: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lraXK4zAGg4 FIX THIS PLEASE, UNACCEPTABLEEEEE CONDITIONSSSS!
yeah, exactly this and so I guess it must only be on blue side? You can use all your moves to no avail (not sure about proper movement spells yet though, like maybe that ezreal could E out if he was the one stuck) only thing that will free you is flashing out far as I know.
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: You'd have to take that up with player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I'm not aware of any widespread issues that occurred during that time that match your description, and there are multiple ways to end up with DirectX errors so multiple reports don't necessarily mean the issues players are experiencing aren't still local errors. Like I said before, tech isn't my area, beyond that crash guide the best I can do is point you to support.
Well can you pass this up the chain of command please! This bug is wide spread through every region since 8.21 go look yourself there's multiple posts all about the same thing from every region. NA Tarzaned himself tweeted about it a few weeks back saying he's not playing the rest of the season out because of this bug. There's a massive Reddit thread just for this bug and "possible fixes" since you guys aren't even acknowledging this as an issue yet. And it's been going for over a month now! Next patch notes say nothing about it. Support has literally offered no help to hundreds of people from across all regions too trying to tell us it's a local error wasting our time basically testing this or that. While we are all hit with unfair 20min qeue timers, some people even just from bot matches like this. You guys shouldn't even have ranked games available right now with this issue!
: Then you must have a significant history of leaves. Even if you left for the whole game if you didn't leave games often you wouldn't be hit with a LPQ. It's more lenient in that you have to leave more bot games to trigger LPQ than ranked games or normals.
what about us people who have no history of leaving before the bugg from patch 8.21?
: Hmm if an uninstall and DirectX fixes haven't worked that's rather beyond my knowledge (tech just really isn't my area). LeaverBuster is harsher in ranked games so I'd probably recommend avoiding those (if you aren't already) until you've got stability back. Sorry I couldn't help you more, hopefully support can get things fixed up for you quickly.
This is a bugg, its been happening since 8.21 and is affecting a decent amount of people, myself included. Here is a link to one of the other board posts detailing the same stuff. https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/Wd0qW4K1-game-crashing-and-freezing?comment=00000000 I've patched multiple times and hextech repaired almost every day. Experienced this in ARAM as well as in bot matches of all things, since now that's what I'm reduced to. Sent tickets away and gotten the exact same "deal with it response" from riot coupled with issues simply trying to file the tickets (not being able to upload lol logs). Witnessing a decent number of people on my friends list all going through the exact same list of issues since 8.21, which by the way is now over 3 weeks ago! So please, riot if you're reading this. We're trying to help you see what's going on here so you realize and can do something to fix it. I've got RDD2 in the meantime, message me back here when it's fixed Much love Stanky xoxo
lorddan87 (OCE)
: game crashing and freezing
anyone actually got a fix?
lorddan87 (OCE)
: game crashing and freezing
Same thing here 3 days in a row now and also seeing it happen to other people in game (3 friends today) I got stuck with the 5 min wait timer yesterday and just now I've received the 10min from buster. Meanwhile the ARAM emotes bugg has been going on for weeks.
Lapis (OCE)
: Looking for a club
If you like to have a few fun ARAM add me
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