: The thought is nice here, but it is kind of a cop-out.
I believe it is part marketting stun... part resource management. Lets face it... Illaoi needs a skin, only has the release one. All 3 ideas for skins are pretty decent but maybe they don't want to spend the resources on a low volume played champion. What does the vote do? - More visibility to Illaoi - Ensures community support - Build up expectation (more sales) I'm an Illaoi player, while I would like all 3 skins, I will settle for one at this time... Hopefully they will keep the other 2 ideas in the pipeline for later.
Over Haul (OCE)
: Choose the next Illaloi skin
I voted for the Deep Space but The Adventurer is also a nice skin. I did not like the battlecast. I am hoping they do all three. First the one that wins the vote... or maybe the top 2 with a special discount on the one that wins (or with a special bundle icon). They can leave the 3rd place for later. Illaoi really need more skins
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Sneed (OCE)
: haha guys im tilted cause these guys in my game grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I don't see why people complain so much about bronze. I had an account that was Bronze 4... after roughly 40 games (35 wins) I got to silver 5. I'm Gold 4 in my main account so I'm definetly not a smurf or anything amazing.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: We need your help to fight off the Roo! Plus its double points for TT =D
I find TT extremely boring. Dominion was way better. So if it gets removed from the queue I wouldn't miss it.
Lovic (OCE)
: How to raise hidden elo (+15lp, -21lp)
> What exactly is it going to take to be back at an elo where my 50%-ish win rate will actually mean something in that I'll be climbing.? > > Win games. And for those complaining about not being able to get off Bronze.... I'm currently Silver I Solo, Gold III Flex I had a secondary account that my little 8 year old nephew was playing with... he was Bronze 4. He said "Uncle, being bronze is not cool, I want a better medal" Since I have a sweet spot for my nephew, I decided to boost his account to gold. 40 games or so later, about 35 wins and 5 loses I'm Silver V (he mostly plays vs bots) Moral of the story? If you are good enough you will get out of Bronze. You do not have to be platinum or diamond to carry yourself out of bronze. Being a high level Silver/low level gold should be enough.
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: Thanks Riot for dynamic queue and champion select
I hate playing not. This makes it so much better. In game I can tell my allies that I like playing "top/mid/jg" and sometimes we switch lanes. No fighting.
: The end of competitive League of Legends.
I'm very happy with the changes and I play ranked almost exclusively since season (I started playing LOL before Mordekaiser was released). If you don't like the changes just find another game. 6 years is more than enough to enjoy a game.
: OCE Language Barriers: An unsolvable issue?
You are racist! Either that or an ignorant. Neither of which is a good thing or should be listened to. Some background: - I'm latin-american and my native language is Spanish - I moved to AU about 10 months ago, before that I was living in my home country for years, and before that I live in USA for 5 years. - I'm fluent in english though it is my second language. - I'm a permanent AU resident, I've got a really good job and a pay my taxes I played in the NA server for about 3 years, then switched to LAN (latin-american north) and now I have been in OCE for about 9 months. My best buddies in OCE server are asian, one latin american and a few AU/NZ. - While we are skyping , I don't care if they speak english, bahasa, madarin or spanish. I like them the same. - If I find a duo queue that only speaks mandarin... guess what... they are very likely to speak english as well. If they don't talk to you in english is because THEY DON'T WANT TO. - In ALL servers there is people that you SIMPLY DON'T WANT TO TALK TO OTHERS. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH LANGUAGE, NATIONALITY or anything else. Simply put. If they don't want to talk to you, they will not. I've seen it in all servers. In Fact in LAN it is most noticebly because EVERYONE speaks spanish. However, if they don't feel like talking to you, they won't. Saying "oh they must be american because they don't want to talk to me in spanish". That is ridiculous _**In other words. People are assholes when they are assholes. If they don't want to talk to you they won't. Doesn't matter where they are from or what languages they speak**_ This is why you are racists.
MrMishu (OCE)
: Rune Pages - Why do they need to be bought and not be like Mastery Pages?
_**History behind Mastery and Rune pages**_ In the beginning (5 years ago) mastery pages were stored in the computer and I think you could only get 3. Rune pages were the same deal but stored in the server. You simply could NOT buy any extra pages. As far as I remember you could always change masteries in lobby (I'm not a beta tester), however rune pages were always fixed. As the game matured Riot included the ability to get extra mastery pages, since they were stored in the computer they could not make them buyable. Eventually, they moved the mastery pages to the server removing them from your computer. Rune pages were always stored server side... eventually they made extra rune pages available that people could buy with RP and IP. I remember spending money to buy a 7 page bundle a long time ago. **Mastery pages were setup as free because you could always modify them in the in-game lobby and they were initially stored in your computer**. So riot really couldn't keep track of what was happening with your mastery pages. Changing them to buyable when they were stored in server would have enraged the community as it was something they already had for free, usually Riot tries to avoid that kind of negative feedback. **Rune pages on the other hand have always been stored in the server. Riot viewed this as an opportunity to make extra cash when they made it possible to buy more**. If I remember correctly, they gave everyone a 3rd free rune page on the same day to appease the community. There was some backslash about "buying power" as many consider extra rune pages to be equivalent to power. However, many others supported Riot's decision, saying that most of the game is available for free, and Riot has to make money somehow and everyone was receiving more than what they had before (from 2->3). That's basically why rune pages are bought but mastery pages are free.
: Why is Zilean's new passive so hard to use?
It is extremely extremely easy to cancel your own passive application by clicking somewhere else. I think that's the biggest issue
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: League of Legends Cinematic Montage ( Discos Over - Reflections)
I really really like the video montage... The only thing is that I hate that song. Really dislike how it sounds. Sorry.
: Hi GunflameSmurf, thank you :) Were you the player that came up to me after the fan art announcement in the community hall? On the day, I wish I was able to meet and chat to more players in-person.
Probably, I was the one with a Deathcap and I told you how much I loved the #IAMOPL printed pictures. Excellent job with that
fum422 (OCE)
: dont play ranked if you cant play all roles
: New Champion?
6 skins 1) Yasuo {{champion:157}} 2) Double guns = Lucian {{champion:236}} 3) Shield = Leona{{champion:89}} (shield stuns) 4) Plasma Cut = Irelia {{champion:39}} (single target at multiple angles, 2 blades) 5) Alpha blade = Renekton {{champion:58}} (multi targetted combat) 6) Pulse Saber = Fiora {{champion:114}} (single target, maximum repel power, lightweight) L2 read the clues
: Hi, I’m littlemisscheeky, social media manager at Riot OCE. Ask me anything!
I just want to say that it was great meeting you at OPL. Thanks for everything
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: I agree somewhat with your post. The system would have to realize the difference between "Damn that is soooo gay" and vulgar discrimination involving referring to someone else as an inferior person due to their sexuality. Jesus Christ and God Damn have become such common phrases, just like using gay to describe everything, that the punishments for using that would have to be minimal to non-existent. I do think, that people should have the sensibility to respond with "Please don't use (insert word here) it offends me" And that those who use the word should have the sensibility to refrain from using it for the rest of the game. Presently, people respond with rage, and vulgarities that make the people involved seem like self centered narcissists. TL;DR System needs to be able to differentiate who a phrase is aimed at and people need to respond to vulgarities in a more dignified manor.
I'm gay and saying "that's so gay" sounds extremely discriminating to me. You are not saying "that's so cool". You are saying "that's stupid". I hate when people say that. BTW, the system was "trained" by the tribunal. It is based on machine learning and it used the old tribunal database as starting point. They will tweak it as necessary


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