Natikazi (OCE)
: Thank you so much for the help. I'm strugging to answer some of the questions such as "the first rp item you bought and date" and a couple of other ones since it was in 2015. In November last year, I requested to download my data, which includes everything stored about my account. This includes rp purchases and rp uses, however these do not have dates, rather their transaction numbers etc. Would it be helpful if I sent the file? Or should I just guess the dates since my first rp purchase was with a gift card and there was no email receipt.
I'd recommend you make your best estimate of the item and date, though you could send the file as a well if you think it will help (make sure they're aware why you're sending it). I'm not sure how they'll respond to the account data file, since it can be access through email, but no harm in trying. As I said earlier, you shouldn't need to answer every question perfectly, all they need is enough to reasonably conclude you're the original user.
Natikazi (OCE)
: Account was hacked, then was banned in the span of a couple of hours
You'll want to submit an Account Recovery ticket to [Support]( (use the "Recover my account" option, you'll need to be logged out to do so). That will start the account recovery process, during which the Support staff will ask you a series of questions related to the account to help with verification (don't worry if you can't answer all of them, you just need enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt), any additional information not available via Riot or 3rd party services will help with this. If the process goes smoothly, they should be able to verify the compromise period, and reverse any actions resulting from that. One thing to note regarding account recovery services is that any history of account sharing (in any form) may negatively impact your chances of successfully resolving the issue. As someone who takes extra care with account security, you'd probably know how to handle a compromise situation, but I'll give you all the standard advice anyway. Definitely run an anti-virus scan with whatever software you're using on any personal computers you've used recently, it may not show anything but always best to check in these situations (I'd personally recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware [free] for manual scans, as it seems to pick up more than other anti-virus software in my experience, but up to you). Also a good idea to recommend the same for anyone if you've used their computer for LoL recently, in particular public computers carry extra risk in this way. Also a good idea to check security for any important accounts, such as emails, banks etc. and I'd also recommend you check out the website as it is a great resource for tracking down compromises, particularly across multiple services.
C9 Girl (OCE)
: This is really lame
Keep in mind that the rank shown after your first ranked game is only a "minimum", and not a placement. You'll still have to complete all 10 provisional matches to get your placement, but you can be assured that you wont be placed below your assigned minimum.
: So you get harassed all match and you end up with the chat restriction :)
Straight up, I'm going to try and make this very clear; the behaviour of other players does ***not*** exempt you from the rules. You are held to the same standards as everyone else. You aren't expected to act as if everyone is sunshine and rainbows, but you are expected **not** to engage in negative behaviour, regardless who starts it. This is also why only your own chat logs are used in the reform card, because it is *your* behaviour (not the behaviour of others) that is relevant to *this* case. As far as your chat logs go, it's certainly not good. It's a constant string of negative comments, from giving up, to insulting others, to threatening to intentionally lose the game. As far as one match goes, I'm not sure whether this would be enough to trigger a chat restriction, but if this is the kind of behaviour you exhibit to any significant degree, then it makes sense that you would receive such a punishment. Keep in mind, this is the lowest tier of punishment, and intended as a reminder that such behaviour is not acceptable within the community. This *should* act to put you on a path to addressing your own behaviour (something that *should* be within your own control), so that you can at least prevent yourself from acting out (which is the minimum anyone, not just Riot, would expect you to be capable of). If you continue such behaviour, you're likely to receive another chat restriction (25 games) and then proceed onto bans, as is the standard progression. If you want to appeal the punishment, you will need to submit a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) and go through the process with them. They will manually review the case, determine whether the punishment has been made in error, and act accordingly. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee anything will change about the punishment.
: Pretty much every link to the patch notes is on **It'd be nice if people with accounts not in NA could upvote good comments we find there** since that's where most of the discussion takes place. I swear that we could before but right now it just asks me to log in every time, even if I'm already logged in.
It seems to only be happening when viewing the page in "news" format (link via the news page). If you jump onto the [NA boards]( and click on the "[Patch 9.20 Notes](" thread under "announcements" it seems to work fine.
trenna2O (OCE)
: unban experiment by riot?
If I remember correctly, that experiment occurred earlier in the year, and showed the same results it always does; there's just nowhere near enough players who genuinely reform to reasonably support such a system, with about 99% of players returning to the behaviours that originally got them banned.
Noobster (OCE)
: Blacklisting
There should be no reason that you'd be unable to get a response from a person when interacting with Support. The only time you wouldn't get a person is if it's "Blitzcrank Bot" responding to the ticket, which should only occur in "clear cut" cases, and even then you can request a response from a person and you *should* receive one at that point. Even then, however, the Support staff wont be able to share any information about what action may be taken against other players. The specific circumstances of any given case can easily impact how it will be dealt with. Chat offences can often lead to chat restrictions, which may appear as though no action has been taken (unlike bans which show a distinct gap in match history), and other types of offences can result in action not being taken *yet* (while still contributing to potential punishments), depending on the degree of the offences (or, in the case of third party software, being delayed due to the "ban wave" approach).
Livarei (OCE)
: What gift cards are accepted for riot points in Australia?
Looking at the [Support site](, it seems like the option to pay using gift cards may only be available for NA. There's no information that I can find to suggest otherwise. I'd recommend contacting [Support]( directly, as they'll likely be able to give you the information you're looking for.
: Ban Appeal for league of legends
In order to appeal a ban you'll need to submit a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) and go through the process with them. They'll perform a manual review of the case, and determine whether the ban should stand or not. Keep in mind that bans are only revoked if they're made in error.
: Why da fuk did I get a 14 day ban right off the bat. I thought I got a chat restriction first.
It can depend on *why* you got punished. Chat restrictions only apply to chat-related offences, and as such you wont get a chat restriction for something like griefing or 3rd party software (for example). If the ban was issued for a chat-related offence, then it may be a result of using zero-tolerance language (as Seras mentioned). Without more context, we can't give you any definitive answers. You can feel free to submit a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) if you want to appeal the ban and/or get more context.
: Still banned??
If this is for an account on a different region (such as NA, where it is currently 8:15pm on the 20th [at the time of writing this post], if I'm not mistaken), then it might be a matter of patience. If not, then your best bet to get this resolved would be to contact [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) and see if they can identify the issue. They should be able to get back to you within a day (or two, if they're busy) and figure this out, if it's not already resolved itself by then.
: I did a report years back (and this coulda changed) but it's okay to use whatever designs and whatnot, they just can't profit from it. Lemme find the exact response. EDIT ( faster than expected) "Basically, as long as your endeavor is not for-profit, we're fine with you using League as the basis for a fan project."
That's certainly a good "rule of thumb" to follow, but verifying with someone who knows better (such as a Rioter or Support Agents) would probably still be the best way to get that information, as it can then be verified for the specific circumstances the individual wants to use it in.
: League Of Legends Copy Right concern
Probably the best way to get confirmation about the specifics of doing so would be to contact [Support]( and ask them. They should be able to tell you how you can and can't use the LoL "IP" (intellectual property), such as music.
: My account has been permanently blocked.i didn't login my account. and then my account was stolen.
If you believe your account has been compromised, you should submit an account recovery ticket to [Support]( (use the "Recover my account" option). They'll go through the process with you, which will include a series of questions to help verify you're the original account user (you shouldn't need to answer all of them, just enough to verify beyond reasonable doubt). If they're able to verify a compromise, they'll be able to reverse any punishments that occurred as a direct result of the compromise. I'd also recommend that you run an anti-virus scan on any personal computers you've used to access LoL recently, as well as securing any important accounts (for example, email, bank etc), just in case. The website is also a good tool to help track down compromises.
Giftig (OCE)
: where is it now
No idea. The current situation with ARURF is abnormal, and simply doesn't fit with how Riot traditionally handles the featured modes (and as far as I know, these specific circumstances haven't occurred before at all). There are a few possibilities I can think of; it may be the case that ARURF could be released soon, just not with the SG skins/missions, it may also be the case that ARURF had simply gone onto the PBE for testing just to check if it's up to scratch for an appearance soon but not this patch (though traditionally that resulted in multiple consecutive patches on the PBE), it may also be the case that there was some game-breaking bug that Riot couldn't fix during the patch cycle, and have pulled the mode until that can be resolved. Keep in mind, I never said it "will" appear, just pointing out that the most likely scenario is that it would appear with the skins/missions, based on how Riot has handled featured modes previously and the available information. If I find any relevant information, I'll post an update. EDIT: Found a post on the PBE forums basically stating that ARURF wouldn't be in patch 9.18, but is planned to appear later this year.
fopabro (OCE)
: Whats happening to clash?
You can find the most recent info about Clash in the most recent Ask Riot: Basically, they're going to run more tests (like OCE just got) on other regions to confirm stability, then possibly have a global beta at the end of this year or early next year.
ITwitter (OCE)
: Have the skins come out in the client cause i cant see them.
As stated at the top of the article (just above Champion changes), the new Star Guardian skins will be available on September 13th.
All (OCE)
: Really a 10 game chat restriction for this?
First things first, if you think you've been wrongfully punished and want to appeal you'll need to submit a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) and go through the process with them. Looking through the chat logs, it seems like it's all negative. Things like degrading and/or insulting others and rank/stat shaming can certainly contribute to a punishment. Based on information provided, couldn't say I'm 100% confident that it's definitely deserved, but there could be games that haven't shown up with the reform card (which could happen depending on the time frame between offending games), and it's also possible that the term "retarted" may have contributed. Will have to recommend you to Support to get more info and explore the possibility of a false positive. Couple other things I want to mention, first of which is; you are being judged on your own behaviour, not the behaviour of others. No player is judged on a scale of "you did the wrong thing, but they did something worse", it is *always* simply "you did the wrong thing". It sucks to be treated like shit by someone, but it is not your place to retaliate or issue punishment to them, and doing so often puts you in a bad place. Often players who are engaging in such behaviour do so in order to get a response, and so the best way to deal with them is to deprive them of that. It's not easy, but putting the effort in can allow you to gain a better sense of control over you need/desire to retaliate against such individuals, and there are a variety of ways you can go about that. Something that can help is to have an outlet for such emotions. For example; exercise, martial arts, drawing/painting, or puzzles/riddles etc. may provide a way to channel frustration into something more constructive.
: Patch 9.18 notes
For everyone wondering about ARURF; It hasn't become available alongside the patch maintenance, which isn't exactly uncommon. Considering that there's no indication of it being on the current PBE patch cycle (9.19), it's likely that it will appear on live servers during this patch cycle (9.18). Considering we know when the new SG skins will be available (13th September, this Friday), it's reasonable to conclude that's when the SG event will start, and when ARURF will appear on live servers. Be patient. Two days wont hurt.
Rameka236 (OCE)
: Urf
ARURF is currently on the PBE, which would tend to suggest that it will be appearing on live servers during the next patch cycle. Generally speaking, a featured mode might be available when the patch goes live (expected to be approximately 8am AEST tomorrow morning), or within a couple days of the patch maintenance (Thursday/Friday this week). There will possibly be more information available at some point tomorrow, if it's not already available then.
Sustains (OCE)
One thing to consider is that bots are banned in waves rather than as soon as possible, which is obviously going to cause additional strain on actual players between each ban wave as bots continue to increase in numbers. The reason bots (and other 3rd party software infractions) are dealt with in this manner is to make it harder for the software developers to identify when and how the programs are being detected, thus making it harder for them to circumvent the detection methods Riot uses. Last I heard, Riot was testing new systems designed to match bots together and subsequently alleviate the strain on actual players. Once you hit level 30, you shouldn't have to worry about bots showing up in anything other than coops (and even if they do, it will be few and far between). When you do encounter them, a quick report will flag the account, and using the term "bot" in the report comment will flag it to be reviewed as such.
: PAX AUS 2019
As far as I know, there will be a Riot presence at PAX AUS this year, though I don't think you'll find any solid info about it yet (perhaps it's one of the "secrets" in the schedule).
OCEshots (OCE)
: i would like you to know: i stared at this comment for like 5 minutes trying to work out if you read what you just wrote. They are allowed to because you guys will remove links and names but not the toxic player O.O maybe we should all take your other implied advice and just troll with them :D get the new people who will try league and push this fkn game forward and just fuck their experience because if they try to name and shame they'll also have their shit removed and the cycle starts all over again :D
> [{quoted}](name=OCEshots,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=wY8Ejqot,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-09-06T04:05:42.987+0000) > > just direct a person the right way to bring this up with RIOT or Tencent I get the distinct feeling you're not going to like what I have to say about that. The primary approach of bringing something up with Riot is to go through [Support]( (which I'm certain you have been told personally on more than a few occasions), during which you can feel free to discuss the issue in it's fullest, without being restricted by things like the "no name and shame" policy. You're not likely to get much/any discussion from it, though. It's not as if it's impossible to contact Rioters directly, either, but they'll probably just tell you to go through Support (or the boards) anyway, since most of them wouldn't be getting payed for that kind of thing. With that said; The boards themselves are a good approach to bring up issues within the community, **so long as it's constructive discussion**, though are much more of an indirect approach of bringing an issue to the attention of Riot. This is something that will incite discussion and support from the community, which in itself may draw Riot's attention to pressing issues. Things like going on a rant, complaining "for the sake of complaining", and "finger pointing" are *not* constructive, they simply detract from the point that's being made and annoy or anger people. You can also attempt to discuss the issues in other official platforms, such as the Official NA Discord Server, of which several Rioters are involved in. There are also other platforms available to you that can act to incite discussion and support from the community, such as Reddit, Youtube, Twitch, various social media platforms, etc. Though those are somewhat less likely to attract Riot's attention than the boards. A united community is *much* more likely to incite actual change than a single individual (or even a few individuals) who just appears to be ranting. There is no shortage of options available for you to discuss the issues. The way I see it, the main thing standing in your way is the way you frame your posts, you consistently fail to make them constructive. Just look at the original post in this thread for example; all you've done is basically say "hey, I got these shit players on my team, obviously Riot's systems are fucked", and that's it. You've said nothing that explores the issue any further than that. In future, I'd recommend you seriously consider actually putting effort into your posts to actually *try* and be constructive, explore the issues beyond "shit's fucked", and you might actually see a difference in the way that others respond to that.
OCEshots (OCE)
: i would like you to know: i stared at this comment for like 5 minutes trying to work out if you read what you just wrote. They are allowed to because you guys will remove links and names but not the toxic player O.O maybe we should all take your other implied advice and just troll with them :D get the new people who will try league and push this fkn game forward and just fuck their experience because if they try to name and shame they'll also have their shit removed and the cycle starts all over again :D
> [{quoted}](name=OCEshots,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=wY8Ejqot,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-05T22:14:22.798+0000) > > They are allowed to because you guys will remove links and names but not the toxic player The implication here obviously being that we have any control whatsoever in-game. To correct that, we (the volunteers) have *no* control over the game itself, or punishments issued in-game. The only power we have is on these boards, and we are tasked with maintaining a peaceful and constructive environment, which obviously requires certain rules and guidelines to achieve. There is no reason to believe that players coming onto the boards and pointing out the shitty behaviour of others (often without proof) is constructive in any way, as it often leads to abuse and harassment, as well as individuals misrepresenting the truth for personal gain. If you want to discuss the flaws in Riot's systems, you can do so without breaching the "name and shame" policy, and I would encourage you to do so. If you want players in-game behaviours dealt with, you need to take that up with Riot directly. You are free to report those players and follow up with support, and there is nothing Riot can do about you "naming and shaming" on platforms they don't control. **That is not something we can help you with**, beyond giving advice and guidance (which, let's be honest, is not going to change the outcome).
: ARURF Release Date?
As far as I know, no official release date/time has been stated, but generally once something goes up on the PBE, it will show up with the next patch, and featured modes tend to become available *either* with the patch, or a day or two after the patch (so likely Wednesday-Friday next week).
: Game Modes (URF, hexakill etc.)
ARURF is currently on the PBE, so it's likely we'll see it next patch (I'd imagine probably Thursday/Friday of next week, if not as soon as the patch goes live on Wednesday morning).
Hoopy9 (OCE)
: Hacked / Banned
First thing you'll want to do is submit an account recovery ticket to [Support]( (use the "Recover my account" option, you'll need to be logged out to do so). That will initiate the account recovery process, where the support agent will ask a series of questions related to the account to verify you are the original user (you shouldn't need to answer all of them, just enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt, also any other info you can provide that can't be found through Riot or 3rd party services may help), and hopefully they'll be able to identify the compromise and reverse any punishments that had resulted from that. ***Important note:*** If you have ever engaged in account sharing of any kind, you may not receive as much help, because the nature of such sharing makes it significantly harder for the support agents/Rioters to identify a legitimate compromise. Next, I'd highly recommend that you run anti-virus scans on any personal computers you've used recently, as well as suggest the same for anyone who's computer you've used to play/access LoL recently (personally, I'd recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for manual scans, as it tends to pick up things that other anti-virus programs miss in my experience, but up to you). It may turn up nothing, but it's best just to make sure your computer isn't compromised, otherwise this could happen again. After that, you'll want to change your accounts password (you'll do this as part of the account recovery process, but if the scans pick something up it would still be best to change at that point, just in case), as well as check the security of any important accounts you have (for example, email, bank etc), and I'd recommend you check out as it is a great resource to help track down compromises on accounts you use.
Kivi (OCE)
: are the Eternals still coming this patch?
The launch of eternals has been pushed back, due to changes with the system:
: Yeah I agree. The damage and movement creep has just reached a point where any mistake at all means death. There was a point somewhere in season 4 or 5 I think, where everything was _(relatively_) balanced, more so than now at least. I don't think that's just me being nostalgic either, I genuinely remember a spot where everything was pretty good.
I firmly agree with this. Season 5 was the last time I regularly enjoyed LoL, which I just can't do anymore, and while a lot of that may be the botched Quinn rework that occurred at the end of that year, there's also been a lot of balance changes (and a *lot* of client-based changes) that have made the game much harder to enjoy (and particularly consistently). Personally, my most hated change is Cho'Gath, and his stupid infinitely-scaling-true-damage-execute-1k+ ult. A single ability which is ridiculously strong at it's lowest power, which gains more strength as Cho stacks defensive stats and uses it, with no cap to it's power whatsoever, meaning that squishies really don't stand a chance (can't remember how many times I've been 2k+ hit insta-killed by a Cho, while I had 2+ health items as an ADC/APC, but I know it's too much)...
Ornn (OCE)
: Boycott eternals. DON'T BUY THEM!
I'm going to be honest, the whole "Eternals" concept seems great. A system that allows players to earn achievement, and even on specific champions, that they can then use to show off their prowess. It sounds great, in theory. Then someone along the line decides to monetise the crap out of it, like most everything else in LoL these days, and, as a result, the entire concept becomes disgusting... Personally, I'd *love* to see a good achievement system in-game, and I'm sure most of the community would too, but this is just the wrong way to do it. There is no need, at all, for something like this to cost actual money, and the fact that Riot have said "We took a look at how other games have tackled similar systems" in the [Dev Post Exploring Eternals](, and then decided to package them with RP purchases, just shows how out of touch they are, since putting achievement systems behind a paywall is something that any decent game isn't likely to do (in fact, many of them will provide small amounts of "premium currency" to the player for acquiring certain achievements). As a personal recommendation, I'd suggest that no one bother to use the system at all. We need to show Riot that we don't like it, and that's not going to work if people are still buying into it (even if you're getting the RP for free from things like competitions or giveaways). Please, don't condone this from Riot...
: multi billion dollar company, still no 2 factor authentication btw
Just to be clear, Riot have introduced 2FA in the form of email verification codes. You can refer to the [2FA and Trusted Devices Support article]( for more info.
Latte420 (OCE)
: Thanks for the response. I have secured my account with a different password, howeverused a different pw for this account than for other ones so I can't understand how I'd be hacked. I've done multiple scans as well and can't seem to find anything, maybe I need better antivirus?? No clue. Also never have given my pw to anyone.
From what you've said, I don't think you have any reason to worry about other accounts/services. If this compromise were the result of a compromised computer, or shared email (for example), then there would probably be other accounts getting compromised as well. Since that hasn't happened, it's probably just a case of someone managing to get access to your LoL account without anything else. It's just always a good idea to check all of that stuff in case there is a deeper issue, as it will allow you to get on top of the issue sooner rather than later.
Latte420 (OCE)
: Permanently Banned Wrongfully
So, this sound like it could be a compromised account, in which case you'll want to submit an account recovery ticket to [Support]( (use the "Recover my account" option, you'll need to be logged out to do so). The support agent will want to verify that you're the original account owner, and will ask a series of questions to help that along. You wont have to answer all of them, just enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt (also, any information about the account that can't be accessed through Riot or 3rd party services might help). Hopefully, they'll be able to identify a compromise and take the case from there. Changing your password would also be a good idea. Note that if you have given your account details to anyone else, you *may* not receive the same assistance from support. Account sharing (in any of it's forms) is a breach of the ToU, and Riot tends to view compromises on shared accounts with significantly more scepticism. I would also recommend running an anti-virus scan on any personal computers you've used recently, as well as recommend the same to anyone who has a computer you've used for LoL recently (personally, I'd recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for manual scans, as it tends to pick up a bit more than other anti-virus programs in my experience, but that's up to you). I'd also recommend ensuring the security of any important accounts (like emails, banks etc) just in case. The website is a good tool to help track down any compromises on your accounts as well.
: the file is too big to send on email
If you're able to upload the file to some kind of file share service (Google Drive or Dropbox, for example), then share the file with the Riot live report email "" and/or provide a link through a support ticket, that should work well enough.
: but nobody's dead yet and I still see their legends' missing sometimes and Garen's not pathing anymore while spinning if his target dies, he just spins there, wooping Casper :l I hope nobody's hatin on Mageren (Garen with morellos melting walls of tanks) in early rounds
Sounds like there's probably some bugs at play then. Best thing to do would be to submit bug reports about what you're experiencing (ensures Riot is informed that the bugs exist and give them information to help track down the issue), either on the NA boards or through Support.
: Why is my league crashing everytime i enter a game?
If this is the "critical error" issue that's causing some players to fail to load into games, I'd recommend you take a look at this thread (and follow instructions to submit screenshot/logs, if possible, as it should help Riot identify the cause): If it's a different issue, it would be useful to have more information on what's occurring, such as any error messages that appear, or any unusual behaviours the client/game exhibits, as it will help others to troubleshoot the issue with you. You can also try looking through articles on the support site (I'd recommend ["Login, patching, crashing, & connecting"]( category) to see if there's anything helpful there, or try submitting a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Tech issues: Install, patch, lag, or crashes" option) explaining what's happening and see if they can help (it *may* take 24-48 hours to receive a response, try to include as much information as you can in the initial ticket).
: I am having the same problem on my end could you also help me?
Seems the issue is still occurring for some players. I recommend taking a look at this thread: If the issue occurs again, submitting a screenshot and the relevant log (as per the instructions within the thread) would help Riot identify the cause and resolve the issue.
Adder (OCE)
: Why the hell are there so many AFKs?
Just a quick heads up, there have been some issues in patch 9.14 that have been causing problems for some players loading into games which may be causing a noticeably significant increase in AFK players. Important info regarding the issue, as well as steps for submitting logs, can be found in this thread just posted by Riot Gehirn:
: They should rename TFT's FFA mode to GoT mode
If you're versing a team with no Little Legend (TFT avatar) in a round with an odd number of people, that probably means you're versing the "duplicate" team, and the game should still tell you who you're versing in the top-centre of the screen next to the stage number (as with every other PvP round). If things are just not working properly, it would be prudent to submit a bug report, either on the [NA boards]( (in the TFT bug report section) or via [Support]( (use the "I have a question about Teamfight Tactics" option).
: Let me get this straight
Honestly, I agree with Alpha. It's a predatory business model, no doubts from me. So far as Riot, as a company, is concerned, "community" is no longer important, just "profit by any means necessary". Riot's business model has been going to shit for years, and really it all started when they introduced the Hextech Crafting system. For something that seemed benign at the time, it's just led the way for Riot to push every player towards lootboxes and the crafting system itself, both of which are pretty much designed to generate profit off addiction (as supported by the [RANZCP referral to the Australian government]( regarding "micro-transactions"). Just consider how everything about event rewards (and really, most/any "free" content) is done through the crafting system now, and how everything in that system (event exclusive or otherwise) uses all the flashy colours and animations, and in a "drawn out" way (they tend to take a couple seconds or more), that is so common with gambling devices. Even the levelling system and earning BE, which is a very *fundamental* system in the game (players are exposed to it ***from level 1***), *and* can be reasonably argued as having an indirect impact on the gameplay, are based almost *solely* around lootboxes. Everything "free" is geared towards exposing as many players as possible, which in turn means as many "at risk" individuals as possible are exposed and, subsequently, more likely to develop the addictive tendencies that Riot's business model is designed to prey upon. It would be great if the community managed to "get woke" and realise what's going on, but they've all been conditioned to just accept lootboxes and the Hextech Crafting system as the "norm", even though they really shouldn't be. Lootboxes should *never* be a fundamental feature in any game, and yet they are in LoL. Of course, people are happy to simply explain that away with "oh, it's free" or "oh, it doesn't affect gameplay", when realistically that shouldn't even matter if it's all designed to trigger addiction, because that's not going to stop people from getting addicted. These event shops are just an extension of that problem, it's why they're designed around using the crafting system, and why it's now impossible to *earn* everything in those shops by just playing, even when you've spent the money to get the pass. Riot just want profit, and they're pushing players into that all the time with these kinds of systems, regardless of the negative effects that might have.
: Okay, so with Arcade Caitlyn...
You'll have to buy each version of the skin separately. It's been that way with Prestige skins (and even chromas) since they were first introduced. Or you could manage to get really lucky and reroll some skin shards into one (or even both) of them.
lolmakers (OCE)
: hello
I'd recommend you submit a ticket to [Support]( and see if there's anything they can do to help, though they may not be able to, either due to limitations with what they can change or how the loot system works, or perhaps due to Riot's policy on this kind of issue.
: I didn't know you can take taken names on a new account
Yeh, people "hording" summoner names is annoying. I honestly think the name decay system needs to be revised to promote actual commitment in retaining the names, rather than simply being able to play 1 game every 6 months minimum, or 2.5 years for level 30+ accounts. Unless that person actually spent money to grab the name, they really shouldn't have it, as new account *shouldn't* be able to take inactive Summoner names from other accounts (refer to the [Inactive Summoner Name Rules]( support page. If you're interested in pursuing that, you can try submitting a ticket to [Support]( about it and see what conclusion they come to.
Choopi (OCE)
: Unban. 11/6/2017
It's always good to see someone who's making effort to improve their behaviour, it really does work out better for everyone when people do that. Keep up the good work, man. So far as the possibility of being unbanned, Riot's policies are pretty much "only if it's a false positive". Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, you *might* be able to get the ban removed, but the chances of that are very small (I believe the false positive rate is well below 1%) and ultimately up to the discretion of Riot. You can feel free to submit an appeal to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option), but it's important to keep in mind that it statistically wont get the result you want. Riot has done some experiments attempting to reward "reformed" players, by giving them the opportunity to earn back their perma-banned accounts in proving they've reformed, however those experiments tend to have a 1% success rate, with the vast majority (99%) of "reformed" players simply going back to their old behaviours after getting their account back. Ultimately, the damage it causes is just too great for such a small benefit. You can still play on a new/alternate account, but generally "permanent" ban means "permanent".
Papega (OCE)
: My Permanent Ban
If you want to appeal the ban you'll need to submit a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option) and they'll go through the process with you. The first response will likely be a generalised "copy-paste" response, but you can feel free to ask for some more information and they should be able to explain it to you a bit more. If I'm not mistaken, Support has a lot of ticket to get through currently (lots of people sending in about TFT issues), so it may take a couple days to get a response (any additional responses from you will bump your ticket to the back of the queue, so best to avoid that if possible). False positives tend to be pretty rare, so the chances of a successful appeal can be pretty low depending on the circumstances. We wont be able to accurately comment on that possibility without some more context (chat logs would be the main thing here), so if you're happy to provide that someone can go through it with you and give you an idea of whether an appeal would be successful. Generally, Riot's position is that "each player is responsible for their own behaviour and another player breaking the rules doesn't give them any leeway", and how well you do in playing/winning wont affect the possibility of a punishment.
: Why are Trollers and Griefers allowed to run free in League of Legends?
So far as trolls and greifers go, they're not allowed to engage in that behaviour. Riot's policies are pretty clear on that, and it's in the best interest of Riot and the community that action is taken to deal with them. That said, Riot's systems aren't that efficient when it comes to gameplay offences. The automated systems in place often take a while to track down the consistencies in such behaviour, and will tend to fall short on the more nuanced cases, and Riot simply doesn't have enough manpower to have them all dealt with manually (though there is some manual oversight to help keep the system on track). Riot *should* be working on improving their systems, but as it stands anything relating to gameplay offences just tends to take longer and be harder to detect. In having said all of that, player reports are *very* important in helping those systems improve, particularly in the nuanced cases. Those report will help provide feedback to the system, giving it more data to work with, and help improve it's efficiency and ability to detect such behaviours. The important thing is to not feel discouraged from reporting. If there's ever a case you think wont be handled effectively by the automated systems, you can feel free to submit a ticket directly to [Support]( (use the "Report a player for cheating, phishing, or negative behavior" option) to trigger a manual review (they wont be able to discuss the results, however). So far as your behaviour is concerned, it's probably something you'll need to deal with going forward if you want to keep that account. The important thing there is to try and find a way to deal with these situations that doesn't involve acting out in-game. Some simple things that can help you keep from tilting as hard can include taking a break between games, 5-10 minutes to grab a drink, get a snack and cool down can help, also means you're less likely to encounter the same player twice in a row. If you're on a losing streak, take a longer break, 30-60 minutes, or maybe even overnight or something, and you'll be able to come back with a cool head. Finding an outlet to release frustration can help as well, something that allows you to take that "energy" and put it into something where it's not going to affect anyone else. It could be something physical like doing a bit of excessive, or hitting a punching bag a few times, maybe something artistic like drawing or painting, or maybe something intellectual like puzzles, riddles or even chess. You can try a few different things and see what works for you. Ultimately, better to find a way to prevent those kinds of outburst than to do nothing and lose the account because of someone else doing the wrong thing.
Skizzik (OCE)
: Ive been hacked and perma banned!
You'll need to submit an account recovery ticket to [Support]( (use the "Recover my account" option, you'll need to be logged out to do so). They'll have to ask you a series of questions to help verify you're the original account user, you shouldn't need to answer all of them, just enough to prove beyond any reasonable doubt (any info about the account not accessible through Riot or 3rd party services will help). Ideally they'll be able to verify you as the original account user and deal with any punishments that have occurred due to the compromise, however it may be harder for them to do so considering you haven't played in a while (it means less recent data about you to help them). You might also want to consider checking any important accounts (banks, emails etc) for security, particularly any using the same email as your LoL account, just in case. You can also check out the website as it is a great resource to help track down any compromises.
: Hello I have the same issue, hacked.. someone played 3 games of ranked with yasuo. Waiting for someone to respond to my ticket. I looked at the recover account form and I made this account before you had to even verify email so I just used a temporary address I can't remember, don't think I will be able to get it back.
First things first, you'll definitely want to try and deal with the compromise. I don't think you'll *need* to access the original email during that, as you should be able to communicate through the address you've used for this case while dealing with the issue (and you should be able to verify yourself as the original account user without original the email). Running an anti-virus scan on any personal computers, checking any important accounts and checking out can be a good way to ensure the compromise is not a widespread issue for you. So far as dealing with the email issue, you can attempt to get that changed by contacting (use the "Account management, data requests, or deletion" option), and hopefully they'll be able to get that changed for you without too much fuss. Again, though, probably best to try and deal with the compromise first, just to make sure no one else is able to access the account.
leniwykotpl (EUNE)
: I have this same bug. Don't know what to do exacly{{item:3070}}
So there's been a fair few people experiencing the same issue, with the arena skins not being usable immediately after unlocking. Generally, they seem to become available within about 24 hours, so it may just be a matter of being patient. If you still haven't got access to them within about 24 hours of unlocking them, you should submit a ticket to [Support]( and let them know about the issue, and hopefully they'll be able to help.
OhDeer (OCE)
: Perma Ban
The only way to successfully appeal a ban is if it was made in error, either in a situation where no punishment should have been issued, or a less severe punishment should have been issued. Depending on the reason for the ban (should come up in the reform card and in the email regarding the ban), you should have received *at least* a 14-day ban prior (specific exceptions include 3rd party software, charge-backs and security bans). You *wont* be able to get a refund for any money spent on the account. You can feel free to appeal by submitting a ticket to [Support]( (use the "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction" option), but whether they change anything depends on the specific circumstances of your case.
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