Mônster (OCE)
: looking for gold + flex / solo duo ranked players
you acting like that is exactly my point, you sound like a child who is a toxic feeder that also trolls and needs to be carried to gain elo. "few bad games" you lose more than you win and most of your games have 8+ deaths, so unless you have any facts to state i suggest you keep that dirty mouth of yours shut kid.
Mônster (OCE)
: looking for gold + flex / solo duo ranked players
feeders? looking at your match history you die a lot buddy ;)
Holli (OCE)
: LF Gold duo to get to Plat
: http://imgur.com/LjKKZf8
at least its a cool looking tat :D
: Level 3 Honor
: Quick update on the Coop honours, they should give as much progress regardless of the game mode they're received in, so you should be fine to earn them like that.
You are a Legend :P unfortunately I am having a surgery on my right hand tomorrow so Rip LoL and the honors haha
: Also you dont need to receive honours to level up, You can climb just by sticking to the summoners Code and not receiving any punishments (This includes low Priority Queue)
I just thought there might be a faster way of earning it by helping others out
: > do honors from bot games count? I'm not sure if honours from bot games count, though I would think they most certainly do (maybe with a lesser "weight", though). I'll see if I can find out more about that. > does anyone know some one who is level 3 honor already? One thing to consider about the Honour system is that it is more about *consistency* than quantity. Based on the FAQ, it would seem that advancing each honour level would take several weeks, if not months, even if you are regularly receiving honours. That said, I doubt it would be possible to hit Honour level 3 this soon, as the system has only been live for a bit over a week.
Thank you very much for your info kind sir :)
jaggapuss (OCE)
: you have fuked the gamplay with your new mission system
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: aw poor you, can't be toxic and report people for non-offensive names. :^)


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