mosaickle (OCE)
: No 'normals' on Twisted Treeline??
Blind pick for Twisted Treeline is available on Fridays from 3pm until 1am the following morning. Saturdays and Sundays have ranked for Twisted Treeline during the same period. Source:
: I imagine the indicator still shows because it still functions as an execute when they are in that threshold. I don't believe the "ignores resistances" part of his ult applies if they aren't in that threshold (but I could well be wrong about that). Given that there is also an on healthbar indicator that shows active resurrection effects, if there is still the extra execute effect on Pyke's ult, I feel that is why it was left as is.
Been thinking about it a bit since I posted, had the idea of making some kind of simple change so that it's still obvious the target is below the threshold but has an active resurrect effect, such as making it turn yellow instead of red in that situation. Would address the base issue of "the indicator told me I could kill them but I didn't" kind of thing. On the note of the resurrect effect indicator itself, I've, personally, never been able to reliably see the indicator in-game, even when it's on me and there's nothing happening. It's just too bland and doesn't stand out that well, especially in intense fights, which is (arguably) one of the main situations that Pyke would be using his ult (in order to get the consecutive ult resets).
Saben (OCE)
: Pyke Ult Refresh On Resurrect Effects
Well, the requirement of the reset is that an enemy champion *dies* within the marker, whereas resurrect effects will prevent champions from dying, thus negating the possibility of the reset for Pyke. That said, there is no reason that the "insta-kill" indicator for Pyke's ult should appear on any champion with an active resurrect effect, even though they might be below the threshold.
: This Game Needs A NEW Report System
From the context of your post, it seems this is one of those situations where you openly made a comment that could reasonably be considered "homophobic" in a "public" (which in this case means "with random strangers about") setting. Now, if that is the case, then I say good job Rito for doing what they should have done. Bottom line is that you're opening yourself up to consequences every time you engage in "socially offensive/explicit commentary/language" (as it's referred to on the [Reporting a Player]( Support page), whether it's done online or IRL. Fact is, you explicitly broke the established rules and got punished for it. Seems like Rito's systems are working as intended based on that. Perhaps it's you and your friends who need to consider what it's like to be constantly harassed for simply being yourself and just stop engaging in "socially offensi... etc." when it's not a private discussion.
: The likelihood of a nice player being rebutted with insults is quite rare in this game, it's always aggravated by trolls or soft inting players who feel the need to disrupt the match for everyone trying to make a positive contribution to the team. The problem is that Riot do have a flawed report system; never have I seen, outside of League of Legends, cases being examined singularly on the perpetrator, and not through considering the circumstances by which the actions were made. Imagine if the legal law system worked exactly like this - where perpetrators are solely pressed for their effects on situations, with no background information to clarify the actions.
> [{quoted}](name=HeathereYyIy,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=KbMGt8QT,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-06-13T12:16:37.743+0000) > > The problem is that Riot do have a flawed report system; That I will not disagree with, Riot *do* have a flawed system, more so than others at least. > never have I seen, outside of League of Legends, cases being examined singularly on the perpetrator, and not through considering the circumstances by which the actions were made. This is where I take issue. As far as my experience, I see it happen all the time in a variety of other online games. That can be reasonably attributed to "different people have different experiences", but the thing you need to consider is that just because you see something happening in a specific way doesn't mean that's the status quo, which it seems is what you are implying with that statement (for reference, yes, I have seen the same in cases pertaining to Epic games). Bottom line; basically every developer of every online game, as far as I can tell, uses the same very basic policies to shape their individual report/punishment systems, and as far as I can tell, the whole "you get judged based on what *you* did wrong" thing stands for all of them, whether that means they consider the "triggering motive" or not. One final note: > The likelihood of a nice player being rebutted with insults is quite rare in this game This is the *top* "trigger" I see in-game resulting in toxicity, completely dwarfing every other trigger I've seen to date. Again: different people, different experiences.
Cookie (OCE)
: I cannot contact riot support properly
This is a known issue with the support site. You'll need to log out via the support site, then log back in. The issue should resolve once you've done that.
: League of Legends is being eaten alive by Epic Games, aka a real gaming company
Last I checked, Epic Games was doing basically the same thing as Riot by targeting the players who consistently harass, abuse and exhibit significant negative attitudes, the only difference being that Epic are taking it further than Riot. Epic's policy is much more resemblant of a "0% tolerance" policy than Riot's has been the entire time LoL has existed. Despite everything that's wrong with Riot and LoL, they're probably going to last another 5 years, *at least*, before enough of the "loyal player-base" turns around and decides they've had enough. Even though Epic has it's own MOBA (Paragon), it's still a very distinct style from LoL, and probably not what the majority of Riot's fan-base is going to move onto (they'd be looking more at things like HotS, Battlerite, even DotA, the games that are actually significantly comparable to LoL). The thing you're not considering here is that most online games nowadays are doing basically the same thing as LoL, in creating a "safe-space" for their players. Believe it or not, they don't want their player-bases to be harassed all the time when they're just tying too have some fun and/or climb the ranks, and in some situations it's the kind of toxic behaviour that could result in legal actions, even against the devs (for example, it's actually illegal in Australia to participate in cyber bullying). Your entire point of Riot being "eaten alive" by Epic is flawed, even when you don't consider that LoL still has several years before it goes belly up.
: Nope, that isnt my point. My point is about your idealogue on the punishment OP had recieved; And why you've justify such a ban due to it "passive agressive nature". I have never refer to any friend groups in my post. Passive agressive words are a common go to in arguements; When people want to vent, but not take things out of context. Which is totally acceptable. The fact that you are so keen on pairing an informal behaviour next to actual profanity and hate speech said alot about you. If there was freedom of speech on this forum, i would apprise you about your insecurity as a person, your excessive needs for "Justice" and where your real moral lies.
> [{quoted}](name=TheDemonEmperor,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=t0HBzHkZ,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2018-06-11T11:12:07.906+0000) > > My point is about your idealogue on the punishment ***OP*** had recieved Dude, go back and check out the post chain. You're clearly misunderstanding the situation...
: So my friend played on my account and got it suspended... how do i get my account unsuspended?
No. You got involved with account sharing, which is a direct breach of the ToU and EULA. The account wont be unbanned.
: every post ive ever made ive never blamed anyone and always said i own everything i said and will do it again and wont stop. the issue is what am i stopping? im not asking you to refer it its just to bring up a discussion that toxic chat isn't so black and white. asking why someone wont do something isnt the best thing to say in this game anymore i can see, but it seems its treated has hardcore toxic from your response besides you look like you have been triggered from it. every so often i log on i see people post there chat logs and its obvious its not accepted on so many levels and have many other people post on it and mention everything they have said. Thedemonemperor one of them and i kinda agree with all of them, where are all those SJW when my logs are posted?
> [{quoted}](name=Bright Dusty,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=t0HBzHkZ,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-06-10T15:32:47.581+0000) > > every post ive ever made ive never blamed anyone I wasn't talking about your posts...
: This much can be passable on the level of debating with someone you dont like. There isnt any threats in what the OP said. What you need to understand is, once you get pass your collage social justice warrior BS. And get into the real world. Or, hell! listen to girls talks about people they dont like; You hear passive agressive topics all the time. Your justification of toning down everything to a baby proofing stage is Ridiculous. Tell me, what is the most offensive thing that he said? and lets debate on that. If people cant even tolerate a simple, simple conversation against someone who dont like them, and jusitfy the ban as comeuppance; Then boy oh boy. Life is gonna hit them hard, and hit them dead.
So you point for why passive-aggressive chat use with strangers shouldn't be punished is because "friend" groups do it all the time and don't *act* bothered by it? Good example... Also, not talking about OP here, they *still* haven't posted their logs.
: here you go mate correct my perma ban situation. Game 1 Bright Dusty: ? Bright Dusty: honor for wukong for keeoping it real Bright Dusty: lol thkans for the heal cait Bright Dusty: lo Bright Dusty: you legit used flash to kill me on 50 hp? Bright Dusty: again cait you werent going to heal me thats why i roam Bright Dusty: cant count on you dont want to Bright Dusty: you legit will let me die just so you have heal up Bright Dusty: caiut get bot\ Bright Dusty: ok Bright Dusty: ccait use trinekt pls Bright Dusty: pls dont abuse me i or anyone else doesnt liek that languaghe Bright Dusty: stop it pls Bright Dusty: we got this guy we scaling good and tryn will be plsit push god Bright Dusty: cazit use trinetks pls you have 2 Bright Dusty: its for free anbd it has a colldown ytou wil lget more Bright Dusty: cait you still have heal why nmot use it on me? Bright Dusty: so anyone else then yourself is a waste? Bright Dusty: you still have 2 trientks you legit wont use any wont heal anyone else Bright Dusty: you are trolling me anbd everyoen else Bright Dusty: gets ganked by wukong stil lhas 2 thats right 32 trinetrks wont use any Bright Dusty: still has heal and flash wont use Bright Dusty: you are trolling Bright Dusty: warding is pressing one button one single buttopn Bright Dusty: like its a bnutton press to put a trinekt down and going on 10 mins now ytou legoit cant do it Bright Dusty: ok Bright Dusty: swainb you liek that heal woudl;ve saved you but cait still ahs it? Bright Dusty: this aint no team cait is being selfish to risky to play a team game Bright Dusty: im so tilted sorry guys Bright Dusty: cait whyh not use heal on anyone but yourself Bright Dusty: it has a cooldown and you get ot use it agian later? Bright Dusty: swain you dont rewally care? Bright Dusty: yep Bright Dusty: cait to selfish wont ward doesnt heal anyuone Bright Dusty: cait why waste it on yourself there? Bright Dusty: caiut Bright Dusty: cait why wont you ward aort use heal opn any one and you cant even asnwer it Bright Dusty: drag? Bright Dusty: cait bot farming cant stop them Bright Dusty: cait bot Bright Dusty: grteedy as Bright Dusty: cait why not heal me ? Bright Dusty: cait? Bright Dusty: stop absuign me pls Bright Dusty: nmcie work tryn Bright Dusty: cait you are just greifing you know it i know it Bright Dusty: asking why you wont heal and thinkgin you are doing it to trol lme Bright Dusty: pls stop abusing me Bright Dusty: pls stop bauing me Bright Dusty: mute report me doitn abuse me pls ive never abused anyone at all Bright Dusty: the reason i am surredning is becasue you guys are abusign and i no longer want to play Bright Dusty: stop greifing me pls Bright Dusty: toxic people lose more games Game 2 Bright Dusty: what is that skin urgot? Bright Dusty: whjy? Bright Dusty: eve Bright Dusty: it weill push to us anyway Bright Dusty: kk Bright Dusty: same baby Bright Dusty: i havnt played in a coupolke of weeks Bright Dusty: did they nerf cho pls tell me they did? Bright Dusty: thank god Bright Dusty: if i cage caity when you knock her she gets stunned on my cage wall? Bright Dusty: loll you had that Bright Dusty: raka had like 100 hp and you wont even flash lol Bright Dusty: lol hiem flash/ Bright Dusty: you guys laggign ? Bright Dusty: urgot why not get mid towerr you in mid? Bright Dusty: ncie work vaytne we can go hard still got ulit Bright Dusty: cait biuld is not good i think Bright Dusty: drag? Bright Dusty: weorst flash lol Bright Dusty: why not get rift? Bright Dusty: legit Bright Dusty: ghet it Bright Dusty: lewgit we had free rift again you guys chase liek way toi hard Bright Dusty: uits not about winning its about playing as a team and no one is responding to anythign i say Bright Dusty: tyhat raka stoping you guys form toweerr Bright Dusty: warded Bright Dusty: ok im getting trolled Bright Dusty: i was leaving heim stood there in bush on a ward Bright Dusty: i typed it pinged it Bright Dusty: he might be troll Bright Dusty: he is toxic im muting and reporting Bright Dusty: ? Bright Dusty: not about winnign its abpout playing as a team Bright Dusty: you guys canm play how ever yuou want iver never asked you to play differently Bright Dusty: if heim wants to abuse me gho ahewad if people dont wantr to get objective like rift go ahead Bright Dusty: if lee wants to make it worst then go ahead Bright Dusty: legit Bright Dusty: legit Bright Dusty: we got drga there was nothiung to fight ovver Bright Dusty: mid wasd dead and i was top allready Bright Dusty: i ping back and you guys gfo into fight Bright Dusty: you do what you want not my choice Bright Dusty: i ping back and you guys go in to fight i did what i could pls dotn grief me Bright Dusty: urgot use wards pls Bright Dusty: trinetis Bright Dusty: urgoit why not use a trinekt Bright Dusty: you have had 2 up for 10 mins? Bright Dusty: pls dont abuse me Bright Dusty: lee muted Bright Dusty: i dont int and i ddint take kills just secured them Bright Dusty: pls dont grief and abuse me Bright Dusty: its not about winning Bright Dusty: urgot you want to win liek this? Bright Dusty: its about plaing nice and as a team Bright Dusty: yopu still have 21 trientks use them psl Bright Dusty: enbd pls Bright Dusty: tank ity?
Completely disregarding the fact that you almost *constantly* use chat in a passive-aggressive way (which, in case you weren't already aware, is not going to go down well with basically everyone), I really need to ask: are you colourblind? Because last I checked I didn't have *any* tags and/or colours to indicate that I'm actually a volunteer, and even if I was I wouldn't waste anyone's time trying to refer your case because anyone with half a brain and a basic understanding of how the in-game systems works knows that you're just *not* going to get any punishments reverted with *those* logs. Good luck with that, though. No, really, have fun blaming everyone *but* yourself for your own cantankerous behaviour.
Xperia (OCE)
: lol why even ask him to post the reform card you are just baiting him to post it
Well, kinda, yeah. I mean, about 99% of ban appeal posts (on OCE, at least) turn out to be warranted punishments. Thing is, though, if there's any actual legitimacy to OP's claims of "false punishment" it will show up in their logs, and if that's the case then the volunteers can't do anything to attempt correcting the situation, such as referring the case to one of the Rioters if the support staff don't handle it appropriately, if they can't see the logs. You know what they say: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about".
YellowFL (OCE)
: Account Transfers
> Account transfers will be unavailable between 2018/05/17 18:00 AEST and 2018/06/15 16:00 AEST due to planned maintenance. This notification can be viewed on the [Service Status page](, or by checking the "service status" icon (white exclamation mark within a blue circle, can alternatively show as a yellow/red circle if other serious issues occur) at the top of the screen both in the client (top left) and on the boards/site (top right).
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: What is wrong with riot support
Well, that is certainly a generically half-assed copy-paste response, mind you the surprising thing to me is that they haven't addressed your issue in the slightest... I imagine they've just skimmed the first couple sentences or something and didn't actually think there was more to it than "reporting a toxic player". Something you could try is submitting another response in that ticket, leading with something along the lines of "I have reason to believe I've been falsely punished" in order to grab the support agents attention to your main issue and, hopefully, they'll read through the issue properly (you'll probably get a different agent anyway, I'd imagine). Also, if you could provide screenshots of the full ticket, including that top part that seems to be cut off, (censoring any summoner names, to comply with board rules) that might give some (potentially helpful) context.
: Unfairly banned? Ban appeal
A lot of this is actually passive-aggressive chat use, which is certainly frowned upon. Saying things like you're "gonna carry [someone's] shitty acc [I assume ass?]", "stfu", "U SPASTIC", "u suck mate" etc is the kind of stuff that will inevitably lead to some form of punishment, particularly when it appears consistently. I think the real question here is not "is this punishable", but rather "should you have received this particular punishment", and for that we'd need to consider your punishment history. Basically, I'm fairly confident in saying that if your previous punishment wasn't a 25 game chat restriction (in the case of a 14-day ban) or a 14 day ban (in the case of a permanent ban), then you *might* actually have a viable reason to appeal. With that in mind, you need to go to [Support]( and submit a ticket (under the category "*I have a question about a suspension or restriction on my account*") and take the issue up with them. Bottom line is that if they say it's not a false positive, the ban sticks.
Toaa Toaa (OCE)
: is the My Shop Bugged or does riot just not like me?
It's important to note that the prices shown include the champion if unowned (this should show up at the bottom of the "My Shop" tab). Helpful screenshot:
Xperia (OCE)
: really? there has been 40 min games where a player put down 1 or 2 trinkets, are they making the problem. ive seen games where a mid player never used the ignite they took. i think you present a good point but if the issues is about important (winning) aspects of the game then how far will this go? teemo jungle isnt technically a winning aspect based on what pros play but ive seen it and have won with a player on my team using it. and ive played games with aftershock tryn i think and won with it. if this continues then as time goes i see it very limiting to players.
The *only* reason, and I reiterate: the ***only*** reason, that vision control isn't essential to winning in low elo (and mid elo, and probably some points in high elo too), is that people don't do anything with it. Even so, it's a fundamental aspect of basically every MOBA out there, and should *not* be taken for granted. Good vision control can significantly increase your chances of winning, even when outmatched (and, yes, even when you are the only one actually considering it).
Xperia (OCE)
: there are alot of things not being useful to the team why punish this and not others?
Well, for one thing, it's not about "this is being punished and that isn't", it's more like "this is easier to identify, and therefor punish, because of it's nature than that is". Bottom line is that it's a lot easier to identify if someone is just staying in a single area, doing no damage (or healing/shielding) all game than it is to detect someone who might occasionally screw over their team by "faking a bad dive, but really intentionally doing so" at various points in the game (just as an example). In the same way, it's easier to detect unacceptable behaviour in chat than it is to detect gameplay offences. I'm not saying the system is perfect, it isn't (no system is), but there's an important distinction to be made for "appears to do nothing" and "actually does nothing".
Xperia (OCE)
: im saying i dont want any of them but im being forced to take the yellow
So basically, you're complaining because you're actively choosing to ignore a very important aspect of the game and being encouraged by Riot to actually use trinkets for the sole purpose they exist, being vision control? Sounds like you're just making up problems, honestly.
Xperia (OCE)
: its not a mistake, im being forced to pick one
Clarify something for me. By "being forced to pick one", are you saying that you've chosen a different trinket but the game changes it to the yellow trinket, or are you saying that you *don't* choose *any* trinket and the game gives you a yellow trinket?
Xperia (OCE)
: will i get punished not leaving base?
Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Leavebuster is designed to monitor for certain in-game behaviours that would suggest a player is AFK, or simply not being of any use to the team. Staying in a single spot/area for an extended period of time (particularly in base) is a behaviour that Leavebuster will detect, among other things.
: This is the worst
As someone who, playing somewhat casually, has levelled *several* accounts, most of them *before* the "flurry" of changes that Riot made to "speed up" the 1-30 levelling process, I feel like I can say that there is nothing wrong with casual players being able to level accounts at a reasonable rate. Even back a few years, it only took me about a month of casual play to level from 1-30, and with all the changes made since then, I reckon I could do it within a couple of weeks, or even within a week if I played "full bore". Honestly, I feel like it could be reasonably argued that it's actually *too easy* to level accounts now. With some of the more recent changes (such as uncapped levelling), most players wouldn't feel the need to have more than one or two accounts, as there is now always a sense of progression in-game (even when excluding Ranked). I honestly feel that the majority of new accounts now are simply toxic players, or botters/sellers, who are just levelling accounts to circumvent punishments, or make money off them (in the case of botters/sellers), and it's just too easy now. Having looked at your match history through several third party websites (such as OP.GG and LoLKing), none of them actually show *any* matches, which would seem to suggest you haven't played *at all* within the last month, possibly longer. That's not "casual", that's "barely anything", and quite frankly I'm not surprised that you haven't reached level 30 if that's how often you play... Bottom line, if you want to actually make progress, you're going to need to put more time in than it seems you are. Just play several games per week, and I bet you'll start progressing *much* faster than you have been. Maybe even start with a coop each day you play, just so you can grab a "free" win and get the 400XP from the FWotD (about equivalent to 4-6 "standard" matches), as that really makes a very significant difference.
: [COMPLETE] OCE Server Maintenance - 6th June 2018 @ 1:00am AEST
Is it possible to get some clarification on what this maintenance is relating to?
: How do you get skins as your background?
I assume you're talking about the profile background in the client. If not, feel free to clarify. As I understand it, you can use any skin you own. All you need to do is go to the "profile" page, where you will find a "search bar" in the top right (used to search for other players profiles) and, just beside that, a small cog icon. When clicked, it will open the background selection tab, and allow you to choose what champion/skin to use as your background.
: not sure if you have the ability to check, but my previous afks were all due to this directx error issue, and it feels extremely unfair for me as i tried my best to follow the summoners code and i am now getting punished for something i didnt do
I can't check, I have no "mod powers" of any kind and have no access to Riots systems. Even so, I'm not sure that someone who has such access and knows what they are doing would be able to check those instances and determine if they were due to such issues. As far as I know it's practically impossible for someone to determine the reason for a DC without having actually witnessed it, and even then depending on what "perspective" (for lack of a better word) they had. Realistically, the least you could hope for by submitting a ticket is providing *some* data to Riot that may or may not help prevent such issues in the future. You could also use such a ticket to ask for ways to attempt preventing the issue from occurring on your end too, which may be a good idea (at the very least, it might be prudent to do a google search and see what you can find). It might seem unfair, but realistically Riot can only allow for so much leeway in these kinds of situations, otherwise instances of DCs/AFKs would become much more of an issue than they are. Sometimes that means someone getting technical issues will get caught in the "crossfire".
DropKîck (OCE)
Just as a note, this thread would probably be better off in the "Gameplay & Strategy" or "Team Recruitment" sub-boards, as Help & Support is used for technical issues and other various bug/fault etc related issues, as well as questions/concerns directed at the Player Support team. Not to mention, threads made in H&S don't typically appear on the boards "homepage", so you'll have more luck finding someone to help you if you post in a different sub-board.
: I got unfairly placed in low priority queue for the directx problem.
Just to be clear, you wont get an LPQ from a single instance of DC/AFK. It *should* only occur as the result of significant DC/AFK history, as the system is designed to take into account "standard" connection issues (like the occasional DC from faults, be they ISP, server-side or client-side). Bottom line is, you're probably had a history of DC/AFK in order to be hit with this LPQ, and as such it wouldn't be a false positive. That said, if you want to appeal the punishment, you need to contact [Support]( (that link will take you directly to "submit a ticket", you may need to log out of your boards account once there) and manage the situation with them. It's important to note that you be be a clear and thorough as you can be, as the support staff will generally only address whatever is asked (if you ask a "yes/no" question, you'll get a "yes/no" response). It's also important to note that they don't typically "revoke" low tier punishments like LPQs, I imagine due to some policy Riot has on the matter for some reason, so chances are you'll still have to play out the LPQ even if it's deemed to be a false positive.
: Is Gnar connected to Vastaya
Based on the available lore, Gnar is a "primitive yordle", so would be much more closely related to the likes of Teemo, Rumble and Tristana, for example. Even when looking at the "Regions" tab in the "Universe" section, Bandle City (the home of the Yordles) is listed as a separate region to Ionia, which is the homeland of the Vastaya.
: log in to boards isnt automatic
Having the same problem. Initially thought it was due to a recent ticket submission through Support, which tend to cause "log in" issues if you don't handle the log in processes properly. Made sure I was logged out properly on both Boards and Support, still had the issue. I then decided to attempt clearing my browser history/cache, because I figured it was probably related to that, still no dice. Have ensured, on each attempted fix, to check the "remember me" box. Can't think of any reason it should be happening (or any potential fix on my end), but it is painfully annoying considering I check in on the boards several times a day.
: I've seen these privacy policy changes on many online things lately, throughout the world. What happened?
To put it simply, the EU has implemented legislation (known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) regarding the privacy and security of internet use, which has changed the way companies are allowed to control and use data, as well as how people have access and control over data that companies have on them. It's something that, at this point, only directly affects the EU, but because of various reasons, companies are simply applying the necessary changes globally. Bottom line, the EU changed something and it's having a "domino effect" internationally.
: The confusion may be because RGMs have for a while now run on Monday as well.
Except this isn't a case of RGM, it's a case of "Clash didn't work so here's a featured mode instead while we work out a solution". They did state it was to happen "for the rest of the weekend". Well, news flash, "the weekend" often excludes Monday, since it is considered a weekday, hence they didn't lie.
: Monday is in fact, not the weekend
Infireus (OCE)
: Clash vs Urf
URF Though, I never cared about Clash anyway.
: ARURF, while not being as good as regular URF is in no way a bad mode just because you get random champs. You can still reroll and only about 5% of games are a 1 way stomp due to bad luck with champs. Maybe be grateful for what you got?
I never said it was bad, in fact I quite prefer ARURF since it forces people away from the same old "strategy" of playing the same "op" champ every single game. I was merely pointing out that ARURF is, by no means, "one of the most requested modes", as there are more people who dislike/hate it than like it. Maybe next time you should properly consider the context of the post before making blatant assumptions.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Riot is breaching the Australian Consumer Law (Please Read).
You wanted compensation, well, here it is:
: ARURF Weekend Begins
> As ARURF is one of our most requested modes I think it's important to note that URF (*not* ARURF) is one of the most requested modes (if not the most requested, which I'm willing to bet it is). ARURF itself is one of the *least* requested modes, from what I can tell.
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: Riot is breaching the Australian Consumer Law (Please Read).
So having checked out the relevant ACL, it seems as though the current situation with Clash is not in breach of ACL, at least not yet. One important part of the ACL to consider here is this particular passage: > If a good or service fails to meet a guarantee, a consumer has rights against the supplier, and in some cases the manufacturer, who will have to provide a ‘remedy’ in order to put right a fault, deficiency or failure to meet an obligation. If a supplier fails to meet a guarantee, the remedy may be: • a repair, replacement or refund • cancellation of a service • compensation for damages and loss. > Source: "Consumer Guarantees" [PDF]( The "guarantee", in this case, being that Clash be functioning upon it's release. Thus far, they *have* provided a ticket refund to players ("consumers") affected by the crash, which will, at the very least, afford them a *reasonable* amount of time to resolve the technical issues that have occurred, thus meaning they have acted in accordance with the ACL. As it stands, there is yet no case to be made against Riot for the troubles that have occurred relating to Clash, and while you might argue that some people have "lost" income as a result of missing work for Clash, that is *their own decision*, not something required of Riot to participate in Clash, and as such has no bearing on the issues that have occurred (long story short, their own stupid decisions caused that particular problem). In fact, as far as the ACL goes, it *does* state to take any disputes to the "supplier" (being Riot, in this case) *first*, before taking it up with the ACCC and/or taking legal action. So, when it comes down to it, if you *have not yet* received the ticket refund (which is all you'll get based on the ACL at this point), you need to take that to [Support](, who *should* help resolve the issue. Beyond that, there's nothing else that the ACL requires, or that the ACCC can do as of yet. Now, if it were to come to a point where Clash had been inoperable for several months, even several weeks, that would reasonably indicate players are due some form of compensation, but unless that actually happens, it seems your point is nothing more than simple complaints on an unforeseeable fault that Riot are currently trying to resolve, and not more than three hours after the issue occurred no less. If, at the end of the day, all that hasn't convinced you, then go ahead, sue Riot. I would very much like to see you fail and go in debt to the army of lawyers that Riot will employ to prove their point (not that they'd need more than one, mind you).
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: I can't believe this thread is still going.... Honestly go ahead and sue riot, i wanna see how it turns out, and when you get shutdown, i'll be sure to look for another whining post on boards {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
> [{quoted}](name=DarkShade918,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=eut5JmQA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-05-24T01:09:04.911+0000) > > Honestly go ahead and sue riot 5/7 would pay to see. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Riot Privacy Policy
The initial information, found in the [news announcement]( and [support article](, seems to suggest that the noticeable changes will affect Europe, but not other areas/servers. One of the statements in the support article seems to indicate that Riot is still working through the information to figure out exactly how all of this will change things (and I quote "*we’ll have more info soon on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how we’re changing the way we process your data.*"), so it may take some time still until we get the full scope of information relating to the changes. I'd imagine there will be some kind of announcement or notification when they do have more information posted, and even so you *may* be able to find out more sooner by contacting [Support]( At the very least, you'll be able to find out what information they have stored about you and even request it be removed, so it seems.
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: The number game
: Playing using racial terms and holding the lobby hostage
What you want to do is submit a ticket via [Support](, ensuring that you provide as much relevant information as possible, including any related evidence. All that will come from posting evidence here is that the "identifying information" (namely, summoner names) will be removed (the boards doesn't deal with reports). For future reference, I'd recommend taking a screenshot of the whole client in situations such as this, as that will show as much relevant information as possible in a single image.
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: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
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