Gehirn (OCE)
: Alright!
I've marked the one that had the patcher fail, just to be sure. Windows update was running as well, but none of those updates were related to network, so it should all be good.
beeshoe (OCE)
: I have tried adjusting League's resolution in game but the scoreboard and options menu are adjusted only for 1440x900.
Is it that it's so large that it's impossible to click some elements or that it's just uncomfortable? That's a key difference from a technological stand-point. Also, the UI will be receiving an update shortly, so the issue might be fixed by then. P.S. Have you tried adjusting UI scaling in the Options menu?
Shimmy (OCE)
: I had been leaving the shop open for random intervals for the last day, opening a tab then trying a button, then leaving for a few minutes and coming back later. Strangely enough, no. I haven't been getting any out-of-place lag with the game or any other areas of the client. Only the purchase/view buttons on the products are not working, I can still buy RP fine however :P. I might have someone else log onto their profile on my computer to see if it's my account or files that is/are busted.
[Try using a different DNS.]( Even if you just change solely for the store it might work. In fact, I suggest that, as you're supposed to use the one your ISP expects you to. Also, per usual, uninstall any firewalls/anti-virus you have (while having a way to reinstall, of course) and try the store if it's still not working. Best of luck.
Fhat2Boii (OCE)
: ahh ok sorry didnt realise you dont get a notification for just commenting but to answer the question it was a account specific ban i played a few games on my smurf account it is yet to get banned i was wondering why my games would sometimes get reconnecting almost every time that would be at a specific time to like say from 10pm in south australia every day i played i couldnt figure it out i thought it might have just been a influx of people in my area using theyre internet cause mine to slow down to share the load is that relevant at all or just something different p.s sorry for the late reply been working even though im a gamer a person need to get theyre snacks and food for while they game skins were bought to but im not going to spend another large amount of money on skins when i know it would be a waste ifthe smurf got banned to
>i was wondering why my games would sometimes get reconnecting almost every time that would be at a specific time to like say from 10pm in south australia every day Most likely as you described. Usually many people are routed to a specific server mirror for them by their ISP for faster data transfer, but during peak times this proves to be suboptimal and everyone suffers. It wouldn't be related to your account ban. >skins were bought to but im not going to spend another large amount of money on skins when i know it would be a waste ifthe smurf got banned to I strongly suggest refraining from spending money on this if you've been banned before. You'll never know if it will happen again, and any money you spent here will become worthless and unrefundable. For the moment, you should also avoid playing on your smurf account. If you can ask Riot via support ticket exactly *what* you were banned for (you don't need the details, just what was going on) then you could deduce whether it's safe to continue playing or not. For security you might also want to format your hard-disk and reinstall your OS, as well as switch ISP. It's very costly to do that, though.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi again HORSE OF FORCE, I need to gather more info before I can chase this any further. If possible, when you next need to patch (in a couple of days) could you please: - attempt to patch normally, allowing the issue to occur. - once the issue occurs open the patcher "Help" window, by clicking the icon shown in the attachment - select the "Save Logs" option and save the generated folder - attempt the fix that you've been using to get around the issue - allow patching to complete successfully - save the generated logs again, you should now have logs collected for after the issue occurred, and after the issue was fixed. Once you have both log folders, send them in an email to I'll then be able to check these out and see if we can deduce a potential cause.
Alright. I'll have to make a note or something because I'm bound to forget this and just repair anyway. As a back up could you reply to this message so when I check the boards I see that I have to do this while patching please?
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey There is a [news article]( about this feature, along with an [FAQ page]( which should help. Cheers! Mindstar
> [{quoted}](name=Kahki,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=EZ1xVfVw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-23T01:42:26.306+0000) > > Yeah, the instruction page doesn't exist so nyeh. How do?
: I cannot install League of Legends
Are you getting stuck at 33%? Look at [this thread](
bdarawr (OCE)
Loss prevented doesn't work on an individual basis. It's a significant change to how the region works, marking all running games as "possibly cancelled due to lag", thus granting loss prevented to **everyone**. When an individual server/game crashes, loss prevented will not be given.
GG Chris (OCE)
: OCE servers super lagging?
>I haven't actually played for about a week.
Dude Same (OCE)
: "Unspecified Error" while installing
First I would suggest doing some maintenance on your computer if you haven't already, like defragging (if you're using a hard-disk) and cleaning the registry, as well as physically removing dust from the computer. If your problem is that the patcher stops at around 33%, close the patcher and then try the following: 1. Navigate to "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases" and find the latest version folder (either sort by date modified or just select the biggest number). 2. Create a new, blank file and name it "S_OK" with no extension. This can be done by creating a Text Document from the context menu and removing the ".txt" at the end of it. 3. Start the patcher with administrator privileges. It will scan for a while, and then continue downloading. If that doesn't work, reply to this message. Best of luck.
Jayhawk (OCE)
: About Cleanse
Suppresion was originally described as severing the connection that a summoner has to their champion, rendering them unable to perform any action while still under the influence of Summoner's Rift. But now summoner's don't exist anymore and the champions are suffering delusional memory loss, so who cares anymore? Anyway, point being, suppression was meant to be the "ultimate" form of crowd control, that would prevent a summoner from assisting their champion at all. You can't cast any summoner spells while suppressed. Cleanse should be reworded to what you've suggested. Even though suppression is worded specifically to say it can't be removed, it's still a bummer to have to go and look that up when you have a spell that supposedly removes "all disables". This post would probably be better suited in [Player Creations]( Or head to the NA boards and find the better category.
: No background apps open, nothing downloading, absolutely nothing going on. LoL seems to be the only game affected too, CS:GO has no problems. It's not really a huge problem for me as I'm moving house in a week and won't be getting Internode again but I just wanted to point out that there seems to be an issue with Internode and these small packet losses resulting in micro DCs.
:/ It's not like Internode would be monitoring League's forums, or that anyone here is going to make Internode aware of their problems, which you can't even be 100% sure of.
: Well we can't exactly prove it any more and he doesn't really care that it happened anymore haha
Well, such is life, I guess. He probably regained the IP in the time you took to reply :P
: Nope no other applications. Spark wasn't like this before, it didn't give me lag spikes, sigh. Guess I have to live with this till they get their shit straight.
>Guess I have to live with this till they get their shit straight. That rarely happens with big businesses. You should just chose one that does it right consistently and stick with it. And if there's a business that goes to fix its problems, then it probably creates new ones at the expense.
: it still takes 2-3 reloads to get it to load completely i have no idea what could be blocking it
Well, that's better than nothing, but still suboptimal. Have you tried contacting your ISP and seeing if there's any possible failure?
Ravel (OCE)
: Graphics drivers I update fortnightly so thats certainly not an issue. I did the anti-virus last night and still no luck. I'm thinking about putting in a second ticket and hope for a better response. Would it be worth the time?
You'll most likely get the response "Bumping your request will not make us respond faster", unless the ticket was closed and it's a different red. You're the only person I've heard of whom is getting this problem.
: Yeah, I get it. I just never fully understood what those terms meant. My computer is an HP and it currently has Windows 8.1 installed on it. My internet provider is Vodafone. I really do appreciate your attempts to provide a solution to my horrible situation. If there is anything information your require, don't hesitate to enquire.
It's just a bit odd that you didn't reply for two months, is all. Anyway, I presume you've done the basic stuff like making sure all the cables are properly connected, resetting your modem/computer and turning off your firewall. Try completely uninstalling your firewall and anti-virus (if applicable) and running League. Be sure to reinstall them later. Double-check that you've tried everything on [this page](, mainly, using an alternative DNS. Your ISP, Vodafone, has pretty good records in my books. Windows 8, however, not so. I suggest you upgrade to Windows 10 if feasible, or even better, downgrade to Windows 7.
: When i open the client there is 3 processes; LolClient.exe, LoLLauncher.exe and LoLpatcher.exe. When attempting to join the game, the processes stay the same, none are opening or closing. I will try the fixes on both pages to see if anything works. Thank you :)
I'd suggest you do a straight up reinstall of the entire game. Make sure to back up your item sets and config!
rainer217 (OCE)
: Is it possible if you leave/join a game late and your team still wins do you have to get banned?
A leave is still a leave. If they allowed something like this then consistent leavers will have less to fear, as they can say, "it's the team's fault for not winning, I don't deserve this punishment." You should not play a game if you aren't 100% sure that you have at least one hour spare.
: Don't worry your not the only one. It just crashed again. Checked the net and my pc. everything is good. It has happened way too many times. I have losses due to the fact it me ten damn minutes just for league to register the was a game. I find re-logging generally works. sometimes it can take awhile. so getting fed up with it. The fact you got punished for a technical error. I thought the game was supposed to see problems and come up with "lose prevented" or something like that. Well hope they fix it soon.
> I thought the game was supposed to see problems and come up with "lose prevented" Nope. Loss prevented is for region-wide issues that affect the majority of players at the time. If a single server hosting a game shuts down and the people in it disconnect, loss prevented won't be enabled.
pie (OCE)
: About the free mystery champion
It's probably just going to attempt to give you a free champion, but then fail because you aren't in acceptable condition for it. You might want to contact a red to see if they can give you compensation, but the conditions exist there for a reason.
Petedrome (OCE)
: Item sets not working
>the sets are definitely still there Have you tried navigating to the folder they're saved to to see if they're still there? It's usually in your most recent version folder in "projects", client.
sneezee (OCE)
: Why don't I get these champs plz help rioters
Or you could detail what's happening and submit a support ticket, allowing a red to add the skin to your account anyway.
: Black screen on Champion loading screen
The problem might be fixable on your end. What OS are you on, and who's your ISP? Have you tried looking over [this page](
Paz (OCE)
: How to Download Older Patches! (Take that Riot!)
But wouldn't this mean you can't play games with anyone who's not on the same patch as you? Also, why the "take that!"? It's not like Riot are purposefully going out of their way to prevent people playing on different patches; it just literally makes no sense to allow them. Modifications to the game may trigger the exploit detection and get your account banned.
Shimmy (OCE)
: Cannot make purchases in the client store.
How long have you waited for a response? You should wait at least five minutes. Do you experience lag at all while in game?
beeshoe (OCE)
: how do I change scoreboard size? HELP!
Those elements should automatically resize appropriately for what resolution they're displayed in. Have you tried adjusting League's resolution in-game? What options are available? I've played with 1366x768, or whatever it is, and found that the elements were very differently sized compared to 1080p.
: Teemo as a weapon in Ranked.
>they lock in Teemo, with revive and clarity That's rather specific. If a situation arises where someone isn't happy with what's happened, then someone should try and find a solution that makes everyone happy. And I'm not necessarily saying that it has to be leaded by you. In fact, I reckon that you leaving the queue could be more detrimental than attempting to play a fun game.
: Can't load game after champ select.
NA on OCE boards. Anyway, it could be related to your ISP specifically. Have you tried calling them up and seeing if everything is running smoothly?
Orbital (OCE)
That's a misleading title. You describe lag and disconnection, but the title suggests it's a **bug** specifically for **Ekko**. What OS are you on, and who's your ISP?
Jaya (OCE)
: Do the Mystery Champions Riot will give out generate Pool Party points?
I'd presume no, because that'd just be stupid. That would mean the points would be exponentially increased, or whatever, for nothing.
: the install stucks
What operating system and internet service provider are you using? Have you tried running the installer in admin mode?
Grimzz (OCE)
: Server Dc/Ddoss
There's no much the players can do in the case of spooky ghost games. If everyone disconnects, then what's meant to happen is that the game ends prematurely and doesn't appear in anyone's history, but in laggy situations that doesn't always happen. Best thing to do is to just wait.
: Riot Please Fix This - It could happen to anyone
That's just the result of really old code. It might improve once Masteries and Runes are redone, but until then just avoid editing Masteries while in champion select. It's buggy. Bug reports usually go [here](, by the way. Also, your account being on EUNE. Have you tried changing region for the boards (top left) and then logging in there? Also, why are you on the OCE boards?
Bort (OCE)
: Anybody else just get disconnected from their game? Server error.
>we were all disconnected and able to briefly reconnect before being disconnected a second time How can you know this? Was chat still functioning, and everyone in game have no reason to lie? Anyway, the servers are poop and Riot won't enable Loss Forgiven for a single game. Neither can they change games that have occurred in the past, because of the mess that is reimbursing LP to all players involved even if they've had more games since then.
: Help with RP Please!
That's a bit pushy. Usually I see stuff like people asking for 4 RP, and doing something in return like adding to the community art or just being active on the forums. Also, this isn't the right board to do it in. We're more for technical issues that prevent players from enjoying League. You might want to head over to Misc.
: Nerfs
>when you nerf champions that don't require nerfs (Examples being Soraka) wut >You need to take summoner (LoL community) recommendations into considerations They already do this. Even though it's not been officially announced, the PBE players input a lot when it comes to balancing, stability, feel, etc. Fun fact: Yasuo was nearly gutted with his initial nerf, to the point of being unviable. He recently got a buff for his shield, making it actually do something early game. There was a time he got Flow for dashing through targets, allowing him to get twice the value of his shield. Also, his crit was straight 50% at the start of the game, which increased to 100% with just IE and Statik, no overflow. He was crazy upon release. Anyway, gameplay related discussion belongs in [Gameplay & Strategy]( On the specific topic of rebalancing champions, you might want to head to Player Creations. To view the history of champion nerfs and rebalances, visit [this page](
: Hi guys, I played on a patch 5.11 last night. This afternoon I went to load up the client and it was stuck at 33% and said "Files Scanning". This got upto 6k files scanned till I gave up and hit the forums for advice. Since then I have completly deleted and redownloaded the client, and also tried the "S_OK" blank file trick. I still how-ever am getting the same thing were I have to scan an unlimited(?) amount of files.. This is only happening on my laptop so its a funny error. Any help would be appreciated!
You sure you started it in admin mode when restarting League? Also, if you do it again, you need to create the blank file again, as it's consumed upon opening League, no matter the circumstances.
Decarnia (OCE)
: It's been weird. My results have shown no obvious packet losses so far. Right now my internet can even watch youtube or twitch in HD smoothly, but I still get the same lag on League. I've tested using an ethernet cable and a different computer however I yield the same results. I know I have an internet problem, not a league-related problem because other games like Hearthstone has to reconnect constantly. I wonder if pinging the OCE servers would even show packet loss, plus I can't find the ip address for it. I'm pretty much out of options. I just finished exams and all I wanna do is play League. BabyRage.
Downloading and buffering video content is completely different from streaming inputs. You could very well be getting this as a constant effect, but it's not noticeable on Twitch or Youtube as it uses completely different methods that aren't affected by something like that.
: Hi guys, Ive been having the exact same issue. All symptoms; It started about 3 weeks ago (was running smooth on 30 ping for like 2 years now), intermittent spikes every few seconds to 180-200 ping and I am also with Optus (possibly unrelated). I have been getting notable performance boost in non peak hours, midnight etc. I would really appreciate any help as playing atm with a 1-2 second delay is pretty much unplayable. (Try not feeding when playing against a bursty assassin like Zed, LB and the like.) Ill also run the log diagnostics and send it off. My OS is Windows7 Horse.
Windows7 Horse sounds like an amazing fork of Windows 7, though I am unfortunately unfamiliar with it. Presuming that it uses the same base configuration tools as the standard, have you tried flushing your DNS, renewing your IP and resetting all devices on your network? P.S. Use "Reply" to reply to me so that I get notification.
Fhat2Boii (OCE)
: thats probably the case im having because i wasnt using scripts or hacks or exploits or 3rd party programs i dont even know much about computers only how to click play pretty much if i have ever had a computer problem i ring my computer savey brother and from all the reports back from support say that they will not overturn my account because theyre systems picked up the use of one of those but with the second point could that be brought on by slow internet because we are in the process of recieving the nbn and we are gaining lag spikes and packet loss every now and again mainly at night time
It's not a bad connection that could ever cause this; what I'm suggesting is that it's retrieving more data than it should, which implies you have a faster connection than you should. If you're not computer savvy then it's entirely possible that your computer has some sort of tool on it that's considered a hack/exploit by Riot which you don't even know is on it, due to your lack of experience on the subject. I'm not saying that you are the person who installed it. Is this an account specific ban or an IP ban? P.S. For future replies, use the "Reply" button, so that I get notification.
raluca2 (OCE)
: I was playing from Cairns, Queensland, Although it was everyone in the game that was having the problem not just me, and I doubt that everyone in the game was playing from the same location.
Exactly the point; if the people that are playing are all from extremely distant places relative to one another, then the likelihood of disconnection increases. You're in a pretty good spot, though, because Queensland is roughly in the middle of it all.
: Hi HORSE OF FORCE, thanks for they reply. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, and with Telstra ADSL2. I have disabled my firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials while trying to fix this problem, with no results so far :/. *The game in question finally ended, trying in a custom also sends me to desktop.
>Microsoft Security Essentials Woah, ain't that a really old and unsupported piece of security software for Windows XP? You really should uninstall that and use proper protection. Unless that's just what you're calling Window's current security tools. The features have been integrated into the OS now, leaving the installable program in the dust. Ok, here's what I want you to do. Open Task Manager (usually Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Ctrl+Alt+Del if that doesn't work) and find where League is currently sitting (just in client form, not in game) in your **Processes** tab. Sort by alphabetical to make sure it doesn't jump anywhere. Then, start up a custom game and attempt to enter it. Watch what happens in your Task Manager. What should happen is two more executables for League will open and one will steal your focus, which is the game. If what you see happening is those two executables open and then one of them immediately closes/freezes, then that means it's the game crashing, which means that it could either be a connection issue or just general crashing. [This page]( will help if it's a crash, and [this page]( will help if it's a connection issue. Best of luck.
: Sent to desktop after champ select?
Nice summoner name, though I disagree with the implied "ownership" of horses. First, I would suggest trying custom games until you've got this problem fixed. What OS are you on, and which ISP are you with? Do you have any form of anti-virus/firewall?
raluca2 (OCE)
: Is this EUW?
>Is this EUW? kek OCE servers aren't known for their quality, exactly. Although nowhere near as large an area as EUW, OCE has to cover quite a bit of ground (from Indonesia to New Zealand, as well as all the islands floating about that have underwater/wireless lines). Where are you playing from? P.S. Bumps don't work here.
Ravel (OCE)
: Yeah I put in a support ticket and I was told to post a thread here and wait for responses :\ The second pc I tried was a macbook so not even close to the first one. Bug occurs on both pcs and on both my phone net and landline
>Yeah I put in a support ticket and I was told to post a thread here and wait for responses :\ I really wish they would stop fucking doing that, holy shit. They know more than everyone here combined, and yet they want to push all the problems away to here. Are your graphics drivers updated? Have you tried disabling your anti-virus (remember to re-enable)? I'm just picking out random stuff to try. No idea what one can do in this situation.
: Tried flushing the dns cache but predictably didn't change anything since the public dns had the same ips. As for routing i'm onto my isp. {{champion:17}} Might have to do a lookup on an overseas dns and manually add an entry into the hosts file as a work around /cringe.
uuuuugh I hate it when stuff like this happens. It feels so out of your control you just want to punch some shmuck in the face. For the moment I suggest experimenting with different DNS's. Probably won't do anything but if you're out of ideas, may as well try. Do you have some other way of connecting to the internet to compare your connection, eg. smartphone wifi hotspot?
0wen (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HORSE OF FORCE,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=NkEE6LKL,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-06-18T14:16:32.593+0000) > > Hey man, I just did a bit of research. Telecom isn't actually that great an ISP. Have you considered swapping? > > Have you called them up for assistance yet? > > Also, for future replies, please use the "Reply" button so that I get notification of your responses. AH my bad. Well see the thing is (i forgot to mention) im living in work accommodation and have a shared network. Its still fast and gets to about 1.5mbs. Even then, its still fast at all times, no matter what game i play, but not with league. Im assuming its when lots of people are using the internet and cant cope with it, but still only with league. I havnt rang telecom up, dont know if i could not being the owner. And apologies for my out burst up there, was playing a few games and got very salty o.O, something im working on improving since playing again after a year. thanks for your help, appreciate it.
I wouldn't call that an outburst at all, at least compared to what I've seen people regard as "a normal reaction". *Have* you tried using another DNS yet?
: League of Legends Logo Stuck
The PBE is a beta testing ground for new and experimental code. You should not expect this to be a stable platform. Try playing on the regular server. Additionally, you're posting from your OCE account.
: Micro DC's and large ping spikes
>Other players on other ISPs (Telstra, Optus) are getting similar problems That's very out of context and doesn't really help. What if, say, it was because of a storm in the area, and you only asked a few people in that area (a common occurrence amongst people and their friends)? Do you have any background applications open while playing League? Do you have any programs set to "automatically update" or equivalent?
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