: Tribunal system is an absolute joke. suits the company it belongs to.
> Why don't people get punished for Griefing? Quite simply, they do. The thing to keep in mind is that there's a lot of factors about the situation that may make it *seem* like they don't, and even so I doubt you'll find someone who wouldn't say that the punishment system just isn't as efficient as it should be regarding gameplay offences. One thing to keep in mind is that gameplay offences are a lot harder to verify compared to other types offences. For example, it's a lot easier to see that someone is being blatantly racist to another player than it is to distinguish between a genuinely bad player and someone who is *intentionally* playing badly. With that said, there's a couple things I just want to note about this situation. Firstly, the Tribunal was removed on *all* servers years ago (OCE never actually had a Tribunal) because it was vastly inefficient. For example, the community often voted for unnecessary punishment/over-punishment, meaning almost every case had to be manually reviewed, whereas the current system can manage being largely automated. It took several weeks, if not months, for basic punishments to be implemented, the kinds of punishments that the current system can manage in under 15 minutes etc. Secondly, and I know it wasn't mentioned but I just want to make sure everyone is aware, while the Instant Feedback Notifications are a *great* way to know when someone you reported has been punished, they shouldn't be relied upon for complete communication. They're often unreliable, not showing up when they're supposed to, and often only showing up for the *most recent* reporting player. You should never assume a player *hasn't* been punished just because you didn't receive the notification.
Dawnlight (OCE)
: (OCE) Perma Ban Appeal: Dawnlight
Hey Dawnlight, It's great that you're making efforts to deal with your outbursts and give yourself better self-control over your actions, you're already doing more than most players in your situation. Always good to see someone taking responsibility, and trying to improve themselves. Unfortunately, Riot has a pretty strict policy regarding punishments. The *only* time they will remove a ban is if the punishment was issued in error, such as when a punishment *shouldn't* have been issued, or when a less severe punishment was warranted. Looking through the chat logs, it becomes fairly obvious why your behaviour warranted a punishment (and I'm sure you already know which parts are problematic, but if you'd like someone to go through it in detail with you just feel free to ask). Perhaps the only way you *might* (and I *really* want to stress that "might") get a reduced sentence is if you didn't follow the "standard" punishment progression, which is usually chat restrictions (10-game into 25-game) then bans (14-day into permanent). It's important to note that certain "no tolerance" behaviours (such as suicide encouragement, homophobia and racism) can result in escalations past chat restrictions, so it's entirely possible you would have only received the bans if the provided logs are anything to go by. You can definitely feel free to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option) and discuss the situation with them, but I honestly doubt they'll be able to do anything in this case. If you have any more questions, or need any more assistance, feel free to ask.
WiseKai (OCE)
: RP adjustment again?
One thing to note is that the *current* changes are affecting most servers (including NA), and are primarily due to taxation of online goods and services. For the most part, costs of RP will remain more or less the same, relatively speaking, when compared to other servers. All Riot is doing is changing the prices a bit to compensate for tax, which *literally everyone* who provides goods/services does. So far as the changes from 4 years ago, that was intended to bring various regions in-line with each other (providing a relatively equal $ to RP ratio, considering exchange rates), and just about every other region (and even NZ) that experienced those changes got hit *harder* than Aus/OCE. Even *after* that change, we were still getting better $ to RP ratios than NA (considering exchange rates).
: ok sure, but will they do the reverse?
When they announced the changes 4 years ago, they did state that they would be very much inclined to do the reverse *if* (*big* emphasis on that "if") the exchange rates showed a long-term trend in the reverse, which unfortunately hasn't happened (which means those changes are still in effect). So far as *this* instance, it's largely reliant on the legislation regarding taxation of online goods and services in specific countries/regions, since that's the primary reason for these changes. Quite frankly, you shouldn't expect any kind of significant reverse on those taxes.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: riot skipped my 25 chat ban for me simply complaining that every game my team and not the enemy is dogshit and asking to ff no harassment or abuse or flaming anyone. riots punishment system is a flawed joke thats why trolls/greafers wont EVER get banned but if you use a bad word or tell someone off you get instafucked
I definitely understand people feel this way about the systems in place, and (to en extent) why they feel this way. So far as gameplay offences go, you wont get any arguments that it *should* be much more efficient than it is, though it's also important to consider that it's a lot harder to figure out the distinction of someone having a bad game and intentionally screwing over their team than it is to figure out that someone is being a complete ass in chat, which is why the chat punishments might *seem* to take precedence (they don't, they're just a hell of a lot easier to deal with, and can primarily be done with the automated systems). As for your specific case, I'd recommend you appeal by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option) if you haven't done so already, and you can feel free to start a thread regarding your case, post your chat logs in it and get some feedback from the community and volunteers (you're definitely not obliged to do so, but if you genuinely shouldn't have received that punishment and Support doesn't help it would likely be the *only* way to get help).
: So, how did I get banned?
So looking through the logs, I can only assume that the instances of "%%%" (which seems to have been automatically censored by the boards) are the term "f-a-g", in which case that would explain the 14-day ban. Ultimately, behaviours like homophobia, racism, suicide encouragement etc. are taken *very* seriously, and can definitely result in an immediate escalation to a 14-day ban. There's nothing stopping you from engaging in such behaviour in private (such as whispers/private messages), but you definitely shouldn't be doing it in team/all chat, that's just not acceptable. I'd recommend that you refrain from saying anything unless it's actually constructive/useful, as that will help you keep from crossing any lines. Though I doubt there would be any possibility that it would change anything in this case, you do have the option of appealing the punishment by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option) and seeing what they have to say about it.
Kakoda (OCE)
: Yeah a perma ban won't stop them in my opinion, though at least if they bought any skins or anything they will lose it all. Plus have to level another account or something. It's not much but it's something. I have asked roit for the chat logs so I can take it to the police, they probably won't do much. Hopefully though the police will follow up the matter with riot and maybe find the person and do something. Probably a long shot but worth a go.
Presumably, the police should chase that up, and perhaps even get a warrant, if you tell them you want to press charges, as is your legal right. It's important to keep in mind, however, that it will be hard to maintain anonymity with the individual who's done this should you choose to pursue such action. I'd recommend you take some time and think about how far you do want to take this, as you do certainly have the option of taking it to court.
Kakoda (OCE)
: Yeah, I gather that would be the case. Though this is quite serious in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I can at times be toxic and stuff, and I have received chat bans deserved. Something like this though I think is quite serious and requires a perma ban on the account. Hopefully RIOT will reply to my support ticket and track down the game and take action. Sadly I only have that screenshot that has namea crossed out.
Don't worry, it wont be hard for them to find the game in question, and considering the seriousness of the issue I have no doubt that a perma-ban would be warranted, it's just that Riot can't give confirmation of that because of their policies. Honestly, I don't know how effective a ban might be to deter or address this kind of behaviour, though. Different people react differently to that kind of thing, and I think it's clear that this particular player isn't being deterred just by the threat of punishment in-game. Hopefully you're situation will be appropriately addressed by Riot and the police, and you'll be "back to normal" (so to say) soon enough.
Kakoda (OCE)
: Will this person get a perma ban? This is a huge issue and in my opinion deserves a perma ban. It is some serious harassment!
Ultimately, the player in question has been involved in a serious breach of the ToU, and so Riot will want to take necessary action against them to address the infraction. That said, Riot's standing policy regarding Player Behaviour cases is that they wont provide details of another players punishments to *anyone* (except the punished player), as that classifies as a "breach of privacy", so (unfortunately) all anyone can tell you is that "appropriate action will be taken", just not which *specific* action(s) if any.
: Not Perma Ban
My understanding of the system (and admittedly I *may* not be up to date, but I'm pretty dam sure nothing has changed) is that you *can't* get escalated straight to a perma-ban for chat-related offences, you either go through the "normal" tiers (2 escalating chat restrictions into two escalating bans) *or* you get escalated to a 14-day ban *then* get a perma-ban if the behaviour continues. If you know someone who hasn't received the "warning" punishment(s) before a perma, I'd suggest you tell them to contact [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and attempt to get that sorted (that is, of course, assuming they're not lying or forgetting/misrepresenting relevant information). The kind of things that *can* result in a "straight up perma" are Third Party Software (such as scripts or bots), chargebacks (which can be reversed once the chargeback itself has been sorted) and security bans (which can be reversed once the account has been secured).
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AOIe001U,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T04:35:14.441+0000) > > It's both. It's a punishment for the immediate behaviour and a warning of the permanent consequences of continuing. That's like shooting someone and being like, "This is a warning!" Not how it works.
Actually, there are certain circumstances (even in Aus) where that *could* legally be considered a warning, such as a situation where someone is attempting to protect themselves from an aggressor who is wielding a firearm.
: Hello! Is there a place where I can read up on the Lunar Revel lore? Somewhere that explains it nice and simple for my braindead self?
There's not a whole lot in regards to the lore for the Lunar Revel Alternate Universe, so you'll likely need to take a lot of "creative license" to fill in any gaps. You can refer to the Lunar Revel page on the LoL Wiki to see all the relevant lore in a single location: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Lunar_Revel_skins#General
: Hello, I just have one question (actually a few :) ) First of all, would all the "Warring Kingdom" skins considered to be one nation? I.e. Warring Kingdoms Katarina would be in the same country/city as let's say Warring Kingdoms Garen or Jarvan or Xin Zhao? Secondly, is Jarvan the prince of the Warring kingdom country/city, and if so does he have any relationships with Azir, who is the emperor? Thirdly, since in Katarina's skin description she is said to be a princess, does that mean she is Warring kingdom Azir's daughter? Or is her father completely unknown still? Finally, would Katarina fighting Garen or Jarvan, or Vayne fighting firecracker Kog'Maw make any sense at all? Apparently not finally but are the Lunar Guardians and Lunar Empress Lux considered "gods"? Since Radiant Wukong is supposedly ascended, would he be able to let's say challenge lunar guardian nasus for his spot? And is he allowed to win? Thanks
> First of all, would all the "Warring Kingdom" skins considered to be one nation? The premise of the "Warring Kingdoms" seems to be that several factions (or, rather, "clans", as stated in Katarina's lore) are engaged in an ongoing war. Whether those factions exist as independent nations or as distinct factions within a single nation is unclear. Considering the inspiration for the Lunar Revel Alternate Universe was taken from Asian culture (primarily East-Asian Culture, from what I can tell), you could attempt to take inspiration from Asian history in that respect, or perhaps try to explain it within the confines of what *is* defined within the lore (using some "creative license" to fill in the gaps). > Secondly, is Jarvan the prince of the Warring kingdom country/city, and if so does he have any relationships with Azir, who is the emperor? With this, there doesn't seem to be any indication one way or the other within the lore. From what I can tell, it seems possible that Jarvin has no royal heritage (or perhaps no *known* royal heritage) and is simply a warrior who has become disenchanted with his duties, and left to seek greater challenges. Ultimately, you will probably need to take some "creative license" here and define an answer on your own (the important thing in doing that is having something that makes sense within the lore and the story being told). > Thirdly, since in Katarina's skin description she is said to be a princess, does that mean she is Warring kingdom Azir's daughter? Or is her father completely unknown still? There doesn't seem to be any specific answer within the lore, though there are a few things to take note of. In Azir's lore, he's defined as an "ageless ruler", which would imply immortality (a trait that is not indicated for Katarina), who lives within "his palace within the mountains", where he has presumably resided for quite a long time (perhaps centuries). Personally, I doubt that there's any relation between the two within the confines of the Lunar Revel AU, and that it's more likely that Katarina is from a separate faction. > Finally, would Katarina fighting Garen or Jarvan, or Vayne fighting firecracker Kog'Maw make any sense at all? So far as Katarina, Garen and Jarvin go, it seems that could be a likely possibility. The three are all defined as mighty warriors of their faction, with Jarvin even being defined as having "peerless might". Jarvin seeks only the "worthiest opponents", Katarina seeks to "hunt the greatest heroes of the Warring Kingdoms", and Garen fights at the behest of his lord Azir. It's possible that any combination of a fight between the three could occur. So far as Vayne and Kog'Maw go, I'd have to doubt that under the "confines" of the lore. From what I can tell, Kog'Maw is a willing participant of the Lunar Revel festivities, and as such likely has some level of rapport with the people. Vayne still seems to possess the "mission" of hunting evil that she has within the "standard" LoL lore, and so she may not consider Kog'Maw to be a viable target. Though, with that said, it seems Kog'Maw still possesses the same "devouring instinct", which may give Vayne all the reason she needs to hunt him. Personally, though, I'd try to avoid such a "confusing" matter. > Apparently not finally but are the Lunar Guardians and Lunar Empress Lux considered "gods"? Since Radiant Wukong is supposedly ascended, would he be able to let's say challenge lunar guardian nasus for his spot? And is he allowed to win? The lore for Lux does explicitly state she is a "Demi-god", so not a "fully fledged" god, but still very powerful. As for Nasus and Warwick, there are certainly reasonable indications that they possess a unique connection to Lux, as they were "gifted to and raised with" her, which could indicate that no others could fulfil the same "needs" (essentially, they'd be irreplaceable), as well as indication that they themselves are also Demi-Gods, or at least something close. My understanding is that being "Ascended", as Wukong is, is essentially a step (or two) down from being a God (or, in this case, a Demi-god), so (personally) I'd say it's unlikely that Wukong would have the necessary power and abilities to defeat Nasus or Warwick, not to mention his shortcomings (such as his "quick temper" and "impulsive nature") which would *surely* be a detriment in such an endeavour. It's also possible that if he attempted to defeat one of them, and had some success, the other, and perhaps even Lux herself, would come to assist.
Fèéd (NA)
: The funny thing is that the other player i was talking to, he was flaming the whole entire game and repeatedly using slurs and whatever and in the end i was the one that got banned :/
As I said, your best bet is to submit a ticket to Support. I can't make any guarantees on how that will help as I don't have all the information, but it is possible they will be able to reduce or remove the punishment, depending on the specific circumstances. If you need any further assistance dealing with your case, you can feel free to ask, though keep in mind that only Support can change the ruling. So far as other players go, their behaviour does not excuse your own. If they're being assholes, the best thing you can do is ignore them (generally, when someone is being toxic they're looking for *any* response) and report them in the post-game lobby (and by submitting a ticket to Support if you think it's necessary). It's not a perfect solution, but that's how life is, and we have to learn to cope with things rather than letting them get out of hand. If they're acting as you say they are, they *should* be punished sooner or later (so long as they're being reported).
Fèéd (NA)
: Enough for a 2 week ban?
First things first, if you think you have received a punishment when you shouldn't have, your best bet is to appeal by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option). They'll take you through the review process, which will involve a manual review of the case. The first response *may* be a generic "copy-paste" type of thing, additional responses typically become more personalised to the case. Keep in mind, it may take a day or two to receive a response (possibly longer if Support is busy), and that their decision will be final. The standard punishment tiers for chat-related offences go from chat restrictions (10-game then 25-game) *then* into bans (14-day then permanent). If you haven't followed that process you *may* have a reasonable case for appeal. So far as the logs go, it seems like the kind of behaviour that would constitute "negative attitude", specifically a passive-aggressive style in my opinion. Such behaviour can certainly contribute to punishments, but it's unlikely to result in such in and of itself (particularly bans if you've not already received chat restrictions). In future, I'd recommend that you not say anything if it can't be positive, as that will help "passively" improve your games and reduce the likelihood of being punished. The thing that sticks out most is this particular comment "call me a retard all you want". It's important to note that "repeating" certain terms/phrases that others have said can result in this kind of situation, where the punished player may not have demonstrated an "excessively toxic" attitude but still receives a ban. In future, I'd recommend that you avoid repeating what others have said, particularly things that can fall into abuse/harassment categories. When submitting an appeal to Support, drawing their attention to this distinction *may* help your case (though is not guaranteed to).
: How long is ARURF staying out for?
ARURF+ will be available for the duration of the Lunar Revel event, ending on March 5th at 18:59 (6:59PM) AEDT. You can find the relevant information on the news page for the Lunar Revel event: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-lunar-revel-2019#arurf
: further proof that perm banning for chat offences (i think i would be correct in assuming chat offences make up most perms?) is just brain dead. if it doesn't work then why do it? if they were SERIOUS about stamping out toxicity and keeping these people out, if according to them they rarely reform, then they would actually perm ban them totally. ie ip/hardware ban. sure some will find ways around this but if they behave the same, as they claim, then they'll just get caught again. it's the principal behind it. if you're that toxic then you're not welcome. but instead we give them an invitation back. why doesn't riot do this? simple answer. $. the solution is incredibly simple. you mute them. permanently if that's how far they've gone. really toxic people can't be toxic if they can't chat and they are likely to continue to play on their main accounts if they still have access to it. they are most likely not going to start fresh simply because they can't chat. if you totally remove access to their account they are forced to. sure they may have smurf/alt accounts, but if 99% of the time, as riot claims, they continue the behaviour, then those accounts will just get muted also. the point is, it's to reduce the toxicity and the effect it has on the player base overall. it is not about trying to get those particular players to not lose their accounts, as some people misinterpret this to be. of course, another solution would be to remove chat totally from the game. but obviously this is not ideal. when it comes to other toxic behaviour like trolling/int feeding etc, i think we can all agree that should be banned for. firstly, it is deserved. secondly, there isn't really an obvious alternate solution to policing/preventing it as there is for chat.
> if they behave the same ... then they'll just get caught again. Would that same logic not apply to the current methods, which simply apply penalties as necessary for individual accounts (with only a few rare exceptions) then? Would it really be necessary for Riot to implement player bans when part of your point is that "players who continually act in a manner that would reasonably result in a ban would inevitably get banned again"? Personally, I don't see a significant enough distinction there to warrant such a change. The fundamental principle of Riot's punishment systems is reform, and simply applying player bans all the time would be counter-intuitive to that (they're only applied in the most extreme of cases), but at the same time failing to apply perma-bans swiftly has historically caused more significant problems long-term. The current punishment tiers are essentially a balance between the two, and personally I think it works well. > the solution is incredibly simple. you mute them. permanently if that's how far they've gone. really toxic people can't be toxic if they can't chat So far as "permanent chat restrictions" I believe Riot did try that at one point, however discovered that players would simply find other ways to be toxic (in gameplay rather than chat, for example). A permanent chat restriction doesn't stop a player from being toxic, it just stops them from being toxic in chat. Ultimately, it just means it takes longer, and more resources, to achieve the same outcome, at which point why bother to delay the inevitable? I'm sure there might be a *few* players who would genuinely benefit from receiving a permanent chat restriction, but that would ultimately be a crutch anyway. The important thing about all of this behaviour stuff is that it generally comes down to a lack of sufficient self-control, and if that is the issue then simply removing the "outlet" wont help the person in question (and, ultimately, not anyone they encounter, in-game or elsewhere).
: is it possible to get unbanned if you got permabanned?
In order to get a ban removed, the ban would need to be identified as a "false positive", which basically means that either a punishment shouldn't have been given, or (in some cases) a less severe punishment should have been given (rather than the punishment that *was* given). The best way to appeal a ban is to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option) and inform then that you wish to appeal the case. It's important to note that there is an extremely low rate of false positives, I think the statistic is that less than 1% of punishments are false positives. Previously, Riot did attempt to provide perma-banned players an opportunity to prove they had reformed in order to get their perma-banned account back, however that experiment saw less than a 1% reform rate long-term, with the vast majority of players simply falling back into the behaviours that got them banned in the first place. It's unlikely that such a "feature" would work as intended in the future. If you'd like more information or assistance, feel free to ask.
Digidigm (OCE)
: Year in Review not Working
Trying a different browser might work. I tried it on a few myself, and it worked fine on both Chrome and Firefox, but on IE it seemed to think that no summoners existed... I think IE is being a bit slow on the uptake...
It's important to note that using aesthetic-based 3rd party software, in this case being custom skins, is under a "use at your own risk" policy. This kind of software has the potential to result in permanent suspensions/bans, without the possibility of a successful appeal. Basically, in using software such as this, you risk losing the account permanently. Also note that any software that provides an unfair advantage is an explicit breach of the [Terms of Use](https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse) and game rules, and will result in action being taken. It's also important to note that software such as this has the potential to contain viruses, which may compromise your computer. Always be careful when downloading unknown software, and make sure you are using reliable anti-virus software.
: New Champ Already?
I mean, sure, we see each of the champs and their ults being used, but the only indication of *who* is actually using them is in the Galio and Garen pictures, where it seems pretty clear that it's Galio/Garen who is using it. I'd be more inclined to think it's something along the lines of negating the ults (or perhaps all abilities/attacks) from the chained champ, or maybe some kind of "ability taunt" which forces the chained champ to target this champion with their abilities.
spambi (OCE)
: Perma Ban during 14-Day Ban
So far as I know, there shouldn't be a way to get hit with a perma-ban while serving out a 14-day ban (which, if I'm understanding correctly, is the case here). The only things I can think of that *might* make sense is if the perma-ban is a result of 3rd party software (which is generally done in waves, rather than as soon as possible like everything else), or a security ban resulting from the account being compromised. Either way, your best bet at finding out more about the ban is to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option). You *might* be able to find out more by referring to the reform card (in-client pop-up), or the email that should have been sent to the registered email address regarding the ban. Support should be able to tell you why the account received the perma-ban, and if it shouldn't have happened then they should be able to revert it. Once you know why you received the ban, you will be able to appeal (you could just continue responding to the same ticket in that case) or, in the case of compromise, you will need to go through the account recovery process (submit a *new* ticket under the category "Recover my account", you will need to be logged out).
Laxant (OCE)
: Banned for internet not working???
To be clear, the LeaverBuster system is designed to make *some* allowance for unintentional leaves (everyone experiences them from time to time, after all). So long as you're not leaving or being disconnected from games too often, you wont see any punishment from it (one game shouldn't do anything, for example). That said, Riot also can't allow consistent leavers to go unpunished, so if you do leave too often you'll start getting Low Priority Queue's, which will simply force you to wait an extra amount of time before actually being placed in queue (starting at 5 minutes, then increasing to 10 and capping at 20, each for 5 games). If you believe you have been falsely punished, you do have the option of appealing the punishment by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), however it's important to note that Riot's policy is to leave low tier punishments (LPQs and Chat Restrictions) as they are, even if it's determined to be a false positive (the reasoning is largely due to the "automated" nature of the punishments). As such, an appeal wont change your situation, and only really has the possibility of giving Riot a bit more information on any flaws that exist in the system.
XD haha (OCE)
: Viktor's ult... um what?
If I remember correctly, the "zone" that appears on the ground will show an inward pulse indicating the next attack. It's not much, but there is an indication.
brachyura (OCE)
: Riot is a Joke
I want to try and help with this situation, I'll try and explain some things to help you better understand how certain things work (where needed/requested) and I'll try to provide advice I think will be helpful. The first thing is that it could help if you provided more details about the situation, such as screenshots or "statements" pulled (word for word) from any tickets you've submitted regarding the issue. It's not required for you to do so, but it would help others understand the situation better, ultimately whether you choose to provide that information is up to you. So the first thing is obviously to address the compromise and subsequent perma-ban. In doing that, I'd say the best way to address it is to submit a ticket to Support using the "Recover my account" option (you'll need to be logged on Support out to do so), explain to them that you believe the account was compromised (giving a time-frame for the compromise would be ideal) and go through the process with them. Normally, an account will be perma-banned during the process to protect from further compromise issues, though that's probably not wholly relevant to your situation. Part of that process is to confirm you are the original account owner by asking a series of questions, such as "what was the first champion purchased", "what were the refunds used on" and "what location was the account registered from" (things that other players wouldn't be able to find out just by looking through your profile on LoL or a 3rd party website). Keep in mind, you don't have to answer *all* of those questions, just enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are the original account owner. Once they have confirmed you are the original account owner, they'll start going through the process of determining the compromise period and *should* attempt to revert as many things that occurred during that period as they can, including any bans to occur from behaviour during that period. One *important* thing to note is that having a history of account sharing *may* result in the support agent deciding that they wont do anything, since that is explicitly against the ToU (and always has been). One thing you might want to consider is going through your credit card history and identifying any charges during the compromise period. Once you've done that, you can "challenge" those charges and possibly get your money back for those instances even if Riot does nothing. In the event that the perma-ban does get revoked, however, that *may* become an issue, but I doubt you'd be worried about that at this point. I'd also recommend running a full anti-virus scan on any computers you've used to log into LoL leading up to your break. Personally, I'd recommend downloading Malwarebytes Antimalware and running a scan with that, it's a personal favourite of mine and certainly seems to pick up a bit more than other anti-virus software (in my experience). If you had used any public computers in the time leading up to your break from LoL, it's also possible there may have been a keylogger or some such device/software in place, in which case you'd probably want to change log-in details for everything you accessed on those computers just to be safe (though I'd imagine something would have already happened if that were the case). So far as getting the ACCC involved, there's nothing stopping you from trying, but I'd imagine their response will probably be something along the lines of "we see no reason to intervene". I've seen a few people try to take that action in similar situations and get that kind of response. If you're serious about taking legal action, I'd recommend taking a close look at the ToU and Australian Consumer Law, and even considering getting legal counsel regarding the issue. Don't just try to jump in (you'll probably lose hard if you do), do your research, put together all the facts and info and get someone who knows how all of this works to look over it all (and get a second opinion).
Zhuu (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=Z3VToNPG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-15T04:13:31.263+0000) > > If I'm understanding this correctly, you're referring to the border around your icon while in a pre-made lobby? > > If so, then my understanding is that you'll need to manually change the option so that it shows your ranked border, rather than level (or "prestige") border. You can change this option by opening the "icon and border selector" by clicking on your icon in the top right of the client, or on the Overview tab of your Profile page. Sorry not the border around my icon, the actual banner
In the "icon/border selector" there's also an option for "Show Past Ranked Banner". So far as I know it should be defaulted to "on", but I'd recommend just checking that to be sure (even if it is on, you could try turning it off and on to see if that helps). If that option is already on, then I'd say your best bet is to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and see if they can help.
Zhuu (OCE)
: My border in the lobby is unranked, even though I ended the previous season in gold?
If I'm understanding this correctly, you're referring to the border around your icon while in a pre-made lobby? If so, then my understanding is that you'll need to manually change the option so that it shows your ranked border, rather than level (or "prestige") border. You can change this option by opening the "icon and border selector" by clicking on your icon in the top right of the client, or on the Overview tab of your Profile page.
: Reporting Someone
So far as I know, they should both be about as effective as each other (though it's recommended to use the post-game reports where possible). I'd say the differences are largely based around perceptions, resulting from what the reporter gets back, since you'll *definitely* receive a response from a Support Ticket, but the chances of receiving any kind of feedback (such as the IFS notification) when using the post-game report is not that high, and seemingly inconsistent.
Catski (OCE)
: Something EVERYONE NEEDS to know about NEEKO
Interestingly enough, you're the first OCE player I've seen even *mention* this. Take a trip over to NA boards, however...
Löst (OCE)
: account locked requires submit ticket, cannot submit tickets?
If this is the issue I think it is, I get the same thing when I try to pull up the Support site using Internet Explorer, and have seen others experience the issue with certain browsers (but not really any consistency in *which* browsers are affected). Have you tried using a different browser to access the page? If that doesn't work, you could also try using a different computer, if possible.
: ... and the bit with the thing that explodes the other thing, and then they wake up and it was all a dream! I'm gonna watch that again tonight.
Please stop... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Oleyn (OCE)
: Winter Wonder Neeko Green Chroma Missing?
It's not missing, it's just not available through "normal" methods. The green chromas for several champs are available through the "League Partners" program, which allows content creators (such as youtubers and streamers) to give away "exclusive" loot to their viewers. The green chromas are also available (after a significant amount of time) through the Essence Emporium, the "twice a year" blue essence shop containing a variety of content typically not available anywhere else (I *think* the green Winter Wonder Neeko chroma will be in the mid-season Essence Emporium, but not sure).
Veeedka (OCE)
: Hahah. If I have to choose, why not pick something with enough armour to survive a death star laser hit, enough firepower to destroy a star system, a hyperdrive and good looks? But to answer fairly (within your constraints) the Falcon.
Hey, I don't mind answers outside of the confines of the question, Perigan answered with Slave I, which is fair. But Sun Crusher? Really? Talk about OP...
Qualopec (OCE)
: I'm so confused as to what is happening here. What's an Ebon Hawk? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Give me High Fantasy not Sci-Fi! :D
Go play KotoR. Then we'll talk. ######And not a moment sooner...
Veeedka (OCE)
: The Sun Crusher.
: The Falcon for sure but only because the Lego version is peak nostalgia for me. Plus I want to be Han Solo when I grow up.
Personally, I want to be HK-47 when I grow up. Maybe that's just me...
Mindstar (OCE)
: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/538/731/0fc.gif
Shaewolf (OCE)
: It doesn't work on ducks either
I can confirm that duct tape does, in fact, work on ducks. Don't ask me how I know this...
: Duct tape usually does the job right?
Kind of a redundant question considering Duct Tape can usually do anything.
Achenar (OCE)
: If we knew how to fix a leaky roof, IT WOULDN'T BE LEAKING. why u do dis, gehirn? why???
Pro-Tip: You can't fix a leaky roof if it's not leaking.
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 3 of 3)
And once again: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 2 of 3)
Going to kick this off with the classic: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon
: Straight to perma-banned, no 14-day suspension or game chat restriction
As Seras said, there's only a few things that can result in an instant perma-ban. To find out which, I'd recommend checking the Reform Card (in-client pop-up) and email (sent to registered email address) which *should* provide some information regarding the punishment, possibly with some form of supporting evidence. You might also want to get in touch with [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and see if they can provide more information about what has happened, or if you can find something that gives you a category for the ban you can appeal. In the case of cheating/3rd party program (and more general things like chat or gameplay punishments) you should use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option. In the case of a chargeback ban, you'll want to use the "Has your account been suspended for a chargeback?" option (will be near the bottom of the list). In the case of a security ban, make sure you're logged out and use the "Recover my account" option (they'll ask a bunch of questions, you don't have to answer all of them, just enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you're the original account owner).
: I had a room mate a few years ago who played sooooooooooo much KotoR on I thiiink the Xbox? For some reason it just wasn't my jam, but I dispute your authority to remove my Star Wars fan status ;-)
Honestly, I still think it's worth a try. I've known a few people who looked at the game and thought it wasn't for them, but inevitably tried it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To me, it seems like one of those games that people can enjoy regardless of how they feel about the genre/style of gameplay. The stories it tells alone are worth the investment, as far as I'm concerned. Bottom line, it's one of those "Golden Classics" that (I think) most players enjoy, and not trying it at all just seems like a mistake to me. I mean, let's be honest, 87% positive reviews on Steam from around 11,000. That says something, I reckon.
: The Falcon is a classic, Movies > EU easily. Not sure why this is even a question, it's simply a fact of life. Jedi Starfighter vs X-Wing though, that's a much closer discussion.
I don't know why, but ever since I first played KotoR, I've preferred the Ebon Hawk. To me, it just has so much more history and character than the Millennium Falcon. It's definitely a classic, but I do feel like the Ebon Hawk doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Got to be honest, Solo really did improve my opinion of the Millennium Falcon by quite a bit (still not enough to be my fav, though).
Perigan (OCE)
: Slave I is the correct answer
A rule breaker... I like it! Jango and Bobba would be proud!
: I thought I was a Star Wars fan until I realised I needed to Google Ebon Hawk {{champion:32}} My answer is Millennium Falcon
You should definitely make some time for KotoR (when you can). It's a great game and deserves so much more recognition than it gets. And lets be honest, you can't call yourself a true Star Wars fan unless you've played it. ######Here's hoping Didney decides to actually give it a visual/graphical update at some point...
Lushfuul (OCE)
: Neeko bug?
Neeko hasn't (technically) been officially released yet. Best bet is that she will become available over the next few days, as is usually the case with champion releases (new champs aren't usually available as soon as the patch is live).
Böngs (OCE)
: When is Nexus blitz v.2 coming out OCE time
Best bet is that Nexus Blitz will become available over the next few days, before the weekend. Admittedly, the news article about it seems a bit misleading, since it doesn't state a "start time" and just says "[Nexus Blitz returns until 22nd January](https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/nexus-blitz-neeko-snowdown-and-all-star)", which makes it seem like it should already be available.
: I heard someone say it may also be late at night
Unlikely, unless by "late at night" they mean "early morning". Generally, servers will go down for patch maintenance at 5am AEDT/AEST, and be offline for approximately 3 hours (so back up at about 8am, if there's no problems [usually aren't]). I don't see any reason why that would change for patch 8.24
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