: I always thought you should be able to choose what Victorious skin you get if you end the season Gold or higher. But they definitely should not make these skins available for anyone who asks.
I agree that was what I was saying towards the end of the post could riot give players a chance to obtain the skin by reaching gold again give players a choice in which skin they obtain.
HeartVine (OCE)
: The bottom line is that no one should simply be given a Victorious skin just because they ask. It's one of those things in life that *should* be earned. Just imagine how all the people who've put time and effort into obtaining Gold would feel if Riot simply started giving away Victorious skins like they were worthless (actually, that's pretty much what they'll be if Riot *were* to do that).
I’m not saying give them away or asking for one I’m asking for the chance to earn one. Like how about riot gives u a choice in what victorious skin u get when u reach gold. That’s all I’m asking
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Ingénue (OCE)
: First of all, don't base your MMR off of 3rd party websites. None of them are accurate, and a lot of them do actually fluctuate wildly even if you aren't playing any ranked games. Second of all,[ ranked MMR and normal MMR is completely different](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide#q1). Often lower ranked players will find higher ranked players in their normal games, as people plat+ usually have a steady history of only ranked (hence normal MMR can be pretty low). People also tend to multi-queue leading games to be of "average" MMR between the multi queue. Thirdly, our server population is actually pretty small, and while the system does try to match you with people with similar MMR eventually it will branch out as it tries to find you a match in a reasonable amount of time. Lastly, while it does suck to be on the[ disadvantaged end of a matchup](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide#q5), you have to remain positive :) Think of it as an opportunity to better your skills by facing better opponents. Versing opponents of a higher skill level (as opposed to your own) will help you grow as a player more efficiently as you learn to hold your own in a much tougher environment. When you then compare it to a match/lane vs someone your level, it will most likely seem easier.
i understand third party websites can be inaccurate and they do fluctuate i only used a third party website to get a rough example of there mmrs so people have a better understanding of what i was talking about and so i could have even a rough estimate of there skill level so i could see what i was up against. i understand ranked mmr's are different from normal's but shouldn't someones rank contribute to there match-ups? im not sure which is why i wrote this post to try and get a better understanding of how matchmaking works. honestly i would rather wait that little bit longer and get a game i enjoy than go up against someone who has a lot more skill than i do. i did try and stay positive during the match but i was also getting abused by one of my teammates for "feeding the katarina" even though i was trying to play safe under tower i was getting dived so i couldn't do much. it has given me good practice but its not something i would like to do again soon lol.
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: What am i looking at here? (urgent)
its about 2-3 gb of data to install from scratch.
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AhriCharm (OCE)
: Thanks so much for your support.
thats okay its something that needs to be adressed
AhriCharm (OCE)
: Proposed change to the Punishment system.
i have personally been told to "kill myself" by other players in game or that "people like me should have cancer" riot i beleive you should get a team of real people together and any reports with these phrases in it should be auto-matically sent to one of that team. its a massive thing happening more and more in league and its honestly bringing the game down and making not just me but people i know not want to play. i agree with Ahricharm more action needs to be taken against these people. what happens if someone who plays YOUR game gets told to kill themselves and actually does it? are you going to comfort the family? are you going to break your privacy policy so the person can be found and put in jail? either have more seriouse bans or class that phrase as a cuss work so its blocked out.
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