: Lethality was just nerfed tho. (At least the items with lethality were at least.)
You mean 5 seconds off the shield of Edge of Night? It's still got 5 seconds, plenty of time.
Gzen (OCE)
: Riot can't admit Lethality is overtuned, nerf Varus instead.
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: Patch 7.5 notes
Add 2v2 magma chamber please.
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
Just like playing the game, a waste of time.
: Players Design World-Saving Champs
Talk about UP champs only played by trolls.
Gzen (OCE)
: Get on their level and troll with them, if they don't care about the game neither should you.
Also a support not buying sightstone is not always trolling, Buy it yourself. Adapt.
Vegathron (OCE)
: Heres my problem. when someone goes out of their way to annoy or acts selfish and doesnt care if they ruin it for the rest of the team (for example a support not building sightstone) i just get this loop in my head trying to imagine how they are thinking that they can be such assholes and what kind of person they must be to be so selfish. this goes round and round in my head and gets me EXTREMELY annoyed and thats how i mainly become toxic. if anyones got some tips for that id love to hear em
Get on their level and troll with them, if they don't care about the game neither should you.
Examqle (OCE)
: Becoming toxic, need jusus
1. Don't type anything in-game. Maybe yell instead. 2. Take a break from the game, or continue and accept your frustration.
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: Looking for people that don't mind playing with off meta picks
: Something needs to be done about this game
Don't expect random team mates to be good. if you don't have anyone to play with you are always rolling the dice on RANDOM teams.
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GigaPube (OCE)
: that would be 10 times harder than just making a sandbox mode, something thats more realistic, relevant to actual gameplay, and probably more desired
Not sure about that, how do you think they balance and change numbers in the first place?
: you mean like a sandbox mode? sorry that would create toxic behaviour in league
Yeah, well it would mainly be for mucking around with AI and mates. There could also be fun game variants created out of it. All the changes could be listed in the game lobby so people know.
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: Silas, The Ghostfoot Assassin (Champion Concept)
Too plain IMO, he seems to be real one-dimensional, run at an enemy and knock them up, do damage. A bit like malphite in that regard, not sure the game needs more of that.
Olee (OCE)
: Does anyone feel like Malphite may be just a TAD over powered?
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: LF Ranked Players Plat+ Read Desc
I'm willing to try with your team, play mainly sup/adc/mid, gold 3 right now, have played for a long time and have skills + mature attitude.
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