: Some thoughts on Support
I was a support main for the first two years of playing League of Legends but I recently switched to being a jungle main. My main reason is that supports often doesn't feel impactful. Even if they are, supports that make a real difference in how the enemy team plays (Soraka, for example) are always quickly crushed by nerfs.
Gehirn (OCE)
: RANKED - Corrections to placement results and ranks
I got dropped from Silver 1 (91LP) to Bronze 2 (0LP) because of one single loss. That's honestly crushing. This MMR bug has completely killed my interest in ranked.
: I think im done
League to me is like a girl who you like a lot as a friend, and you'll hook up and play games and bang and stuff but neither of you are interested in commitment. If I really tried to invest everything into League I know for a fact it would be disappointing and unfulfilling. Just playing for fun is enough for me to have a good time with it. You might want to look up the Sunk Cost Fallacy if the psychology of this interests you.
RiokoH (OCE)
: ***
A circlejerk of shills that downvote all the comments who point it out for it's fakeness. It's kind of depressing because I've known chumps that have fallen for it and fucked up big time.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Even though I'm still disappointed we didn't get a proper URF event this year, I'm loving Ascension. {{champion:101}}
Alease (OCE)
: I think because of the AU gambling laws hextech crates fall under that
That's certainly not it. Britain's anti-gambling laws are even tighter than Australia's and plenty of shadier games (like Runescape) easily get away with offering gambling to children. It's just a slow rollout, and this is unfortunately one of the ways OCE gets shafted, as it's seen as a "minor" region.
: We will never be seen as a real region, not here or anywhere. We can only keep at it until they at least try to give us something decent.
I've seen several Rioter comments that "they hear us" on Draft Normals and Dominion, but I've seen neither hide nor hair of both. Draft Normals, despite getting plenty of support, hasn't been released yet and Dominion got **_permanently discontinued before it was even released here._**
Tele (OCE)
: Actually [Remilia](http://lol.gamepedia.com/Remi) played in NA LCS this split. Very good {{champion:412}} **Thresh**, it's a shame the team synergy didn't work out.
Remilia is a transgender, and there is (as you're no doubt seen) a ton of debates and issues about woman/born woman etc. Very good Thresh, lackluster other champions.
: Max Attack Speed at lvl 1
The most attack speed a champion can reach at level 1 with 500 Gold and without any ally is 2.155. This is only possible with Kog'Maw. {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw will need to have the right runes, masteries and items: A flat attack speed rune page: 9 Marks of Attack Speed (+9 × 1.7% AS) 9 Glyphs of Attack Speed (+9 × 0.64% AS) 9 Seals of Attack Speed (+9 × 0.76% AS) 3 Quintessences of Attack Speed (+3 × 4.5% AS) Attack speed masteries: 4 points in Fury mastery 2016.png Fury (+4% AS) Have an attack speed item: One {{item:1042}} Dagger (+12% AS) {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw will need to: Activate Bio-Arcane Barrage (+15% AS, and double AS for 6 seconds) With 4 level-1 allies, {{champion:81}} Ezreal, {{champion:76}} Nidalee, {{champion:20}} Nunu and {{champion:19}} Warwick, the most attack speed a champion can reach at level 1 with 500 Gold is 3.2175. This is, naturally, only achievable with Kog'Maw. Ezreal will cast Essence Flux on Kog'Maw. (+20% AS) Nidalee will cast Primal Surge on Kog'Maw. (+20% AS) Nunu will cast Blood Boil on Kog'Maw. (+25% AS) Warwick will cast Hunter's Call near Kog'Maw. (+20% AS) **Relevant maths:** Kog'Maw Base AS = 0.625 Kog'Maw Bonus AS = 9 × 1.7 + 9 × 0.64 + 9 × 0.76 + 3 × 4.5 + 4 + 12 + 15 + 20 + 20 + 25 + 20 = 157.4% Kog'Maw Total AS = (0.625 × 2.574) × 2 = **3.2175**
Manyula (OCE)
: did u know i was a riven main? or unrelated coincidink?
Coincidence. Most Riven mains are beyond help so I'd suggest giving up now.
Manyula (OCE)
: looking to become the best female gamer on oceania TIPS
try to carry. if you can't carry, get carried. if you lose lane, lose lane gracefully and play catchup. nobody likes someone who's 0/5 in lane and still trying to flash onto the opponent to get kills. that's what I call "the riven effect" - where dying just makes you MORE aggressive and you feed your arse off
: Draft normals got turned on by accident last night?
I don't know man but it depresses me because I'm sick of blind pick. A lot of people are.
Rioter Comments
: Which champion would you want to have a relationship with?
For a _relationship_? I'm thinking {{champion:16}} - she's nice, serene, and her powers are likely only going to be used for good. Plus, she's probably got a dick, which I like.
: The only champs who need a rework are the ones that have already been reworked or been too messed up by Riot. Many champs receive reworks for no points -> Ashe. Ashe's rework has actually been a huge nerf if you knew how to play her pre-rework. Same with poppy, gp, morde, fiora. Reworks are great for new players, but pretty shit if you actually mained the champ. All the champions on your list are fine and in the right hands are all OP. It's the player that needs the rework, not the champion. However there are many champs such as katarina that need a rework since they are get into high elo free champs. Easy to learn, Easier to master.
{{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} They reworked him into some weird, broken shell of his original shelf, and then nerf-hammered him so hard that he's all but irrelevant at all levels of play. And now he sits there, unplayed, uncared for, under the 'Marksman' tag... I honestly feel really bad for Mordekaiser mains.
: Ranked season 2016: While you wait
I'm looking forward to the Taric rework. I'm also really hoping Blitzcrank gets either reworked or deleted from the game but who knows
: Hello, do you know what time the new season is getting reset ?
The answer is still the same as it was two minutes ago - we do not know.
: Btw how long till it will come back up?
Riot hasn't stated. It could be a few minutes, it could be a few hours, it could be a few days.
: First discussion of 2016 ranked season
: > [{quoted}](name=Renek Yourself,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=ratvQB8J,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-19T13:06:25.459+0000) > > Should take a few minutes they are updating it now i think Still waiting... been a few minuted im getting angry {{champion:69}}
I wouldn't be surprised if it takes them hours to update {{champion:40}}
: Come chat with Sjokz!
If you weren't able to peruse a career in journalism or e-sports, where would you like to work?
: Normal Draft? ever?
I hear you, buddy. That and Dominion... it seems like it's not going to happen, though. Best move to America. {{champion:32}}
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: Side Effect of Champion Mastery
Yeah, it seems to be pretty common. I had someone lock in Miss Fortune support because they didn't get the role they want, saying that they were almost level 4 mastery. of course, that player was me but it's still not something I agree with{{champion:18}}
: Pro League is coming to Oceania
Psyched! Where are the splits anyway? Melbourne? Sydney? Dare I say Hobart?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
Aw, but {{champion:105}} is such a cute design and I'd love to see him back in the ocean. It'd fit his lore so well... {{item:3070}}


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