Auryx (OCE)
: fiddlesticks too spooky
{{item:3102}} {{item:3814}}
: Wohoooooo! Nice work!
where the fuck did 3s go and that other gametype with the point style system and a slightly different resolution go? damn that was fun, scary, but fun!
: I just can't seem to climb anymore
if the games shit change something or suffer a slow death, u might still lose anyway, but ull risk a win at the expense of maybe ur kdr and the loss u were gonna incur anyway, recognise the loss, double down
: HOW TO PLAY LUX | Diamond Star Guardian Lux | League of Legends | Season 8
: ULTRA-VAMP WUKONG CAN´T BE KILLED 1v1| SO MUCH HEAL-BACK!! | Bruiser Wukong MiD - Edited Gameplay
so u built a deathsdance on wukong? thats not that unstandard as a 5th-6th item, maybe 4th ifur really fsu'ing
: Why is Blind Pick is full of great players?
my experience shows absolute bone heads in blind and some chance of structure in draft, probably how its meant to be.
: How did pro players and some who created the guides became good in the first place?
watch ur own replays watch pros only play in 5s only play ranked theorycraft alternatively, play a harder game like dota hon or starcraft or other strategy games, its like piccolo in dbz when he does weighted vest training then takes it off for a fight, much stronger
Pixel (OCE)
: diamond 5 mastermind need to play mid lane
diamond 5 league of legends oce is really like low gold/high silver in other games
: There is already a block list. It just doesn't prevent you from being matched with blocked players, which is probably what you want (and never going to happen).
it is what i want, why should it never happen? dota had it in 2007, this game is garbage
Shovel (OCE)
: yer wont be lol. the game can die as it should.
: ProPlayer FNC CAPS picks Wukong in LCS | Let´s see how he plays Wukong |...
definitely a yasou counter pick once u get tiamat. his damage and manouverability outweighs his pd combos
Aneirin (OCE)
: A champion cannot be broken as well as having a low winrate. You need to learn to play against them - hard CC will shut down most assassins, as well as building the correct items.
not all wins are weighted equally
nuiie (OCE)
: s3 ad - lf supp duo
add me if u want
gkrit (OCE)
: ADC role needs to change and evolve like the rest of the game has. The high risk high reward investment is too taxing and boring for early-mid gameplay.
roaming adc mids use to be a thing back in dota 07-09
: for the past 6 years everyone said the same thing each year. you aren't any different from these people
the game was artificially bolstered in 2012 because i decided to play. however since then ive decided this companies death, so it will continue that way, it wasnt my mistake to bolster it, we're fixing other peoples
: looking for solo queue coach (gold 3)
instalock mid and carry try that or watch prorecs and emulate, better if u get them from hon or dota as there is more skill there
: its not just i got punished back in april. still honour 0 3/3 it takes forever.
you get it back fast if ur good and are honoured a lot, if ur bad try stay positive and make people laugh in chat or something and be supportive they might pity honour you
Shovel (OCE)
: Help with permanent ban.
dont give riot or tencent a cent.
: You can choose the placement location of her seeds. It is her W skill. You cannot choose for her passive though. Rampant Growth TARGET RANGE: 850 COST: 1 SEED RECHARGE TIME: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 Rampant Growth PASSIVE: Zyra stores a Seed periodically, up to a maximum of 2 stored at once. Killing an enemy grants 20% charge toward a Seed. This is increased to 100% for enemy champion Damage rating takedowns, large monster and large minion kills. ACTIVE: Zyra plants a Seed at the target location, which lasts for 60 seconds and briefly grants Sight icon sight of the spot Zyra planted it in. Enemy champions can destroy Seeds planted by Rampant Growth by stepping on them after 1.5 seconds of them having been planted, but doing so grants True Sight icon true sight of them for 2 seconds.
my rng's compromised by illegal ghosters, crits bad enough play her mid and set up map control, run tank runes
Vyne (OCE)
: Looking for an ADC main to climb to diamond with
ill play with you if u want add me
gkrit (OCE)
: Remove surrender option all together... Surrender calls in **most** cases is a "loser's" mentality. Having a surrender function only gives people the option to give up well before the game is even over. I'm sick of people saying "FF15 .. afk".
remove surrender remove leaver penalty add block list problem solved forever
: 10 Game Chat Restriction
either remove the mute button or re-evaluate ur tutorial island
Mortician (OCE)
: Plat Top Main looking to join a team.
get good at jungling and if ur on my team ban ur jungler select
: HOW TO PLAY IRELIA | Diamond Nightblade Irelia | Season 8 | League of Le...
: Mute Player In Champion Select and Chat While Game is Loading
might make it too lagy, could be cool to cover over abilities and keystones in load screen as well maybe even heroes, could make it an option for higher end machines, matchmaking should also take that as a consideration
: riot's silence speaks volume
they fucked zyra completely by taking away the strategically tactical point to her entire existence of being able to choose the placement location of her seeds. shes a dead champion.
: When you see Riot are nerfing ADC items in the next patch
they are trying to encourage split pushing so vayne can pretend to be relevent again like it was 2012. smaller items, more spike and boost mid game before collapse into teamfights where adcs can drop off at higher tiers of skill a game should cater to the better audiance, else you are gravitating to a lower average, lowering everyone, is that the kind of game you want to play competitively? doesnt make sense does it? it wouldnt be inconsistent to the principal that you are playing a competitive game built exclussively for online play, and cater to noobs. dead product and a dead business model
: Short answer: Yes. :P The actives of items like Randuins and Righteous Glory do count towards the proc of electrocute. So do summoner spells like ignite. As for how item passives like Thornmail are treated by electrocute, I don't know.
surely thornmail, its a damage source. maybe not stat affecting auras though, like frozen heart?
: Why you're losing #1 - doing random shit for nothing
if someones carrying your team and they arent there dont just run it up, go back, farm, even if it means a 30 second walk to some gold pocket, wait for them, group on them, AVOID enemies fed tryndamere with 12k gold when rest of the teams on8 dont be shy about taking gold off the map effeciently as a team, dont be stuck to convensions of a laner to lane cs when its 20++ minutes into the game, ur doing the jungler a favour by taking the camps leash the entire game, its about resource effeciency play forms of rts to have the right mentality to do well at mobas know your statistical anomolies, if u cant handle 0-1 build hp and armor (etc) tier 2 boots are best item in the game early for offensive and defensive, if its rough, rush them, avoid engagements or otherwise gank/roam until u catch back up be proactive, its the first thing ur taught (by anyone decent) in rts, proactive is always more favourable then reactive if it can be helped, dictating is more effecient then adjusting, doing it right ofc.
Vipereno (OCE)
: Looking for friends to play with
add me if u want in 2011 i was top 10 oce hon
: Bots
Double down when you've got nothing to lose. Throw it against the wall. Go for deep level gains over fake pride.
: Looking for a 5th for flex, Bronze - Gold
: Damage and damage instances has nothing to do with electrocute. Karthus can proc electrocute by landing his wall (which does no damage). Zed's shuriken shouldn't be treated separately then. Between Taric's stun, and Azir's W, we cover all bases. By the logic you just mentioned, Azir's Soldiers must also treated separately, unlike Taric's stun, some soldiers can attack while others don't, which clearly shows they aren't just firing the same ability from a different location. And their damage is calculated in the same way as Zed's, the first does damage, each subsequent hit from additional sources deals less damage. This means that they too are a seperate instance of the ability _(like Zed's shadow shuriken)_, but they don't proc electrocute. So either Taric's stun works the same way as Zed's shuriken, or Azir's soldiers do. Yet neither of them proc electrocute. Basically it boils down to this: **1.** Either its 1 stack of electrocute per ability cast. _(each time you press the button, it doesn't matter how many times that ability hits, it counts as 1)_ **2.** Or its 1 stack of electrocute per ability hit. _(each time an ability [or part of an ability] lands on a target, thats 1 stack)_ Regardless of why, or what coding causes what, every other champ in the game works under the first option, only Zed works under the second one's logic. See the continuity problem?
so does items count in that regard as well or only no damage moves? eg randuins? righteous glory? iceborn gauntlets slowfield?
Brilliant (OCE)
: Matchmaking
god no ill take a 30 second queue timer over 4+ minutes for any discrepency come at me
: Why does Zed's Q count as 2 hits for electrocute?
pantheons e isnt multi proc hit for electrocute either. stick a tiamats in there, harder for ranged
: At the VERY MOST a single duo of the lower elo should be on a team Not a team full of low elo players that have recently done well into a whole team 2 divisions ahead of them
arent smurfs illegal, mod?
JHooDzz (OCE)
: While selling it does eliminate the issue, you stop receiving the exp bonus from jg camps, again putting you at a disadvantage for being ahead which is something Riot has always avoided doing. Just to give you a perspective as to how harsh Monster Hunter is, The first wave gives a total of 99g, a jungler with active Monster Hunter will get 39g The first Canon Minion wave gives a total of 139g, a jungler with active Monster Hunter will get 69g This has a massive impact on the his ability to gather gold and also, picture this, you're ahead as a jungler and you have a tiamat or some good wave clear, it can often be your job to split push/stop a minion horde. You go and clear the a wave with about 13-14 minions in it and you lose your team 130/140 gold in just that instant, go onto push another 2 waves or so to get your minions to a tower and now your team has lost 260 gold total... those are massive numbers considering that we're talking about less than a minute in game.
you dont snowball a map by farming jungle camps if ur already mid snowball
kin3tic (OCE)
: level 15 under missions
someone said in another carbon copy of this thread just join bots games till u find an under 15, befriend them, do mission i got a fucking shitty garen emote for it its not worth shit
: Smelting down tokens would be abusable. I could just decide not to rank up to Level 7 on my one-trick, and then just farm the Level 7 tokens (which would probably be worth more than the Level 6 ones) since I'm getting S ranks almost every game. If they're ~500 BE to sell, 10 games could get me ~5k BE + the level-up BE + any missions, which just makes earning BE even less of a challenge.
once im 30
maeiv (OCE)
: Why can't we get blue essence per game??
its stupid u should be able to refund champs in for less blue at any time like starting champ u dont want or something u unlocked out of abox but want tor efunda later. also u should be able to smelt down stuff like lvl 6 tokens (farmable) for blue if u dont awnt, should be choice why im forced to have some crappy unpacked emote auto added to my clean account instead of being able to smelt down smh
Mônster (OCE)
: my headhurts
try drink a bit more (clean) water, cannabinoids are neuroregenerative too, clean air
: Unless you have extra chromosomes any fucking bonobo can get out of Bronze.
statistically to a high order player its all the same till plat
macro (OCE)
: How to ACTUALLY climb out of bronze
if u want to win but arent playing above average just play to punish mistakes instead. example as jungler for me its all about start items. get refillable flask so you go back to base more=more refills=safer play=less variance=less tilt safe refillable 3 potions 1 potion 1 ward rejuvi bead nothing risk safe talisman machete risk
OrcGames (OCE)
: Silver Duo Queue Partner Wanted
JHooDzz (OCE)
: The Issue With 'Monster Hunter' - Machete's latest passive, Patch 8.14
it applies if u have -machete -talisman -machete and talisman -stalkers or other combined blade doesnt apply if u have -completed jungler item if its really that much of an issue to ur snowball u sell the compartmentalisation because u snowball harder off other items anyway, i doubt it affects you as much as you think, you dont seem to be in that calibre, try futures market + resale value=harder snowballs
: Looking for 4 people to mess around with in blind pick
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Looking for a lot of competitive friends.
add me if u want im almost lvl 30
: Oh look another moron saying the game is dying. Yeah that explains why on OCE alone there are over 50,000 new accounts playing ranked in Season 8. If the game is dead, why is LoL ALWAYS the number one game on Twitch? There are more people playing now than every before, just because you bitch and moan doesn't mean the game is actually losing players.
same idiot that believes in australian equality, talk about falling for the meme. anoooosognosiaaaad
Mônster (OCE)
plat is smurf tier anything under that might as well be the same diamond are inters masters are where people actually get good, and even then, usually with the brains imagination of a peanut but can get away with it because its a custom scenario.
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