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: Yeah but I feel that's how most people are willing to learn the language of the country there moving to. I mainly posted that comment since the tone of the post was that everyone should know English. Which is kinda what the competency tests are demanding.
> [{quoted}](name=Mozzie25,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=41AFrMgi,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-13T05:09:56.652+0000) > > Yeah but I feel that's how most people are willing to learn the language of the country there moving to. > > I mainly posted that comment since the tone of the post was that everyone should know English. Which is kinda what the competency tests are demanding. What are u on bro? Your first point is invalid because if people were attempting to learn the language of the country they were moving to, the government wouldn't be making it harder to get into UNI for foreign students based on their ENGLISH, I also said that I don't care if they communicate in BROKEN English as long as they are making the attempt e.g. push, go, b , fight etc. God damn this community.... Also just go to any city or hotspot where international students hang out, do they hang with Aussies speaking English or just strictly their own race? exactly.
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: Don't defame people without evidences. Provide it, if you gonna accuse me of tilting and "abusing". I have been 7 days ban once, back on NA s2. and i deserved it. Clean records ever since, check it if you can.
That logic doesn't work as the current ban system in place, is only fairly recent and wasn't in place in S4, I just specifically remember your name because of how cringe it sounded when reading it, of course you would deny it because why else would I have proof? it was like 3 years ago please don't try to act like you've never tilted or abused other players when you clearly have, why would you bring up your psat ban history and your "record" aha
: and you know me how exactly, oh that's right. you don't. you looked at my and that's it. wp sir. Smh
Right I don't know anything about you, but I do know that you are willing to call someone toxic for saying GGEZ multiple times in an online game, I merely pointed out the fact that it is ironic that a bad player would deem someone toxic over saying GGEZ multiple times, I bet you're also the same type of player to deem constructive criticism on how to play the game as toxic or just not even acknowledge it when someone tries to tell you how to play the game, despite being Bronze for 3 seasons in a row. WP SIR smh school holidays
: Maybe if you did read it, you'd know it is the exact opposite of leftist xD
Now seeming you have no control over other people's behaviour, you only have two options: 1. Take it personally. Ruin your game. 2. Don't take it personally. Enjoy your game. This is irrelevant because, I could argue that the game would already be ruined from the Lee sin, for example I get demotivated to play the game if we are behind and someone starts abusing another player for NO reason and so do a lot of other people. I played 10 games on an old smurf I gave to a friend a long time ago, (I reclaimed it because he quit and wouldn't care if I took the account back) only to skip a 1 week ban and any chat restrictions into a 2 week ban, for just getting frustrated in 1-3 games, a 2 week ban over 10 games is just ridiculous, especially when what follows is a perm banned, guess what! after 2 days of playing (I think I went 15-5) overall out of 20 games I got a perm ban, the final game which I got perm banned in, all I said was "%%%%%%%%%%%" directed to my friend, a Chinese player on my team took offense to this and decided he wasn't going to lane bot with my (duo) and instead chose to troll the game, I didn't even abuse him, I will admit I got a little frustrated over the fact that someone could be so sensitive over nothing, but I refrained from attacking him personally or using vulgar language as I knew that there would be a chance that I could be banned. Game 1 %%%%%%%%%%% : cya im jg : HAHAHAHAHA im also asian r: rofl : i wasnt even talking to him : wtf : ahahahaha : vlad for cdr : %%%%%%%%%%% im chinese too : .. : ni hao : ask sivir abc thats not very nice : cn not dog :( i love china i love how we're almost : 3v5ing but nasus vlad still not grouping oh wells 2late now : we were literally 3v5ing mid : like 5x in a row and they live : low hp and neither of u come : we have sivir ult : rofl : i wudnt have even ganked top if i knew u wudnt gank : u got a lead and did nothing ^This is the whole chatlog on my ban card, now tell me does that constitute a perm ban? especially when the guy made it 4v5 by constantly roaming around the map instead of laning bot, also I carried this guy the game before, and had no problems. But na the real toxic player (That actually ruins games) remains unbanned because he doesn't type and if he does abuse people it's in Chinese, but why bother typing when you can just ruin the game for them? He called me a dog because I said I was chinese (Which I am, my duo is also asian hence why I was just picking at him) I told him chinese pple aren't dogs and that I love china to try and make him play as we were still winning despite it being 4v5. Good system Riot!!
: yea but nobody likes playing with a dick. to believe you are A: entitled to be like that and B: think you wont be punished for it is.... arrogant presumption. you need to check yourself. anyone can be an arsehole behind a keyboard. takes character to be something better. **let me ask you this, has any of that bullshit made your life better? if it has you need therapy. if it hasnt (which i'm sure this is the case) reflect and learn from it. ** hope to see you on the rift in 14 days.
Fruitsalad, you are being more of a dick than what you quoted from his chatlog as being "toxic", oh right it's the hard stuck silver 3 that's been bronze for 3 seasons in a row, that can't take any constructive criticism and literally any language directed at him or another player should be deemed as toxic and constitute a ban
: thats just an example of one of your games. looking at it, says to me you are rude, arrogant and overall not a pleasant person to have on your team, or play against. >Majic Man: ALL ME Majic Man: HAHA Majic Man: PEEL Majic Man: 100% Majic Man: EASY Majic Man: NO CHALLENGE Majic Man: BOTS?! Majic Man: LMAO Majic Man: EASY Majic Man: <3 Majic Man: QUICK Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: gge Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez Majic Man: ggez This says it all to me. You got banned for being toxic, and believed nothing would ever happen.
You do realise, how dumb it is to receive a 14 day ban for typing ggez a few times, and talking shit in a video game, I mean what you quoted, there's literally zero offensive language and you would have to have the sensitivity of a baby to find that offensive, or toxic, people like YOU are what's wrong with the community, reporting over any little thing, GOD FORBID SOMEONE TALK SHIT ON AN ONLINE GAME, it's almost as if you can press a tiny microphone on the scoreboard to mute players on your team or on the other team :S
: kids can't handle words? Says those things in a night club and see what happens when you say those WORDS to adults! you will wake up in a hospital bed at the least! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I hope you're trolling, the fact that you said that, shows how uneducated you are on how the world works, I'll end up in a hospital bed but then I'll sue you and ruin your life.
: you even know the meaning of the word Banter. You told him "KYS" multiple time; It seem he or others was bothered by it enough to report you leading to the ban. I can tell from reading your first and last paragraph, you only say what you said to get yourself unbanned. How? look at the typical sad story, self reflecting, i wont do it again set-up. If you've truely reflected on your action, you would'nt started off saying " I believe I did not do anything wrong and I ask you to reconsider your opinion on my suspension or maybe reduce the amount of time it will take for me to be unbanned." Then goes on saying you have reflected on your action. and sry, sry. If you truely believe you've commited no wrong doings, why continuing saying sorry, over and over? Then add "my mental health is already bad feeling depressed every day this has made me feel very sad and worried about the type of person I am growing up" to garner pitty at the end. Like wow! Your words have the weight of air. If you gonna be dishonest. Be smarter.
Honestly I've played with you back in S4 and you are probably more toxic than this guy, at least this guy probably tried to win unlike you, just tilting and abusing pple

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