: Hey, I'm down to play if you are, I'm bronze 1 in flexed but Gold 4 in Solo queue, I am a support main Thanks, DramaticChicken
Cool i'll pop through a friend request, hope we can play soon! :)
: hi im mobslayer557 in game and im silver 5 I usually play mid or jg and id love to play some league with u im also 15 if u wanted to know and a male xD
Hi dude, that's totally fine dude. Are you on OCE server? I should have pointed that out haha. I play on OCE cos I'm from Oz.
Astara (OCE)
: I'm G4 soloq, but i'd like to rank up flex. I play a good Zyra/Soraka support lane, used to main adc, and am slowly picking up jg as well. IGN Astaraela.
Hey dude that sounds good. I would definitely be down to playing some ranked flex games. I'll leave solo Q to you, you wouldn't want to duo with me xd. I'll add you now.
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