: Would really like to get feedback from a Rioter on this issue. My arams have been filled with gold players and I'm nowhere near as good as them D: {{champion:84}} "Will the matchmaking ever find true balance?"
Not sure if you are trolling... I dont think the rank of players even matter in ARAM
: OCE doesnt have the population to support a balanced ranked queue. i've also faced challengers and flex ranks bronze 5 to challenger in flex queue despite being silver 1 flex myself.
I can understand if there are not enough players Riot has to widen the ranks in order for players to find games faster. But the least they can do is balance the teams.... I actually played pretty good this game but we got stomped because our gold5 + plat botlane was vs diamond 2 and challenger opponents.
: yeh that doesnt make any sense. I myself have played with and against Diamond and Challeneger players in Flex who were Platinum in Flex at the time. However these people are already Diamond ranked in flex for the most part, so it doesn't make much sense.
What rank are you in flexqueue? In my case I am silver 1 flex...vsing people who are diamond in flexqueue lol...
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