: Vastaya Q&A
Did our boy Eduard Santangelo get done in? We need him back rito.
: Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch
Hello. I completed the two games. Just wondering when we can expect the icons?
: SSS FINALIST: The Baker and the King
Jonius7 (OCE)
: Miss Fortune - Just another game in Low Elo
: Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch
RIOT WHYYYYYY. I save up for Xayah and get 8k IP. My friend says he'll save up for Rakan and instantly blows all his IP on champion shards so he can get mastery level 7. Now you're trying to force my hand with a free summoner icon...
Avenue (OCE)
: Wasn't zyra in the last 5 rotations as a support? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: 2016 Challenger Rewards
Do I get a jacket for Bronze
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: Live/Play FINALE debut and Q&A
Why 5am? Not something later? I would've loved to see this stream but...
Cyrater (OCE)
: Theres a seperate queue for it from 8till12 on weekdays and 6 till 12 on weekends
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wupit (EUNE)
: Player Banned.
TOXIC. HEARBY BANISHED FROM THIS SERVER. jk I feels for you man. Good luck with what happens.
Euphener (OCE)
: How to find LoL Small Youtube Channels
You'll find them in related on youtube... In other small channels... Absolutely no idea. But good luck!
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HeartVine (OCE)
: Dodging is against the rules, it's really that simple. If you dodge, accept the consequences.
Meh. Well, still wurf.
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
This is great and all but the one problem I find with this is I have 2 rune pages right now that I can't edit in champ select. So if I'm suddenly shoved into that role, even if I have the runes for that role sitting in my pocket from that sale, I have to make do with the rune pages I have already. Not offering a solution because I can't think of one past an edit button for runes like the one for masteries
: i think that just making ascension, Poro-king, Hexakill and URF, a permanent game mode would be better then training mode, that's what co-op vrs AI is for, What LoL really needs is VoIP system similar to Dota 2, because i hate having to type when i needed to communicate something important mid fight, its a must have, that is why so many people think Dota 2 is superior to LoL, so are you going to prove its better or let the latter and not gain thousands of more players, up to you.
voice... in league... with this community...
: Nationals approach
Can we see the games? Also Monash pls
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: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Damn it Riot. I thought you were serious, then I checked the date
Gehirn (OCE)
: As far as I can tell, you didn't play any games during Ocean Week on this account. :(


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