Akirachu (OCE)
: Feedback and report bug links not working
They worked once, then didn't work for the rest of the session.
Shimkun (OCE)
: You have earned a key fragment!
Me too. I have submitted a bug report.
Ninox (OCE)
: They are still much shorter games though. You get less IP for ARAMs than for norms because they are shorter games, and the same applies here. While more IP would always be nice, I can see why we get less for RGM/ARAMs etc.
I agree, there should be a better IP reward to other game modes. Basing IP on time spent in game is pretty lazy. Spend 17 minutes fighting doom bots for 30ish IP. Does that sound reasonable? Only 10 more games an i might be able to unlock a 450 IP Champ! The incentive/novelty wears pretty thin after you get the icon. If you want to run this mode for 2 weekends in a row, there is going to need to be greater incentive, otherwise the will be a large drop in players. At least give us an IP boost for this mode.
: My behaviour
I think the simplest way to detach is a matter of perspective. Even pro players rarely get above a 55% win rate. That is a lot of losses over the course of a career. And remember, they will play 1000+ games a season. Everyone has bad games and everyone has losing streaks. It happens. If you think you're playing badly, take a break. Even if its 15 minutes, you'll feel better. Set yourself a goal to do something better each game (CS, ward, not feeding). If you reach that goal put the game to down as a win because you played better. Remember, your match history is no worse than anyone else at some point.
Ingénue (OCE)
: 10 Tips to Reduce Your Death Count
Not dying is also a great way to get that elusive S or S+.
Ingénue (OCE)
: When starting playing league, I honestly thought that the most exciting part of the game was saving up and buying something new from the store. I loved trying out champs on the free week rotations and making lists of who to buy and in which order. When I felt that the grind wasn't going quick enough (mainly when I found an expensive champion that I fell in love with) I would buy an IP boost. Runes were also like this (and still are, I only own half of them). The only downside was buying the started tier 3 runes (the ones that were permanently discounted last season). Recently, all tier 2 runes were made 1ip for purchase. this helps levelling accounts start experimenting early with runes and allows you to fill a page with only a few games. Tier 3 runes are more expensive, but it is a good deterrent from ranked, because if you haven't got at least 2 pages of tier 3 runes then you aren't ready for ranked (you will need to play a lot to be able to afford it, more playing, better skill). As for rune pages, there are regular 2-for-1 sales throughout the year. Saving up and waiting for those is fine. I have 16 rune pages and only use 2 of them on a regular basis. For almost all of the people I know, its pretty similar. One thing I do miss, are the **double IP weekends** back in S4 or even the **party-up IP weekends** last season. Playing in premade does give a slight IP advantage (hardly), and IP boosts are always available from the store. Riot should definitely give us the double IP weekends *more furious hinting at Riot*
Yes, bring back the double IP weekend!! Or do what every other F2P game does and offer daily log in bonuses that accumulate over time.
: bots in game
I had the same issue a few days ago. The unfortunate thing is if you leave you can't report the bots. All you can do is sit on the fountain and wait for it to be over. My advice is; if you just want to test out a champ you might be better playing a custom game. If you play bot games for the First Win of the Day bonus, like I do, play hard carry champ that can 1v5 and push down turrets. But, most importantly, REPORT THOSE BOTS!
Kek d (OCE)
: How the hell do i get s- or s ratings as katarina
You have to remember that you are being compared to other Kat players on your server. This [link](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/champion-mastery) goes to the Champion Mastery FAQ that has some of the finer details about getting higher ranks. Your KDA is pretty good, but CS is low and deaths are high. I've found the best way to get an S on any champ is to minimise your deaths. You want to have a good K/D ratio to get a high score. Also keep your CS up through out the game. Maybe aim for about 6-7 per minute.
Tele (OCE)
: Why are you trying to hide information? I looked up these games myself and you've changed information making it look worse. + [**Game 1**](http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/143098360/201260463) - Malzahar went 0/7 not 0/8. [**Game 2**](http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/143098093/201260463?tab=overview) - Lux was 0/8/6 not 0/8/4 [**Game 5**](http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/143096856/201260463?tab=overview) - No one AFKed at 50 minutes, that game only lasted 47:18 **Game 6, 7, 14, 15 & 19** - Hardly a premade. All of these games were duo. * * I also noticed you're very quick to label others as "trolls", but never apply the same standard to yourself. Why didn't your 4/15 Jinx game classify as a "troll"? You called someone else out for going 4/14 if I remember correctly. It's clear the problem here is your definition of a "troll". _**Loosing lane and having a bad game is not a troll.**_ I'm sure there are actual trolls in Bronze 5, there's no denying this. But in this case you're over exaggerating, you played with 2 trolls at best.
: Uninteractive lane Matchups
I don't know what Riot's stance is on these types of champs, but when you have 120+ champs there is bound to be some unbalancing. As far as {{champion:41}} and {{champion:8}} go, there is little counter play at the moment. This would be why they are the 2nd and 3rd most banned champs (behind {{champion:120}} . The others you mentioned like {{champion:16}} and {{champion:17}} do have team counter play. An assassin will demolish them pretty quick. The problem with {{champion:41}} and {{champion:8}} is they have poke and sustain, which makes for some pretty average interactions.
: Well if your ranked games are anything like mine, your team will pick 4 assassins (Zed, Ekko, Yasuo and Vayne most likely) and 0 tanks, then lose and blame everything except themselves. So my advice would be to pick the tankiest motherfucker possible, and make it your full time job to save assassins from their own stupidity. On paper, Sona has the highest win rate in the game, but no one knows how little/much the recent nerf has affected her, so i cant say if thats true anymore. But if you have 3 or 4 squishies already on your team, you will be wanting a tank. So maybe choose Sona and Alistar, and go Sona when your team has 2 **proper** tanks or more, and go Alistar when they have 1 or less.
This is true. Team comp can also be an issue in solo q. So, pick the right support for the right job.
DannyMac (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maximum Spice,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=RmjAGnLF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-10T11:26:58.429+0000) > > that does not mean he is OP or UP. There are FAR less challengers/diamonds then there are bronze to gold players. Therefore, it stands to reason he would have a low win rate as he is mechanically hard to use. He isn't a simple annie point and click or caitlyn right click champion. > > It'd be nice if people understood maths AND data it comes from first before commenting a "win rate". > > > /rekkage When did I mention that he was OP or UP?
Even at Diamond + his win rate is less than 40% It'd be nice if people checked their data before commenting on other people's use of data. /unrekkage
: Is Sona the best support to rank up with? :D
Depends. If you're playing solo or in a pre-made. As far as solo goes she is probably the best as she has potential to carry. If you're playing in a pre-made you might be better off with {{champion:16}} But, {{champion:37}} is sitting at a 55% win rate while {{champion:16}} is at 52%... So, either way, you should be climbing.
: **Firstly! ** Never take any statement like that at face value, (Especially if its American!) Americans love to over exaggerate everything to make it more 'interesting to the masses' and they do so to a point that actually compromises the credibility of the information. This opening statement of this 'article' is: _"**Playing **highly popular shoot 'em up video games **will** be defined as gambling"_ So already we can question the validity of the article because under no circumstances is '_playing_' shoot 'em up games gambling, it also says 'Will' implying this is certain, yet it then goes on straight away to say that the senator 'wants' this and 'call for' this, so really, nothing is certain at all. So already this article has given us 2 wrong pieces of information, and its still only the opening sentence! **Secondly. ** Gambling by definition revolves around '**Risk**' to gamble, you risk losing something, in the hope of obtaining something else. Without 'Risk' There IS no gambling. Hextech chests don't 'Risk' anything, you 'buy' it. The definition between those two is important! When you buy something, there is no risk, you give away your money, and have no expectation of having it back. It is exactly like Knuuckles says; you buy a lucky dip, you don't gamble anything.
Hey, thanks for your reply! The article is from the Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian news paper, and the policy is being put forward by one of our elected officials (Nick Xenophon). At this moment the policy is merely a proposal, but it is something that games that offer _items of varying value _ in exchange for money will need to be aware of. That's the part I'm focusing on. As for 'lucky dips',, they are a form of gambling. You're still putting up money in the hope of getting something desirable. In the case of Hextech chests you can get a champion shard for a champ you already own, which is essentially worthless, or an 1850 RP skin. You have no control over the reward and what value it has. It could be more or less than they money you put in. It's the same as putting a dollar on the Chocolate Wheel,. I can see from the responses that people's idea of what constitutes gambling differs. Which is fair enough. Hextech does not appear to be overtly gambling, but it is still encouraging us to give over money for a varying reward values. To me That is way more insidious. They have hidden rewards in these chests and put them behind various restrictions to squeeze money from players who might not normally put in. I'm not saying Riot and affiliated shouldn't do it, they have the right to run their business as they see fit. But, it will be interesting to see what changes may be forced if this kind of legislation is passed.
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Ingénue (OCE)
: {{champion:53}} I am high plat now and I still can't dodge his grabs. Even if I get challenger I probably still wont be able to :c Sometimes it's so bad that I dodge champ select if I see one haha
I'm the same {without the high ELO). I hate {{champion:53}} ,, which is why I always blind pick counters like {{champion:25}} and {{champion:89}} . just in case someone is playing him.
LLNavi (NA)
: Should Rito give us an increased chance of getting keys after games and better hextech loot?
That is really 2 different questions. If they gave better loot then the criteria for getting keys and chests should be increased. Personally I'm not a big fan of hextech crafting, especially as part of the level 6 and 7 mastery system.
: The Dragon and the Sun
HAH! That was well done! Very Douglas Adams.
: Veigar and Lulu: not quite a love story
Nice job. Changing first person is a difficult POV to pull off, unless you;re writing a novel, then it is just a change of chapter. I would suggest using an obvious break mark when switching POV. Like this: ********* I would also consider just doing the story from one POV. Might make it read a bit smoother.
moovlice (OCE)
: Drinking Buddies
Should have been 1 v 5. You know, like a real Jax does it.
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: Normal MMR
I've had a similar problem a while ago, though it was only one game. [link to post](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/Ep0KQh79-mmr-at-its-best)
: Profile Section Suggestion
Agree with OP. Also,,, how about icons showing which Honor Ribbons you currently have?
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Wean (OCE)
: A question about Runes
Rune pages work pretty much the same as Masteries. They will all 'work' on any champ, but there are 'optimal' builds for each. In your Fiora/Irelia example, Fiora's runes will work on Irelia, but it might not be 'optimal'. Runes allow you to adjust the champion stats to suit your play style, but you generally want to augment their strengths. Fiora has built in attack speed so would benefit from more AD, while Irelia would benefit from attack speed. Having rune pages for each champion is not essential and a very expensive exercise (which I think is too expensive and out dated). So, first concentrate on building generic pages (like other people have suggested) by buying the runes that are on sale. Then use those pages to augment the champ you play as best you can. It may not be 'optimal', but it will still work. Hope this helps.
Lejester (OCE)
: How do I engage in a teamfight as an ADC?
I'm not an ADC main, in fact it's probably my worst role. I spend a lot of time baby sitting ADCs who think they can 1v5. Anyway, if you're looking for some tips on positioning, target selection and general ADC play, check out the Youtuber Phylol. He is an ADC main and has some great tips on how to play in team fights, even as Kog. The only tip I have is to find someone to duo with as a support so at least one person is looking out for you. And, of course, don't tilt.
Xuízunä (OCE)
: Need some help on S rankings
Based on what has been said here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/champion-mastery There is no defined criteria (otherwise the system would get exploited), so you just have to do your best and hope that you come out in that top % of the server. An easier way might be to play your champs in off-meta positions. You'll be dealing with a smaller % of the server, so unless all the people who play that champ in that position are gods, you'll have a better chance of getting in that higher %. One thing that I have noticed as a big help is having a low death count, not necessarily a high KDA.
: On another random note. Can someone please help me with some advice on how to earn chests please? I have earned 7 key fragments in a row. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances for either key fragment or chest?
Chests are earned by getting an S rank on your character, or someone in your pre-made getting an S. So, the best way to increase your chances is to play with friends. Especially as a support. Also, remember you can only earn one chest per champion **per season**. So, once you get that chest on your best champion, you have to retire them for the season to get more chests. On the positive side, getting lots of keys means you're winning games :)
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: Who should I get?
Depends. If you want to play the champ you get in ranked, don't get Zed. (75% ban rate) If you want to win matches, don't get Taliyah. (38% win rate) If you want to mirror match in normals, get Yasuo. (22% popularity)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey dude, So what you will need is A) Your T7 tokens B) 500 blue essence OR a permanent champion shard (if you reroll 3 champion shards and have all the champions you will receive a permanent champion shard) OR a standard champion shard Hope that clears things up for you.
So, being good at the champion isn't good enough to unlock the final mastery. You have to do a silly dance with Hex Tech Crafting as well. This makes little sense. That payer has earned S/S+ rank 3 times, and they still can't unlock their level 7 mastery? What if you don't own all the champs? Does that mean they have to wait for the RNG of Hex Tech to give them the right champion shards? That means they have to spam other champs to get chests, when all they want is to unlock the mastery they deserve for one champ. What if all they play is Xin? They have to wait till next season to get another chest, which is not guaranteed to give them the right shard? This new mastery system is badly broken because it is tied to Hex Tech. Let players earn the rewards they want. if they want chests, let them earn them by playing well across a range of champs. If they want the mastery, let them earn it without having to jump through hoops.
Gr1fter (OCE)
: An Open Letter to Riot
Thanks for taking the time and effort to reply, Maraudaur. You’ve assured me that there are some exciting improvements on the horizon. I understand there are limited resources and you've provided excellent context for the current state of play. I'm still not sold on the lack of sandbox mode, it is certainly a function the entire community has been requesting for a while (we all need {{champion:268}} practice!) But, like you said, it comes down to resources. Hopefully the new client roll out will hold some surprises. That being said, not having skill descriptions and videos up to date on the client seems a little, unprofessional. Kind of like a company changing branding but not updating its stationary. With a large project, like the MSU, this should have been taken into consideration. If players want information it should be at their fingertips through the client, rather than a third party. I was aware of the MMR system and it seems to be working. But, the skill level of unranked players tends to yo-yo quite a bit. Perhaps this will level out once I try my hand at ranked. You’re absolutely right, I do have a pet hate for the Hex Tech Crafting. Please, take this as feedback. It seems that the restrictions were poorly designed. The reward system is great, but like I said, the chest content doesn't really warrant the restrictions, especially considering the RNG nature of content. If you set reward parameters they should be adhered to without restriction (except for those on toxic behaviour bans, they can die in a fire). The introduction of new champion mastery levels just highlighted how much the restrictions reduce this reward system. Which brings me to the positive play rewards. Summoner icons are nice, but mostly meaningless. I have that latest one, but I also have a sweet Bloodmoon icon to use. Rewards need to be meaningful; otherwise no one cares if they miss out. Thanks for the player behaviour links, they provided some good insights. I'm looking forward to the future of the game and hopefully in another 12 months I won’t have so many gripes. Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond.
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Légs (OCE)
: Which champion did you fall in love with FIRST.
{{champion:89}} Ever since I saw a friend play Leona in an ARAM game, I knew she was going to be the champ for me. Even before I started playing LoL I thought her design was amazing. Her play style suits me and all her skins are badass. She is the exemplar of what women in video games should be. All she needs now is a skin with a t-shirt saying 'My ADC is a potato.'
Xolute (OCE)
: Halve exp recquired to reach 30
I agree. Halving the XP will put a lot of inexperienced players to the ranked pool. Which is unfortunate. I already thought the journey to level 30 was not enough to get you ready for the game in a competitive setting. I played two accounts to lvl 30 before I decided I was ready. That was under the old system, where it look about 100 wins to get to lvl 30. The lack of training available in LoL is a huge oversight by Riot. Bots are terrible at teaching you anything about map control, you can't really 'practice' combos without waiting for cool downs and there is no tutorial about warding. As much as I dislike DOTA, it's sandbox mode is AMAZING! It has everything new players and veterans need to hone their skills and get a feel for the game. Halving XP to 30 does not make the game more accessible, it is actually the opposite. Once you reach 30 the player pool becomes huge and varied. You can play against someone with 50 wins, or 500 wins. it's not an environment conducive to learning.
: [SURVEY] I am doing an assessment, and I need help from as many LoL players
Interesting survey. You should make Q6 selectable from the list of reportable offences as per the Riot report page. Also, what are 'other' genders? If you're wanting to include trans, change the question to 'What gender do you identify as?' Good luck.
: Patch 6.4 notes
The description on Expose Weakness is pretty... Weak. FRAUD DETECTED: Damaging enemy champions causes them to take 3% increased damage from your allies... Forever? How long does it last? Does it refresh every time damage is taken? is there a target specific CD? Can it stack for each champion that has the mastery? (I hope not, that would be silly). I really like the concept and there is now a better reason to take {{item:3068}} on those all in tank supports like {{champion:89}} .


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