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: Emotes don't work!?!?
Since the patch it doesnt work for me either, today i notice at the start of match it says "emotes are here press T" but the wheel is empty despite of the fact I have bought a couple of them n placed them in wheel from client n saved it
: Same here... I am also a chump and paid good money for them... for them to be seemingly disabled... Was this what broke Ranked a few days ago... did we all not Emote responsibly? Is that why it's now turned off? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Oddly at the start of every match the tips shows off "EMOTES ARE HERE PRESS T" but the wheel is empty . I removed my page n added n saved n it doesnt work. funny i dont see any1 emoting either, so not sure whats going on cuz there is no info anywhere either
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pre-made group....just makes me feel lonely while im playing this game from now on , thx riot

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