: People still looking for only 2% of the player base to be CONSIDERED for a team. Logic is going to hit you like a cannonball to the face.
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: Whatup my homie Turlo I am happy to play as an emergency sub if needed.
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: Hi there. I will gladly sign up. for either. how ?
AV Kobe (OCE)
: We're AVANT GARDE - Ask us anything!
Missing New Zealand pies Blinky?
Bye (OCE)
Uh what roles you main?
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: I'm Samuel 'Spookz' Broadley, Jungler for The Chiefs, AMA!
Heya mate, Just wanted to say Goodluck for the OPL (not like you need it :P) and well, I love watching you guys, but frustrates me I never get to see you play lee sin or Swiper play his tryndamere, I understand you guys might not be able to play them in your OPL games ect, but maybe stream sometime with your whole team in normal using all your mains, xD oh and also I wish you goodluck for one day hopefully getting into the World Championships Anyways Cheers Jordan :)

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