heypoo (OCE)
: plz quit league {{summoner:1}}
I appreciate your opinion, it'll be dearly noted
: And you just made an AD champion that can abuse Gunblade. The general issue with Hybrid champions, is that they can just pick and choose to take items that are super efficient (READ: Gunblade) and abuse them to their hearts content. But again, in saying this, you have effectively made an AD champion First off, that Ultimate does way too much damage base line when you hit a champion (1k True Damage and a suppression is way too much) But fact is, this is a champ where you avoid leveling W where you can, and just use the Q/E as an AD champion occasionally activating your W for a short time. You basically build Gunblade on this champion once you start leveling your W (So maybe second to third item) so that you can abuse the free scaling but otherwise your probably an AD Brawler/Offtank, as the main "burst" to speak of in this kit is your Ultimate (And that shouldn't be a burst ability).
I considered what you said and have made changes to all the abilities, some slight, some more impactful than others.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: The scalings are wack. 1.0 ad on an ability that gets down to a 4s cooldown before cooldown reduction.
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