: Vegans pls
I'm a vegan (per se, which I'll get in to more later) and there are many reasons why someone may choose to do so. Whether it be ethical, environmental or health related the decision that someone has chosen should be respected. The most important thing is to approach the discussion with an open mind. There is significant research over the western diet, the obesity epidemic and health and I encourage you to take the time to read in to the literature and make the decision for yourself. In addition to this, animal agriculture is a very energy and space intensive industry. But again, take the initiative and explore this yourself. I'm not going to get deep in to the subject on the league of legends boards but if it's something you are interested in I can suggest a few places to start. Too often, people get their emotions embroiled in their argument and stop arguing rationally which it sounds like your friend did. Lord Sesshomaru's argument is the meat eaters version of this. If I were stripped naked and left in the wild perhaps I would eat meat, most likely i would consume my protein by eating insects. The primary source of protein for a vegan is legumes which would be extremely hard to come by in those situations and at least I know I could capture and kill insects ethically. Regardless, this situation would almost certainly not occur which makes the argument somewhat invalid. As far as the fish eating is concerned. These people aren't vegans. A vegetarian who eats fish is a pescatarian. A vegan won't eat any animal based products. No meat, eggs, dairy, honey or related products. In actuallity, my diet is considered a plant based, whole foods diet as the term vegan is meant to cover all aspects of your life. It is just often misused in our society. Anyway, I could continue on all day and this kind of defeats the purpose. Your diet and the way you live your life is YOUR decision. Don't let your friend or the people on this forum influence you without first being informed. If it is something you are interested in, research it properly and then decide what you feel is right.
: FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist
Congrats to all the shortlisted entries. Alas, I didn't get there but, tbh, the caliber was really high and a little bit daunting. Either way, I'm coming for you all next time... I'll be sure to read through all the ones I didn't get to and submit my vote. I enjoyed the competition and I hope you do something like this again soon.
: The Untouchables: The daily grind of an off-meta champ
Hey guys, Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. It'd be nice if this little story gets him a few more games. Poor little fella.
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