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: Emprox Oceanic Challenger Series Roster Announcement!
: Should i get Jhin or Draven first?
Sccc (OCE)
: Migrated from DOTA looking for people to play LOL with
Welcome to the most toxic community in the world!
: Is LoL the Most Toxic Game Around?
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: LF Duo anyrole just add me and we will talk and see - must be atleast gold last season or gold skill
Saying "Must be at least gold last season OR GOLD SKILL" is just asking for a bronze to come in an believe he's gold.
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Sn4ke (OCE)
: I don’t know what to play
{{champion:268}} {{champion:77}}
: I only ARAM, what is a main?
A main is a champ that u have either mastered or play a lot.
3noobs (OCE)
: Who is the easiest champion to play?
{{champion:268}} **_FTW_**
: can someone help me plssss
{{champion:268}} FTW Play/Find a champion that you can play well as....Learn their mechanics an techniques, master the champion, an ur skill level will improve greatly {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Maoi (OCE)
: Mastery 5 on every champion would be a huge waste of time. You really only need to play a champion once to develop a decent understanding. If you want to learn a champion try it out in a custom. The practice tool is awesome. Hope this helped! :)
: I don't think the others are understanding what your saying. But I'll tell you this getting level 5 on every champion can be very helpful giving you good outlooks on every champs play style and mechanics. But getting a level on a cahmp doesn't help your ranked. Your ingame knowledge and understand on what to do in certain situations and the ability to adapt to those situations is what will make you a better player.
Exactly what I meant, just wanted to know if it would help my ranked
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: Play starcraft 2, the game where natural development is visible in your rank. I am gold 3 in league after 5+ years dedicating myself to learning it inside and out and making it my goal to play professionally with over 6000 ranked games played. After 1 year dedicated myself to starcraft 2 and STEADILY CLIMBED to reach masters.
I did try playing starcraft 2, I got really into it, had good apm an knew wat to do an when to do so, mained terran, great game, but dont think that stage has happened to me yet.
: There are layers upon layers of things that higher tiers understand better than lower ones. So if you are truly wanting to climb, here are my tips. 1) Play more, and play consistently... you don't have a single champion that you played 30+ games on in Season 7 2) Main one role and have a backup role and play those consistently. **Don't deviate from these roles**, even when things are going badly. This is your learning phase. Looking at your, stick with two champions for the roles. For example. learn Nasus and Gnar top, while having Azir and Annie mid, or Warwick and Nocturne in the jungle. But don't main three roles, choose only two. 3) Use Thresh/Annie for support, in case you get autofilled to support. 4) Play Lee Sin in normals but not in ranked. Lee Sin is one of a couple of champions (twisted fate, yasuo) that players need to have greater macro understanding than their opponents for him to be successful, and not just be good at the champion. 5) Don't play normals, play ranked. 6) When you reach Diamond 2, then the real game begins. You will understand what I mean when you get there. Good Luck!
Kairutox (OCE)
: Truth Gaming Invitational!
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