: Permanent Suspension
I just want everyone to know that I take full responsibility for my stupid actions. I take everything back. If I could speak to those I have hurt, I would tell them that I love them and that I'm sorry for the trouble I have cost. I would even mystery gift them to emphasize on my apology. I also completely understand the reasoning for my ban but, rather than leaving this community as a toxic idiot I am, I would like to stay apart of this amazing community and spread positivity. The thing is since I have gone through all those chat restrictions that were suppose to make me less toxic, I never really read it and just clicked 'I Understand'. I treated it just like accepting terms and conditions. No one reads those but we still click I accept. But now that I'm banned, I am able to read all those nasty things I said and really understand the damage I caused. All I ask is forgiveness.
: Permanent Suspension
I don't get why they ban accounts and not the in game chat. Of course I could make another account and be an ass which I won't but I'd like to keep this account and I'll be willing to pay/receive some sort of restriction whether that be skins being lost or champs or in game chat being blocked which would remove toxicity. If a person can never talk in game they cannot flame. So instead of banning accounts, ban the in game chat. I'd like to speak to someone who works at riot in a peaceful manner about this. Of course I'm at fault but I will swear an oath that this will never happen again and am willing to pay the price!
: Permanent Suspension
This was all after one game. So I'm a uni student who wakes up at 5:00am and finishes at 6:00pm. I come home to play a game of ranked. What do I get, a person who feeds and goes afk. Of course having a rough day I'm going to be toxic and since the afk had a premade, he got the team to hate on me. Look at my match history if you don't believe me!
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