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: Patch 9.15 notes
why would they get rid of the legacy cursor ?!!?!?!?!?!
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: | giveaway on my page 2x( $20 of value in RP)| Gday league community! FACEBOOK STREAMER OCE ADC
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magic558 (OCE)
: Riot why don't you care more about trollers
best to have a screen shot and send in a ticket. They usually take action from that. Most effective way to get them banned.
: > you didn't explain nothing, you just assumed, then preceded to comment like every other ignorant dumbass out there. The only part of my original comment that wasn't explanation was the final sentence. True, that was a bit of an assumption on my part, *however* that doesn't mean you needed to resort to insults. You could have simply explained how the situation differed (and based on your next comment, it seems it did differ). > im not even going to go into the tank thing anymore because your obviously fixed on that one instance, in which i have had hundreds of others were tanks have dominated , with 1 or 0 damaging items as have countless other people. As I've pointed out, you're thinking of it too much like "black and white" and seem to be ignoring the "grey" areas. I'd be willing to discuss this further so both of us might learn something new, however don't expect much if you're just going to keep reverting to insults to get your point across.
@CheesyLeeks You have asked for opinions on this post and when you receive them you have filthy disgusting, typical low elo trash attitude. I hope you do not learn from the very good formal tips heartvine has tried to explain to you to give you a bit of understanding of whats happen recently in your game. @heartvine I would not even waste anymore time on this low piece of trash mate keep up the good work we need more people like you in this community. Kind Regards,{{champion:119}}
: I was not aware it was the job of the ADC to support their team. I honestly thought it was the supports job. Why doesn't the ADC build a sight stone while they are at it? The whole idea of the 80% winrate is to not stay in low elo for very long, because 5 years (5300+ games) is a bit too long for me when I am trying to play professionally.
you wont be playing professionally if you think that heal means you have to support your team and buy a "sightstone wile your at it" Your attitude defines what is described as "elo hell" you are simply hitting the nail on the head. Mechanics come with experience which you should have at the very least basic mechanics with the amount of games played. Something you need to achieve for such a high win rate would require you to have very good game knowledge. Now this includes knowing what the enemy's summoner spells are what cds they are on last know location of the enemy's jgler, knowing when to leave or take a fight ETC but most importantly is the META. without this knowledge you will struggle deeply in achieving the goals you want.
: Looking for a challenger player to teach me (ADC) how to get 80% win rate in low elo solo queue
Mate you need to take heal. 1 being it is team beneficial and should always be your last resort spell if you know you need the last few seconds of combat to finish the enemy or to save an ally that can survive a last tower shot previous to diving. All of your arguments with the players in this post are invalid and incorrect. I think the biggest thing you need to change before seeking help is your attitude towards constructive criticism. Just FYI ex challenger 3 seasons. And 80% win rate in low elos is impossible as you would not stay in low elo for long.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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