also good luck in finals I know you guys can do this! best team oce
: Hey Sam, If you could profile the average Challenger/Master how would you do it? I'm mainly wondering how you perceive the average players mentality, attitude, use of chat, pings, surrender votes and secondly game play. Furthermore what do you think is good and what can be improved on? Really hope this made sense because I'd love an answer, I'm very curious to see what you come up with.
It obviously varies vastly from player to player, but I think typically a challenger/master player (grudges aside) are generally determined to win from the start of the game they will predominantly use the forms of communication available to the best of their teams interest. However I feel that there is a lot of blame and negative attitudes involved when a team finds themselves behind.
Bookbash (OCE)
: Hi Spooks, congrats on reaching another final :) My question is about Kayle... is she still a viable jungler in competitive play? And which to build - devourer or runeglaive? Cheers.
I can't see Kayle jungle being popular in competitive play because she requires too much resources to do her job well. I think devourer Kayle can be super-strong in solo queue though.
: Do you actually like where the meta has gone in terms of jungling? And if you could personally make riot shift the jungle meta, what would you shift it towards?
Jungling has always been a bit stale, in that 2-3 junglers are dominant. I feel that the meta is a bit more open atm as the champ pool is more versatile, so I don't mind it. If I could change anything I would make Lee Sin dominant in the meta again xD
: What are your thoughts on the state of River Shen?
SIN Zerg (OCE)
: Hey samuel pooply, My question for you is: How much alcohol will take you to get a little rowdy? secondly: Is eric a good looking dude? thx love u samy
Hey buddy :) I get pretty tipsy off a few white wines ;) Erics at-least a 8/10
: What do you think of rengar in solo que, knowing he can really only kill people and if he cant he is useless?
You pretty much said it yourself :P I've seen a lot of AD Rengar's carry games off the back of just 1 shotting carries. But yeah he definitely suffers if he falls behind.
: Hey Spookz, how different is playing at a OPL compared to solo que? Specifics would be nice. xD
It's substantially different. It mainly comes to the competitive aspect of the game vs just the solo queue approach. Competitive play is a lot more coordinated, a lot less risks are taken, drafting and communication is a lot more significant and games are often decided by decision making as opposed to individual plays.
Ztest (OCE)
: Who would win in a fist fight out of everyone in your team?
Easily Swiper, he actually does a lot of boxing :p
Voku (OCE)
: Champs, can you give a detailed reason behind it, like why they are strong this patch
Gragas - I feel Gragas is the most versatile jungler atm, he doesn't really have a weakness, he has good clear, ganking, dueling, team-fighting just all around really solid atm. Rek'sai - Also really solid in the meta still, the only thing I'd say for Rek'sai that puts her under Gragas is her susceptibility to being kited. Nidalee - Can be super snowbally, if you get a good start on her you can almost single-handedly carry a game. She has great clear, ganks and mobility. Elise - I feel a return to the meta this patch after numerous buffs, she has insane early game control. Eve - Invisible presence is strong, insane damage and flank potential.
: Hey Spookz, 2 questions: 1) who is the pro player you look up to the most and why? 2) I know you were an AD carry, now your a jungler if you were forced to move role where would it be too and how would you go about learning it? Cheers,
Hi Spawn :) I think Bengi is the jungler that i've tried to replicate the most, I remember season 3 worlds he just had so much control over the map and he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, I like to feel that I can control the tempo of the game especially during the lane phase. If I were forced to change right now I doubt I could see myself playing at a professional level in either the mid or adc role because I feel mechanically i'm to far behind. I guess I would say top lane because it's the most similar to the jungle role in terms of champion play-style. I would try learn it the way I've learnt most things in this game by watching & learning and spamming solo queue. ^_^
: Hi Spookz, I am a lot interested in the jungler role as a secondary role (Adc main). According to some games I saw from OPL, you were playing a lot of utility tank junglers like Jarvan IV and Sejuani. Also I'd like to know, what do you think of other junglers in solo Queue like farmers (Udyr, Shyvana, Jax ...) and Gankers (Lee Sin, Nidalee). ??
With the introduction of devourer junglers like Shyvanna can hyper-carry games in solo queue. The best gankers right now are probably Nidalee, Rek'sai, Gragas and Elise.
Voku (OCE)
: Top 5 junglers at the moment spookzy and why
: What are your thoughts on the possible inclusion of MS quint's?
You can possibly get away with it, but overall AP quints give more clear, gank and duel potential
Geason (OCE)
: Just wanted to say good luck against Legacy in the Final
: Hi Samuel! Who is the spookiest person on ur team and why xD
Hi Joyce :) I think Raydere is the spookiest scary skeleton
: What are the main things I should be looking out for in soloQ jungle? Things I should be prioritising over other things etc. (Never mind my username, Swip3rR told me to lol, reppin from bronze).
It's all generally pretty situational but some key points to focus on are Lane matchups - Visualise during draft which lanes are going to be best to gank Pathing - Being as efficient as possible with your pathing Vision - Controlling vision is your job especially early Controlling the enemy jungler
: Hi spookz. I see you unlike a certain Chef knows how to put their AMA in the right category. Which champion should i play to suck less at ganking with? and when am I going to be a mod on your stream?
Hey mate :) Elise, Rek'sai and Gragas are probably the best right now for ganking. I still can't stream =(
pwn lord (OCE)
: Would you consider OCE easy? 17 *cough* 0 *cough*
I wouldn't consider OCE 'easy', like if we didn't put in the time and effort that we do we wouldn't be as dominant. We're probably one of the most under-developed regions though.
: Elise in the current patch, what are the best rune's and mastery's for her in your opinion given the current state of the meta?
There are a lot of variations of runes/masteries/build paths with Elise atm. I think the Cinder route will be the most common in competitive play with like AS reds, HP per level yellows (unless you really need the flat armor), 5% CDR blues and 3 flat ap and Flat AP quints. I think RG is really good in solo queue though.
Evmon (OCE)
: ***
My course isn't as time consuming as a law course for example so I'm pretty easily able to handle my work load whilst playing a ton of League. I have no girlfriend atm :P
Not Sarah (OCE)
: Who do you main in Smash?
: What do you think needs to be done for wildcard representatives to have a decent chance at competing at international events like MSI and Worlds? Do you think that OCE (or any region) have the infrastructure to accomplish what you feel is necessary? Also how do you feel about Elise now with the recent buffs? Congrats on the great season and playoffs so far and good luck at luna park!
Hey mate, thanks for the support :) I do believe that infrastructure is the core issue for wildcard teams when it comes to competing at global events, simply not being able to play League as a full-time job makes it hard to compete. However I don't think anyone is necessarily to blame for this due to the lesser following in wildcard regions. I think that Riot have done a great job to slowly build regions like OCE to where they are today but if we are ever going to be able to compete with regions such as NA or Europe the scene needs to continually grow. I think Elise is in a really good spot atm after numerous buffs. She's even seeing some bans in solo queue atm because of her insane early game presence and ability to snowball, I believe she'll be contested competitively now as well.
: Hello Sam! Can you tell me a bit more about that epic game against CJ Entus Blaze at WCG 2013? We all had an awesome time there but I wanted to know more about the thoughts that were going through your head as you were 5-1 up against, arguably, one of the best teams in the world at the time.
It was a bit of a surreal experience taking on CJ Blaze especially with their status at the time. As a team we were basically trying to mimic their play-style in our region so it was awesome to be able to experience it first-hand. I think we were all equally surprised with the start of the game we had technical difficulties aside and at one point I remember thinking to myself 'what if we actually win this'. But in the end we just got strategically and mechanically outclassed in the mid-late game.
XXHavana (OCE)
: How big is your head? Also, how is uni going?
Idk how big my head is man. Uni is going well so far, currently I'm in my mid-sem break of 1st year, but so far so good!
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: Spookz had baited out the Sej ult in the river and we were definitely wanting to force the fight. We were all just looking for the engage and I think I was screaming GOGOGO as I flashed over the wall. It just worked out really well that the barrel landed a split second before my hook, it definitely wasn't some crazy feat of shotcalling or synergy it just happened to work out really well :)
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